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Alien (1979, 1986, 1992, 1997) [movie series]

In space no one can hear you scream. | Alien guideAliens guide...

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Old Dec 7, 2004, 03:28 PM   #1
Amboy Road
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Question Derelict Spacecraft & Crew Theories Thread

This post is my take on this subject. This post also contains what I think the NOSTROMO crew or the Colonists would have found in the Derelict’s computers(or the Space Jockey equivalent of a computer) if they had been able to access them & translate the important & priceless information they contain.

This post is very long so if you don’t have time now to read the whole thing then print it out & read it at your own pace & leisure. After you’re finished reading this post, put your review & opinion(s) about my take on this topic in your reply. I have also included a poll as well.

The most interesting & bizarre thing about “ALIEN” [both versions] is the Derelict Spacecraft on LV-426 {Acheron} & it’s mysterious former owners & occupants, the Space Jockeys. I love the surreal & convincingly non-human & un-Earthly aura & atmosphere Swiss bizartist H.R. Giger brought to ALIEN & ALIENS. Truth is, there really would be NOALIEN & ALIENS without H.R. Giger. My take on the Space Jockeys is that they are clearly a humanoid species with a civilization. The Derelict Spacecraft shows them to be a species active in exploration & science. On one of the Space Jockey missions, the crew of the ship that was destined to be the Derelict discovered the ALIEN creatures on the ALIEN creature’s home planet. Finding the creatures & their world an obviously fascinating object of study & research, the Space Jockeys set up a secure research station on the ALIEN creature’s homeworld.

The Space Jockeys are quite talented at protecting themselves from microbial invaders & did a superb job of protecting themselves from microbial life on the ALIENS planet of origin. In fact,the Space Jockeys suffered no casualties at all while conducting their studies on the ALIENS homeworld, not from microbes or from any of the animal or “plant” life there. Plus the Space Jockeys successfully prevented the ALIENS homeworld from being contaminated by microbes from the Space Jockey’s home planet. The Science Ministry on the Space Jockey’s home planet intelligently regards the new discovery of the ALIENS homeworld & the life there & it’s ecosystem as an invaluable new subject of study & research. The crew of the future Derelict stays on the ALIEN homeworld & collect specimens of different species & a sampling of the ecosystem from one section of the planet, while the future Derelict Spacehip stays in orbit.

The specimens are carefully brought up to their ship which will be the future Derelict on LV-426. What is brought aboard & kept in the lower section of the ship are eggs & adults of the ALIENS as well as specimens of animals the ALIENS prey on & of animals which prey on the ALIENS, though not enough. There are 3 species of ALIENS & I’ll elaborate on this.

I decided that in order for there to be consistency between “ALIEN” [both versions] & “ALIENS” in regards to the lifecycle of the creatures that there should be 3 species. The first 2 are canon in one way or another. The 3rd ALIEN species is an invention of mine except for it’s larval stage. For the 3rd species of ALIENS I thought that the hatchlings should be considerably larger than the facehuggers. This is a tip of the hat to H.R. Giger ,Ronald Shusett, Dan O’Bannon & the other makers of ALIEN. I heard or read somewhere that originally they wanted the facehugger to be much larger, covering the entire head of a victim. This works better considering the size of the Space Jockey species relative to humans.

I regard the ALIENS as “Human Wasps” or “Space Jockey Hawks”. They are to humans & Space Jockeys what parasitic wasps[ie: Spider Wasps, Cricket Hunters] on Earth are to other insects & to spiders. The ALIENS are also very similar to Pyrgotid Flies in regards to their lifecycle. Well, here is what the Space Jockeys discovered about the 3 ALIEN species.

· Species I:
This is the ALIEN species encountered in ALIEN. It reproduces asexually. It can occur in groups but tend to be found solitary more often. There is no queen. This species of ALIEN has the following lifecycle: 1)facehugger, 2) parasitize victim & implantation of chestburster, 3)chestburster, 4) quick metamorphosis to adult, 5) adults capture & cocoon victims in a hard secreted resin whom are transformed into eggs by the adults cocoon & resin. Essentially the Species I ALIEN is a gigantic flightless Pyrgotid Fly.

· Species II:
This is the species of ALIENS encountered in “ALIENS”. It reproduces sexually. This species occurs in groups, sometimes large groupings. Species II is a social or group centered hive-mind creature [like hymenoptera & isoptera insects on Earth]. Species II are for all practical purposes like gigantic termites which have the lifecycle [for the most part] of Spider Wasps. Species II females mate with 2 males & then begin laying eggs. The ovipositor structure is secreted or built off or on perhaps of the Queen.

The Species II hive consists of the Queen & workers,soldiers, & searchers. The life cycle is: a)facehugger from egg, b)parasitic phase, c)chestburster, d)quick jump to adulthood ,e) capture & cocoon animals in resin so they can be hosts for facehugger containing eggs. Plus hive construction via resinating is an important part of Species II’s lifecycle. In Species II, the Queen is both the brain & heart while the workers/soldiers/searchers are like hands & arms & legs.

· Species III:
This ALIEN species is my invention save the hatchling phase. It is non-parasitic in the larval phase or not a chestburster. Species III’s life cycle is as follows: I) egg, II) hatchling-which is much larger than facehuggers, III)hatchling finds a space & builds a cocoon with resin completely around itself, IV) later on a chestburster like creature emerges from the cocoon & becomes an adult slightly slower than either Species I or II, V) adult Species III creatures usually live in groups but are not a hive-mind social queen centered creature like Species II is. They usually live in large, sometimes very large communities the way locusts or cockroaches do on Earth. Egg production is as follows. “Female” adults capture an animal & cocoon it in resin. Then a “male” adult drowns the cocooned in resin creature with a fertilizer substance [a “sperm” of sorts].

The focus of the fertilizing “male” is the cocoon & resin, not the animal inside though often the animal cocooned often becomes covered in the fertilizer too. After being cocooned in the resin by the “female” & then being fertilized by the “male” the captured animal (victim) is turned into an egg in no more than 20 minutes. The eggs hatch after 2-5 days. Species III has no facehugger to chestburster phase.

It should be pointed out that the facehugger & hatchling phases of these creatures lifecycles is a clue or hint to their evolution. It is apparent that the ALIENS are descended far back from a creature which was facehugger like in appearance. The ALIENS have very good acute sharp vision & can also see telescopically when necessary. The reason why the jump from chestburster to adult is so quick is probably a result of avoiding death from predators. Also, if you can think of a way for both ideas regarding the ALIENS lifecycle to work & be logical & consistent & without involving multiple species, I welcome your take on that topic.

When the Space Jockeys brought aboard the future Derelict the specimens of the 3 ALIEN species they also brought aboard animals which the ALIENS prey on & which prey on the ALIENS. The Space Jockeys had successfully turned the bottom section of their ship into a replica of the ALIENS home environment. Their only failure & miscalculation was not bringing aboard enough of the animals which share the ALIENS ecosystem. Plus none of what are the “equivalent” of plants on the ALIEN homeworld were brought aboard either. It should be noted that there are whole areas, huge areas of the ALIENS homeworld where the creatures do not live but are occupied by that world’s other lifeforms. Also, the ALIENS homeworld has some of the most severe weather possible for a terrestrial world. The extreme northern & southern polar regions of the ALIENS homeworld are areas of high tectonic activity with severe quakes & volcanic eruptions of a higher frequency than on Earth. The surface gravity on the ALIENS homeworld is roughly twice that of Earth.

One example of a creature from the ALIENS homeworld which preys on the ALIENS is an animal which looks basically like a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle & about the same size,but is not lethargic by any means. This animal lives by sucking out all the nutrients & juices in ALIEN eggs. This animal also will attack adult ALIENS & even queens. It preys on all 3 species though sometimes get killed by adult ALIENS.

An example of an animal from the ALIENS homeworld which is the prey of the ALIENS,& also an animal the ALIENS parasitize is a creature which looks sort of like garbage trucks on Earth. That is the best way to describe it’s appearance. These animals are about the size of elephants.

There are no plants on the ALIEN homeworld. The “plants” of the ALIEN homeworld are motile animals which can attain nutrients from UV light from the ALIEN homeworld’s sun & also make nutrients chemosynthetically. These creatures range from being the prey of other creatures {very rare} as well as predate other creatures{also extremely rare}. These “plants” also burrow through rocks & into or under the ground, often very efficiently.

Most of the animal life on the ALIEN homeworld [including the ALIENS] is able to attain nutrients partially through chemosynthesis of chemicals in the atmosphere though this accounts for only 15% to 20% at most of the nutrition intake for animal life on the ALIEN homeworld. I’m not referring to respiration. That is a separate thing. I mean most of the animal life on the ALIEN homeworld [including the ALIENS] is able to get nutrition partially through chemosynthesis. The ALIENS home planet itself is about 2.5 times the size of the Earth & has no moons & a very strong magnetic field & is the first planet out from it’s sun.

The ALIEN homeworld’s sun is also prone to dangerous [by our standards] flares & high frequency sunspot cycles. Thus it is apparent why the life on this planet came about & evolved as it has.The atmosphere on the ALIEN homeworld is unbreathable to both humans & Space Jockeys. The Space Jockeys had successfully turned the lower half of their ship the future Derelict into a replica of the ALIENS homeworld environment. The Space Jockey crew of the future Derelict left a few buoys in the solar system of the ALIENS homeworld & in orbit of the the ALIEN homeworld. Now the Space Jockeys were heading back to their home solar system. Their findings would be emptied into a huge holding area at a research station on a Ceres sized asteroid in the outer section of the Space Jockeys home solar system. That was the plan.

Later, the ALIENS & their transplanted environment would be made a new exhibit as a part of a huge zoo|safari of alien creatures the Space Jockeys have in their home system on a moon. I should mention that the Space Jockey’s home planet isn’t really a planet in the usual sense. The Space Jockey home world is actually a Venus sized moon of a gas giant roughly the size of Neptune in our solar system.

Things began to get out of hand. The adult ALIENS had managed to kill off the animals which they are the prey of & the creatures the ALIENS prey/parasitize upon didn’t stand a chance & were wiped out fairly quickly.

The Species I ALIENS were located mainly below where the cockpit area & the pilot/helm are located on the future Derelict. Species I eggs were in abundance below where the skeleton of the future Space Jockey would be found by Dallas, Kane, & Lambert of the Nostromo.

The Species II Queens had laid thousands of eggs in their territory in the converted cargo hold or lower deck.

Species III ALIENS [my invention] were confined mainly to areas of the cargo hold far from where Kane was walking around in. Species III territory was somewhat away from the other 2 ALIEN species.

Then a little later, one of the Space Jockeys stupidly went down into the converted lower chamber of the ship to try & fix the situation. This Space Jockey was attacked & cocooned by one of the Species II ALIENS & was killed by a chestburster shortly after. The ALIENS then began to eat away at the entry area to the Cargo Hold. When another Space Jockey came to respond to the first Space Jockey’s screams for help, she was pulled down into the chamber by a soldier ALIEN. This Space Jockey managed to get away from the ALIENS long enough to issue a shipwide APB alert call about what was going on. She ended up being cocooned & resinated into an egg by the Species I ALIENS.

The entrance to/from the lower chamber was then completely destroyed by the ALIENS. There was a triple threat to the Space Jockeys from the lower chambers where the ALIENS were being held & safely contained. The first being the biohazard of the creatures themselves. The second biohazard being microbes from the ALIEN homeworld. The third danger was the Space Jockeys area of the ship being flooded with the atmosphere from the bottom of the ship where the ALIENS were being held which would make the Space Jockey’s air unbreathable.

Then all hell broke loose. The ALIENS managed to get into the Space Jockeys area of the ship which was the upper half of the future Derelict. Luckily the Space Jockeys were able to keep out the transplanted ALIEN homeworld air. But the ALIENS were able to adapt to the gravity & air in the Space Jockeys area of the ship with no problem. The entire area of the Space Jockeys area of the ship where they lived & ate became nested & infested by the ALIENS. The future Derelict’s crew of 50 Space Jockeys, all researchers & scientists, became reduced by the hour.

It then occurred quickly to the captain to bring the ship into a known & registered but unexplored solar system & dump the now infested ship on a planet or moon. As a last resort the ship would be flown into the atmosphere of a gas giant or flown directly into a sun. The situation was now untenable. It was like the horrible experience the Hadley’s Hope Colony on Acheron {LV-426} would endure many centuries later. The SJ crew now was cut down to 30 people. The surviving crew of 30 had safely secured themselves in the cockpit/pilot’s area of the ship.

The pilot/helmsperson, whose skeleton would be found centuries later by the Nostromo’s Dallas,Kane,& Lambert flew the now doomed ship into the LV-426 solar system. As the pilot was going into the system, 2 important & decidedly alien to human decisions were made & agreed upon with no emotional reaction or problems or arguments by the SJ crew. The highest ranking & important crew member was a female scientist/researcher. She went into a escape capsule large enough for only one SJ & ejected from the ship with the pod programmed with a course to take her back to the SJ’s home solar system. She left the ship for home immediately after in a pod.

Then the SJ crew via remote controlled machines filled a lifeboat with specimens & eggs of all 3 ALIEN species & flooded the lifeboat with ALIEN homeworld air from the lower part of the ship. This lifeboat was then ejected from the SJ’s ship & programmed for a course for the Exozoological Receiving Facilities in the outer part of the SJ’s home solar system with warning flags on the buoy also. In the end the SJ’s valued the expansion & pursuit of knowledge over their own lives.

The pilot then landed the ship on LV-426 in the dead of night. A few other SJ’s had secured themselves safely in another part of the SJ’s part of the ship far from the pilot’s cockpit area. Immediately upon landing the pilot opened the 3 airlocks or entrance areas to the ship. The deep cold air of LV-426 flooded the ship. This was done in an attempt to kill the ALIENS. The surviving SJ’s were safely secured for the time being. The frigid air of LV-426 had no effect on the ALIENS & was unbreathable for the SJ’s whom were fortunate to be protected for the short term.

The flood of LV-426 air rushed down into the cargo hold of the ship which was where the bulk of the ALIENS were. The air had no effect down there either & only caused the temperature to lower by 1 or 2 degrees. The 3 ALIEN species kept to their territories & the Species II queens kept on laying eggs.

The cockpit area was one of the last 2 reliably safe areas left on the ship due to electronic lightning grids which kept the ALIENS out. Then the ALIEN horde cut the power to the lightning grid protecting the bridge [except for the cockpit & the pilot]. As soon as this happened the SJ’s in the cockpit area put on space suits as quick as they could & ran outside the ship through the 3 exits as fast as possible. A few of the SJ’s were unable to put on protective suits but exited the ship anyway running as fast as they could. 4 SJ’s died from the deep cold & unbreathable air of LV-426 after bolting from the now Derelict Spaceship. Of the other 10, even though they made it outside into the deep cold atmosphere & among the grotesque rock formations of LV-426 they were now being pursued by the ALIENS outside the ship. A few SJ’s were grabbed by ALIENS & dragged back into the Derelict, which was now just a huge nest. The last on-board SJ able to do anything was the pilot in the cockpit.

The pilot then saw one of it’s fellow crewmembers dragged back into the ship & cocooned & resinated into an egg by a Species I ALIEN in the hallway Captain Dallas, Lambert, & Kane would walk through to get to the cockpit area centuries later. The SJ pilot then directed the telescope|acoustical com beacon|navigation & communication device toward the direction of the nearest SJ space station or colony. It then composed & transmitted an audiovisual warning message containing the sights & sounds of the ALIENS on the ship & what happened & was happening in intervals of every 12 seconds.

Centuries later, the NOSTROMO was only able to detect the audio part. This message also contained an attachment for the SJ’s Science Ministry’s Defense Corp. regarding the scientific importance of the ALIENS & tips on what to do if/when the Science Ministry’s Defense Corp. people came to attempt to recover the now Derelict & it’s valuable exobiological information & contents. The message also was made the way it was as a warning to non-SJ intelligences [ie: humans] to stay away from the now Derelict Spaceship.

The sun was setting outside & the darkness was closing in. The SJ pilot noticed the electrical lines grid around the cockpit protecting the pilot from the ALIENS was going down. It then noticed the egg which had been a fellow SJ had hatched & the pilot didn’t see where the facehugger had went. The pilot then realized that the facehugger had cut the power for the lightning field protecting the pilot & then immediately put on a filter mask over it’s mouth & eyes due to the cold & unbreathable LV-426 air now surrounding the pilot. Panicking to find a way to get the protective lightning grid up again the SJ pilot was sneak attacked from above on the scope device by the facehugger.

The facehugger wrapped it’s “fingers” around the SJ pilot’s head & immobilized & put to sleep the SJ pilot & then put it’s tube down the pilot’s head into it’s chest to begin implanting the chestburster. Toward the end of the night the SJ pilot awoke barely breathing from the effects of the LV-426 air. The pilot then felt a horrible agonizing pain inside. Then the chestburster exploded from inside the SJ pilot’s chest breaking it’s bones outward. The SJ pilot’s last living act was killing that very chestburster with a strong blast of electricity. The dying chestburster body fluids melted away one of the square panels on the bridge by the pilot’s cockpit & the pieces of the dead chestburster fell down into the cargo hold onto the cache of Species I eggs & a few adult Species I ALIENS.

This is the square “hole” in the floor unfortunately discovered by Kane many centuries later when he & Captain Dallas & Lambert were walking around the bridge of the Derelict. After the pilot killed that chestburster it sat right back into the cockpit & boosted the warning signal even more. The Space Jockey pilot then died slowly & painfully from the chestburster’s wound & LV-426’s frigid unbreathable atmosphere. The next people to walk onto the bridge of the now Derelict Spaceship & find the Space Jockey pilot’s skeleton would be Captain Dallas, Lambert, & Kane of the NOSTROMO hundreds of Earth years later.

Meanwhile outside.

The remaining few SJ’s who ran outside into the subzero air of LV-426 with space suits on were running for what little of their lives they had left. Death from starvation & dehydration running among LV-426’s grotesque rock formations was preferable to death by the ALIENS. It was daylight now. Some of the SJ’s had weaponry on them that was apart of their space suits. Luckily the last few survivors had managed to successfully scare off the ALIENS for good with their weapons. Now the few survivors had been able to get 1,000 meters away from the Derelict were beginning to accept their imminent doom. Not from the ALIENS but from starvation, dehydration, exhaustion, & LV-426’s unforgiving weather & topography.

The moons were full in the sky & a storm was kicking up, a bad one. One SJ tripped & his suit was broken open leaving him for a quicker death. The others said they would head back to the Derelict & see if the ALIENS were somehow finally dead. Then they could dig up the last unused lifeboat from under the cargo hold area of the Derelict & then eject into space in hopes of getting back home. This never happened. These SJ’s got close to the Derelict only to see that Species III ALIENS had left the ship & were enclaved on & under & among the weird rocks & boulders of LV-426 right near the Derelict. These SJ’s died soon after from fatigue & dehydration.

The other SJ party was now 1,700 meters away from the Derelict. Two lied down under a rock enclave despite being urged to keep going by this group’s “leader”. This “leader” insisted that they had come this far & they had to move on. The 2 who lied down never got up again. Another ran off into the storm only to get killed by a boulder being flung at her by the storm’s high winds. Now all the SJ’s were dead save one. Most of it’s fellow SJ’s had been killed by the ALIENS & the rest by LV-426. This last final survivor of the now Derelict Spaceship’s ALIEN infestation just kept walking in the frigid winds. This last SJ found it’s way to the very spot where the NOSTROMO would touch down on LV-426 centuries later.

Exhausted from fighting starvation & thirst & LV-426 this last SJ sat down on a rock & tried to see the Derelict but couldn’t. Especially due to the now worsening wind storm. The SJ couldn’t even see LV-426’s moons in the sky the storm became so bad. The SJ sat on the rock all day. As the sun was setting the SJ lay down on it’s back on the ground. The storms dies away. Then it was pitch black. Looking up the SJ saw the sky was clear & thousands upon thousands of stars were visible & LV-426’s 3 moons were full & very bright. The 2 moons with rings’ were very clear as were their rings. The SJ died shortly after from exhaustion. Centuries later when the NOSTROMO landed on LV-426 one of the ship’s landing legs opened up over & crushed into the ground this last SJ’s skeleton, spacesuit, & remains.

Captain Dallas, Lambert, & Kane missed by a few feet each time on the way to the Derelict the bones & wind torn suits of the SJ’s who fled the now Derelict Spacecraft all those centuries earlier. The ALIENS lived for a few months after all the SJ’s died & the Derelict landed on LV-426. The cause of death for the ALIENS in the Derelict is the same thing which would have eventually killed the Species I ALIEN in the film “ALIEN” [both versions] & the Species II ALIENS in the sequel “ALIENS” – starvation.

Its common sense that both the Derelict & the area near it would be contaminated with microbial life. Microbes from both the the Space Jockey’s home planet & the ALIENS homeworld. The NOSTROMO & crew would also have further contaminated LV-426 with Earth microbes. The story & explanation I give here for why & how the Space Jockeys & their Derelict came to LV-426 & is the best theory or hypothesis in my opinion. My point here is that the experiences of the Space Jockeys on their Derelict echoes that of both the NOSTROMO in the first film & the Hadleys Hope Colony in the sequel. In my back story there is in the end only one female survivor, that SJ scientist who leaves the soon to be Derelict as the ship is entering & flying into & through the LV-426 solar system. This reflects “ALIEN” [both versions] where the female Ripley is the sole survivor of the NOSTROMO & also “ALIENS” where the only surviving Hadley’s Hope Colonist is the female Newt.

I have to take issue with “ALIEN” [both versions] & “ALIENS” for the almost contemptuous way a very important find like the Derelict is treated. Aside from what a biohazard they are the ALIENS would be a very important discovery. Even more so would be the Space Jockeys, their ship & technology & knowledge as well as their civilization. In real life such a find would be probably be the most important discovery in human history. The attitude of the NOSTROMO crew even before Kane’s infection is deplorable. In the second film the significance of such a discovery is downplayed too, though not as much. What do you think of my take on the Derelict Spacecraft & the Space Jockeys & the home planet of the ALIENS? In your reply you can tell me what your opinion of my take on this topic is.
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Optimus Prime
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Re: Derelict Spacecraft & Crew Theories Thread

You have entirely too much time on your hands, and take this way too seriously. Plus with posts like that, you make yourself out like one of the most hated members of this site, Demolition18.

Don't try and explain what you think any of these various items are like, if you want to do something like that, write a fanfiction and post it on a fanfic site. In that way you can get definitive feedback on your thoughts and ideas. Alien fans don't put much stock in information that isn't directly from the movies or novelizations of those movies. Even the comics don't always jive with the original material.
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Re: Derelict Spacecraft & Crew Theories Thread

OptimusPrime75 is right, you're not making any friends with posts like that. It certainly belongs on a fanfiction site.

If it ain't in the films, then it don't exist...Unless it's in my fanfiction of course.
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Re: Derelict Spacecraft & Crew Theories Thread

yeah, and my fanfiction retelling of what should have happened in' Transformers: The Movie'.
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Derelict Ideas

I agree that the Derelict would have been the most important human discovery in history. So does that make that Damn Company right, after all? It was the Company's understanding of the importance of possible intelligent life in outer space that started all of this! It's true, the Nostromo crew appeared totally unfazed about landing on an unknown moon (pretty sure it's a moon, because after the sun comes up, you can see the ringed planet in the sky), 10 months from Earth, to investigate an acoustical beacon, in the dark, in the freezing carbon dioxide, with, what is that? a light? and some cable? You could never get me to do that. Forget the payload. I wanna go home and party! I thought the same thing about the size of the SJs and the size of the facehugger. Couldn't he have just ripped the thing off his face? But that aside, we learn from Alien 3 that the ALIENS take the shape of their hosts (remember the dog-aliens?). Judging by the size of the chest hole in the SJ found by Dallas, Kane and Lambert, the chestburster was BIG. The SJ was a big creature. Perhaps the ALIENS sprung from them were huge, too. I always figured that hole in the floor was too big for a chestburster and more likely came from an adult ALIEN. But if the SJ burster was twice the size of the one from Kane, then it's possible. I agree that the ALIENS once aboard the Derelict are DEAD. A lot of speculation revolves around the life cycle of the ALIEN to include this infinite dormant stage. No way. They have to eat, too. What's really interesting to me is that the eggs were still active, the way, say, anthrax spores can stay active the ground for 50 years, or nuclear half-life. However, Dallas said that the SJ looked like it had been "dead a long time...fossilized...like it's growing out of the chair..." So does that give us a timeframe? How much time do you need to make a fossil? I thought it was tens of millions of years? In any case, that ship has been there a LONG time. Could a signal still be coming from the ship after all that time? Maybe they had some kind of perpetual energy source? The only idea I disagree with is that the SJs converted the lower half of their ship to resemble the ALIENS homeland. I think it was probably more like what happened in "Aliens" where the ALIENS themselves had constructed that weird hive, like bees and a honeycomb. I can't help but think that the ALIENS are somehow metaphorical for a viral infection, one unlike anything we've ever seen. A virus that doesn't just invade the cells of its host and then use the cell's DNA, but one that actually CREATES a living creature with bodily form. Scary.
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