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Spider-Man (2002, 2004) [movie series]

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Old Feb 1, 2006, 10:22 AM   #1
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More Spidey 3 Spoilers

Read this today:

Date: February 1, 2006

Source: IESB
Amazing Spiderman 3 Spoilers! James Franco Friend or Foe?
Author: Robert Sanchez

Spiderman 3 plot points have been kept well under wraps. Kirsten Dunst spilling the beans about which villains would appear at the Elizabethtown junket is perhaps the most concrete information we have.

Recently, a post regarding a website run by Matthew Mungle was brought under scrutiny. It reads - Designed and created the make-up concept and appliances for James Franco in "Spiderman 3" to be applied by Luisa Abel.

This together with Harry finding his father's Green Goblin lair at the end of Spiderman 2 begs the question, will Harry be the third villain, perhaps the Hobgoblin in Spidey 3?

You can always count on the IESB to go digging for answers and something has come up. First let's take the history of Harry Osborn. Here is a brief rundown of his life after his father Norman died:

Not much was seen of the second Green Goblin but has been both a foe and ally of Spider-Man over the years as well as an ally of the Molten Man and others...Harry went on to have a son, Normy, named after his father with his wife Liz Allen Osborn. A memorable battle Occurred in Amazing Spider-Man #312 where he went head to head with the goblin-like Hobgoblin.

In Spectacular Spider-Man #200 Harry died from a new Goblin formula being too toxic and destroyed him from within, but right before he died, Harry went back into an exploding building & saved Peter...When asked why he did it, Harry's last words were "You're my best friend".

So again, where does this leave Harry in Spiderman 3 the Hollywood movie version?

Here's what we have been sent, mind you, this a VERY reliable source, no grain of salt needed: (CAUTION Spoilers ahead)

Rob, all the assumptions that Harry Osborn is the third villain the Hobgoblin are all wrong. Spiderman finds himself out numbered in this one. When everything seems to be at its worst for our hero, he finds himself an unlikely ally, Harry Osborn. Peter Parker's best friend will come to his aide.

Okay so let's look at this. Harry will come to Spidey's rescue? Did he finally realize his father was a kook? Apparently so. Here's more...

We will see Harry battling his inner demons to make the choice between his father's legacy and his best friend. I will fill you in more later but gotta go, crew call in 10 minutes, Sam doesn't like it when anyones late! Holla, Peace

Hey, but wait, according to the Matthew Mungle website James Franco will have make-up and appliances put on. So will be see Harry as Green Goblin II, Spidey's ally? I guess that remains to be seen!!

Stay tuned to the IESB for further updates!

Hmmmm, not sure how to take this. SM3 is certainly not short of villians having apparently decided to take the route of the later Batman films and feature not one but two major villians (Sandman and a yet to be named villian played by the kid from "That 70's Show"). Had hoped that somewhere in the future of the franchise, Harry would evolve into a solid villian. Maybe not.
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Old Mar 4, 2006, 01:35 PM   #2
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Re: More Spidey 3 Spoilers

Harry becoming Spider-Mans ally???

That sucks. Harry would be the perfect villain for the last Spiderman movie.

Peter and MJ should have kids or something like that and Harry should be threatening the very existence of Peter's family and in a friend on friend duel (with Spiderman this time not knowing who his adversary is and the adversary knowing Spiderman, instead of Spiderman knowing who the adversary is and the adversary not knowing Spiderman)

Peter would wind up killing Harry and then unmasks him only to discover it was Harry.
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