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  1. Minority Report???
  2. Minority Report
  3. I Saw Minority Report!
  4. Did you LOVE the EYE SURGERY?
  5. An X rated review.
  6. Minority Report: COMEDY
  7. What is the difference between Tom Cruise and Keanu Reevs?
  8. PreCrime - PreMurder?
  9. The ending (spoilers)
  10. The trailer
  11. When is the video and DVD for Minority Report coming out?
  12. How's about a spin off movie?
  13. A true Masterpiece!
  14. Sound problems on DVD?
  15. Why Scrap Pre-Crime Entirely?
  16. Wally
  17. The changes in colour...
  18. A paperless office?
  19. Probability of Going Nationwide
  20. Original Movie Poster
  21. how can they see the future unless it already exists?