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Titan A.E. (2000)

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Old Jan 7, 2007, 08:44 PM   #1
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Titan AE 2000

Okay this is my take. I purchased Titan AE about 2 years maybe 3 years ago. Originally purchased the movie because my children who are now between 7 and 12 love animated movies and sci-fi as well. One of there fav cartoons is Cyber Chase. When I saw this I thought for sure they would like it. In fact they often to ask to watch it once again even though we have many movies both on DVD and VHS for them to watch. I myself never thought I would like it but find myself both with my children and often alone watching the movie over again. I only recently was watching the producers take part on the movie and wish for them to know to ignore those people that do not like the movie. The many different aspects of it are great. I am not one that like cartoon type movies nor animated movies. I much prefer to see the real actors in action but Titan AE definately has something in which brings me back again and again. I can relate to the characters easily as well as finding the sights and sounds very attractive.
I think this type of movie is just taking off and will become more popular as time goes on. I know I am late in posting and the movie has been out for quite a few years but once doing some research and seeing that alot of people really did not like the movie I felt it necessary to post my liking of the movie.

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