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  1. Signs
  2. signs
  3. Signs
  4. M. Night
  5. Time to Move This Forum
  6. Corn
  7. Scaryist Part??
  8. Fabulous movie, but.....
  9. It's Not What You See, It's Not What You Hear...
  10. I don't get this film
  11. Damovie was real cheap.Da alien suit & cheap Comp GI SFX cost $50.House:$100rent/week
  12. When he carries his youngest son unconscious outside on the lawn while his other son
  13. Abe's uncles will come back with huge cosmic baseball bats and walkie talkie alien sh
  14. What would YOU have done?
  15. One Of The Best Films Of 2002
  16. A bad review
  17. i seen this movie at the theaters months ago
  18. Signs on DVD!
  19. Ohhh... rubbed me the wrong way...
  20. BIG FAT SPOILERS AHEAD : what coincedences did you see?
  21. I still dont understand...
  22. What Is The Assosiation With Wakefield, England?
  23. dumb movie for the most part
  24. twist ending...
  25. Closet TV scene
  26. I'm probably going to get bombarded with insults for this...
  27. This movie was okay
  28. Question about the water thing?
  29. The Village
  30. Original Movie Poster
  31. The Latest from the Big M
  32. Signs - the exception?
  33. Miramax Awarding Writer
  34. You Can Chat With Actresses And Writers On My Web Site
  35. Seriously?
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