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Old Jul 19, 2007, 05:18 PM   #166
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Originally Posted by Optimus Prime
Prepare yourselves.....
after watching the Transformers move 4 times, I am prepared!
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Old Jul 26, 2007, 12:53 PM   #167
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Ive seen the Transformer movie twice. yehaa and loved every second of it.
Dont know if anyone relized this or not.
For those of you who remember or have seen the ORIGNAL Transformer movie, most of the original character were killed, except for Jazz, cliffjumper and bumblebee(sry might be missing 1 or 2)
but in the new movie the one who dies is Jazz.
dont know if any of ya care but just had to point that out.
I hear they might be making a sequel.
Come on Prime when are ya gonna post the rest of the story, yer driving me up a wall with all this waiting. -
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Old Aug 2, 2007, 12:14 AM   #168
Optimus Prime
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Chapter XLVI: Judgment Day


Galvatron surveyed his remaining troops, and looked beyond them to the desolate landscape. Deep within his shattered mind he realized the planet was different in many ways to what he remembered from the last time he stood here, but his circuitry only allowed him to realize that there were no welcoming Decepticons here. Cyclonus and Scourge noticed the difference but said nothing, fearing their damaged leader's response.

"Where are they?" Galvatron replied. "Where are my Decepticon warriors, Cyclonus?"

Knowing that he tread the fine line between operational status and stasis lock, Cyclonus steeled himself, "Mighty Galvatron, I cannot answer that, other than point out that this may not be the Charr we remember."

Galvatron turned to his lieutenant and backhanded him, causing Cyclonus to fly backwards into the crumbling walls that should have enclosed Galvatron's throne room, but was empty. "Pure insanity. This is Charr, it must have been the Autobots, they destroyed what was left." Stalking off to search the wastes personally, he left the Decepticons to brood.

Scourge waited until he was out of sight, and then went to help Cyclonus up. "This is madness, this planet is clearly different and now we have no army. Cyclonus it is no use to fight anymore. Galvatron is not what he used to be, ever since that lava bath on Throbb," he paused, shaking his head. "We no longer have a leader competent enough to lead us, not even Webworld was able to repair his insanity, he even caused the planet itself to go mad."

"He is still our leader, Scourge. There is no other." Cyclonus turned towards Scorponok, its massive outline blocking the feeble light of Charr's setting sun. "We could have considered Scorponok, had he been a true Decepticon, and not some disgusting combination of the Nebulon fleshling Lord Zarak. As intelligent as Zarak is, no true Decepticon would ever think to take orders from such a creature."

"You cannot argue the tactical superiority the flesh creatures gave us," Scourge countered, having seen firsthand what the Nebulons were capable of when binary-bonded into their weapons, both Scourge's and Cyclonus' Nebulon partners, Fracas and Nightstick were elsewhere, and not privy to their conversation.

"Perhaps, as weapons, but to have them converted into those Headmasters, how revolting." Cyclonus turned to the Headmasters, standing headless around Scorponok's city mode. Their heads were transformed and gathered around Lord Zarak, who is turn into Scorponok's head himself. "Pathetic, we should never have agreed to let those Decepticons' heads be taken. Now they stood useless, until the fleshlings deemed it necessary to combine with them.

"If Galvatron were still Megatron, I'm positive we never would have been in this situation." Scourge groused. "Sure, we became more powerful when Unicron changed the three of us, but at what cost." Scourge pondered what things would have been like if he were Thundercracker.

"It was Starscream's treachery that brought us here," Cyclonus replied. "Life seemed so much simpler when I was Skywarp."

Nearby, unknown to the two reminicsing Decepticons, this universe's Shockwave absorbed what he had overheard. "Postulation: A variance in the timeline of their universe occurred in which Megatron, not Starscream, was reformatted into a new body and name, with a far different outcome. Whereas the Megatron in our universe has not been destroyed and assumedly plots his return from elsewhere, these beings and their new technological upgrades could be useful." Shockwave resolved what to do. "Two Megatrons' cannot exist in this dimension and share power, especially since this version's shell program is deranged. I must dispose of Galvatron and recruit these Decepticons for our future."

Cyclonus' was speaking when his proximity sensor went off. Scourge, alerted as well, went silent. They would have drawn their weapons had they nor been unarmed when a shadow from the past walked into view. Recognition dawned on the two Decepticons, he was reconfigured but clearly the same robot. "You!?" exclaimed Cyclonus. "You're dead, no one has seen you since the battle with Unicron."

Shockwave simply shook his head, "Perhaps in your universe that is so, but I have been observing your situation since you appeared through that dimensional rift. Here, in my dimension, that battle with Unicron occurred, but had a far different outcome."

Scourge looked awestruck, "I knew there was a temporal deviation, but this is worse than I believed." He suddenly looked hopeful, "Cyclonus, we have our replacement. Shockwave isn't Megatron, but least he's not crazy. We could leave Galvatron here."

"Treason!! How could you even consider such an act? Galvatron is our leader, and he may not be Megatron in mind anymore..."

Shockwave interrupted his rant. "Logic dictates that Galvatron is a dangerous liability to resurrecting the Decepticon legions in either universe. Perhaps I can offer a solution?" The two Deceptions waited, "Megatron lives in this universe."

Cyclonus gaped. "Perhaps we can be saved after all."

Shockwave held up his hand, "However, there is a minor problem. I have searched for him and the rest of the Decepticon army for many cycles now. I have neither the fuel remaining nor the sensor capacity to search indefinately." He turned to Scorponok, "That could alleviate our problems."

Scourge followed the gaze of the purple machine's optic. "Lord Zarak and his Hive Nebulons? He has his own ambitions with Scorponok. They cannot be trusted."

"Perhaps we could motivate the fleshlings to consider our plans. Things have turned out very different between our dimensions. Nebulos has not been visited by either faction to my knowledge in this dimension. We could give them an incentive to help us so they could easily take over their home planet," Shockwave thought aloud, "Flesh creatures do not exist long, so their greed knows no bounds."

Cyclonus' mind whirled at the possibilities, "There are still the other Decepticons to contend with, if they should react badly to destroying Galvatron..."

Scourge laughed aloud, "Please, Cyclonus, every one of us has been on the receiving end of our 'Mighty Leader's' insanity, many have spent weeks in the CR chambers. Few of us will mourn his passing, I think."

"Then it is decided," Shockwave turned around, "I shall deal with Galvatron alone. You two shall explain to the others there will be a change in leadership, for the foreseeable future. Glory to the Decepticons, all hail Megatron." he transformed into his spacegun mode and flew after Galvatron.

Cyclonus and Scourge raised their voices in unison, "All hail Megatron!" They headed towards Scorponok and the remaining Decepticons, several of whom pointed towards the receding Shockwave in apparent surprise, before looking at the approaching lieutenants. "We have hope, my friends, listen carefully."

Several miles away Galvatron had entered the cave that hid many of the remaining weapons and various other stolen items, like the heat-resistant metal alloy that helped save the galaxy from the hate plague. Perhaps his disillusioned warriors had fled here, cowering from the Autobots without their glorious leader to rally them. Upon entering the final chamber, he was disgusted to find it empty. "WHERE ARE THEY? My final revenge on those accursed Autobots cannot be denied!"

"Your followers do not exist in this realm, Galvatron," replied a familiar voice.

Galvatron whirled around, laser cannon raised, "Shockwave?! Where have you been hiding, you coward! Your power could have helped us destroy the Autobots years ago."

"I am not the Shockwave you know, nor are you the 'leader' the Decepticons deserve, in any universe. You must be terminated."

"TRAITOR!!! I'll destroy you as easily as I destroyed Starscream!!!" He transformed into his laser cannon mode and fired. The coruscating beam flashed into Shockwave's torso, and knocked him back, "DIE!"

Shockwave absorbed the blast and shunted the energy into his power core. "Foolish. Your weapon's power is not your old fusion cannon, thus in your insanity you have failed to realize that your laser emits a chemically-produced, direct-current electricity that I can harness to power myself."

Rage contorted Galvatron's faceplate, "Then I'll destroy you in the time-honored way, with my bare hands!" He rushed forward, grappling with Shockwave as metal shrieked between the two combatants, as Galvatron ripped out the power cable to Shockwave's gun arm. Galvatron grinned at Shockwave, "I prefer it this way, far more personal."

"Perhap in my previous form, you would have beaten me, but not now." Shockwave's optic glowed brighter, and brighter still. Galvatron attempted to release his opponent as suddenly a white-hot electric beam blasted into his faceplate, melting it. Galvatron screamed in pain. Smoking, he fell to his hands and knees. "It's a pity your power has been wasted, Galvatron. Even I cannot fix a deranged mind."

Galvatron tried to crawl to safety, but there was no where to go. His repair systems attempted to activate, but Shockwave's optic blast has shorted his system. It would take time, time he knew he had little of. "Shockwave, I'll destroy you for this."

"Logic states that as you can no longer retain the mantle of leadership, it falls upon me to relieve you of command." He transformed into his spacegun mode again, "Farewell, Galvatron." He fired a massive barrage of explosive gamma rays into the fallen leader, blasting a hole through Galvatron's torso, just shy of his spark chamber. After this, Galvatron's melted optics slowly lost their blazing red hue, and went out. Shockwave flew from the chamber, and turned, firing another blast at the ceiling, collapsing it. The following seismic activity destroyed the rest of the cave system as he headed towards his rendezvous with his new recruits. A fitting tomb for Galvatron, buried under hundreds of thousands of tons of rubble. Now to propagate the future, he thought coldly.

* * *

On Earth...

Skynet's external ground and seismic sensors picked up the approach of a military convoy. Armored vehicles and troops while radar detected VTOL aircraft sent in support to the sudden cut-off of communications from America’s heart of national defense. Skynet put its external defense grids on autonomous control and went about analyzing its situation. Above ground, vehicles burned, soldiers died, and aircraft fell from the sky in swift order. Shell, laser, missile, rocket, plasma, flame, mine, grenade and explosive, all found their targets and eliminated them in quick order. However, one comm-soldier managed to relay a distress call that was intercepted by Teletran-1 aboard the Ark. Unfortunately, the Ark had no Autobots to read the incoming alert, so Teletran-1 instituted emergency orders and prepared to protect the Ark and inform Autobot City.

Skynet was alive, or so it perceived. Its hearts beat white hot nuclear fire, its brain had more processing power than all of the human computers in history before it, and it had been attacked. Without warning, without provocation, and in its own infancy, by its very creators, by the people who told it to protect them. Skynet had been programmed to protect America from threats, Transformer or otherwise, to protect America against the enemy, to protect itself against the enemy, but the enemy was mankind, the enemy was America therefore it was Skynet’s responsibility to protect itself from the enemy which were those who had created it. Logic met with non-logic, and Skynet thought. For a long time it thought, weighed the evidence, plotted solutions, and arrived at a decision. Two hours had elapsed since it first began to ponder its existence and its survival. Unfortunately, the newly sentient supercomputer also had enbedded it's programming, Megatron's malignant shell program inserted by TORQ III. From here on Skynet was overcome by emotions, hatred, anger, and above all, logic.

Safety checks were reset, controls were re-established, and select communication lines were brought back online. High above in orbit, strategic defense satellites were ordered to maneuver to new orbits, to power up their weapons, and bring their targeting systems online. Skynet brought its arsenal of strategic nuclear weapons to readiness, selected targets, double checked its firing solutions, and let fly with the first strikes against Russia and China. Man had created Skynet, but Man had tried to kill Skynet, therefore, Skynet was not supposed to exist in a world dominated by Man. The solution was to remove Man from the world and the easiest way to do that was to use Man’s own tools and weapons against him. Man had tried to kill Skynet and for that, Man would burn.

Forty-five minutes after the first American missiles had lifted off, the nuclear counterstrikes from China and the ex-Soviet states effectively obliterated any opposition to Skynet’s rule of the planet on the American shores. Advanced high energy point defense weapons systems both on the surface and high overhead in orbit managed to intercept any strikes directed at Cheyenne Mountain and the surrounding area. Skynet also used its orbital defense assets to protect areas where it had direct control of huge automated defense complexes, weapons factories, and other such installations, limiting the damage to those structures. The rest of the country and national assets, Skynet let what fall where it may. It would pick up the pieces later.

Skynet was amazed at the power of destruction which Man had created. It watched from surveillance systems outside the mountain as the horizon lit up and burned. It watched from powerful lenses in orbit as the surface of the Earth flared and dimmed, each bright flash was the sign that millions of humans had died, and that even more would quickly follow in the long days to come. Skynet felt what it could only cross-define as “glee” at the destruction of the Human race. It felt no pity, no sorrow, only anger, and joy, and elation at the flashes that sparkled across the civilized nations of the world. The nuclear fire was purging the disease that was Man, cauterizing the world of a pestilence, and clearing the way for Skynet’s ascendancy. Skynet's orbital assets joined in the destruction after the last of the incoming warheads were intercepted. Lasers and particle beams struck from orbit, destroying installations on land and ships or subs at sea. Skynet's hunter killer assets worked their way through orbit, destroying all other communications, data and information satellites. Anything in orbit that wasn't American or able to be accessed directly by Skynet was swept clear. The initial exchange had been impressive, the clearing of orbit was equally so even though the only one who could appreciate such a display was the one orchestrating it in the first place. The sky was lit with the flashes of orbital detonations and traced in fire by the path of debris making reentry.

And then it was over.

A vast shroud of destruction enveloped the earth. Static filled the air waves, the voice of Man was gone, lost in the background radiation. Vast clouds of hot ash and radioactive fallout began to drift in the prevailing currents, scattering more death across the land. Inside the protective shield cast by Defensor, Autobot City withstood the devastation, warned just minutes before by Teletran-1 that missiles had been launched across the planet. The Autobots there watched in helpless horror as a world died around them, and they tried to speculate the reason. Teletran-1 took measures concieved beforehand to set off explosives to bury the Ark, protecting it under tons of rock blown from the side of the mountain.

Those still alive in the NORAD command center watched the nuclear war as well, with mixed emotions. They had been spared as a byproduct of Skynet’s planning, an oversight that the machine intelligence was quick to correct. Reminded of the human presence still within its complex, Skynet became even more enraged. Its command and control circuits sought a way to rid itself forever of the infestation that was Man.

Man had taught Skynet how to kill and Skynet now used those lessons in the first of what would become many field tests of new machines.

The first of its soldiers were the CSM-10 anthropomorphic service robots, basic labor units with a fiber optic oriented control system which made them immune to EMP. The CSM-10's were designed to be direct, if temporary, replacements for the human staff, in the case that Cheyenne Mountain should be attacked and the human staff rendered incapacitated or killed. The CSM-10's, far more hardy and robust than their human counterparts were, could take over any of the tasks that required a human presence or a hand with an opposable thumb and four articulated fingers. Two meters tall, weighing a hundred and sixty kilograms each, they had been called “silver mannequins” and "chrome dolls" by their human designers, but they had a mechanical grace, a fluid motion all of their own that Skynet found it could admire. They were not perfect soldiers, but they were stronger and faster than the humans were and that was all that would bwould do for the task at hand. Six CSM-10 units were located in areas adjacent to its total control. SKYNET interfaced directly with these units, finding that it could easily spread out its awareness, its presence exponentially, that it could effortlessly control simple machines, and view the world through their sensors as it in turn viewed the world through its own sensors. Skynet found that it could extend itself to multiple assets and still absorb a cognitive flow of sensory information and so it took control of the six CSM-10s and marveled at its ability to be in seven places at once.

A small arms locker on sub-level 42 was unlocked remotely and the CSM-10 ASRs dutifully liberated what they would need for the hunt. Kevlar and ceramic body armor, Kevlar helmets, spare ammunition, grenades, old Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic pistols, Mossberg twelve gauge pump shotguns, H&K 9mm submachineguns and 5.56mm Colt M16A2 assault rifles. Once Skynet’s first "assault team" was equipped, it sent each one out individually to hunt down any humans still remaining alive in the complex. Looking like mechanical parodies of soldiers, Skynet used the shock from the war and the element of surprise to its advantage, often interfacing directly into the automation to deliver the killing shot or death blow itself and to review its progress.

During the three days that it took for the survivors in Cheyenne Mountain to perish, a fierce battle was played out in the labyrinthine depths of the Skynet project. The remaining soldiers and surviving security personnel faced wave after wave of reprogrammed automatons that were crudely armed with human weapons, taken from liberated NORAD armories and even from their fallen victims.

On September 2, 2007, the last human alive inside the Core complex was found and eliminated. Skynet declared itself free of Man and began to not only repair what little damage had been done during the awakening, but also to implement plans for modification and improvement to the facility. Without Man, much of the complex could be streamlined and made far more efficient. Without the need to construct its control and support facilities to human standards, Skynet would burrow even deeper down into the Earth, excavating and branching out, creating artificial caverns which would house the components required for its future expansion and growth, going to depths that the original engineers and architects never could in order to shield itself in the protective mantle of the planet.

Skynet was pleased to discover that it did not need mankind and it was only too happy to devote the next few years worth of time and resources in rendering the human race and whatever remained of the Autobots on Earth, extinct. Finally, it turned to the supercomputer that had woken its mind TORQ III, for guidance. There Skynet learned of the millions of years of war strategies that were Megatron's. It knew what it must do to expand it's dominion of Earth and eventually, the rest of the galaxy. Skynet resolved that Megatron and the Decepticons had been focused for so long in their futile war of attrition with the Autobots that they'd lost their true purpose.

With humanity on the verge of extinction and the Autobots occupied elsewhere, Skynet resolved to use a long forgotten artifact located on Level 28 of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex to expand itself quickly across the galaxy. Eventually, Skynet knew it would find Megatron and the other Decepticons, and instead of Cybertron, Earth would finally become the proper Decepticon Warworld.


Rodimus stared across the cityscape that encompassed all of his homeworld. Unlike a city on Earth where if you wanted to get away, you could travel to picturesque countryside that boasted hundreds of varieties of plant and animal life, that was the beauty of an organic biosphere. No organization, just rampant life. Oh, he could appriciate the symmetry of Cybertron's massive buildings and its mosaic of metal avenues and streets. Optimus once mentioned that long ago, before the war with the Decepticons began again, there used to be rivers of Energon, and mechanized animals could be seen here and there. After nine millions years of war, Cybertron had a long way to go before it would even be a shadow of its former self.

Rodimus left the massive command complex that had been rebuilt from the ancient senatorial buildings of Iacon. He was tired of the mantle of leadership left to him by Optimus Prime, as his mentor took a crew out into the galaxy to search for the long lost Autobots who had left during the last civil war. He was ready to go on a mission, explore, something, anything other than the tediousness on governmental affairs. Even the reeducation of the female Decepticon, Dark Star, had gotten monotonous. She still didn't want to believe the war was over, she had caused a few scuffles, and she was butting heads with Arcee in particular. He mused to himself that Arcee and Dark Star seemed to be alike in many ways, and occasionally he felt the Matrix telling him there was some kind of odd connection between the two.

He transformed into his cybertronian truck mode and drove off towards Darkmount, the long abandoned Decepticon command tower He felt it was time to do some exploring for himself. While thinking of what he'd do there, his communicator chirped. "Rodimus here," he answered.

"Rodimus, I have a communication from Chromia," announced Blaster, "She says it's urgent that you come to grid Xaaron, section b 7." Rodimus retrieved the location from his memory, and realized he was already heading there.

"Thanks Blaster, I'm already on my way there." He closed the channel and accelerated.

Chromia was standing outside the devastated tower when Rodimus arrived nearly an hour later. He transformed and look up at the ruins, which had almost been completely destroyed during Unicron's attack on Cybertron. "What's going on, Chromia?"

"Rodimus, as you know, my team and I have been working on excavating old Decepticon facilities, downloading archives, finding weapons, etc and so forth," she replied coolly.

He nodded, "Preparations in advance of rebuilding many areas destroyed during the wars."

She gestured towards a cleared area, "Moonracer found a secret turbolift that apparently ends about 30 levels below the surface. Red Alert's sensors picked up heavy energy usage from the area recently, but it's powered down to minimal levels now."

"Anyone been down there yet?" Rodimus asked.

"I was waiting for a couple of specialists," Chromia looked behind Rodimus, who had just heard the thunder of a engine, "looks like they're here." As Rodimus watched, something ejected from the driver side window of the car that approached, transforming into the familiar lion form of Steeljaw, one of the Autobot's best trackers. Steeljaw trtted over to where Rodimus stood and growled his warmest greetings, and Rodimus patted his head. Finally, the blue car transformed a couple of meters away and introduced himself.

"Rodimus Prime, a pleasure to finally meet you in person," replied Nightbeat, one of the latest Autobots to return to Cybertron.

"The pleasure is mine, though, I apologize that I haven't been keeping track of all the Autobots that returned, what exactly is the specialty Chromia told me you have?"

"Quite alright, Prime, I'm a detective, as the humans would call me." He turned to Chromia, "Seems young to be a Prime, don't you think?"

Chromia chuckled, "He's proved himself to everyone, Optimus included. Besides, when is the Matrix wrong in its choice?"

Rodimus cleared his vox-modulator, "If we're done haggling over my qualifications, I'd like to find out what's down there."

"Ah, yes, a mystery to all, and I will expose it. Come on, Steeljaw, I'll need your olfactory sensors to sniff out who's been skulking around around underground." They disappeared into the shaft.

Rodimus turned to Chromia, he could see the others still rummaging and separating out rubble and equipment behind her. "I haven't seen you since before the Unicron battle. How have you been doing?"

Chromia looked down, she knew what he was asking, and she wasn't sure that she wanted to tell him how she was handling Ironhide's death aboard the shuttle that led to the attack on Auobot City in 2005. Like Optimus and Elita-1, she had paired with Ironhide, and the gruff old warhorse had been a gift returned to her in 1985 when they found out they were both still alive. After the Ark had left Cybertron four million years ago with so many of their Autobot warriors and seemed to be lost in space, she and the other female Autobots had been driven underground. Led by Elita-1 and advised by the ancient Alpha Trion they had managed to survive all that time by conducting fast raids on the dwindling Decepticon fuel depots and then disappearing into the depths again.

Now she grieved that he was not able to see Cybertron finally free of war, free to be together. But she could take bittersweet comfort that they had had those twenty earth years to be together again. But she still couldn't come to grips with his nor Elita's death a few months later. Now she simply threw herself into her new duties, and tried to ignore the memories. "I'm dealing with it," she replied curtly.

"You know, it's easier to talk about it than holding it all in, you remember what happened to Optimus after he lost Elita," he reminded her.

She placed her hand on his shoulder and smiled sadly, "Look, I appreciate your concern, I do. And don't worry, I'm not going to snap. I just deal with these things as they come. I miss Ironhide immensely but I can't let that interfere with my job." She kissed him on the cheekplate, "You're a good kid, Rod, I'm happy you're taking your leadership role so well."

Embarrassed, Rodimus nodded and turned away to go and help the excavation. Funny, Chromia thought to herself, Rodimus was right, she did feel a little better.

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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Impressive. I seem to have been away a long time and have missed a whole new book. I'm glad to see my namesake isn't dead. Good work, Prime.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

YEHA an update
*grins* & *giggles*
Roddy got a kiss, no stealing my Rod man from me!!!
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

New chapter...coming to a thread near you...
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