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  1. I love "Wierd Science"
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  3. What happened to Wyatt???
  4. rewind
  5. Is It Better Than The TV Series?
  6. Tke A Shower With Your Pants On Or??
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  8. script
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  10. The Show Was So Much Better
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  15. does anyone know?
  16. Missing Scene?
  17. What does the spanish guy say in the bar?
  18. lyrics to the movie
  19. I have the soundtrack on cassette!
  20. Where was WS shot?
  21. Song in bar scene
  22. Was Kelly LeBrock's Ass Shown in Shower?
  23. Song name?
  24. What was Chet Turned into????
  25. Another Missing scene?
  26. Original Movie Poster
  27. Girl Playing Piano
  28. Name of black and white film 'it's alive, alive!'
  29. weird science the movie