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  1. Sharon Stone Shot Dead in Total Recall Did You Cry?
  2. What did you think of when.......
  3. Who was your favorite Character?
  4. The Novel
  5. red pill blue pill
  6. Would you put yourself in recall's hands?
  7. Hauser, always bad or did he turn?
  8. After thinking about it Total Recall was actually a fabulous movie!
  9. Spoilers: Was the whole movie just Quaid's "vacation?"
  10. Total Recallin'
  11. A dream or real?
  12. Can You Paint My Nails?
  13. I Love This Movie
  14. Total Recall (the movie)
  15. Ill be back
  16. Badly Dated
  17. Character names
  18. bar? nightclub?
  19. Original Movie Poster
  20. Need help plz!!!!!!!
  21. Total Recall ALL the Answers - Solved and Proven
  22. Total Recall Recalled?
  23. Rodney Dangerfield near the end of the film.
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