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  1. Anyone alive out there?!
  2. Change of name...again...
  3. Desperate For Some Action
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  5. what is this about
  6. Whats it about?
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  8. ...and it's not even Christmas!...
  9. Movie was awesome
  10. Equilibrium
  11. May 13th Mutha Focka!
  12. going to buy it TODAY!
  13. This Is An Outrage!
  14. About the movie
  15. Piercings triggering emoitions
  16. It ****in Ruled
  17. It ****in Ruled
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  19. The Coat
  20. Equilibrium video game (if there could ever make one)
  21. Be anything from this movie
  22. Fads are a Sense Offense
  23. Clerics vs. singers with tattoos and body piercings
  24. A series of comic books (prequel to the movie)
  25. My Sequel ideas
  26. Grammaton Clerics vs. Barney The Dinosaur (for Barney haters)
  27. Grammaton Clerics vs. Barney The Dinosaur (for Barney haters) 2nd thread
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  29. MTV's Celebrity Death Match
  30. He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven by W.B. Yeats
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  33. Great movie, but translated into todays world...