View Full Version : Heavy Metal (1981, 2000) [movie series]

  1. What Heavy Metal Series??
  2. What is this "metal" exactly?
  3. nuthin 2 do with scifi!!!
  4. Soundtrack
  5. Magazine
  6. Fave Segment?
  7. Heavier and Nastier than before?
  8. Original Movie Poster 1981
  9. Who else thought Taarna was good looking for a toon?
  10. Did this movie influenced "The Fifth Element"?
  11. Taarna vs. She-Ra: Princess of Power.
  12. Heavy Metal or Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend.
  13. New Heavy Metal animated movie coming soon.
  14. James Cameron and others to do new Heavy Metal animated movie.
  15. Anyone reads Heavy Metal comic magazine?