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  1. Resident Evil?
  2. Resident Evil
  3. Fave bit?
  4. yet another "how many stars?" poll - collect them all!
  5. Worth Watching?
  6. If only...
  7. perhaps a redo?
  8. great movie
  9. Witch is the best zombie movie ever
  10. There was more Blood and gore in Dennis the menace then in resident evil
  11. Is this the guy from MAX PAYNE???
  12. Resident Evil: Nemesis
  13. Resident Evil Games
  14. Resident Evil
  15. Jill Valentine. Well, it was about time.
  16. Hat Was It!?
  17. Paul Anderson NOT directing Nemesis!
  18. Microphone Mayhem!
  19. Resident Evil 2 Trailer
  20. L O S E R S ! ! !
  21. For Sadists, Pyromaniacs, and bitter, jealous women...
  22. Nemesis
  23. Sequel Time!!!!! Armageddon is Coming
  24. Question about the games.
  25. A Few Answers: Why Resident Evil Movies Dont Follow the Games
  26. Resident Evil 4 comming to PS2.
  27. Resident Evil rocks!!
  28. Why does the end of Evil Dead II different from the beggining of Army of Darkness
  29. The best ED movie
  30. Is Evil Dead II a sequel or a remake of Evil Dead?
  31. Favorite Horror movie
  32. Resident Evil 3
  33. Fav RE game?
  34. Resident Evil 4
  35. Zombies off of RE 4 have bugs in their heads and some alien crashed in Spain
  36. What is the movie that Return of the Living Dead a sequel to?
  37. Favorite RE Game monster
  38. Can someone name all of the monsters from Re and what they do also how they came
  39. Is Nemesis Tyrant based or Licker based?
  40. Favorite from 4 orignal RE games
  41. Why did they only use the Chimera in RE 1?
  42. Do Lickers mutate when they get fresh DNA or is that just the RE Licker? Why?
  43. Did RE2 come before RE3?
  44. godzilla/resident evil
  45. Yah?
  46. In what games are zombies made by the T-Virus and which G-Virus?
  47. Are hunters made by the G-Virus? Look at the website here to see why I ask!
  48. Which Birkin mutation do you like best and why?
  49. Which Re games do you have?
  50. Best Tyrant in RE saga?
  51. Best main RE boss?
  52. Fav virus
  53. Are Drain Deimos and Brain Suckers related to Chimeras?
  54. Resident Evil Dead Aim is Resident Evil Gun Suvivor 4!
  55. What is a Hunter MA-102?
  56. I understand what Anderson was doing with the Licker!
  57. How do you customize the magnum parts in RE 2?
  58. I heard you can play as Chris, Ada, and Sherry in RE2
  59. Weskers report 2
  60. Original Movie Poster 2002
  61. Original Movie Poster 2004
  62. Resident evil : Deadly silence
  63. Resident Evil : Fact File
  64. Resident Evil: Extinction
  65. Resident Evil: Degeneration (Animated Movie)
  66. Resident Evil: Afterlife
  67. Resident Evil: Afterlife - Trailer