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  1. A true classic!
  2. Just one question
  3. Taco Bell VS Pizza Hut
  4. Wow, I forgot how great Demolition Man was!
  5. In It???
  6. End of Sly?
  7. Where can I find this pic?
  8. What kind of glasses were they wearing?
  9. story board
  10. Jesse “The Body” Ventura in Demolition Man
  11. More escaped convicts in Demolition Man
  12. sewers and abandonded tunnels.
  13. cops vs. thugs
  14. a mistake in the Wasteland fight scene.
  15. a t.v. series
  16. Art On Wall In Museum
  17. Please tell me all this.
  18. scraps vs. cryo-cons
  19. I figured something out.
  20. How much money to pay The Body?
  21. Bet on Stallone vs. Ventura
  22. More money for The Body.
  23. Yelling at others for this movie.
  24. Bet on Stallone's character doing 2 villains
  25. cryo-con henchmen quiz
  26. Quiz challenge
  27. Demolition Man 2
  28. Demolition Man 3
  29. a prequel and sequel to Demolition Man
  30. a 2 on 4 fight altogehter.
  31. Sandra Bullock in tight leather pants.
  32. Other scenes not filmed.
  33. Sylvester Stallone never alone going up against the 6 cryo-cons.
  34. All the cryo-con henchmen are defeated.
  35. crooked cops?
  36. Only Sandra Bullock's and Sylvester Stallone's characters go after cryo-con henchmen.
  37. The police cheif and Demo Man have their own projections of what the villain is up to
  38. The production had a tight budget.
  39. Demolition18
  40. Demolition Man 2 change in plans.
  41. 2 cryo-cons get incapacitated.
  42. The Demolition Man Trilogy
  43. More quiz challenges.
  44. All defeated cryo-cons vanish like magic 3/4 of the way through.
  45. 2 cops incapacitate 2 thugs and kill 2 thugs.
  46. Demolition Man/Sylvester Stallone quiz
  47. Demolition Man/sci-fi movie quiz
  48. Movie has nitpicks
  49. Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double.
  50. This only happens in the movie.
  51. corruption
  52. More and More changes on Demolition Man 2.
  53. Demolition Man 3 changes.
  54. Changes on the prequel and sequel.
  55. Demolition man 2 script
  56. Demolition Man 2 cast list
  57. Demolition Man 2 plot
  58. A sequel to Demolition Man.
  59. No smoking
  60. They only had Taco Bell!!!!!
  62. Nitpicks on this movie.
  63. complete script for the sequel.
  64. Demolition Man 2 complete cast and plot.
  65. a perfect sequel
  66. Stallone doing other sequels.
  67. Sylvester Stallone doing sequels to his movies.
  68. Someone is a Demolition Man prequel.
  69. The Demolition Man yelling club
  70. cryocons reprogrammed
  71. Adam and Elvin defeated by John Spartan
  72. Kodo defeated
  73. Beppo defeated
  74. Piercings outlawed by San Angeles
  75. Writing in some scenes
  76. The scraps thought of the James-Younger gang of the 21st century.
  77. cryocon henchmen just vaporize in battles.
  78. Defeat over Adam in the book by Richard Osborne.
  79. Bullets fired in the revolver
  80. New script for Demolition Man 2
  81. Van Damme starring in the sequel.
  82. Changes for the prequel
  83. Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Mideon, Viscera and the Acolytes in the sequel.
  84. Sequel soundtrack
  85. Christmas songs for the sequel
  86. Change of the new script for the sequel.
  87. The sequel script, cast and plot
  88. script for unfilmed footage
  89. Villainess in the sequel
  90. Demolition Man 2 production
  91. Demolition Man 2 (rough draft)
  92. Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse "The Body" Ventura
  93. Kill John Spartan over and over again.
  94. Additional writing for the book by Richard Osborne.
  95. Legally Blonde
  96. Possible final decision for Demolition Man 2.
  97. Adam's disappearing and reappearing act.
  98. The pictures of the Stallone vs. Ventura fight scene from the comic book adaption.
  99. The pictures of the Stallone vs. Ventura fight scene from the comic book adaption.
  100. Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse Ventura fight scene(s)
  101. Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse Ventura fight scene(s)
  102. More on the possible final draft of Demolition Man 2.
  103. The vanishing cryocons and battles in 2032.
  104. Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse Ventura in Demolition Man
  105. Cops vs. Thugs in Demolition Man
  106. Tobacco banned by law.
  107. Escaped convicts in Demolition Man
  108. Chuck Norris (as Ranger Cordell Walker) vs. Jesse "The Body" Ventura (as Adam)
  109. a saga
  110. Sandra Bullock is HOT
  111. Walker Texas Ranger
  112. cryocons killed
  113. Nit-picks on Demolition Man
  114. Nit-picks on Demolition Man
  115. Jesse Ventura vs. Sylvester Stallone Q & A.
  116. computer files/cryo-prisoner programmings
  117. Freeze
  118. New Demolition Man 2 draft
  119. New Demolition Man 3
  120. DEMOLITION MAN: how many stars?
  121. Star Wars like ending
  122. Star Wars references
  123. We're Police Officers, We're Not Trained To Handle Violence
  124. Ongoing novel series
  125. Ongoing comic book series
  126. Cops vs. Thugs in Demolition Man
  127. Demolition Man ongoing
  128. Manufacturing of ongoing comic books.
  129. rehab of the 6 cryocons
  130. old trick
  131. Demolition Man video game
  132. Questions and Answers from Ask Jeeves Answerpoint
  133. Spoilers (don't read it please if you don't want to really know)
  134. Updates on Demolition Man 2
  135. movie
  136. New Demolition Man 2 updates
  137. New Demolition Man Ongoing Adventures Updates.
  138. New Demolition Man A Texas Ranger in San Angeles updates
  139. Maybe Jesse Ventura as Adam again in the sequel.
  140. Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse "The Body" Ventura fight theory
  141. New poll on who should play Adam.
  142. Tobacco messages in Demolition Man
  143. Demolition Man additions
  144. Demolition Man Additions (This thread is for writers only).
  145. Demolition Man novel addtions
  146. Additions that were only in the script
  147. New Demolition Man character descriptions (characters from the possible sequel)
  148. Demolition Man additions in Spanish (scenes only in other scripts or not filmed).
  149. Demolition Man 2 characters descriptions and backgrounds (cops and criminals only)
  150. New things on Demolition Man 2 and shooting draft.
  151. Demolition Man additional events and piercings banned.
  152. Demolition Man 2 (suggested) cast and plot/synopsis updates of 11/30/02
  153. Demolition Man 2 script updates of 11/30/02
  154. Demolition Man additions (12/1/02 updates)
  155. Demolition Man 2 updates (all of it) of 12/8/02
  156. Demolition Man Additions updates of 12/8/02
  157. Lori Petty lost scenes?
  158. Demolition Man 2 character descriptions and backgrounds updates of 12/29/02
  159. Movie general talk
  160. Demolition Man II: The Geriatric Method (updates of 12/29/02)
  161. I'm confused about Demolition Man II...
  162. Demolition Man questions to be answered
  163. Chief Earle in action
  164. the 3 shells
  165. Demolition Man additions (updates of 2/8/02)
  166. Texas Ranger Walker and the Demolition Man co exist
  167. The good guys win
  168. Walker Texas Ranger
  169. The years and events in the Demolition Man saga/Demolition Man timeline
  170. Does anyone know where I can get the script
  171. Demolition Man 2 (suggested) cast and plot/synopsis of 3/11/03
  172. Demolition Man additions of 3/11/03
  173. shells
  174. The Demolition Man and Texas Ranger Walker team up
  175. Demolition Man Movie Tales (events from the real version of the movie)
  176. Comics Fan Fiction (ideas for comics books/graphic novels)
  177. Fan Fiction (ideas to writers)
  178. (ideas) Demolition Man graphic novel trilogy (to writers)
  179. prequel and sequel cast
  180. Demolition Man saga ideas
  181. Demolition Man saga ideas of 6/17/03
  182. Demolition Man Fan Fiction of 6/17/03
  183. Demolition Man saga ideas for writers (books, comics books/graphic novels)
  184. The Demolition Man time line
  185. Things banned by society and dislikes
  186. Demolition Man ideas to writers
  187. Demolition Man fan fiction and time line
  188. The good reviews of Demolition Man
  189. Nobody Likes This Movie
  190. Cast your votes here for Demolition Man as being the worse film ever made..
  191. Funky music from the movie... NEEED
  192. Demolition18- Copyright Infringment
  193. Yo, moderator Coronis!
  194. A web site for the Demolition Man fan fiction
  195. verbal morality device
  196. Take a guess on what the prequel would be about.
  197. Demolition Man saga ideas
  198. A Demolition Man video game beyond the movie that should be made
  199. Oldies?
  200. Sunglasses
  201. the three sea shells
  202. What if the cryocons joined the scraps or scraps vs. cryocons (Something important)
  203. Future Predictor - Scott Peterson
  204. FUTURE AGAIN someone mighta done this
  205. President Schwarzenneger
  206. Help
  207. A wager needs to be settled
  208. 3 wheel vehicle
  209. That line that made the verbal moral blah blah machine go grazy
  210. Foreshadowing
  211. Original Movie Poster