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Matrix, The (1999)

What is The Matrix? | guide

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Old Mar 29, 2010, 02:22 PM   #1
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Perhaps a pointless question...

I re-watched all three films recently, the first on one day and the other two back to back the day after, I have to say, speaking as someone who didn't enjoy the sequels, I've found that they've grown on me a little bit and I actually quite enjoyed them!

I saw all three in the cinema, one of the only trilogys I can say I've done that, and I didn't enjoy the second and third, but particularly the third I remember thinking was dreadful. Perhaps I've just gotten softer in my old age, or maybe my skills of viewing cinema aren't what they once were, but on this extra viewing I enjoyed it a lot more. It could be that because I was "in the mood" to watch the matrix that when I decided to watch the sequels I was more sympathetic to the characters, despite poor acting by some and some really terrible dialogue in places, not to mention the ham-fisted thematic slaps punctuating the movies.

Anyway, maybe I just don't get put off by bad cinema as much as I used to, but I doubt that somewhat.

I suppose my question is very simply, do you find you opinion has changed on these movies? Or do you still hate/love them? Or simply not care? I'm sure this question has been covered in another thread somehwere in this forum but in all honesty I can't be arsed to find one.
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