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Deep Impact (1998)

Oceans rise. Cities fall. Hope survives. | guide

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Old Nov 12, 2004, 07:44 PM   #16
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Re: Do I Have To Spell It Out

Originally posted by Jove
Much prefer Tea Leoni to Liv Tyler - and I think she's a better actor as well.

Oh I agree about the preference. Tia's made of much sterner stock, while Liv is always the blushing ingenue. Tia grows on you. I confess I didnt like her at first - then I recalled that she was in Bad Boys, and I had to rewatch it just to prove it because I recalled the girl in bad boys being far easier on the eyes. (so shallow, I know! ) Anyway, Ive come to the conclusion that Tia looks good with black hair. Blonde? *waves hand back and forth* So-so. If she's going to rock the chopped hair look, Blonde=stern & strong, Brunette=soft & needy (not necessarily a bad thing).

Hmm.. Now that I think of it, Tia and Liv both do the Black haired softie really well. Interesting.
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Old Jan 25, 2005, 04:55 PM   #17
Us kids know.
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Re: Do I Have To Spell It Out

I'm with Iwata on this one, I detest Armageddon. My hatred for it is eclipsed only by my hatred for the Core and Underworld. Deep Impact, on the other hand, I like, because of how ruthlessly it kills off characters. And it's thought provoking to see the leader of the country tell his citizens that "Most of you will die. But for what it's worth, not all."
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Old Jan 22, 2007, 08:49 PM   #18
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Re: Do I Have To Spell It Out

Scfi kind of. But it was much more of a dramatic movie one much more likely to be named all the screws of our lives. plus anti cosmic bodies 101 says do not blow it up, no matter how much explosive power you have blowing it up just makes one major hit 1000 smaller ones. No way would it make all of them smaller than a brief case. Plus we are working on mirrors and engines to push it towards a safer course. But it would be manned. Trusting a machine to do a job we have never done with any way to speak with them if the inevitable loss of contact in sews. Plus navigating the surface of a never before navigated surface. Robots can't think on their feet. The future of all man kind in the hands of furbie. Not my kind of plan.
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