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Off-World Discussion Forum

Forum for science fiction related material not listed in Movies Galleria or Upcoming Movies ONLY. If you want to chit-chat, please visit the Pilot's Mess.

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Justice League Fan Fiction

Below are my ideas of Justice League comics/graphic novels, a novel and a movie trilogy. I even have casting suggestions for the Justice League movies. I watched the Super Friends cartoon on Cartoon Network in classic re runs and watched The Justice League cartoon. There are allot of references in my fan fiction. Look out reading my fan fiction for references of the DC super hero cartoons.

Marvel Knights/Justice League

Plot Summary: Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, Superman, Flash and Martian Manhunter team with Spider-Man, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Dagger, Black Widow and The Punisher. Dr. Doom is at war with Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage in another way plots to take over the world as does Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is in league with the sinister 6 and symbiotes. Vandal Savage is in league with Live Wire, Thorn, Eclipso, Bane, Parasite and Solomon Grundy. Deadshot has been hired to help out with Colonel Vox. Dr. Doom has doom bots. Vandal Savage has the Neo Nazis. The Justice League joins with the Marvel Knights to stop the war from happening on Liberty Island.


In upstate New York in the day time. There are super heroes outside the NLF building. There is Spider-Man and Venom with Daredevil teaming up together to take out the New Life Foundation again. Spider-Man, Daredevil and Venom swinging. Daredevil detects a way in on Radar scan. Daredevil: "This way. I can get us in." New Life Foundation soldiers come out and attack with Daredevil, Spider-Man and Venom on their way in. Spider-Man: "We’ve got trouble." Venom: "New Life Foundation soldiers." Daredevil throws his billy club and hits them on the heads. Spider-Man traps them with his webs. Some fire on Venom and Venom is hit but nothing happens. Venom rams into those soldiers. Venom: "That’s all of them."

The 3 heroes get inside the building. There are Roland Treece’s thugs. The thugs attack. Daredevil kicks some thugs. Spider-Man and Venom trap them in webbings. The Diggers come out and attack. A Digger is shot by a billy club thrown by Daredevil. Spider-Man: "Thank you, Daredevil." They go to the office of Roland Treece. Roland Treece is in his office. Treece: "I can see that Daredevil got you guys in." Daredevil: "I sometimes can see thought things but I have bad eyesight." Daredevil has a billy club in his hands. Venom with his powers grabs Roland Treece. Venom: "You're not going anywhere."

Now in Metropolis. The Justice League has headed to Lex Corp. There they are facing The Joker, The Shade, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Doomsday, Captain Cold and Sinestro. Martian Manhunter, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Superman, Green Lantern and Flash are outside Lex Corp. They go in there. Martian Mahunther: "I'll take The Shade." Batman: "I'll take The Joker." Wonder Woman: "I'll take Cheetah." Flash: "Captain Cold is most definitely mine." Hawk Girl: "I can take out Star Sapphire." Green Lantern: "I'll take out Sinestro." Superman: "Doomsday is mine. We all know our enemies." The Martian Manhunter takes on The Shade. Green Lantern takes on Sinestro. Batman battles The Joker. The Joker pulls out a gun. Joker: "It’s time to die Batsy." Wonder Woman takes on Cheetah. Hawk Girl takes on Star Sapphire. Superman takes on Doomsday. The Flash takes on Captain Cold. Captain Cold: "I'll freeze you this time." Captain Cold somewhere in the building tries to freeze the Flash and The Flash speeds. The Flash speed punches Captain Cold. Cheetah scratches at Wonder Woman. Cheetah: "You'll die Wonder Woman. You can't stop Luthor." Wonder Woman blocks Cheetah’s claw with her bracelets. Cheetah is running away. Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso. Wonder Woman: "You're not going anywhere Cheetah." Over to Superman vs. Doomsday. Doomsday: "I'll get you this time Superman." Doomsday throws a punch on Superman and Superman throws a punch back on Doomsday. Over to Star Sapphire vs. Hawk Girl. Star Sapphire shoots pink beams at Hawk Girl. Sapphire: "You won't be able to get to Luthor." Hawk Girl with her mace blocks them. Hawk Girl strikes Star Sapphire with her mace. Hawk Girl: "Wrong." Over to Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. Sinestro with his beam makes an axe. He strikes Green Lantern. Sinestro: "Die Lantern." Green Lantern from his power ring makes a sword and shield. Green Lantern blocks Sinestro’s axe with his shield. Green Lantern them makes a boxing glove out of his power ring and knocks out Sinestro. Over to Martian Manhunter vs. The Shade. The Shade shoots from his cane at Martian Manhunter. The Shade: "Hey where did you go." Martian Manhunter phases through the floor and comes back up and throws The Shade against a wall. Martian Manhunter: "Right here Shade." Over to Batman vs. The Joker. The Joker shoots at Batman a few times and keeps missing. Batman shoots his bat boomerang and knocks the gun out of The Joker’s hand. The Joker shoots gas from his flower and misses. Batman delivers a flying kick to The Joker. Batman punches the Joker out as The Joker throws a punch to Batman. Batman: "Stay there Joker."

In Lex Luthor’s office. There is Lex Luthor at his desk. Luthor: "How nice of you to come by." The Justice League shows up. Wonder Woman has her magic lasso drawn. Superman: "You're going back to prison."

A week later on Liberty Island on the statue of liberty. There is Vandal Savage with his soldiers. There is Solomon Grundy, Thorn, Eclipso, Live Wire, Parasite, Bane and Deadshot as the hired gun. Colonel Vox is present too. They are at the top. They are ready for war. Savage: "You people can join me using your special powers. Dr. Doom wants to take over the world. We can't let that happen. You can kill him. You have all been hired for your special powers and I am more powerful than Adolph Hitler. Not even Dr. Doom could kill Adolph Hitler. Are you with me?" Vandal Savage’s whole team: "Yeah!"

At Dr. Doom’s mansion. There is Dr. Doom with the symbiotes (4 men and 2 women) and the sinister 6 (Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, Hobgoblin, Chamelon, Electro and The Vulture). There are Doom Bots and Dr. Doom’s minions there too. Carnage is there too. Dr. Doom is in his throne. Dr. Doom: "You have all been hired to rid the Earth of the heroes. Also I take over the world then. Kill Vandal Savage and those on his team. Kill the heroes too." Dr. Doom’s whole team: "Yeah!"

At the Empire State building on a roof top. On the roof top there is Venom and Carnage. Carnage and Venom fight each other. Carnage: "We are back and you will die." Venom: "I defeated you so long ago and thought that was it with you." Carnage shoots darts from his costume and Venom blocks them. Carnage: "We come back." Venom punches Carnage. They beat each other up. Venom: "Not this time." Colonel Vox with a Nazi blimp show up. Colonel Vox comes out and sends a sonic scream. The sound waves produced by Colonel Vox take the symbiotic costumes off Venom and Carnage. Vox: "Take them away." Other soldiers come out and take Cleatus Cassidy and Eddie Brock away.

The next day at the United Nations outside. The Justice League got there by Javelin 7. There is Daredevil, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Dagger, Iron Fist and Moon Knight. The Punisher is also present. All 7 of the Justice League members are there. They meet. They are standing outside in front of the bent up gun. Batman: "Daredevil. It has been many years." Daredevil: "The Kingpin is in prison now. He is in for life."

Later on at Liberty Island at the statue of Liberty. Outside there are Dr. Doom’s minions. Deadshot shoots them dead.

Later on the super heroes all arrive. So do all those villains. They split up.

In this battle it’s Daredevil vs. Deadshot. Black Widow vs. Live Wire. Dagger vs. Throne. Spider-Man vs. Bane. Luke Cage vs. Parasite. Iron Fist vs. Solomon Grundy. Moon Knight vs. Eclipso. The Punisher takes on Colonel Vox.

Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash take on the Sinister 6. Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Martian Manhunter and Superman takes on the symbiotes. Hawk Girl and Wonder Woman take on the female symbiotes.

Electro shoots energy blasts, Hobgoblin with his glider shoots missiles and Mysterio shoots projectiles at Green Lantern. Green Lantern blocks their energy shots with his powers. Green Lantern makes a bowling ball out of his powers from his ring and knocks them out. Green Lantern: "Strike." Somewhere on Liberty Island there is Chameleon disguised as Flash. Chameleon (disguised as The Flash): "I caught the rest of the sinister 6." Batman: "Catch." Batman uses his stun beam and knocks out Chameleon. Batman: "The real Flash would've been more quicker than that." The Chameleon knocked out turns back into Chameleon. The Vulture shows up and attacks. Vulture: "That he is too quick but I will kill you." Batman shoots his bat boomerang as the Vulture pulls out his gun. The Vulture comes up to Batman and Batman sends a roundhouse kick on The Vulture.

Somewhere else. There’s Dr. Octopus that attacks with his tentacles and The Flash out runs them. Doc Ock: "Come out where ever you are." Then the Flash speeds up to Dr. Octopus and knocks him out. The Flash: "You can't catch me."

Somewhere else There’s Spider-Man and Daredevil vs. Bane and Deadshot. Deadshot shoots at Daredevil and misses. Daredevil throws a billy club into Deadshot’s guns. Deadshot: "You will die." Daredevil sends a roundhouse kick on Deadshot. Bane grabs Spider-Man attempting to crush him. Spider-Man: "You are tougher than the Kingpin." Spider-Man throws a punch. Spider-Man and Bane beat each other up. Spider-Man with his webs grabs Bane’s cord and disconnects it. The venom comes out of Bane. Spider-Man: "But not tough enough to take me out."

Over to Luke Cage and Iron Fist vs. Parasite and Solomon Grundy. Parasite grabs Cage and uses his electricity on him. Nothing happens. Cage: "I am invincible." Luke Cage throws Parasite against a wall. Solomon Grundy attempts to crush Iron Fist. Iron Fist sends a martial arts kick on Grundy. He knocks him out. Iron Fist: "That’s a zombie look alike man down."

Over to Black Widow and Dagger vs. Thorn and Live Wire. Live Wire shoots electricity at Black Widow and misses. Live Wire: "Die." Black Widow sends a swing kick on Live Wire. Black Widow: "You're going to prison." Thorn shoots projectiles at Dagger. Dagger uses her special powers to shoot them. Dagger aims her hand at Thorn ready to shoot her with her special powers. Dagger: "Don't move."

Over to Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl and Martian Manhunter vs. The Symboites. As the symboites attack Superman and Martian Manhunter shoot lasers out of their eyes on them. Hawk Girl uses her mace on them. Wonder Woman: "Hawk Girl and I will fight them off." Hawk Girl: "Keep shooting lasers on them maybe." Wonder Woman captures them with her magic lasso. Superman and Martian Manhunther shoots lasers out of their eyes on them finally getting the symbiotes off of 4 men and 2 women. Superman: "You are going no where."

Over to Moon Knight vs. Eclipso. Eclipso uses his powers on Moon Knight and Moon Knights avoids Eclipso’s powers. Moon Knight sends a punch on Eclipso. Moon Knight: "You haven’t eclipsed me. Who ever you are." Eclipso: "I am Eclipso."

Over to The Punisher vs. Colonel Vox. Colonel Vox shoots sound waves at The Punisher and The Punisher shoots back. The Punisher shoots Colonel Vox on his voice box. It is destroyed. The Punisher knocks out Colonel Vox. Punisher: "I punish the guilty."

The heroes all regroup. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Widow, Hawk Girl, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Martian Manhunter, Dagger and The Flash battle Doom Bots and Nazis. The Doom Bots and Nazis fire on the super heroes. The heroes with their powers fight back. Vandal Savage’s generals are captured by Wonder Woman.

Green Lantern runs into Dr. Doom. Doom shoots blasts from his hands on the Green Lantern and Green Lantern blocks them with his powers. Dr. Doom: "You must be a super hero." Green Lantern: "I am Green Lantern. I am going to stop you."

Over to Vandal Savage vs. The Punisher on the top of the statue of Liberty. Savage: "I am more powerful than Adolph Hitler. You have no chance against me." Savage with his power glove shoots The Punisher with it. Savage comes over to The Punisher. The Punisher and Vandal Savage beat each other up.

Dr. Doom and Green Lantern battle it out. Doom shoots and The Green Lantern sends a glove out at him. Green Lantern knocks out Dr. Doom. Green Lantern: "You are defeated you metal man."

Back to The Punisher vs. Vandal Savage. The Punisher takes out his knife and Vandal Savage uses his glove. The Punisher stabs Vandal Savage. Savage: "You won’t be able to kill me because I am immortal." Punisher: "You are crazy. If you’re guilty you’re dead." The Punisher draws a pistol and shoots Vandal Savage several times and he falls to his doom or The Punisher thinks that he is dead. The Punisher rescues Cleatus Kassidy and Edward Brock. Punisher: "Kassidy and Brock I am right there. Come with me."

3 days later Spider-Man, Batman, Daredevil, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, The Punisher, Wonder Woman, Dagger, Hawk Girl, Black Widow, Luke Cage, The Flash, Iron Fist and Moon Knight are honored at the United Nations outside all standing together for the defeat of Dr. Doom and Vandal Savage and those on their sides.


Justice League: The Villain Battle Royale

(A Justice League Novel)

Plot Summary: Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Bat Girl, Robin (Tim Drake), Night Wing, Steel, Flash, Martian Man Hunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Aqua Man and The Spectre/Hal Jordan face off with many DC Comics villains such as Lex Luthor, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, The Shade, Conduit, Parasite, Sinestro, Killer Crock, Scare Crow, Riddler, Captain Cold and Copperhead and Mordru. Vandal Savage like in the Justice League cartoon episode The Savage Time goes back and freezes Adolph Hitler and Vandal Savage in the past becomes fuhrer. History is altered. Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Hawk Girl, Aqua Man, Black Canary, Steel, Superman, Hawk Girl, Martian Man Hunter and The Flash are under the powers of Green Lantern as they are bringing Lex Luthor to Metropolis. They are un affected by Green Lantern’s power ring. Lex Luthor is held by the rebellion led by Bruce Wayne at Metropolis. Bruce Wayne in the history alteration leads the resistance. Tim Drake hangs around there. **** Grayson and Barbara Gordon are also resistance fighters. A woman named Missy with a couple of other girls that she is friends with want the freedom to chew bubble gum and they love blowing bubbles. Missy has a little girl and she is the wife of a rebel. Vandal Savage has been chew tobacco, smoking any tobacco products (more like cigarettes), chewing gum (any king of gum so blowing bubble gum is even illegal in Savage’s regime), tattoos (anything that’s not Nazi related but Savage bans most kinds of tattoos) and body piercings. Savage even had television laws. MTV is also outlawed before it ever premieres. Savage creates NTV short for Nazi Television. The world is under oppression. Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed for defying Vandal Savage. Savage even kills Hitler on April 30, 1945 the day Adolph Hitler was supposed to commit suicide. The heroes go back in time and join the soldiers of World War 2 to defeat a Nazi army. Lex Luthor on his parole is offered to help defeat Vandal Savage in the present. The Heroes fight to put history back the way it was. Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter, The Flash and Steel travel back to the 1940's. Wonder Woman befriends Steve Trevor. Green Lantern’s power ring goes out shortly after they are transported the 1940's. John Stewart joins with Easy Company led by Sgt Rock. There are jets in the war.


In Gotham City in the day time at a resort. There is the Injustice gang there. In this Injustice gang are The Shade, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Conduit (a man dressed in yellow and black with kryptonite cables), Parasite, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Captain Cold, Scarecrow, Killer Crock, Sinestro, The Riddler and Copperhead. They are attacking the place. Captain Cold is freezing the place up. Many fleeing people are frozen. Others who are fleeing are knocked out by The Shade’s powers.

Outside there is the Justice League. Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Martian Man Hunter, Black Canary, Green Lantern and Superman are flying. On the ground there is Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, The Flash who is speeding, Green Arrow and Steel who is also flying. They head to the Gotham City resort. Superman: "Lex Luthor is at it again."

Inside the resort the Justice League shows up in front of the Injustice gang. The heroes individually take on the villains. Batman: "This madness and terrorizing ends now." Joker: "Let’s all kill the bat. Kill the heroes." Hawk Girl takes on Star Sapphire. Wonder Woman takes on Cheetah. Green Arrow takes on The Shade. Green Lantern takes on Sinestro. Batman takes on The Riddler. Batgirl takes on Harley Quinn. Black Canary takes on Poison Ivy. Nightwing takes on The Joker. Robin takes on The Scarecrow. Martian Man Hunter takes on Copperhead. The Flash takes on Captain Cold. Steel takes on Parasite. Superman takes on Conduit. Aqua Man shows up and takes on Killer Crock. The heroes battle it out. They split up in battle.

Outside somewhere in Gotham City there is Commissioner Gordon and his officers. The Joker’s thugs attack. They fire on the police Commissioner Gordon draws his gun as do the Gotham City cops do. Commissioner Gordon: "All of you drop your guns and place your hands above your heads or we will open fire." They fire. Commissioner Gordon: "Open fire." There’s a gun fight in between the Gotham City Police Department and The Joker’s thugs.

Over to Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. Sinestro makes a mace out of his powers. Green Lantern makes a sword and shield. Green Lantern makes a shield out of powers too. Sinestro: "We got out of prison again. We kill you now Green Lantern." Sinestro strikes with his mace and Green Lantern with his shield blocks the mace. They fight. Green Lantern with his sword strikes Sinestro and knocks him out. Green Lantern defeats Sinestro. Green Lantern: "You're going back to prison."

Over to Hawk Girl vs. Star Sapphire. Sapphire: "I will kill you Hawk Girl." Star Sapphire shoots pink beams at Hawk Girl. Hawk Girl blocks them with her mace. Hawk Girl powers up her mace as she is shot at by Star Sapphire. She throws the Mace knocking down Star Sapphire. Hawk Girl defeats Star Sapphire. Hawk Girl: "That’s Star Sapphire down."

Over to Steel vs. Parasite. Parasite: "I will find armor piercing and kill you." Parasite at Steel shoots lasers from his face. Steel with his body blocks them. Steel with his hammer shoots Parasite and knocks him out. Steel: "I got Parasite."

Over to Robin vs. The Scarecrow. Scarecrow with an ax attacks Robin. Scarecrow: "Die you caped crusader!" Robin ducks and throws kicks and punches on Scarecrow knocking him down. Robin: "That’s Scarecrow down."

Over to Martian Man Hunter vs. Copperhead. Copperhead jumps onto Martian Man Hunter. Copperhead: "Die you Martian!" Martian Man Hunter uses his phasing power. Copperhead flies through Martian Man Hunter. Copperhead hits a wall and is knocked out. Martian Man Hunter captures Copperhead. Martian Man Hunter: "You missed Copperhead."

Over to Flash vs. Captain Cold. Captain Cold shoots his ice beams at The Flash. Captain Cold: "I'll get you this time Flash." Captain Cold misses. Flash: "Missed me. Missed me. Now you've got to kiss me." The Flash speeds over to Captain Cold and he knocks him out. Flash: "You are being defrosted now Captain Cold."

Over to Black Canary vs. Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy with her cross bow shoots at Black Canary and misses. Poison Ivy: "I'll get you with my vines." Black Canary sends out a sonic scream finishing off Poison Ivy. Black Canary: "You are going back to Arkham Poison Ivy."

Over to Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah. Cheetah makes the moves to scratch Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman with her bracelets blocks Cheetah’s claws. Cheetah: "I'll kill you Wonder Woman." Cheetah starts running. Wonder Woman takes out her magic lasso and snares Cheetah. Wonder Woman: "You're not going anywhere Cheetah."

Over to Aqua Man vs. Killer Crock. Killer Crock with his powers attacks Aqua Man. Killer Crock: "I will destroy Atlantis just as I kill you." Aqua Man and Killer Crock throw kicks and punches on each other. Aqua Man defeats Killer Crock. Aqua Man: "I got Killer Crock."
Over to Nightwing and Batgirl vs. Harley Quinn and The Joker. The Joker shoots gas from his squirt flower at Nightwing. The Joker misses. Joker: "Now I'll get you this time Nightwing." The Joker with a hammer tries to hit Nightwing. Nightwing throws a punch on The Joker. Nightwing: "You're going back to prison Joker." Nightwing them sends kick knocking out The Joker. Harley Quinn comes out of no where and uses her giant boxing glove and hits Nightwing with it. Harley Quinn: "You don't touch Mr. J." Batgirl: "I'm taking you down again Harley." Batgirl comes in and sends a kick on Harley Quinn. Nightwing gets back up and puts his handcuffs on The Joker. Harley Quinn with her hand throws a punch at Batgirl. Harley Quinn: "I hate you Batgirl." Batgirl kicks her. They beat each other up. Batgirl defeats Harley Quinn. Batgirl: "I am again taking you to Arkham."

Over to Superman vs. Conduit. Superman is flying and Conduit grabs him with kryptonite cables. He is draining the life out of Superman. Conduit: "Die Superman." Superman shoots lasers out of his eyes on the kryptonite cables. Conduit is shocked. Conduit: "What?" Superman gets back up and throws punches on Conduit. Superman knocks out Conduit. Superman: "I shot your kryptonite cables. You are going to prison."

Over to Batman vs. The Riddler. The Riddler swings his cane at Batman. Riddler: "What do you call a man dressed as a devil who takes a dare to challenge us criminals." Batman avoids the blow by The Riddler. Batman throws a punch on the Riddler. Batman: "He is called Daredevil who is a new alley to me. A blind man." Riddler with his cane strikes back. Batman throws a high kick on the Riddler. Batman knocks out The Riddler. Batman: "You are going back to Arkham."

Over to Green Arrow vs. Shade. The Shade shoots his cane at Green Arrow and misses. Shade: "You think that you can kill me with your arrows you are wrong. I am immortal like Vandal Savage." Green Arrow with a clear shot shoots Shade’s cane. Shade: "Hey!" Green Arrow aims his bow and arrow at The Shade as he captured him. Green Arrow: "I think that you are crazy. Don't move or I will shoot you with my bow and arrow."

The Flash defrosts everyone that is frozen with his special powers.

Outside in the gun fight Commissioner Gordon shoots a few of The Joker’s thugs dead. The rest of them throw down their guns. Gordon’s SWAT team officers aim their guns at The Joker’s thugs still standing. SWAT team officer #1: "Don't any of you move." Green Lantern comes out with all of the Injustice Gang members rounded up. Green Lantern: "I have the whole Injustice gang." He gives them to Commissioner Gordon. Gordon calls for wagons to take these villains away. Commissioner Gordon: "You officers get a wagon to take away this so called injustice gang." Batman: "I will head to Metropolis as you people go after Luthor. Aqua Man is going back to Atlantis."

Superman, Hawk Girl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter, Aqua Man, Steel and The Flash get onto Javelin 7 as they head back to the tower. Javelin 7 goes into space. Superman is piloting. Martian Man Hunter: "Lex Luthor is in the watch tower." Superman: "Let’s go get him there and I'll contact Lt. Turbin." As the ship is going into space somewhere Mordru the evil wizard shoots his powers at Javelin 7. Mordru: "I will get rid of you Justice League members once and for all."

In space Javelin 7 has been hit. Lex Luthor is in the watch tower. The jet lands there. The heroes all together come to capture Lex Luthor. The heroes get into the watch tower. Wonder Woman takes out the magic lasso and captures Lex Luthor with it. Wonder Woman: "We are taking you back to Metropolis." Lex Luthor: "You must've nailed by whole injustice gang. I can bail them out by tomorrow. My lawyers will have me out by night time." The heroes with Lex Luthor captured go to Javelin 7.

Back on Earth somewhere in Gotham City. There is Mordru again. The Spectre Hal Jordan comes out of nowhere. The Spectre and Mordru fight each other. Mordru with his sorcery shoots at Hal Jordan and misses. Spectre: "I am hard to get. I am a ghost. If you had hit me you would've defeated a ghost." If Mordru had hit Hal Jordan then he would've defeated a ghost. A ghost Green Lantern shoots energy beams on this evil wizard. He knocks him out. Mordru is out of power. Spectre: "You are out of power now Mordru. I am the original Green Lantern on Planet Earth. I was in my life."

Later on somewhere in the Metropolis there is Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage has a lab top computer and videos of himself. He has people at his time chamber. Savage: "I will need you people to send my videos to myself back in world war 2. I wanted power after Adolph Hitler committed suicide." He sends back videos and his computer to himself in the past.

In The Lion’s Den/Berlin, Germany in the 1940’s at night time during the world war 2 there is a Nazi rally. The Nazis are burning math books and reading books. Adolph Hitler is standing at a post. He has his right hand raised. All those other Nazis are raising their hands.

Later on in Berlin, Germany there is Vandal Savage observing a video of his from the future. He is listening to himself in the future. On the lab top computer. Savage: "Greetings to yourself from the future. I have gotten my way of opening a door back into the 1940’s. June 7, 1944 the allies will invade our country. World War 2 is where I assume permanent position. World War 2 cannot be won with Adolph Hitler a raving lunatic continues running things. Adolph Hitler must be pushed aside. There Adolph Hitler was against smoking and drinking. Outlaw alcohol and tobacco along with sweets such as gum, candy and ice cream. Baggy clothing is banned under my order. No bellybutton shirts are allowed in my society. This is punishable by death. My desire is peace and unity."

Back to the present. Green Lantern is outside ready to tow Javelin 7. Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Green Arrow, Martian Man Hunter, Superman and The Flash are in Javelin 7 holding Lex Luthor as their prisoner. Green Lantern is with his power ring taking Javelin 7 out of the watch tower. They are coming back to Earth. The watch tower vanishes without a trace as Superman is talking to Daniel Turbin from the Metropolis police department. Superman: "I have Lex Luthor." Captain Turbin: "Bring him here to me." Superman: "His whole Injustice gang has been captured." Green Lantern heads for Metropolis. Superman loses contact of Daniel Tubrin. Superman: "Captain Turbin. This is Superman. Are you there? Hello. Batman?" Martian Man Hunter: "They are gone." Hawk Girl: "It has got be by this disturbance."

In Metropolis in the day time there are posters of Vandal Savage all over the place. It says ‘Vandal Savage’ leader. The heroes with Lex Luthor captured land there.

At the headquarters of the rebellion. There is Bruce Wayne wearing a similar costume that he wore on the Justice League cartoon episode called The Savage Time. There are rebels in special clothings and helmets. They have guns. A beautiful blonde hair woman named Missy with her 2 year old daughter are there too. Missy and her 2 friends have long hair. Missy has 2 friends with her. They want the freedom to chew bubble gum. Missy’s husband is a member of the resistance. Missy is smart that she could figure out how to blow a bubble with bubble gum. In the real world where World War 2 was won by the Americans Missy and her 2 friends love bubble gum. They all knew how to blow bubbles. Missy’s friends are dating a couple of other male rebels. Missy has her bellybutton pierced and she is wearing a bellybutton shirt. The 3 sexy young women pop pieces of bazooka into their mouths. They are chewing the gum. Bruce Wayne: "I see people coming. Let’s check them out." Missy: "I am not so sure about this. They might be working for Vandal Savage." Bruce Wayne: "Savage is targeting bubble gum factories, ice cream parlors, candy factories and tattoo parlors." Missy: "My husband is fighting for our freedom. My friends here have bellybutton shirts. If Vandal Savage catches me with a pierced bellybutton he will have me killed."

Back in 1945 after the time when Adolph Hitler would've committed suicide if not for Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage killed Adolph Hitler. Vandal Savage is making a speech. At The Lion’s Den in Berlin, Germany. There is a crowd gathered together. They have weapons from the future that empowered them. D-Day was the beginning of the end for the allies. With Savage outlawing chewing gum, eating candy, eating ice cream, smoking cigarettes (before it was known that tobacco can poison anyone), chewing tobacco, tattoos and body piercings this stuff is counted to be mentally ill. Mentally sick people are to be killed. So are people who defy Vandal Savage. People different skin colors are to be separated from bonding. On April 30, 1945 Vandal Savage killed Adolph Hitler after he defrosts him for speaking out against Vandal Savage. Savage: "In this new regime I have the world. We have won World War 2. We have even crushed the Japanese who have bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Chewing gum and eating candy is now banned. So is eating ice cream. Short shirts exposing bellybuttons have been banned by me. Uses of alcohol and tobacco are punishable by death. This is all mentally retarded and we kill those kinds of people. Adolph Hitler wanted to throw me out. I killed him for it."

Back in the present. Javelin 7 has just landed in metropolis. The heroes all get out with Lex Luthor taken prisoner. The heroes find changes on Metropolis. Lex Luthor: "My company’s name is gone. What happened?" Flash: "I think that the city was renewed when we went for Lex Luthor." Martian Man Hunter: "Vandal Savage. He has pictures of himself everywhere." Flash: "I thought that The Punisher killed Vandal Savage on the statue of liberty." Some storm troopers come and see the Justice League with Lex Luthor prisoner. Storm Trooper: "Let’s see your ids." Flash: "Sorry. My whole man of mystery thing is a secret." Storm Trooper #2: "Those are un identified are to be arrested." The storm troopers make the moves to arrest the JLA. Black Canary sends a sonic scream on the storm troopers. A second storm trooper gets onto his com link. Storm Trooper #3: "We need back up out there." Some flying bikes come in. Hawk Girl uses her mace on those troops on the flying bikes. Another bike fires on the Justice League. Green Arrow shoots it down with his bow and arrow.

The Justice League members are fired on. Rebel leader Bruce Wayne comes and helps them to escape. Bruce Wayne: "Come on. I can help you." Steel: "Batman?" They get into a train. Bruce Wayne takes control of the train. They get to rebel headquarters. Later on all those rebels aim their guns at the heroes. Bruce Wayne questions them. Bruce Wayne: "Who are you?" Green Lantern: "Come on. You should know our names. We've known you for all those years. Vandal Savage has taken over the world." Bruce Wayne: "I know." Missy with her friends have warmed up their gum. Missy shows them how to blow bubbles. Missy: "Here’s how to blow a bubble." She wraps the gum around her tongue. Missy: "With your teeth push the gum. Wrap it all around your tongue and blow. Watch me blow." Missy blows one has her 2 friends blow their bubbles after they learn from her. Missy sucks that bubble back into her mouth. The 2 other gorgeous women blow the bubbles and one of them’s bubble pops and lands on her nose. Another girl’s bubble pops and lands on her chin. Missy: "You'll have to keep practicing." They practice with blowing bubbles. Black Canary: "You 2 friends of mine forgot how to blow bubbles?" One of the rebels is Daniel Turbin who would be a police captain of the Metropolis police department. Turbin: "Chewing bubble gum has been banned since world war 2. Vandal Savage has banned gum chewing since then." Black Canary: "I thought that we won World War 2." Bruce Wayne: "The Nazis had won that war." Green Lantern: "The allies invaded Europe on D Day." Steel: "Adolph Hitler was to be captured and executed. For that he shot himself on April 30, 1945." Bruce Wayne: "D Day was the beginning of the end of the allies." Green Arrow: "This is insane. Are you telling us that we lost world war 2?" Martian Man Hunter: "Vandal Savage must've gone back and altered history. He killed Adolph Hitler on April 30, 1945 for plotting to over throw him." The heroes go over to the computer. Bruce Wayne shows them that the Germans had won World War 2. In the background **** Grayson is kissing Barbara Gordon. There are many men and women rebels. Tim Drake is playing around with some other kids. Bruce Wayne: "I started the resistance. When I was a kid my parents were killed by the storm troopers for defying Vandal Savage. We're all orphans and outsiders here fighting the good fight. Vandal Savage has brought fourth oppression. When they won world war 2 all sugar, all alcohol and all tobacco had been outlawed. So have short shirts that shows bellybuttons." Martian Man Hunter: "My telepathy pin points Vandal Savage’s research center. We could try to change the past back to the way it was." Superman: "Lex Luthor is our prisoner here. Hold him." Luthor: "I am staying here. I can help you defeat Vandal Savage in the past." Missy is near the heroes. She blows a bubble up to her nose and sucks it back in. One of Missy’s friends blows a bubble big and it pops all over her face. Another girl blows a giant bubble. She too sucks it back in. The rebels hold Lex Luthor. Superman recognizes Daniel Turbin as a member of the resistance. Superman: "In the real world you are a captain of our local police department." Turbin: "I had interest in being a police officer. I wouldn't under oppression of Vandal Savage. I joined the rebellion led by Bruce Wayne." Superman: "You would be arresting Lex Luthor by now if Vandal Savage hadn't altered the past."

Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Green Arrow, Superman, Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter, Steel and The Flash are at the time chamber. Some more troops attack. Wonder Woman snares them with the magic lasso. The Flash with his fast powers knocks down a couple of them. Resistance leader Bruce Wayne throws some knock out gas bombs on the rest of them. The techs run away. Wonder Woman: "Are you coming?" Bruce Wayne: "As leader of the resistance I must stay here." Flash: "You have Lex Luthor helping you out." Superman: "Let’s go." Those heroes all go back in time through the time door.

In the 1940’s Germany in the night time. There are US military soldiers firing on Nazis. There are Nazi war wheels invented by Vandal Savage. They fire on the army tanks. The tanks fire back and nothing happens. The Justice League members land there. Green Arrow: "Hey Flash. This must be what we have seen in old documentaries." Flash: "Oh yes. Except that we haven't seen these weapons in the old documentaries." Superman shoots them with lasers out of his eyes. Another war wheel fires on a soldier at a gun. Green Lantern shields that soldier. Sgt. Rock with Easy Company are firing on the Nazis. A few others have guns. They shoot Superman and nothing happens to him. Martian Man Hunter goes into the war wheels and pulls out data and this war wheel falls down. It explodes. Martian Man Hunter: "We must've pulled out transistors that Savage has sent back into the past."

Later on in The Lion’s Den there is Vandal Savage with General Hoffman and other Nazis. A Nazi spy comes and gives Savage the report. Nazi spy: "Mien Fuhrer. We just had reports that our weapons are being brought down. There are crazy people in costumes." Savage: "There must be heroes with special powers." Outside Vandal Savage’s base is being attacked by Allied Forces jet planes. Savage: "What is that?"

At a medical base there are wounded troops. The heroes are shown to the soldiers. The heroes are walking with Sgt. Rock. Steel: "I was once in the US Army." Green Lantern: "I am a former US Marine Corps." Sgt. Rock: "We could use you 2 men."

Back in The Lion’s Den. Steve Trevor sees a German soldier. Steve: "I am borrowing your jet." He jumps up to him and takes his gun and knocks him out. Steve steals a plane. He gets into the air. He shoots at Nazi planes. They fly away from The Lion’s Den. The plane that he took is shot down and Wonder Woman rescues him.

They meet. Wonder Woman helps Steve Trevor get up. Steel, Green Arrow and Black Canary also show up. Steve: "I am with the US military. Who are you?" Wonder Woman: "I am Wonder Woman. This lovely blonde his Black Canary. The man who looks like Robin Hood is Green Arrow and that man in steel clothing is Steel." Steve Trevor pulls out a pistol on them. Steel: "Since I was once in the US Army I'll got to Berlin and find stuff out there." Steel heads off to Berlin to get answers. Steel heads to The Lion’s Den.

Somewhere else in Germany there are Superman, Hawk Girl, Green Lantern and The Flash and Martian Man Hunter with Easy Company. Martian Man Hunter: "Steel is going off to Berlin."

At the Lion’s Den there is Steel going into the place. He shoots through walls. Steel also sees a lab top computer. In a cryo chamber he sees Adolph Hitler frozen. Steel: "Hitler!" General Hoffman: "Mien Fuhrer. I thought that I heard something." Vandal Savage comes with his power glove. He shoots Steel with it. Steel shoots Vandal Savage. Savage: "You must be the lunatic in a costume." General Hoffman with some other troops go after Steel. Steel shoots them with his hammer. Steel: "I better get out of here."

The next day in the air of Germany. Steel gets back together with Martian Man Hunter, Hawk Girl and Superman. Steel: "Adolph Hitler was frozen. With those high tech weapons Vandal Savage got to replace Adolph Hitler." Martian Man Hunter: "Green Lantern’s power ring protected us from history alteration." Superman: "We've got company." Hawk Girl: "Let’s go bring those planes down." Enemy planes attack. Hawk Girl attacks some with her mace. Superman shoots them with lasers fired out of his eyes. Steel hits some with his hammer. Martian Man Hunter pulls a plane apart. Allied forces from their jets fire on Nazi planes. There heroes are tearing apart enemy planes.

Somewhere else on the battle field. Green Lantern shoots beams from his power ring at war wheels as Easy Company takes them on. The Flash out runs their gun fire. Green Lantern’s ring goes out. Allied forces take out the war wheels with US military men with the help of The Flash. Green Lantern: "I am out of power."

Later on Steve Trevor takes Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Green Arrow to a secret place. Steve: "The Nazis attack here. I could use your help. It’s good that you are on our side." Nazis attack. Green Arrow shoots some Nazis with his arrows. Black Canary sends out a sonic scream. Wonder Woman blocks fired shots with her power bracelets. Steve Trevor shoots back.

Somewhere else there is Green Lantern. John Stewart is rescued by Sgt. Rock of Easy Company. John Stewart is given a gun. Sgt. Rock: "What’s your name former Marine?" Green Lantern: "John Stewart." Sgt. Rock: "Stewart. Suit up in military uniform."

Back to the present day in Metropolis at rebel headquarters. There is the rebellion again. Colonel Vox with the storm troopers storm the rebellion’s hide out. The rebels get into a gun fight with the storm troopers. Bruce Wayne sees the troops. Bruce Wayne: "There are storm troopers. ****. Barbara. Free this man here." Lex Luthor freed by Barbara Gordon and **** Grayson. Colonel Vox: "We are looking for a woman by the name of Missy. She and a couple of friends had bubble gum. Missy has a short shirt and a pierced bellybutton." Bruce Wayne fights with Colonel Vox. Bruce Wayne: "Mr. Luthor take those who aren't fighting and the kids to a shelter here." The 3 women who were blowing bubbles with bubble gum aren't chewing gum right now. Lex Luthor takes them to somewhere safe with the kids. Luthor: "Anyone who is not fighting come with me." Many storm troopers are killed in that battle. Some of the rebels are killed in the battle. A storm trooper fires on Turbin and Turbin fires back killing that storm trooper. Col. Vox sends a sound wave onto Bruce Wayne knocking him down. Turbin comes in and shoots Colonel Vox. Daniel Turbin helps Bruce Wayne gets back up. Turbin: "Is everyone safe?" Bruce Wayne: "Yes. Mr. Luthor got the people to safety."

Back to the World War 2 era in Germany. John Stewart with some soldiers and Sgt Rock are on the battle field. Nazis show up with guns. John Stewart is placed in a military uniform. Sgt. Rock: "Stewart you stay behind my back. The rest of you man your battle stations." They fire on each other. One of the troops is shot in the leg. Easy Company Officer #1: "I'll live. This Nazi got me in the leg." John Stewart shoots a German soldier.

Somewhere else all the other heroes regroup. Steve Trevor is with them. There is Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, The Flash, Martian Man Hunter, Superman and Steel. Easy Company with Sgt. Rock shows up as does John Stewart. Martian Man Hunter with his mind reading abilities finds a weapons factory. The Flash speeds over to the place. Martian Man Hunter: "There is a factory constructing weapons. They are slaves of the Nazis." Superman: "Flash. You speed in there and set off an alarm to get them out of there." Sgt. Rock talks to Martian Man Hunter. Sgt. Rock: "How did you know?" Martian Man Hunter: "I have a telepathic power."

In the German factory there are several people working there. The Flash speeds over the alarm system and presses the button getting everyone out of there. Everyone with the Flash leaves the factory. Later on the black hawks bomb the factory. All the other heroes are standing outside. Everyone: "Yea!" Steve: "What country are they going to invade?" Martian Man Hunter does a mind reading. Martian Man Hunter finds out America. Martian Man Hunter: "They are going to invade the USA."

At a German yard there are Nazis. Vandal Savages shows up from his limo. Savage gets out of his limo. He puts out his right hand as do the Nazis. They salute to Vandal Savage like they did with Adolph Hitler as der fuhrer. Savage with some of his soldiers get onto the jet engines. Easy Company shows up. Sgt. Rock and John Stewart fire on the Nazis and Vandal Savage. Savage Soldier: "Commandos. They are firing on us." Savage: "Ignore them. We have got to get onto our jets." John Stewart runs onto a jet engine that Vandal Savage is on.

Somewhere else. Wonder Woman is holding onto Flash and Green Arrow. She places them on a navy ship. Wonder Woman gets into the air. Wonder Woman: "You 2 stay here. Assist the Navy." Martian Man Hunter, Superman, Black Canary, Hawk Girl and Steel are in the air. They get into battle with the jet engines. They fire on the heroes. Martian Man Hunter phases through a jet with a power from his hands and blows it up. Superman shoots down a jet engine. Hawk Girl with her mace strikes down another jet. Steel hits a jet engine with his hammer.

Inside a Savage’s jet. John Stewart pulls apart wirings. A few Nazi guards come and John Stewart knocks them out. He takes a gun. 2 others go to repair the ship. John Stewart goes over to Vandal Savage and aims his gun at him. Stewart: "You're not going anywhere Savage." Savage has on his power glove. Stewart throws down his gun. They fight hand to hand. Savage: "You have no chance of killing me. Go ahead and try." Savage’s arm is grabbed by John Stewart. He shoves Savage’s hand in his face. They beat each other up.

Back outside Navy ships fire on the jet engines as Steel knocks down others. Black Canary sends a sonic scream on the jets. Martian Man Hunter with his mind reading abilities finds John Stewart. Martian Man Hunter: "John Stewart is in this jet." Superman goes to rescue John Stewart.

Back in Savage’s jet. The pilots leave their **** pits. John Stewart is still fighting Vandal Savage. Superman comes in and takes John Stewart out of the jet engine. Savage is still in there. The jet engine crashes into the sea. It’s a victory. Superman: "That’s about all of them. Let’s all go home."

Back at the Lion’s Den There is General Hoffman who survived with some other soldiers. General Hoffman: "The black guy from the US Marines had defeated Vandal Savage. We need to fight on." Nazi soldier #1: "Who would lead us sir General?" General Hoffman: "Who do you think?" Nazi Soldier #2: "Adolph Hitler." General Hoffman: "Indeed." They go to the freezing chamber where Adolph Hitler was frozen. A report had come to General Hoffman buy this same Nazi spy who reported to Vandal Savage super heroes.

Over those years as the Justice League puts history back the way it was General Hoffman is captured and found guilty. He is with those other soldiers with him who have defrosted Adolph Hitler placed under a firing squad. The US military goes after Adolph Hitler. April 29, 1945 Adolph Hitler marries a woman named Eva Braun. They commit suicide the next day as Adolph Hitler is to place either hung or placed under a firing squad. Sgt. Rock dies 50 years after Adolph Hitler of old age. The Nazi spy who gave the super hero reports was captured and charged with capital espionage. He was fired on by a firing squad.

Back in Metropolis in the present day. Batman is somewhere in what was rebel headquarters. Steel, Superman, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow and Martian Man Hunter coming back to the present day. The Flash hugs Batman. Flash: "Bats. It’s you." Batman: "Lex Luthor had been arrested by Daniel Turbin and tells us that Vandal Savage altered history. Savage took over the world." John Stewart’s power ring is restored and John Stewart is back in his Green Lantern clothes. Black Canary: "You won't believe what we have been though." Batman: "You have disappeared when Captain Turbin had Lex Luthor delivered to him by me." They are walking down.

At a prison in Metropolis. Daniel Turbin had arrested Lex Luthor after Batman gave him his prisoner when history was put back the way it was. Lex Luthor is being escorted to his cell by the guards. Luthor: "And then Captain Turbin was a rebel. Vandal Savage had altered history and took over as the Nazi leader. He killed Adolph Hitler on April 30, 1945. I got people to safety when the storm troopers attacked us." Lex Luthor is put into his cell.

At the nursing home somewhere in the USA Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter, Hawk Girl, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter and The Flash visit Steve Trevor. They are walking down to him. There are some other elderly people in the back ground. He is somewhere outside. A woman who works in this nursing home is escorting them to the aged Steve Trevor. Nursing Home Employee: "Please keep your visit short. He gets tired easily."

They all see him. Steve recognizes the heroes who had teamed with him in World War 2. Wonder Woman: "Steve. Do you remember us? We rescued you." Steve: "Yes. You have all come back to me."


Justice League: The quest for peace and freedom

(Justice League graphic novel)

Plot Summary: Vandal Savage tries another way to take over the world. Vandal Savage hires Dead Shot for to kill the Justice League members. Vandal Savage gathers up Neo Nazis for world domination. It’s to separate people from others who have different skin colors. Vandal Savage plots to ban even chewing tobacco. Most people wouldn’t care about a smoking ban. Savage had banned smoking in the days before the warning labels. Savage would even ban pop music, tattoos, body piercings, alcoholic beverages and MTV. He would even ban hip hop music and rap music. In the Justice League in the battle against Vandal Savage there is Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Hawk Girl, Martian Man Hunter, The Flash, Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Hawk Man, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Plastic Man and The Atom. Colonel Vox is promoted to General. Savage has hired Thorn, Solomon Grundy, Eclipso and Gorilla Grodd. The Justice League battles the Nazis of today. This takes place many months after Lex Luthor had been arrest during the history alteration by Vandal Savage. Also Batman and Superman fight to bring down all the criminals in their city.


Somewhere in Gotham City at night time. There is the Batmobile along with Batgirl and Night Wing on their motorcycles. They all get out. Batman: "There’s Ra’s Al Guhl with company." Batgirl: "His daughter. I’ll take her on." Robin: "I’ll take Bane." Night Wing: "There’s his body guard Ubu. I’ll take him on." Ra’s Al Guhl shows up with his daughter Talia and there is Bane and Ubu. Ra’s Al Guhl’s army also shows up. Ra’s Al Guhl: "Let’s take them." Batman with his 3 sidekicks fights the forces of Ra’s Al Guhl. They defeat them. Night Wing takes on Ubu. Ubu: "I should kill you Night Wing." Batgirl takes on Talia. Talia: "I should kill you Batgirl." Talia pulls out a gun and Batgirl knocks it out of her hand. They fight hand to hand. Robin takes on Bane. Bane: "I will crush you!" Batman takes on Ra’s Al Guhl. Batman: "I should defeat you again." Ra’s Al Guhl: "Don’t forget that I am immortal." It’s a hand to hand fight. Batman ties up Ra’s Al Guhl and all those other villains. Batman: "We should figure out some way to vanquish Ra’s Al Guhl."

2 weeks later. Los Angeles in the day time at a baseball stadium. There is Vandal Savage. Colonel Vox is now known as General Vox. In the picture there is Thorn, Eclipso, Solomon Grundy and Gorilla Grodd. Also Dead Shot is a hired gun working for Vandal Savage. Savage: "You are hired because you are the best. You can all help Dead Shot here take the heroes. Gorilla Grodd I will use you for mind control." Gorilla Grodd: "Like always Mr. Savage. I could make people throw tantrums to my power. I could turn the whole league against each other." Grundy: "Grundy crush the heroes." Dead shot: "I am a good dead shot. I could with one shot shoot someone dead." Savage: "Vox here is now a general. When I take power I ban alcohol and tobacco use. I ban MTV garbage. I ban pop music and hip hop and jazz. Even rap music. Only Nazi music and other fight songs will be allowed. I even banned chewing gum and eating candy. That stuff is bad for your teeth. We kill the mentally retarded people. Tattoos and body piercings are on my banned list. People with them are to be killed. I even ban ice cream. It’s even illegal once I take over to not just chew gum but make annoying sounds like cracking and crackling. Even blowing bubbles with bubble gum will be banned. We could storm every tattoo parlor and every bubble gum factory in the world."

The next day in Metropolis at a prison. Superman comes into the prison at the visiting section. Superman is visiting Lex Luthor. They have telephones. Superman: "Lex. What has been going on?" Luthor: "I just had visits from Vandal Savage. He told me that he was going to try another way to take over the world. He would throw political leaders of out office. He is going to ban chewing, blowing into bubbles, crisping and cracking gum. He is even going to ban ice cream and candy. Even ban tattoos, body piercings, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products." Superman: "You remember that he tried to take over the world before by altering the past. Daniel Turbin killed Colonel Vox in the alternate world." Luthor: "I saw the history alteration as the Green Lantern defeated Vandal Savage and Adolph Hitler was brought back into power and he killed himself on April 30, 1945."

Somewhere in Metropolis. There is Volcana and Mirror Master. Volcana is burning things up in the city. Mirror Master: "I can trick Superman into catching me and then we kill him." Volcana: "Maybe I could burn up Metropolis." Super Girl shows up with Superman. Super Girl: "Not so fast Volcana." The mirror master pulls tricks on Superman. Volcana shoots fire at Super Girl. Nothing happens to Super Girl when she is hit. Volcana throws punches on Volcana. Superman shoots the diamond held by Mirror Master. Superman grabs Mirror Master. Superman: "Here’s your perps." Daniel Turbin with his officers shows up. Turbin: "You are both under arrest." Lois Lane also appears to get the story. Lois: "Superman." The cops are taking away those villains.

In Gotham City at The Penguin’s turf. There is The Penguin and his gang. Hawk Man, Batman, Plastic Man and The Atom all show up. The Penguin sends his thugs after the heroes. Penguin: "It’s Batman with some Justice Jerks. Kill them." The Atom shrinks himself on the Penguin. Atom: "You missed me Penguin." Plastic Man makes a plastic hammer on a few Penguin thugs. Plastic Man: "That’s some Penguin thugs down." Hawk Man lays kicks on some Penguin thugs. Batman fights Penguin’s goons with his hands and feet. Batman goes after The Penguin. The Penguin is fleeing on his umbrella. Hawk Man appears on The Penguin. Hawk Man: "You’re not going anywhere Penguin." Hawk Man knocks the Penguin out of the air. Batman ties up The Penguin. Batman: "Have the police come. Two-Face is next."

Later on at Two-Face’s turf. There is Two-Face with his thugs. Batman shows up with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Black Canary and The Flash. Two-Face sees Batman with some of his allies. Two Face’s thugs have guns drawn. Two-Face: "It’s Batman with some other Justice League members. Kill them." They open fire. Wonder Woman blocks their gun fire with her bulletproof bracelets. She lassos a Two Face thug. Green Lantern blocks their gun fire with his power ring. The Flash outruns their gun fire and knocks down a few. Black Canary sends a sonic scream on some Two-Face thugs. Batman kicks and punches some Two Face thugs. Two-Face fires on Batman. The Flash speeds up to Two-Face. Flash: "Not so fast Two Face." The Flash throws a punch on Two-Face. Batman ties up Two-Face. Black Canary: "Who’s next?" Batman: "Arnold Wesker and his gang. You could all help me bring down all of the criminals out there."

In Metropolis somewhere in the day time. There is Superman with Hawk Girl and Green Arrow. Toyman somewhere in the city shows up in a tank with his toy thugs. Hawk Girl takes out her sonic mace. Superman: "Toy Man is somewhere out here. I see his thugs." Toy Man’s robots attack. Hawk Girl takes some out with the sonic mace. Superman knocks some out. Killer Frost appears and attacks. She shoots icicles at Hawk Girl. Hawk Girl blocks them with the sonic mace. Hawk Girl: "You’re not going anywhere." Hawk Girl knocks out Killer Frost. Green Arrow goes in search of Toy Man. Green Arrow: "I am after Toy Man."

Somewhere in a nearby alley. There is Clay Face posing as Batman. Green Arrow walks through there. Green Arrow runs into Batman. Green Arrow: "Batman. I thought that you were in Gotham City." Clay Face: "I came here. I rounded up all of the criminals out there." Green Arrow finds out that it is Clay Face. Clay Face turns back into himself. Clay Face makes a claw hammer striking Green Arrow. Green Arrow shoots his flaming arrow into Clay Face. Green Arrow: "That should finish you Clay Face."

Back to Superman vs. Toy Man. Toy Man shoots Kryptonite beams at Toy Man. Toy Man: "Die Superman." He misses. Superman gets to Toy Man and grabs him. Superman: "You're going to prison." Green Arrow comes back. Green Arrow: "I defeated Clay Face."

Back to Gotham City. At the turf of Arnold Wesker and Scar Face outside. There is Rhino with other members of Scar Face’s mob. Giganta is hired by Scar Face and his gang. Wesker: "I am using you to crush Batman. I forgot your name. Is it Giant Woman?" Giganta: "My name is Giganta." Batman, Wonder Woman and Martian Man Hunter show up. Batman: "I am taking you all down right here right now." Scar Face’s men attack. Wonder Woman blocks their gun fire with her bracelets. Wonder Woman grabs some of those thugs with her magic lasso. Batman fights with some Scar Face thugs too. Batman throws kicks and punches on them. They are all knocked down.

Somewhere else on the turf of the Scar Face gang there is Martian Man Hunter. Rhino: "I'll ram you down you alien." Rhino charges at him and Martian Man Hunter phases through that thug. Rhino hits a wall. Martian Man Hunter: "You’re going to prison." Giganta grows. Batman goes after Arnold Wesker. Scar Face fires on Batman and Wonder Woman blocks his shot with her bracelets. Batman shoots a throwing star into Scar Face’s hand. Batman: "I'll deal with Wesker and Scar Face while you deal with Giganta." Giganta kicks on Wonder Woman. Giganta: "I’ll crush you Wonder Woman." Wonder Woman comes up and punches Giganta. They beat each other up. Giganta goes back to the human size. Wonder Woman: "I caught you now Giganta." Batman going after Arnold Wesker jumps on him. They beat each other up. Batman defeats Arnold Wesker and Scar Face. Scar Face: "You’ll be sorry bats." Batman: "You are going back to Arkham."

Later on at the Gotham City police station. Batman with Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Martian Man Hunter, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, The Atom and Hawk Man visit Commissioner Gordon. Commissioner Gordon: "My officers have rounded up Mad Hatter’s men and Rupert Thorne’s men. Did you catch Mad Hatter and Rupert Thorne Batman?" Batman: "Yes. Detective Bullock has them in custody."

The next day at the Justice League watch tower. At the watch tower there is Batman, Hawk Girl, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Man Hunter, Green Arrow, The Atom, Plastic Man and Hawk Man. They get a report on their computer that Vandal Savage is back and he hired Eclipso, Gorilla Grodd, Thorn, Solomon Grundy and Dead Shot. Martian Man Hunter: "Vandal Savage is back. He has hired Thorn, Gorilla Grodd, Eclipso, Solomon Grundy, Dead Shot and Eclipso." Flash: "I guess that Savage takes power with Gorilla Grodd’s mind control." Martian Man Hunter: "Something else that Savage did his alternate world before we put history back together. He killed many pop starts for tattoos and body piercings. He killed them for smoking. Britney Spears was not a star in Savage’s history alteration. Britney Spears still had the tattoo on her back and a pierced bellybutton. She was chewing bubble gum and she blew a big bubble and Savage had her shot. Hilary Duff the actress was chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles too. She wasn’t an actress either. The former Spice Girls were chewing gum and blowing bubbles. They had tattoos and piercings and were smoking cigarettes. Savage killed them too. MTV didn’t exist and Savage wants to ban it. " The JLA leaves in Javelin 7. They head to Los Angeles. Green Lantern: "In the Marines you aren’t allowed body piercings. Only tattoos were allowed." Flash: "I heard that Adolph Hitler himself was an anti smoker and anti drinker." Martian Man Hunter: "Also N’Sync and The Back street Boys were killed. They didn’t have anything like that on Mars."

Outside Los Angeles at a baseball stadium. The heroes run into Vandal Savage with various villains. There are several people who serve Vandal Savage. There is Dead Shot, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, Elcipso, Thorn and General Vox. Savage: "Get them." Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Martian Man Hunter and Hawk Man take on Savage’s goons. They use their powers/weapons on them. Batman and Wonder Woman take on Dead Shot. The Flash takes on Gorilla Grodd. Black Canary takes on Thorn. Hawk Girl takes on General Vox. Green Lantern takes on Eclipso. Superman takes on Solomon Grundy. Vandal Savage goes to somewhere in Los Angeles.

Gorilla Grodd attempts to grab The Flash. The Flash avoids his attack with his speed moves. Flash: "You can’t get me Grodd." Grodd uses his special powers on The Flash. Grodd: "Savage will take over the world with my help." The Flash comes up to Grodd and knocks him out. Flash: "You're out Grodd."

Over to Black Canary vs. Thorn. Thorn shoots thorns at Black Canary. Thorn: "Die Black Canary!" Black Canary avoids the shots by Thorn. Black Canary sends a sonic scream on Thorn. Thorn hits the outfield. Black Canary: "You're out."

Over to Green Lantern vs. Elcipso. Eclipso shoots his eclipse beams at Green Lantern. Eclipso: "You defeated Vandal Savage before. You won’t defeat him again." Green Lantern shoots his beam back. They fight each other in a beam fight. Green Lantern’s beam hits Eclipso knocking him out. Green Lantern: "My powers are greater than your’s."

Over to Wonder Woman and Batman vs. Dead Shot. Dead shot fires on the heroes. Dead Shot: "Die Batman! Die Wonder Woman!" Wonder Woman blocks Dead Shot’s gun fire with her bullet proof bracelets. They chase him on the bleachers. Batman shoots his batarang at Dead shot hitting his guns. Wonder Woman with the magic lasso snares Dead Shot. Wonder Woman: "You’re not going anywhere Dead Shot."

Over to Hawk Girl vs. General Vox. Vox shoots sound waves at Hawk Girl. Hawk Girl manages to avoid Vox’s sound waves. Vox: "I am now a general. I will be in charge of enforcing Savage’s laws." Hawk Girl shoots the sonic mace into Vox’s voice box. Hawk Girl then hammers General Vox with her mace. Hawk Girl: "You are beaten again Vox."

Later on the entire JLA faces off with Vandal Savage at a roof top in Los Angeles. Savage fights with Batman hand to hand. Savage: "You will die now Batman." Batman: "You I'll have the world. I even took down every criminal in my hometown." Savage throws Batman down the alley. Plastic Man now takes on Vandal Savage. Plastic Man: "Try me Savage." Savage: "With pleasure." Plastic Man makes a plastic sword as Vandal Savage pulls out his sword. They fight. Plastic Man with his sword slices Savage a few times. Savage kicks Plastic Man out of the way. Savage: "Who ever wants to challenge me next dies." Green Arrow with his bow and arrow shoots Vandal Savage on some tower. Vandal Savage falls to his doom or he is thought to be dead. Green Arrow: "J’onn. Is he dead?" Martian Man Hunter uses his telepathy. Martian Man Hunter: "I believe that he is dead." Hawk Girl: "Hawk Man and I helped you all make the world safe from violence and tyranny. Hawk Man and I are going back to Thanagar."

Later on in Los Angeles. There heroes are gathered together. They go out and make the world free and peace. Those villains might be back.


Daredevil/Justice League

(Graphic Novel of Marvel heroes and DC heroes)

Plot Summary: Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, The Hulk, Silver Surfer, Nick Fury, The Prowler, Black Cat team with Daredevil along with the Justice League. This time in the Justice League are Plastic Man, Black Canary, Super Girl, Superman, Super Boy, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Batman and Steel. There is Darkseid with Kalibak, Steppenwolf, Fire Fly, Fatality, Despero, Desaad, Doomsday, Brainiac and Metallo (Cyborg). They are against The New Life Foundation. The New Life Foundation has hired Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Tombstone and Hobgoblin. There is also The Jury. There are some symboites. 2 of them are females. Roland Treece head of New Life Foundation wears the Carnage costume after his defeat over Venom. The New Life Foundation hires Typhoid Mary. Cletaus Cassidy is again locked up when he is captured by Nick Manolis. Somewhere else Venom is defeated by Darksied. There is a war between the new Carnage and Darksied. They fight each other. The New Life Foundation starts a new building in Metropolis. That is in Superman’s hometown. They take over Lex Corp while Lex Luthor is in prison.


In the Gotham City in the night time at Wayne Enterprises. There is Mr. Freeze freezing the place up with his thugs. They are looking for stuff from Bruce Wayne’s company. They go all over the place. Mr. Freeze: “Let’s destroy Wayne Enterprises. We need their work.” Later on Batman shows up. Mr. Freeze sees Batman. Batman: “I am stopping you again.” Mr. Freeze: “Kill the bat.” Mr. Freeze’s thugs shoot ice at Batman. Batman knocks their ice guns out of their hands. Batman fights Mr. Freeze’s thugs with his hands. Mr. Freeze aims his gun at Batman and Batman jumps on Mr. Freeze. Batman and Mr. Freeze beat each other up. Batman takes the ice gun from Mr. Freeze. Batman has captured Mr. Freeze. Batman: “You are going back to Arkham.”

In New York City 2 days later at Central Park. There is Venom there. There are street hoodlums at Central Park. There are Raincoat men, hair women, street thugs and coley types. Venom: “I brought you down before I’ll bring you punks down again.” Venom takes them on. Venom defeats them all after battling them. Venom runs into Carnage. Carnage: “We are back. I am going to get rid of you.” Venom takes on Carnage. Venom and Carnage fight each other. Venom takes out his sonic gun. Carnage makes blades out of his costume. Venom shoots Carnage. Venom: “I defeated you again Carnage.” The symbiote falls off of Cletus Kassidy. The symboite goes onto Roland Treece from somewhere at the park. Roland Treece in his Carnage costume stretches it and knocks down Venom. Treece: “You’re gone again Venom.” The new Carnage takes the sonic gun and shoots Venom with it. The symbiote falls off of Eddie Brock. Later on Nick Manolis comes and rescues Eddie Brock. Nick Manolis: “I think that it is a criminal business man named Roland Treece who attacked me with Cleatus Kassidy.” Nick Manolis has Cleatus Kassidy captured with the local gang members. Manolis: “You are all under arrest. I am sending you back to ravencroft Kassidy.”

In Metropolis a week later. At Lex Corp in the day time. In the office that used to belong to Lex Luthor there is Roland Treece. He has hired Typhoid Mary, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Hobgoblin and Tombstone. There is 6 symobiotes. 2 females and 4 males. There are Treece thugs. There is New Life Foundation soldiers. Treece: “You have all been hired to help me take down Spider-Man. I defeated Venom.” Doctor Octopus: “Hobgoblin was a member of a group that I had called the Sinister 6. Spider-Man has brought down my sinister 6 many times.” Hobgoblin: “Spider-Man has defeated me many times.” Rhino: “I have rammed Spider-Man many times before. We could all work together.” Typhoid Mary: “I had worked for The Kingpin and I was an assassin for The Hand.” Tombstone: “I could help you with the symbiotes bring down Spider-Man.” Treece: “I have the symbiote now. I am now Carnage.” Roland Treece puts on his costume. He transforms into Carnage.

Somewhere else at night time in Metropolis. At the Metropolis Park. A space ship lands at the park. Fire Fly and Metallo are there. Darkseid gets out of the space ship. With him are Doomsday, Despero, Kalibak, Fatality, Desaad, Steppenwolf and Brainiac with Darksied’s soldiers. Darksied: “You 2 must be Fire Fly and Metallo. You could live with me on Apokolips. That’s my home planet. This is my son Desaad. Steppenwolf is a general in my army.” Fire Fly: “I’ll take out Batman helping you.” Metallo: “In Metropolis I wanted to get rid of Superman. Kill him.” Fatality: “John Stewart the Green Lantern has destroyed my home world. I want to kill him.” Despero: “I rule the planet called Kalanor. I want to wipe out the whole Green Lantern Corporation.” Kalibak: “Superman will be no match for us if we find kryptonite.” Doomsday: “My skin could with stand nuclear weapons. I am even invincible to kryptonite.” They meet. All those villains go out hiding somewhere in Metropolis.

At the Metropolis Park the next day. There is Lois Lane with a NEWS crew. At the park at a space ship sighting there is Daniel Turbin and his officers. They talk. Lois: “I heard a rumor that there is a space ship here in Metropolis.” Turbin: “I am not so sure. Lex Corp is taken over by the New Life Foundation. I arrested Lex Luthor when the Justice League has disappeared.” Lois: “What has happened then?” Turbin: “Lex Luthor says that Vandal Savage has altered the past to the Nazis winning World War 2. Lex Luthor claims that Vandal Savage went back and killed Adolph Hitler and The Justice League restored time.” Lois Lane: “We have Super Girl and Super Boy teamed with Superman.”

Later on in Metropolis there is Superman, Super Girl, Super Boy and Steel. They meet up with Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Plastic Man and The Flash. Superman: “We think that Darksied is back.” Martian Manhunter: “It is Darksied. He is in league with Despero. He has hired Fire Fly and Metallo. He is moving them to another planet. Darkseid is after the anti life equation.”

Somewhere else there is Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Cat, The Prowler, Ghost Rider on his motorcycle, Nick Fury agent of SHIELD, Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner. They meet up. Bruce Banner is there to help out in defeating the symbiotes. Bruce: “I might have the equation for defeating the symbiotes. Carnage is now Roland Treece. Treece has taken the sonic gun.” Fury: “My agents are backing me up against the New Life Foundation.” Spider-Man: “Venom and I have defeated the New Life Foundation a few times before.” Silver Surfer comes in on his surf board. Silver Surfer meets up with the other heroes. Silver Surfer: “I have come to join you.” Daredevil: “Come on in Silver Surfer.”

At the Metropolis Museum Later on in the day outside. The Justice League meets up with Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Cat, The Prowler, Nick Fury, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner meets with the Justice League. Bruce Banner: “You all must be the Justice League. I am Bruce Banner. I am a scientist.” Plastic Man: “You must be Daredevil. I heard that you teamed up with Batman.” Daredevil: “I am. Batman and I took on The Kingpin and The Scarecrow at the Statue of Liberty.” Spider-Man: “We should all introduce ourselves to each other. I am Spider-Man for those of you who haven’t met me. Daredevil here has very low vision.” Black Cat: “I am Black Cat. I team with Spider-Man.” Prowler: “I am The Prowler. I also have teamed with Spider-Man.” Fury: “I am Colonel Nicholas Fury of SHIELD agency.” Daredevil: “I am Daredevil.” Ghost Rider: “I am Ghost Rider. I am possessed by the demons.” Batman: “I am Batman. I am the caped crusader.” Martian Manhunter: “I am the man hunter from Mars. I am the last of my race.” Green Lantern: “I am John Stewart of the Green Lantern team.” Doctor Strange: “I am Dr. Strange. I have psychic powers.” Flash: “I am Flash fastest man alive.” Wonder Woman: “I am Wonder Woman the Amazon warrior.” Black Canary: “I am Black Canary.” Plastic Man: “I am Plastic Man. I stretch my body.” Superman: “I am Superman the man of steel. This is Steel. The other 2 with me are Super Girl and Super Boy. Super Girl and Super Boy have the same powers as me.” Steel: “I use a hammer fighting crime.” Spider-Man: “We use sounds waves or fire to get symbiotes off of people.” Superman: “Super Girl, Super Boy and myself shoot lasers out of our eyes.” Bruce: “Then we should try shooting lasers on the symbiotes.”

On the planet Kalanor home of Despero in the day time. There is the Green Lantern corporation. There is Duck Dodgers, Arkkis Chummuck, Galius-Zed, Killowag, Larvox, Tomar-Re, Kyle Raynor and Katma Tui (a woman Green Lantern) fighting Despero’s minions along side the resistance. They hope that the JLA defeats Despero on Earth. Some rebels are killed by Despero’s minions in battle. Kyle Raynor takes on Despero’s general. Despero’s army is defeated.

Back on Earth in the day. At the Metropolis park. Soldiers of Darksied attack the heroes. New Life Foundation soldiers come into battle with Roland Treece’s thugs. Spider-Man webs some thugs. Nick Fury shoots some New Life Foundation soldiers. Spider-Man: “I got some.” The Prowler gases some Treece thugs. Ghost Rider on his motorcycle with his chain knocks down a few of Darksied’s soldiers. Black Cat flip kicks 2 of Darksied’s soldiers. Daredevil double kicks a couple of Treece thugs. Doctor Strange uses his powers on some Darksied soldiers. Black Canary sends a sonic scream on some of Darksied’s soldiers. Silver Surfer shoots projectiles at some of Darksied’s soldiers. Superman and Super Girl and Super Boy take out some New Life Foundation soldiers. Steel shoots from his hammer on some other New Life Foundation soldiers. Plastic Man takes out other of Darksied’s soldiers. The Diggers show up. Daredevil and Martian Manhunter take on the Diggers. Daredevil shoots a billy club into one digger. Martian Manhunter with his phasing ability deactivates another digger. Martian Man Hunter: “I phase through objects.”

Somewhere else out in Metropolis nearby the park. There is Darksied’s pawns and people working for New Life Foundation. Fire Fly shoots a symboite knocking it off of a person wearing it. All those heroes show up. The person who the symboite fell of off is webbed by Spider-Man. Spider-Man: “We are ending this war right now.” The Jury: “The penalty for your interference is death. You are going to help destroy the planet.” The Jury shoots and Green Lantern blocks his shots with his power ring. Green Lantern takes on The Jury. Green Lantern: “You are not going to let this war happen. You’ll get yourselves killed.” The other villains with their powers attack the other heroes. Spider-Man takes vs. Steppenwolf. Daredevil vs. Fire Fly. Batman vs. Doctor Octopus. Wonder Woman vs. Typhoid Mary. The Flash vs. Rhino. The symboites vs. Black Canary, Super Girl, Superman, Super Boy and Martian Manhunter. Steel vs. Hobgoblin. The Prowler vs. Metallo. Black Cat vs. Fatality. Dr. Strange vs. Brainiac. Ghost Rider vs. Desaad. Plastic Man vs. Tombstone. Nick Fury vs. Despero. Silver Surfer vs. Kalibak. Spider-Man vs. Steppenwolf.

Somewhere else Bruce Banner walks by Doomsday. Doomsday bumps into Bruce Banner. Doomsday: “I am destroying you on Earth.” Bruce Banner runs off and transforms into the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk comes back and goes after Doomsday. The Hulk gets into battle with Doomsday. The Hulk and Doomsday beat each other up. The Hulk does a sonic clap on Doomsday and nothing happens. Doomsday: “You are no match for me.” The Hulk grabs the metal on Doomsday’s face and squeezes it and throws a hard punch on Doomsday. Hulk: “The Hulk figures how to defeat you.” The Hulk defeats Doomsday and turns back into Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner: “I am a scientist. I figured out how to defeat you.”

Over to Green Lantern vs. The Jury. The Jury shoots at Green Lantern more times. The Jury: “You will die.” Green Lantern knocks the gun out of The Jury’s hand. Green Lantern with his powers ties up The Jury. The Green Lantern takes off The Jury’s costume. The Jury: “I give up. I help out Spider-Man. I am Dr. Curt Connors.”

Over to Ghost Rider vs. Desaad. Ghost Rider is riding his motorcycle and is shot at by Desaad shooting lasers out of his eyes. Desaad: “Who are you?” Ghost Rider fights back with his chain. Ghost Rider knocks out Desaad with his chain. Ghost Rider: “I am the demonic hero of Earth known as Ghost Rider.” Desaad: “My father will rule the galaxy as your will all be wiped out.” Ghost Rider defeats Desaad. Ghost Rider: “For your crimes you could burn in Hell.”

Over to The symbiotes vs. Super Girl, Black Canary, Martian Man Hunter, Superman and Super Boy. A female symbiote jumps on Black Canary. Black Canary: “I Will stop you.” Black Canary sends out a sonic scream. The yellow symbiote falls off of this woman. Black Canary: “I defeated one.” The Purple female symbiote attacks Super Girl. Nothing happens to Super Girl. Super Girl shoots lasers out of her eyes on this symbiote. Super Girl: “I am a woman of steel.” The purple symbiote comes off the woman wearing it. Super Girl: “I got your costume off of you.” Others attack. Superman, Super Boy and Martian Man Hunter shoot lasers out of their eyes on the symbiotes. Super Boy: “I think that we should use lasers as Dr. Banner said.” They all get the alien costumes off those people.

Over to The Flash vs. Rhino. The Rhino charges on The Flash. The Rhino: “I will run you over.” The Flash out runs Rhino’s charging. The Rhino does it again on The Flash. The Flash out speeds Rhino. The Rhino rams into a wall and The Flash comes over and sends a punch to the Rhino. Flash: “You’ll have to be faster to ram me.”

Over to Black Cat vs. Fatality. Fatality has a large stick and strikes at Black Cat with it. Fatality: “You are all going to die.” The Black Cat flips her body. Black Cat swings on some pole and knocks down Fatality. Black Cat: “I am saving the world. We are after the New Life Foundation.”

Over to Silver Surfer vs. Kalibak. Kalibak strikes at Silver Surfer. Kalibak: “Who ever you are I am going to strike you down.” Silver Surfer blocks his hit with the silver surf board. Silver Surfer knocks out Kalibak. Silver Surfer: “I defeated you. I assumed that you are from Apokolips.”

Over to Plastic Man vs. Tombstone. Tombstone throws a punch on Plastic Man. Tombstone: “You are just like Reed Richards.” Plastic Man stretches himself and makes a plastic hammer. Plastic Man knocks out Tombstone with his hammer. Plastic Man: “I may be a reformed crook but I have just taken you down.”

Over to Steel vs. The Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin shoots Steel with his glider. He throws pumpkin bombs. Hobgoblin: “Just die you steel fool.” Steel with his hammer strikes the Hobgoblin’s glider. It explodes. Steel grabs The Hobgoblin. He flies away. Steel: “We are bringing you to prison.”

Over to Wonder Woman vs. Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary has a blade. She slashes at Wonder Woman. Typhoid Mary: “Die Wonder Woman!” Wonder Woman blocks it with her bracelets. Typhoid Mary starts to take off. Wonder Woman snares Typhoid Mary as she pulls out her magic lasso. Wonder Woman: “You are not going anywhere you assassin.”

Over to Batman vs. Doctor Octopus. Doc Ock shoots his tentacles at Batman. Doctor Octopus: “You are Batman. I’ll get you this time.” Batman avoids them and throws his batarang onto a tentacle. Batman knocks out Doc Ock with a punch. Batman: “Caught the octopus again.”

Over to The Prowler vs. Metallo. Metallo uses his powers on The Prowler. They fight each other hand to hand. The Prowler with his knock out gas strike Metallo and knocks him out.

Over to Spider-Man vs. Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf shoots lasers out of his eyes as Spider-Man does a spider leap. Spider-Man swings on his webs. Steppenwolf: “I will get you now Spider-Man!” He knocks down Steppenwolf with both of his feet. He ties him up with his webs. Spider-Man: “Those webs should hold you.”

Over to Dr. Strange vs. Brainiac. Brainiac uses his powers/weapons on Dr. Strange. Brainiac: “I will destroy you.” Dr. Strange uses his powers on Brainiac. Dr. Strange with his powers defeats Brainiac. Dr. Strange: “I have defeated you who ever you are.”

Over to Daredevil vs. Fire Fly. Daredevil visualizes Fire Fly. Fire Fly shoots at Daredevil with his flame thrower. Fire Fly: “I am called the fire fly. See my flames.” Daredevil throws a billy club into it. Fire Fly comes by Daredevil and he kicks him and knocks him down. Daredevil: “I don’t see.”

Over to Nick Fury vs. Despero. Despero with his 3rd eye shoots lasers at Nick Fury. Despero: “I take over my own home world. I will annihilate you one eye. You could have my 3rd eye.” Nick Fury fires back with his berretta. Nick Fury and Despero with their powers/weapons shoot at each other. Despero is hit on his chest plates. The agents of SHIELD and the metropolis police show up. Nick Fury points Despero out at his agents. Fury: “Take them away.” They go over to him with guns aimed. The cops and SHIELD agents are taking away all those villains captured.

Over to Lex Corp. In the building there is Roland Treece. Darksied outside the place shows up. Roland Treece puts his alien costume on. He transforms into Carnage. Carnage makes blades out of his arms and attacks Darkseid. Darksied shoots lasers out of his eyes. Darksied: “You will die and I will take over the galaxy.” They fight each other. Darksied throws a hard punch on the new Carnage. He blasts lasers out of his eyes on the symbiote warn by Roland Treece. The symbiote falls off of Roland Treece. Darksied steps on the symbiote warn by Roland Treece. Darksied: “You will die Earthling!” Somewhere in Metropolis Stone swings by. Stone comes in and battles Darksied. Stone throws a marital arts kick on Darksied. Stone: “I am Stone leader of The Chaste.” They beat each other up with punches and kicks. The heroes show up with the police and SHIELD agents. Darksied does a head butt on Stone. Stone avoids the head butt by Darksied. Stone throws some good kicks on Darksied. Darksied is defeated and captured by police and SHIELD agents. The cops also capture Roland Treece lying unconscious. Stone: “We have this man here to also take away.”

Later on at the Metropolis Park there are the super heroes again. All the villains have been arrested. Stone is there. So is the Green Lantern Corporation. The whole Green Lantern team, Stone, Black Cat, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Super Boy, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Nick Fury with his SHIELD agents, Silver Surfer, Plastic Man, Steel, The Prowler, Bruce Banner, Black Canary, Ghost Rider and Daredevil are standing there. At the park there is Jimmy Olsen with Lois Lane. Tomar Re: “John Stewart. We have defeated Despero’s amry.” Jimmy: “I want to take the picture of you all who saved our planet and the galaxy.” Lois: “I also got the story of you all who saved the world and the galaxy from oppression and annihilation.” Jimmy Olsen has his camera. Jimmy Olsen: “All you get together for the pictures.” He takes a picture of the heroes who saved the world and the galaxy from terror and oppression.


Justice League: The Evil League and Good Rebellion

(Comic book/Graphic novel)

Plot Summary: The Justice League has defeated the evil in the world. In an alternate universe the Justice League is evil. There Lex Luthor is the good guy. Lex Luthor is the head of a rebellion to take out the evil Justice League. Members of Lex Luthor’s rebellion are Mr. Freeze, Hero Crock (Killer Crock in the alternate universe), Solomon Grundy, The Shade, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, Parasite, The Ultra Humanite and Copperhead. In the Justice League are Black Canary, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Batman and Aqua Man. The Justice League put together the hall of justice. In the alternate universe it is called the Hall of Evil. In the alternate universe the rebels are taken hostage. They go after Lex Luthor. Shazam, Superman and Black Canary end up in the alternate universe. The evil Black Canary, The Evil Shazam and the evil Superman end up in the real universe. They battle the Justice League. Black Canary, Shazam and Superman must free the rebels and save the Lex Luthor in the alternate universe. Lex Luthor there leads the fight for freedom and peace. The fight for good. In the real universe the heroes must fight to stop the evil versions of Black Canary, Shazam and Superman from freeing the imprisoned criminals and bringing terror to the real world.


At a lab in Metropolis at night time. Somewhere at the lab there is Black Adam, The Shade with The Ultra Humanite with some thugs. They are breaking in for some chip. Ultra Humanite: “We want some chip. We could then wipe out The Justice League.” Black Adam: “I’ll get back at Shazam.”

Outside there are Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Martian Manhunter with Shazam joining them this time flying by. Green Lantern with his ring is holding Shazam. Martain Manhunter: “The Shade, The Ultra Humanite and Black Adam are breaking into some laboratory.” Shazam: “I had some feeling that Black Adam is back.” Green Lantern: “How did you know?” Martian Manhunter: “I am a mind reader.” Green Lantern: “I keep forgetting.” Martian Manhunter finds Black Adam, The Shade and The Ultra Humanite at some lab accompanied by some thugs. They go over to the lab to stop the villains.

Inside the lab building somewhere. Shazam, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern enter the building. Some thugs pull out guns and fire on the heroes. Green Lantern blocks their gun fire with his power ring. Shazam goes over to them and knocks some down. Green Lantern makes a bucket out of his power and knocks them down. Martian Manhunter walking through a wall bangs together the last thugs. Martian Man Hunter: “That’s the last 2.” The heroes get to The Shade, Black Adam and The Ultra Humanite. Black Adam: “Shazam.” Shazam: “Black Adam.” The Shade shoots his cane at Green Lantern. Green Lantern shoots back with his power ring. Green Lantern with his power ring grabs the cane from The Shade and breaks it. Green Lantern knocks out The Shade. Black Adam and Shazam battle each other hand to hand like Hercules vs. Haytes. Ultra Humanite has a stun rod as Martian Manhunter does a transformation. The Martian Manhunter and The Ultra Humanite battle it out. Martian Manhunter defeats the Ultra Humanite. Martian Manhunter: “You better stay here until the police come.” Shazam defeats Black Adam again. Shazam: “I defeated you again Black Adam.”

Somewhere else in Metropolis at the Hall of Justice the next day. The heroes are gathered together. There is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Aqua Man, Shazam, The Flash, Martian Manhunter and Aqua Man. Superman: “We are back at the hall of Justice. We have taken down almost every villain the world. My city should become crime free.” Batman: “All the criminals in Gotham City have been taken down.” Martian Manhunter with his telepathy finds an intruder outside. It is Massacre. Martian Manhutner: “Superman. Your enemy named Massacre is outside. You better go take him down.” Superman goes after Massacre.

Outside there is Massacre. Superman comes outside. Massacre: “Superman. It’s been a long time.” Superman: “I am putting you back in the galactic detention center again.” Massacre: “You’ll die this time Superman.” Superman and Massacre beat each other up. Superman defeats Massacre. Superman: “I am taking you back.”

In an alternate universe at the Lex Corp building in the day time. There is Lex Luthor sitting at his desk. He has people in his office. In this universe in the injustice gang are the good guys and the Justice League are the evil guys. Luthor: “We have been taken over by an evil force. They have over thrown our police force. We are taking back our world. We will bring back the police force. Let’s turn the Hall of Evil into The Hall of Good.” There is Starr Sapphire, The Shade, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Hero Crock, The Ultra Humanite, Copperhead, Parasite and Bane. They all depart to bring down the Hall Of Evil.

Somewhere else in the alternate universe at the Hall of Evil inside. At the Hall of Evil there is the evil Batman, the evil Wonder Woman, the evil Black Canary, the evil Green Lantern, the evil Flash, the evil Martian Manhunter, the evil Shazam and the evil Aqua Man. The evil Martian Manhunter detects the rebels against evil outside. Evil Martian Manhunter: “We have outside the rebels. They struck again.” Evil Superman: “Then let’s go get them.”

Outside at the Hall of Evil the Evil Justice League goes out and faces Lex Luthor and his fighters. Luthor: “You are all going down.” Evil Superman: “We are going to kill you Mr. Luthor.” The Evil Justice League goes face to face with them. The Shade: “I will stop you right here right now.” The Shade attacks. Green Lantern with his ring blocks the Shades powers. Aqua Man with his hook hand stabs The Shade in the chest assuming to have killed him. Evil Aqua Man: “You better be dead this time.” Others go face to face. Wonder Woman takes on Starr Sapphire. Black Canary takes on The Cheetah. Aqua Man takes on The Crock. Batman takes on Mr. Freeze. Superman takes on Parasite. The Flash takes on Captain Cold. Copperhead takes on Martian Manhunter. Batman takes on The Penguin. Shazam takes on The Ultra Humanite. Green Lantern takes on Solomon Grundy. Aqua Man takes on The Crock.

Over to Wonder Woman vs. Star Sapphire. Star Sapphire shoots at Wonder Woman her powers. Wonder Woman blocks them with her bracelets. Star Sapphire: “I end your evil right now.” Wonder Woman takes out her headband and throws it at Star Sapphire. Star Sapphire blocks it with her powers. Star Sapphire: “I am too powerful for you.” Wonder Woman now lassos Star Sapphire. She puts her magic lasso around her neck ready to kill her. She puts her headband back on. Wonder Woman chokes the life out of Star Sapphire. Evil Wonder Woman: “You will choke to death.”

Over to Batman vs. Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze: “I am taking you prisoner. The police come back.” Mr. Freezes shoots at Batman. Batman shoots his batarang at Mr. Freeze. Batman jumps on Mr. Freeze and steals his gun. He freezes him. Evil Batman: “I got you now Mr. Freeze.” Batman shatters a frozen Mr. Freeze to icy shards. Evil Batman: “Now I killed Mr. Freeze.”

Over to The Flash vs. Captain Cold. The Flash outruns Captain Cold’s ice blasts. Captain Cold: “Hold still. I don’t want to kill you.” The Flash going fast steals the gun from Captain Cold. The Flash freezes Captain Cold with his ice gun and freezes him like Batman did to Mr. Freeze. Evil Flash: “You freeze to death Captain Cold.” The Flash then shatters Captain Cold.

Over to Green Lantern vs. Solomon Grundy. Grundy grabs John Stewart by the neck. Solomon Grundy: “I have caught you now evil Green Lantern.” John Stewart uses his power ring and with it stabs Grundy trough the chest. Grundy then dies. Evil Green Lantern: “Now you die Grundy. Stay dead this time.”

Over to the Ultra Humanite vs. Shazam. Ultra Humanite: “I will end your evil. You are not Hercules.” Shazam and Ultra Humanite are beating each other up. Shazam defeats Ultra Humanite. Evil Shazam: “I will spare your life if you don’t make a move.”

Over to Black Canary vs. Cheetah. Cheetah jumps at Black Canary with her talons. Cheetah: “I will take you out right here right now.” Black Canary sends out a sonic scream. Cheetah falls into a wall. Evil Black Canary: “You better not get back up and keep quite and I won’t kill you.”

Over to Aqua Man vs. The Crock. The Crock with his arms attacks Aqua Man. Aqua Man kicks the Crock. Crock: “I am taking you out right here. I will stop you.” They beat each other up. The Crock throws Aqua Man. Aqua Man gets back up rushing over to The Crock and he stabs him in the chest. Evil Aqua Man: “Just die you human crock.” The Hero Crock dies.

Over to Superman vs. Parasite. Parasite jumps on Superman about to stun him. Parasite: “I got you now evil Superman.” Superman shoots Parasite to the ground. Superman shoots lasers out of his eyes and kills Parasite.

Over to Copperhead vs. Martian Manhunter. Copperhead with his claws scratches at Martian Manhunter. Copperhead: “I am taking you out now Martian!” He phases through them. Copperhead: “I’ll get you now Martian.” Martian Manhunter makes a spiked mace out of his hands. He kills him with them.

Batman and The Flash with the ice guns shoot Bane and Mirror Master with them. They destroy the crystal of mirror master. Lex Luthor goes into hiding. The Evil League take the Cheetah and The Ultra Humanite hostage. Evil Batman: “Don’t move. We will kill you if you do.” Superman with his powers pulverizes the good Mirror Master and Bane. Cheetah and Ultra Humanite are taken to the Hall of Evil. The evil Batman ties up The Penguin. Evil Batman: “I had the Penguin to take out now.”

Later on back in the real universe there is a portal. The evil Black Canary, Superman and Shazam end up in there. They are in Hawaii. They are heading to a volcano. Evil Black Canary: “I send a sonic scream to the volcano.” Evil Shazam: “I’ll lift.” Evil Superman: “I’ll help.”

At the Justice League watch tower there is The Flash, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern at the computers. They find out that Black Canary, Superman and Shazam are going to make the volcano erupt. Martian Manhunter: “It’s Superman, Black Canary and Shazam that want to make the volcano erupt in Hawaii.” The Flash: “Have they gone bad?” Martian Manhunter does a mind reading. Martian Man Hunter: “It’s not them. They are evil versions of Superman, Black Canary and Shazam. They have come from another universe.” They alert Batman in Javelin 7 piloting it. In Javelin 7 are Batman are Wonder Woman and Aqua Man. Green Lantern: “Batman. There are evil versions of Superman, Black Canary and Shazam at the volcano in Hawaii.” Batman: “I’ll go there then. I will need back up from you.” They are contacted by Martian Manhunter. Green Lantern holds The Flash under his power ring. Martian Manhunter flies with him.

Meanwhile in the universe of evil. There is Black Canary, Superman and Shazam with them. They are by the Hall of Evil. They see the sign saying ‘Hall of Evil’. Black Canary: “We must be in some universe.” Superman: “It looks like that there are evil versions of us.” Shazam: “I think that there is.” They go check it out. They find themselves in an alternate universe. Somewhere out there they run into Lex Luthor. Superman: “Luthor. You must be building the Hall of Evil. I am the good version of Superman.” Luthor: “Take it easy. We are the good guys.” Shazam: “In this universe we are the bad guys and you are the good guy?” Luthor: “It appears to be so.” Black Canary: “In our world you and your associates are the bad guys.” They learn in this universe Lex Luthor is the good guy. Lex Luthor takes them to Lex Corp.

At the Lex Corp building there are the heroes with the good Lex Luthor. There are Lex Luthor employees with them. Luthor: “The Evil league have taken out our police forces. I started a rebellion there. Ultra Humanite, The Penguin and Cheetah have been taken hostage by our enemies. I am working on a weapon that will make them power less. I can recruit new people to battle any more evil in the world. Other members were The Shade, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire, Mr. Freeze, Copperhead, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Bane, Parasite and The Crock. They all died. Police activity has been thwarted by the Evil League. I am fighting to bring back the police force.” Lex Luthor is finishing up on constructing a power disruptor. They show it to the heroes. Luthor: “This thing is called a power disruptor. I will use it for fighting against evil.” Superman: “In my world you are in prison with your associates.”

Back at the Hall of Evil. The evil Martian Man Hunter finds out that Shazam, Black Canary and Superman are not the members of the Evil League. They are from another universe and learn that in this universe that they are the good guys and Lex Luthor is the villain. Evil Martian Man Hunter: “Black Canary, Superman and Shazam ended up in another universe. There were are the good guys and Lex Luthor and his band are the bad guys. Let’s go get them.” They go out after them. Martian Manhunter with his telepathy finds Lex Luthor at Lex Corp. Evil Martian Manhunter: “Lex Luthor is at his building. He wants to bring back the police forces that we shut down.” Evil Batman: “Once Lex Luthor is dead we should wipe out their world.”

Back in the real universe. Javelin 7 lands in Hawaii nearby a volcano. Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter and The Flash land there too. Green Lantern lets the Flash go. They run into the evil versions of Black Canary, Superman and Shazam. Martian Manhunter with his telepathy points that they are from an alternate universe. Martian Man Hunter: “They are from another universe.” Evil Black Canary: “That we are.” Evil Shazam: “We are going to destroy your world and merge the dimensions.” The evil Superman shoots lasers at the heroes and Martian Manhunter uses his phasing ability. Martian Manhunter: “You should know that you aren’t powerful enough for me.” Evil Superman: “I will destroy you.” The Flash: “Aqua Man and I will take the evil Shazam.” The Flash and Aqua man fight Evil Shazam. Wonder Woman battles the evil Black Canary. She takes out her magic lasso. Evil Black Canary sends a sound wave at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman: “You’re not going anywhere evil Black Canary.” Evil Black Canary: “That’s what you think. We are merging this dimension into one and no more Justice League.” Green Lantern takes on Evil Superman. Evil Superman shoots lasers out of his eyes at Green Lantern. Green Lantern blocks it with his power ring. Green Lantern: “Maybe you aren’t all powerful for me.” Evil Superman: “I can see through things. I could figure out how to kill you.”

Back in the alternate universe. Superman, Black Canary and Shazam teaming with Lex Luthor go off to the Hall of Evil with Lex Luthor’s employees. Luthor: “You men go rescue Ultra Humanite, The Penguin and The Cheetah.” They have guns. The evil versions of the Earth’s mightiest heroes come out. They have kryptonite. Lex Luthor’s employees shoot at the evil version of The Justice League. Lex Luthor is warming up the power disruptor. The evil Batman shoots kryptonite at Superman hitting him. Evil Batman: “I have kryptonite to kill you with.” The Lex Corp employees shoot back at the evil Batman. The evil Batman and The Flash fight them. They shoot at the evil Batman and The Flash. The evil Green Lantern fights with the employees of Lex Corp. Evil Green Lantern: “Die rebels!” They shoot at him. Green Lantern with his powers knocks them down. Lex Luthor with his power disruptor shoots Green Lantern first. Black Canary sends out a sonic scream on the evil Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor shoots her next. Black Canary: “Not so fast evil Wonder Woman.” The evil versions of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman have gone powerless. The Lex Corp employees go to rescue The Penguin, The Ultra Humanite and Cheetah. Penguin: “You guys are the good guys. Go costumed heroes.” The Flash and Shazam throw speed punches at each other. Lex Luthor then shoots the evil Flash with the power disruptor. The Flash is slowing down. Evil Flash: “Hey. What happened? I am slowing down.” Luthor: “It’s a power disruptor. I took your powers away.” Batman goes over to the power disruptor and goes after Lex Luthor. Superman stops him. Batman and Aqua man shoot kryptonite at Superman. Martian Manhunter goes over to Lex Luthor. Evil Martian Manhunter: “You will die Luthor!” Lex Luthor shoots the evil Martian Manhunter with the power disruptor. Shazam and Black Canary helping Superman deflect blasts of kryptonite. They hit the evil versions of Batman and Aqua Man. Black Canary, Shazam and Superman end up back in the real universe where they live. The evil Black Canary, Shazam and Superman return. Evil Superman: “You will die Luthor.” They go after the good Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor shoots Black Canary first as Lex Corp employees come out. They shoot at the evil Shazam and Superman. Lex Luthor now shoots Shazam with the power disruptor. Superman goes after Lex Luthor and Luthor shoots him with the power disruptor. All those evil versions of the heroes are now powerless. Lex Corp employees capture them all including Batman and Aqua Man. Luthor: “Capture them all. You Superman and Shazam and Black Canary are powerless. It’s a power disruptor. This place is now called the Hall of Good.” Evil Batman: “You will pay for this Luthor!” Luthor: “You guys are going to prison.”

Back in the real universe. Black Canary, Superman and Shazam get back together with Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Batman, Green Lantern and Aqua Man. They all get on javelin 7 and leave. Superman: “In this universe most of those in the in justice gang have been killed. Lex Luthor there is the good guy.”


Justice League

Plot/Synopsis: Batman, Superman, Aqua Man, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash all team together to battle Vandal Savage and his team of tyrannical soldiers. Thorn and Killer Crock might be in league with Vandal Savage a ruthless dictator. Vandal Savage wants to over throw the US president to become the new president and then dictate the world. The JLA must fight to stop Vandal Savage from overthrowing the US president. Vandal Savage uses 2 insane criminals Thorn and The Killer Crock and Harley Quinn and Clay Face for help in taking domination.


The Justice League movie opens with a military base outside Nevada in the day. Headquarters of the US Marines. There are soldiers at base.

Outside there is Vandal Savage with his troops. The troops open fire. Then the marines soldiers shoot back. Many US soldiers are taken prisoner by Vandal Savage’s troops. Savage: "Surrender and you will be spared. Colonel Vox destroy the base." Colonel Vox enters and sends a sonic scream on the base. The captured troops are taken aboard jets.

In Gotham City at night time there’s a bank robbery. 5 crooks come out with guns and money bags. Batman in the bat mobile shows up. Bank Robber #1: "It’s Batman." Chief Robber: "Shoot him." The bank robbers make the move to shoot Batman and Batman uses his batarang and knocks the guns out of the hands of the crooks. Batman gets into fist fights with the 5 men who robbed the bank. The 5 bank robbers are tied up and left for the police. Batman: "You will stay here un till the police come. I am taking your stolen money back to the bank."
Batman returns the money to the bank.

In Nevada the next day the Justice League meets up. They go to the military base. In the Justice League there’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary and The Flash. Some Nazis show up and attack the JLA. Wonder Woman: "Great hera. There’s Nazis here." Wonder Woman deflects gun fire with her bracelets as the Nazis open fire. Flash: "I'm on them." The Flash speeds on them. Superman is shot and nothing happens. Nazi #1: "This is insane." Superman: "I have special powers." Superman throws this Nazi against a wall. Black Canary sends a sonic scream at some soldiers. Batman kicks a soldier. Batman: "Let’s find out what happened." The Justice League goes to investigate.

At Savage’s headquarters in the day time there’s a meeting with Vandal Savage. His place in is somewhere in the state of New York. There are 2 generals and Colonel Vox in charge. There are many white supremacists gathered up together. There are Nazis and Neo Nazis gathered up. They do the Nazi salute like Adolph Hitler did in the Nazi Rally. Savage schemes to go back and freeze Adolph Hitler during World War 2 (like in the cartoon series episode The Savage Time). Savage: "Men. We can take over the world once Adolph Hitler gets frozen in World War 2. In my ban there is no gum chewing allowed. Meaning there could be no more bubble gum blowing. All this stuff on MTV is banned. No cigarette smoking, no chewing tobacco. No tattoos or body piercings allowed. But first we have to take out the costumed heroes who call themselves the Justice League." Savage scatters out his soldiers. Savage: "Everyone out now. You men go to Atlantis. I want to take over the whole entire world." Savage even wants to take over Atlantis.

Some Nazis are in Atlantis from a Nazi submarine. They invade Atlantis. There is Mera with Orion and their child. Orion: "There is trouble coming. Take our child to safety. We had just defeated Orm. This is something more evil."

Aqua Man gets into battle with Vandal Savage’s soldiers. So do Aqua Man’s soldiers. Savage’s soldiers fire and Aqua Man’s soldiers fire back. They defeat the Nazis in Atlantis.
Somewhere in the air in Pennsylvania in the day time there’s Green Lantern. Green Lantern fights with some Nazi planes. He uses his power ring. Green Lantern makes a sword and cuts up some planes. The Nazis depart in parachutes. Green Lantern is picked up in Javelin 7. Superman is piloting this jet. Stewart: "I am the new Green Lantern." The plane is flying heading to Atlantis. Superman: "Our next stop is Atlantic City. Aqua Man is there to meet with us."

Somewhere else in Atlantic City in the day time Aqua Man is picked up on Javelin 7. The heroes end up in the museum of natural history. Black Canary: "Savage’s men are into an artifact to steal." Green Lantern: "They want to change the history of World War 2 to take over the world." Flash: "I see Nazis." There are Vandal Savage’s men that show up there with a lieutenant. The heroes all battle the Nazis and a lieutenant with their powers. Wonder Woman snares the lieutenant with her magic lasso. Wonder Woman: "You aren't going anywhere." Superman: "They are attacking this place. Take them away." They are all defeated and are arrested by security. They were after facts on World War 2. There are none at the Museum of natural history.

Later on the next day the alter egos of the Justice League members are at a party in Wayne Manor at Gotham City the next day. Bruce Wayne (who is Batman is there). Several visitors are there too including Commissioner Gordon. Diana (who is Wonder Woman) is in love with Bruce Wayne. Wayne: "Diana this is James Gordon. He’s the commissioner of our local police." John Stewart the Green Lantern is at Wayne Manor. So are Dinah Drake and Wally West. They are Flash and Black Canary. Clark Kent is also there. Clark Kent is doing a report for the Daily Planet on Vandal Savage wanting world domination. Clark Kent is walking into Bruce Wayne. Clark Kent: "Are you Bruce Wayne." Wayne: "I am." They shake hands. Clark Kent: "I am doing a report on Vandal Savage and his plot for world domination." Wayne: "We learned that Adolph Hitler couldn't rule the world. He committed suicide when he was supposed to be captured and executed." Diana: "Clark Kent. I am Diana Bruce Wayne’s new girlfriend." Others go up to Bruce Wayne. West: "I am Wally West." Drake: "I am Dinah Drake." John Stewart comes up. Stewart: "I am John Stewart." Some Gotham City cops are there too. Alfred checks on Bruce Wayne.

Outside there’s a captain with Vandal Savage’s men. Nazi captain: "Right there is Bruce Wayne’s headquarters. Savage wants Wayne Enterprises to create powerful weapons against the allies in World War 2." They knock on the door. Alfred goes to answer the door. Alfred: "Who is it?" Alfred is taken hostage by the Nazi captain. Nazi Captain: "Shut your mouth. We are after Bruce Wayne." The other troops invade Wayne Manor. They don't know all of each other’s alter egos. Bruce Wayne knows that Diana is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman doesn't know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. John Stewart draws his gun.
Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock are taken hostage by the Nazis. The cops draw their guns. Stewart: "I am with the US Marines." Stewart shoots some of Savage’s soldiers. John Stewart and the cops fight the Nazis in a gun fight. John Stewart has his gun on the Nazi captain. Stewart: "Drop it or you are dead." Bullock: "No Batman but we have another hero." Gordon: "Have the men taken to police headquarters. They are all under arrest." Commissioner Gordon has the rest of the Nazis and their captain arrested.

Later on at Savage’s headquarters in the day time. Vandal Savage has hired super villains like Harley Quinn, Thorn, Killer Crock and Clay Face. He has them deal with the Justice League. Savage: "You are hired muscles for me. You can help us take down the Justice League. I'll need you to explain your skills with your weapons and powers." Harley Quinn: "I have a giant boxing glove to take out Batman. He has many times taken down Mr. J and I." Clay Face: "I am a master of disguise. Batman made me what I am." Thorn: "With my thrones I can stick the heroes." Killer Crock: "I am deadly and lethal. I have faced Batman myself." Savage: "You will be teamed with Colonel Vox with a general and major. They are in charge of my troops." The super villains leave.

In Atlantis there’s Aqua Man. There are citizens of Atlantis with Mera and Aqua Man’s child. Aqua Man: "I must leave Atlantis to face this dictator who calls himself Vandal Savage." He leaves. Aqua Man gets aboard Javelin 7.

They head to somewhere in the state of New York. They get out of the jet. The heroes with various powers battle the Nazis. Wonder Woman lassos some Nazis. Black Canary: "Come face me. Hear my sounds." Some Nazis Black Canary sends a sonic scream and knocks them out. There are lieutenants and captains with commandos attacking. Superman throws punches on them. Batman uses punches and kicks. Flash uses speed punches. Green Lantern makes a giant boxing glove on Vandal Savage’s men and knocks them out. Aqua Man fights with the trident. Aqua Man: "That’s the last." All those soldiers are defeated.
Somewhere in Savage’s headquarters Savage goes to somewhere. 1 general, 1 major, Colonel Vox, Harley Quinn, Clay Face, Thorn and Killer Crock have the prisoners. Clay Face morphs into Vandal Savage. Clay Face: "Let’s give them to Savage."
There heroes all come in. Batman recognizes some old enemies. Batman: "Harley Quinn.Killer Crock." Wonder Woman takes on Harley Quinn. Aqua Man takes on Killer Crock. Superman takes on the general. The Flash takes on the major. Green Lantern takes on Colonel Vox. Black Canary takes on Thorn. Thorn: "I will stick you now Black Canary. Savage wants your dead bodies." Black Canary: "In your dreams. Or should I say nightmares?"
Thorn attacks with her thorns and Black Canary sends a sonic scream and finishes off Thorn. Harley Quinn with her punch thing throws a punch on Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman blocks the giant boxing glove with her bracelets. Harley Quinn is running and Wonder Woman catches Harley Quinn with her magic lasso. Wonder Woman: "You're not going anywhere now." Harley Quinn: "Let go of me. You'll pay for this." Batman takes on Clay Face thinking that he is fighting Vandal Savage. Batman: "You must be Vandal Savage." Clay Face: "Nothing is going to stop me now. I am more powerful than Adolph Hitler." Green Lantern takes on Colonel Vox. Vox: "This should knock you out Marine boy." Vox sends out a sonic scream and Green Lantern blocks it with his power ring. Vox: "What?" Green Lantern with his green powers knocks out Colonel Vox destroying his voice box. Green Lantern: "This should keep you quiet." Over to Aqua Man vs. Killer Crock. Killer Crock: "Savage takes over Atlantis." Fighting hand to hand Aqua Man defeats Killer Crock. Aqua Man: "We'll tell Vandal Savage that you all failed." Wonder Woman pulls off the mask of Harley Quinn. She is a sexy blonde. The Flash is being shot at and speeds and knocks down major. Flash: "I can out run bullets you know." The general punches Superman and Superman throws him to the ground. Superman: "Now to Vandal Savage." Clay Face reveals that he was disguised as Vandal Savage. Batman: "Clay Face. I should've known it was you to pose as Vandal Savage to take the fall." Clay Face: "Savage is somewhere else in here." Batman finishes off with Clay Face. The Justice League gives guns to the troops. They shoot Clay Face as Batman defeats him in battle.

The heroes go after Vandal Savage and face him. Savage has on his power glove. Black Canary: "Savage is mine. I'll take him out with a sonic scream." Black Canary is zapped by Savage. Wonder Woman: "I will get you Savage." Wonder Woman uses her magic lasso and is knocked down by Vandal Savage. Savage: "I can take you all out right here right now." Batman: "Try me." Batman comes in and fights Savage hand to hand. Batman defeats Vandal Savage and the soldiers with Green Lantern’s help capture him. Marines Captain: "Thank you Stewart for your help and soldiers take Vandal Savage to the court yard to be placed under a firing squad."

Over at the court yard later on there is Vandal Savage taken by US Marines. Savage is placed on the board for firing on. Marines Captain: "Vandal Savage has been found guilty of crimes against the military law and murder of Marines soldiers. He is here by this day to be placed under a firing squad." The firing squad gets guns ready. Marines Captain: "Any last words before being fired on?" Savage: "Yeah. This won't work I am immortal." Marines Captain: "Ready. Aim. Fire." Vandal Savage is fired on. The soldiers remove his body and throw it into a junk yard. Later on Vandal Savage is still alive. Savage: "You Justice Leaguers will pay for this." Savage thought to be dead runs off.

The heroes standing watch over Earth.


Justice League 2

Plot/Synopsis: Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern team up together forming the Justice League of America. The Justice League go up against Darkseid and those are who working for him. They are Desparo and Cheetah. The Ninja, Captain Cold, Conduit, Copperhead, Grundy and The Mad Hatter are in league with Darkseid and his minions. They heroes must stop them.


A bank robbery taking place in New York City in the day time. John Jones shows up. Other officers are there too. John Jones draws his gun. Jones: "Anyone killed in there?" Cop #1: "No one is been harmed." John Jones heads to inside the bank. Jones: "I am a good detective. I'll bring those men out without any innocent person harmed." He hides himself. John Jones transforms into the Martian Man hunter. Martian Man hunter phases and grabs a crook. There are a total of 7 men robbing this bank. They aim guns. Chief Crook: "Don't come anywhere near us or we will kill you." Martian Man hunter bangs 2 of them into each other. The Martian uses his powers as the other thugs shoot him. Nothing happens. Others thrown down their guns. Martian Manhunter: "You are coming out now." Hostages are rescued by the Martian.

Somewhere Martian Man hunter transforms into his human disguise. John Jones comes out with the 7 thugs that he captured. There are still cops by their cars. John Jones: "A Martian helped me capture them. He calls himself Martian Manhunter." The thugs are loaded into cop cars. (John Jones really is a Martian).

At a beach in Los Angeles at night. A space ship lands. There’s Darkseid in league with Despero and his minions. Those alien villains come out of their space ship. Darkseid: "You get the world while I get the galaxy in domination." Despero: "Superman and Martian Manhunter are Earth." Darkseid: "You can gather up some criminals in the world to team with us and bring down this Justice League." Despero: "I have my servants here too." A dog from some where is barking at this space ship.

In Gotham City the next day there’s Batman dealing with people robbing jewelry stores. Some men in clown costumes break into the place and steal jewelry. They run out of the place with their loots.

Batman chases after them. Batman: "You better put this back." Joker thug #1: "It’s Batman. Let’s waist him." Batman battles with the thugs. Batman defeats them and finds out that they are working for The Joker. Batman: "You work for The Joker. He is going down again."

Batman somewhere in Gotham City on the streets confronts the Joker. Batman: "Joker." Joker: "You must've captured my men and returned the loots." Batman: "Yes. I am taking you down again." Batman and the Joker are throwing kicks on punches on each other. Batman defeats the Joker when he battles him. The police show up. Commissioner Gordon: "(to Batman) We got The Joker’s thugs. (to his officers) Take him away." Commissioner Gordon has his officers (after they had shown up) put The Joker in Arkham Asylum.

In Metropolis in the day time. Doomsday is taking the Daily Planet hostage. Doomsday: "You better stop it with reports about me. Or I will crush you." Jimmy Olsen: "Get out of here now." Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are being attacked by Doomsday. Superman comes in and battles with Doomsday. Superman: "Call the police." Superman and Doomsday throw punches on each other. Superman defeats Doomsday and the police show up. Doomsday is arrested.

Later On. Clark Kent shows. Jimmy Olsen is there with Lois Lane. Lois: "This villain who calls himself Doomsday was here and attacked us." Jimmy Olsen: "Superman came in and stopped him."
In California Darkseid hires Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Captain Cold, The Ninja, The Mad Hatter, Copperhead. They rally up to take out the current Justice League. The Mad Hatter and The Ninja have their own thugs. Darkseid: "I am Darkseid. I come from another planet as does Despero." The Ninja: "I have men working for me." Mad Hatter: "I also have men working for me." Darkseid: "Good. Then we can have a team. We will destroy the world and take over the galaxy." The Ninja: "I'll send my men to the museum to steal stuff."

Somewhere at a museum of history in the state of New York there’s a gang of Ninjas going to steal stuff from the museum at night time. The Justice League shows up. There’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Plastic Man and The Flash. Martian Man hunter shows up too. The heroes all take on the Ninja’s gang. The Green Arrow hits some thugs with his bow. Plastic Man makes hammer out of his hands and take out 2 thugs. Batman uses some kicks and punches. All those thugs are tied up. Batman: "I knew that we'd meet here." Plastic Man: "I am Plastic Man. I can make myself into a human hammer. I stretch myself." Green Arrow: "They call me Green Arrow." Wonder Woman: (to the new Justice League members) "I am Wonder Woman." Martian Manhunter: "I am the Martian Manhunter the last of the Martian race." Green Lantern: "I am the Green Lantern. The man who defeated Vandal Savage teaming with Batman."

The heroes go to watch tower. They set up there. Batman with Martian Man hunter studies files. They learn that Darksied is in league with Desparo. The heroes all find out. Despero dictates his own home world already. Batman: "Check this out." Martian Manhunter: "Darkseid is in league with Despero. They want to take over the galaxy." Superman: "Despero dictates his home world." Green Lantern: "They together have hired criminals that are Batman’s enemies." Batman: "Darkseid and Despero have hired Mad Hatter and The Ninja. 2 of my arch enemies." Green Lantern: "I was having some feeling that Vandal Savage survived the firing squad." Wonder Woman: "Vandal Savage must be immortal."

The heroes go to south California in the day time. The Justice League battles Desparo’s minions and thugs working for Mad Hatter and the rest of The Ninja’s thugs in Southern California.
Somewhere Darksied learns everyone’s history. Darkseid: "Tell use about yourselves." Solomon Grundy: "I was before I was killed wanted by the law."

In Flashback on Solomon Grundy. We see Cyrus Gold with his gang. His gang (4 men) shoots him and leaves him for dead in some city. Years later in New Hampshire. Cyrus Gold comes back as Solomon Grundy and invades retirement homes of those men who killed him after he searches for them. In a retirement home somewhere. Retired gangster #1: "Who are you?" Grundy: "I was the guy who you killed years ago." Retired Gangster #2: "You. Cyrus Gold. How can it be? We got ourselves a not guilty after you died." He chokes the life out of them. He kills the 4 men who killed him many years ago. His memory goes out.
Back into the present day with Darkseid and all those criminals in league with him. Captain Cold: "This hero called The Flash has defeated me before. I am out for a rematch against him." Conduit: "I have kryptonite cables and I am capable of killing Superman." Darkseid: "Mad Hatter and Despero have your minions do the Justice League."

At Los Angeles in an alley Green Arrow and the Martian Manhunter battle Despero’s minions. Green Arrow shoots some of Despero’s minions with his bows and arrows. Martian Manhunter uses his special powers on them. Green Arrow: "Got them all." Martian Manhunther: "Our enemies are at the Los Angeles Raiders football stadium." Green Arrow: "How did you know?" Martian Manhunter: "I have a telepathy."

Somewhere else in Los Angeles. There is Batman and Wonder Woman and Plastic Man battling The Mad Hatter’s thugs. Plastic Man stretching his skin knocks out a few of Mad Hatter’s thugs. Wonder Woman lassos some. Batman fights them with kicks and punches. They are all defeated. Batman: "That’s all of them." Plastic Man: "We’ll have to follow the Martian to find the rest of our enemies."

Somewhere all of the heroes re group. Martian Manhunther: "They went to the Los Angeles raiders football stadium." The heroes all head to the football stadium.

Later on the heroes fight individually at an empty Los Angeles Raiders football stadium in the day time. The heroes take on those who are in league with Darksied. Green Arrow takes on Solomon Grundy. Batman takes on The Ninja. Wonder Woman takes on Cheetah. Green Lantern takes on Despero. Superman takes on Conduit. The Flash vs. Captain Cold. Plastic Man vs. Mad Hatter. Martian Man hunter vs. Copperhead.

Captain Cold shoots his ice gun at the Flash and misses. Flash: "Missed me. Missed me. You can't get me." The Flashes breaks up the ice. The Flash knocks out Captain Cold. Flash: "You are going back to prison." Captain Cold: "Over my dead body, Flash."

Plastic Man fights hand to hand with Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter has his weapon. Mad Hatter: "I will kill you. Tie you up and choke yourself to death." Mad Hatter is knocked down by Plastic Man’s hammer hand when Mad Hatter attacks Plastic Man. Plastic Man: "You are out know Mad Hatter."

Grundy attempts to crush Green Arrow. Green Arrow: "Hey you giant zombie! Over here." Green Arrow with a good shot shoots Grundy and Grundy falls back to the dead.

Copperhead scratches at Martian Man hunter and his hand phases through him. Copperhead: "What? I'll get you." Martian Man hunter throws Copperhead against the wall. Martian Manhunther: "You're going to prison." Copperhead: "You'll be sorry."

Desparo shoots lasers out of his forehead from the 3rd eye on Green Lantern. Green Lantern blocks the shot. Despero: "Die Lantern boy." They shoot beams at each other. Desparo is knocked out by Green Lantern’s beam from the power ring. Green Lantern: "You are out of political power on your home planet now."

Batman fights the Ninja in a martial arts fight and defeats the Ninja.

Conduit attacks with his Kryptonite cables and wraps them around Superman. Conduit: "I will kill you now Superman." Superman shoot lasers out of his eyes before the Kryptonite weakens him. Superman throws a punch on Conduit. Superman: "You'll have to be stronger to kill me."

The heroes head to the beach to Darksied’s space ship as all those villains are rounded up. Batman battles Darksied with the help of Plastic Man. Darksied shoots lasers out of his eyes at the Flash and The Flash out runs the lasers. Flash: "You can't catch me, Darkseid!" Plastic Man: "Hey Dorkseid!" Plastic Man hits Darksied with his hand into a form of a hammer. Batman: "Thank you, Plastic Man."

Superman comes into battle and finishes off Darksied. Superman: "I am bringing them all to where they belong." Superman delivers all those villains to where they belong.
The heroes gather up together in the City of Los Angeles in the day time with a victory over all those ruthless villains.


Justice League 3

Plot/Synopsis: Lex Luthor puts several villains together. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, a different Green Lantern team up with Hawk Girl and Hawk Man and battle villains like Sinestro, Star Sapphire, Gorilla Grodd, Brianiac, The Shade and Fire Fly and Killer Frost. The JLA defeat this in justice league.


A bank robbery in Gotham City in the late afternoon. Scar Face: "Anyone moves they die. This is a robbery." Scar face, Arnold Wesker with several other gangsters are taking people hostage. They take the money from the bank and leave. They get into their cars.

Batman in his bat mobile is following Arnold Wesker and his gang. Wesker: "It’s Batman. He’s after us." Rhino: "We haven't lost him yet boss." The Batman mobile disappears from sight. Wesker: "We have lost Batman." Batman chases the criminals to a warehouse.

They get out of the cars. Batman jumps out of the bat mobile. Batman gets in pursuit of Scar Face’s gang. Batman battles Scar face’s gang. Batman beats up on several thugs. Chill: "Batman." Batman: "Chill." Joe Chill who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents is an enforcer in charge with Rhino. Batman himself battles Joe Chill and The Rhino. Batman incapacitates Rhino.

There’s flashback of Bruce Wayne’s parents killed by Joe Chill. Bruce Wayne in front of his parents shot by Joe Chill.
Batman attempts to break Chill’s skull but doesn't. Chill: "Come on Batman. Kill me." Batman: "No." Batman fights with Arnold Wesker and Scar face. Batman defeats them.

Later on Commissioner Gordon with the Gotham City police come and arrest Arnold Wesker, Scar face, Joe Chill and everyone else in the gang. Batman: "Commissioner Gordon. Detective Bullock. Joe Chill killed Thomas and Martha Wayne parents of Billionaire Bruce Wayne." Bullock: "Thank you Batman." Commissioner Gordon: (to his officers) "Have Mr. Chill booked for murder and robbery years ago. Of Martha and Thomas Wayne." The cops take away the Scar face gang.

At Lex Corp in the next day. Lex Luthor hires super villains like Gorilla Grodd, The Shade, Fire Fly, Sinestro, Starr Sapphire, Killer Frost and The Brainiac. Lex Luthor puts together an in justice gang to take out Superman and his allies. Luthor: "You all are those to help me bring down this Justice League. I especially want Superman dead." Brainiac: "Superman has destroyed other Brainiac units." Shade: "Lights out on the Justice League. I have the power to darken things." Gorilla Grodd: "My power could turn them on each other. I have a psychic power." Sinestro: "I have similar powers to The Green Lantern and with those powers I could annihilate The Justice League." Killer Frost: "My powers I could freeze the heroes." Fire Fly: "I want to get Batman back. Batman had once put me in Arkham. It’s pay back against the bat." Sapphire: "I could lift the Justice League and throw them to their doom." Luthor: "I like you all. You are all hired for the In Justice Gang."

At the Metropolis Museum in the day time there’s Volcana and Parasite with their gang breaking in to steal treasures. Volcana burns through some glass to get to those artifacts. The alarm goes off. Superman shows up with Super Girl. Superman and Super Girl battle Parasite thugs with punches thrown at each other. They defeat them. Super Girl: "That’s all of Parasite’s thugs." Superman: "There’s Volcana." Super Girl: "I'll take her. You can take Parasite." Super Girl battles Volcana. Volcana: "I'll burn you up Super Girl. Burn up you and Super Man and your allies." Volcana shoots Super Girl with her flaming powers. Volcana: "What? You should be crisped." Super Girl: "I am the woman of steel. You are not hot enough to burn steel." Super Girl knocks down Volcana with a punch to her. Super Man battles Parasite. Parasite: "I'll zap you and this time you die." Parasite uses his electronic hands on Superman and Superman throws a punch that knocks down Parasite. The heroes defeat the villains.

Later on Daniel Turbin of the Metropolis police shows up. They arrest Volcana and Parasite and Parasite’s thugs. Turbin: (to his officers) "Have Volcana and Parasite booked for breaking and entering." They take away Parasite and Volcana.

Later on at sea in the day time. A party boat is hi jacked by the Penguin and his gang. Bane is along with The Penguin. The Penguin as an umbrella and his thugs have guns. Penguin: "Everyone this is a hijacking. Do what you're told and you won't be killed." Bane: "Everyone in the cabins now. Or I will crush you." There are several men & women with children on the boat. Wonder Woman shows up with Kyle Raynor as the Green Lantern this time. Superman giving Batman and the Flash a lift also show up. They get into battle with several thugs. Superman: "Everyone to safety now." Some thugs fire on the Justice League and Wonder Woman blocks the gun fire with her bullet proof bracelets. Superman is shot by some thugs. Superman throws punches on some thugs. Batman fights some with his hands and feet. Some thugs shoot Green Lantern. He blocks the shots with his power ring. The Flash speeds on those thugs and knocks them down. Hawk Girl and Hawk Man show up. Hawk Man: "Come on take us on." Hawk Girl: "We are here to join the Justice League." The battle the rest of the gang. Hawk Girl uses her mace. Hawk man uses his feet. Batman: "Bane." Batman fights with Bane hand to hand. Bane is beating Batman’s butt. Superman comes in and battles Bane. Superman: "Take me on Bane." Bane punches Superman and nothing happens just as Bane punches the man of steel. Superman pulls Bane’s cord that makes him week. Penguin: "Batman." Batman battles with The Penguin. Batman defeats The Penguin. Green Lantern takes all of the Penguin’s thugs, Bane and the Penguin himself in his power ring and sends them to the port police. They are placed under arrest. Green Lantern: "I have all our prisoners and I am giving them to the police."

Later on in the party boat we see Wally West with Diana. Even see Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent together. Even Kyle Raynor. Clark Kent: "Bruce Wayne. This is Kyle Raynor. He is working with me at the Daily Planet." They are heading for Metropolis. Bruce Wayne goes to there to vacation.

In Metropolis in the day time. Clark Kent shows Wally West and Bruce Wayne around the Daily Planet. Clark Kent: "Lois. This is Wally West and Bruce Wayne who I saw in Gotham City. We were hanging out in Wayne Manor." Lois: "You and Diana could go with Clark and I to the diner." Wayne: "Sure thing." Jimmy Olsen shows up. Jimmy Olsen: "The name is Jimmy Olsen. I work at the Daily Planet with Lois and Clark." West: "I am Wally West." Wayne: "I am Bruce Wayne." Kyle Raynor also has a job at the Daily Planet.

Bruce Wayne with Diana eat at a diner in the afternoon. So do Clark Kent and Lois Lane. They have a double date. Diana: "Vandal Savage a few years ago survived the firing squad. I don't know what happened." Clark Kent: "It is said that Vandal Savage the global dictator is immortal."

Later on in the later afternoon Superman shows up at Lex Corp in Lex Luthor’s office with Batman. We see Mercy Graves an employee of Lex Corp. Superman: "Where is Lex Luthor?" Mercy: "Mr. Luthor is on vacation." Batman: "Wrong answer." Mercy: "I don't know." Superman: "Perjury is a crime. I am taking you to the police station."

Superman flies Mercy Graves to the Metropolis Police Department. Superman sees Daniel Turbin. Turbin: "What can I do with Miss Graves?" Superman: "Book her for lying about Lex Luthor’s whereabouts." She is arrested.

Later on at Lex Corp the next day. Luthor: "All you injustice members can take people of Metropolis to me. As many people as you can. I could get to Superman that way." The Injustice gang departs.

Later on a park in Metropolis in the day time there is Kara (she is Super Girl) and Jimmy Olsen going out together. Jimmy Olsen: "Superman captured Parasite and Volcana at the museum of Metropolis." Kara: "Clark told me about it." Jimmy Olsen: "Who are you people?" The Shade: "Someone who is to take you to Lex Luthor." The Shade with his thugs show up and The Shade with villains like Brainiac and Gorilla Grodd attack the couple. The Shade uses his power from the cane on them. Gorilla Grodd uses his powers on Kara and Jimmy. They are taken hostage. Gorilla Grodd: "Let’s have them taken to Lex Luthor."

At the Metropolis police headquarters in the day time there is Sinestro, Fire Fly and Killer Frost with Star Sapphire. Some cops pull out their guns on those super villains and open fire. Cop #1: "You are under arrest." Killer Frost freezes those cops. Sinestro on other cops blocks their gun fire and they are lifted by Starr Sapphire. Captain Daniel Turbin comes after those super villains. Turbin: "You are all under arrest for assaulting police officers." Fire Fly destroys some police cars. Turbin: "You are under arrest for destroying police property." Gorilla Grodd with the Shade and Brainiac show up. The Shade attacks Captain Turbin. Turbin is going after Lex Luthor and Starr Sapphire lifts him with her powers. They are taken to Lex Corp.

At the Lex Corp building. Lex Luthor sees his hostages taken by those villains. Luthor: "I want Clark Kent too." Lex Luthor’s thugs had taken Lois Lane and they are looking for Clark Kent.
The Justice League shows up. Flash: "I'll defrost all those frozen cops."The Flash with his powers defrosts the frozen cops at the police station. Cop #2: "Captain Turbin was taken by some costumed criminals." The heroes with their powers battle The Shade’s thugs and Lex Luthor’s thugs on the streets of Metropolis.

The heroes go to Lex Corp to rescue the hostages. The heroes take on those villains in league with Lex Luthor. Batman takes on The Shade. Green Lantern takes on Sinestro. Hawk Man takes on Fire Fly just as Hawk Man rescues the hostages with his knife by cutting the ropes around them. Superman takes on Brainiac. The Flash takes on Gorilla Grodd. Wonder Woman takes on Star Sapphire. Hawk Girl takes on Killer Frost. The heroes battle it out.
Sapphire: "You will never defeat Star Sapphire." Wonder Woman blocks beams fired by Star Sapphire. Wonder Woman hits Star Sapphire with head band and puts it back on. Wonder Woman: "Now my magic lasso." She captures Star Sapphire with the lasso.

Killer Frost freezes up the place. Killer Frost: "I'll freeze you and break you." Hawk Girl breaks her ice with her mace. Killer Frost attempts to freeze Hawk Girl. Hawk Girl: (to Turbin) "Call for back up Captain Turbin." Turbin goes for back up. Hawk Girl knocks out Killer Frost with her mace. Hawk Girl: "You have just been melted ice girl." Killer Frost: "My name is Killer Frost." Hawk Girl: "What ever your name is you are going to prison."

Superman: "All of you leave now." Superman is finishing off with Brainiac. Brainiac: "I'll take this Kryptonite and kill you with it." The beat each other up. Superman throws a hard punch on Brainiac and holds him as he leaves Lex Corp building to bring the police there. Superman: "I am going to get the police."
The Shade shoots his from his cane at Batman. Batman: "You missed Shade." Batman with his bat boomerang knocks the cane out of The Shade’s hand. Batman and The Shade fist fight each other. Batman defeats The Shade. Batman: "Lights out Shade."
Over to Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. Sinestro makes a sword with his powers. Sinestro: "Die Green Lantern." Green Lantern with his powers makes a shield. They fight with their power rings. Green Lantern defeats Sinestro. Green Lantern: "Give up."
Fire Fly and Hawk Man beat each other up. Hawk Man defeats Fire Fly.

Gorilla Grodd uses his powers on the Flash and The Flash out runs them. Flash: "Hey Grodd catch me if you can." The Flash speeds up to Gorilla Grodd and knocks him out. Flash: "You weren't fast enough for me Grodd."

Superman returns just as other police officers show up. The cops have their guns drawn. The Justice League and Metropolis Police Department heads to Lex Luthor’s office. Lex Luthor uses a Kryptonite thing on Superman as Superman is about to catch Lex Luthor. Batman knocks this chunk or Kryptonite out of Luthor’s hand. Luthor: "Hey!" Superman: "Lex. You have been captured. You injustice gang has been defeated." Turbin puts the hand cuffs on Luthor as guns are aimed at him. Turbin: "Lex Luthor you are under arrest for terrorist acts. Take them away officers." Lex Luthor is taken away.

The Heroes are celebration a victory over Metropolis.


Movie Cast Suggestions

Justice League The Movie


Guy Pierce (The Time Machine, The Count of Monte Cristo) as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Josh Hartnet (Pearl Harbor) as Clark Kent/Superman

Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast & The Furious, SWAT, Resident Evil) as Diana/Wonder Woman

Hayden Christensen (the actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3) as Wally West/The Flash

Taye Diggs (Equilibrium) as John Stewart/Green Lantern

Ali Larter (American Outlaws, Legally Blonde) as Black Canary/Dinah Drake

Eric Stoltz (Anaconda, Pulp Fiction) as Orion/Aqua Man


Alec Baldwin (Pearl Harbor, The Shadow, The Getaway, The Hunt for Red October, Mercury Rising) as Vandal Savage

Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries) as Thorn

Steven Dorff (Blade) as Killer Croc

Alison Doody (Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, A View To A Kill) as Harley Quinn

Ron Pearlman (Blade 2, Hellboy, Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow) as Clay Face

Daniel Von Bargen (Robocop 3, Universal Soldier: The Return, Broken Arrow, Shaft) as Col. Vox

I haven't thought of who should play Vandal Savage’s men. He has several.

Justice League 2


Guy Pierce (The Time Machine, The Count of Monte Cristo) as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Josh Hartnet (Pearl Harbor) as Clark Kent/Superman

Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Hard Target, Agent Cody Banks) as Jonn Jonz (John Jones)/Martian Manhunter

Taye Diggs (Equilibrium) as John Stewart/Green Lantern

Johnny Knocksville (MTV's Jack@$$, Men In Black 2) as Plastic Man

Edward Norton (Fight Club, Red Dragon) as Green Arrow

Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast & The Furious, SWAT, Resident Evil) as Diana/Wonder Woman

Hayden Christensen (the actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3) as Wally West/The Flash


Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, Clockstoppers) as Darkseid

Carrie Fisher (the actress who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars original trilogy and who played Jake's ex-girlfriend in The Blues Brothers) as Cheetah

Temuera Morrison (Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones, Barb Wire, Speed 2: Cruise Control) as Desparo

Tajiri (WWE and ECW wrestler) as The Ninja

Gabriel Macht (American Outlaws) as Jervus Techt/The Mad Hatter

Paul White (the Big Show from WWE who played small parts in Jingle All The Way and The Waterboy) as Grundy

Luke Perry (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The 5th element) as Copperhead

John Lithgow (the actor who played the voice of Lord Farquad in Shrek and who played the villain in Cliff Hanger and Ricochet) as Kenny Braverman/Conduit

Jake Busey (son of actor Gary Busey who played in Starship Troopers) as Captain Cold

Justice League 3


Guy Pierce (The Time Machine, The Count of Monte Cristo) as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Josh Hartnet (Pearl Harbor) as Clark Kent/Superman

Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast & The Furious, SWAT, Resident Evil) as Diana/Wonder Woman

Hayden Christensen (the actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3) as Wally West/The Flash

Lou Diamond Phillips (Bats, The Big Hit, La Bamba) as Hawk Man

Denise Richards (Star Ship Troopers, The World is Not Enough, Wild Things) as Hawk Girl

Nicholas Brendan (TV’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Kyle Raynor/Green Lantern


Stone Cold Steve Austin (popular superstar in the WWE) as Lex Luthor

Neve Campbell (the Scream trilogy) as Star Sapphire

Heather Matarazzo (Scream 3, The Princess Diaries) as Killer Frost

Ewan McGregor (the actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy) as Brainiac

Ving Rhames (The Mission Impossible movies, Out of Sight , Dark Blue) as Gorilla Grodd
Tom Sizemore (Michael Mann’s Heat, Natural Born Killers, Passenger 57) as The Shade

Temuera Morrison (Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones, Barb Wire, Speed 2: Cruise Control) as Cinestro
Giovanni Ribisi (Gone in 60 Seconds, The Mod Squad) as Fire Fly

Additional cast with villains and heroes making special appearences.

Mandy Moore (The Princess Diaries) as Volcana in Justice League 3

Hoku (singer who performed the song Perfect Day in the Reese Whitherspoon movie called Legally Blonde) as Kara/Super Girl in Justice League 3

Dominic Cheanesi (TV's The Sopranos) as Arnold Wesker in Justice League 3

Michael Cane (On Deadly Ground, Get Carter) as Alfred Pennyworth in Justice League the movie

Dennis Quaid (The Right Stuff, Gang Related) as James Gordon Gotham Police Department in the Justice League movies

Vern Troyer (Austin Powers sequels, Men In Black) as Scar Face in Justice League 3

James Gandolfini (TV's The Sopranos, 8MM) as Detective Harvey Bullock in the Justice League movies.

Beyonce Knowles (Destiny's Child singer who played in Austin Powers in Goldmember) as Lois Lane in Justice League 2

No thoughts on who should play The Joker in Justice League 2, The Penguin in Justice League 3, Bane in Justice League 3 Parasite Justice League 3 or the military men in Justice League the movie. No thoughts either on who should play Jimmy Olsen in the Justice League sequels.
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Post Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

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Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

I've just had one of those You-really-don't-expect-me-to-read-all-that moments.
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Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

That's quite an impressive piece of work. Do you mind if I plagiarize?
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Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

Originally posted by B Rh POS
That's quite an impressive piece of work. Do you mind if I plagiarize?
O.o! you're kidding me. You read all that?
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Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

I only skimmed through it to get the general idea
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Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

I got up to the part where Cheetah says 'You'll die Wonder Woman' and then I got dizzy from the blue and white scrolling^^;
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Re: Justice League Fan Fiction

Oh i see. Trying swallowing entire paragraphs, and you should achieve the same result as reading the entire story word for word.
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