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Off-World Discussion Forum

Forum for science fiction related material not listed in Movies Galleria or Upcoming Movies ONLY. If you want to chit-chat, please visit the Pilot's Mess.

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Old Feb 11, 2009, 06:01 PM   #1
Amboy Road
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Question B5's Mr.Morden vs Burke from ALIENS.

If you could pit Mr. Morden & Carter J. Burke against one another who'd emerge the victor?

Which one is more manipulative, sleazy, deceptive & reprehensible?

If they could meet, would they fight one another or merge their causes together?

Think of the tsunami of trouble(s) that would spell for the Milky Way?

In closing, which of them would you feel more comfortable leaving to watch over your home, car & possessions while you go to Tahiti for a few weeks?
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Old May 20, 2009, 04:19 PM   #2
Wing Commander
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Re: B5's Mr.Morden vs Burke from ALIENS.

Very interesting question...... hmmm...

I think Morden's worse, but only just. If one looks at it purely statistically, he's responsible for many many many more deaths than Burke. Therefore I'd certainly trust Burke a lot more with my posessions, but probably because he couldn't really get very much for them!

As for if they met, there's no question they'd team up. Burke is a pragmatist and a coward, Morden has far more power being backed up by the Shadows, so Burke would fall into line very quickly. But I think Morden would have to watch his back because I'm sure Burke would be vying for his position from day one.
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