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Alien (1979, 1986, 1992, 1997) [movie series]

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Old Apr 2, 2005, 02:48 PM   #1
Amboy Road
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Question Non-canon unofficial darkshots regarding the origin(s) of the ALIENS.(?)

Speculations on the origins of the Space Jockeys, their Derelict , & the ALIENS.

Below are ideas on the origins of the Space Jockeys, their Derelict , & the ALIENS. This list is mix of some hypothesis’ of my own as well as theories other people have. I list here ideas, regardless of what I think of them, to be as impartial as I can.

1.I hypothesized that the ALIEN creature’s could possibly be from a layer of the atmosphere of a huge gas giant or possibly even a brown dwarf star (?). Maybe a Brown Dwarf is pushing things.

2.Another hypothesis I had & have sometimes is that the new “The OUTER LIMITS” episode “Tempests” with Burt Young & Eric McCormack takes place in the same universe as “ ALIEN| ALIENS “& that the world with those weird huge spider like creatures in that episode is actually the ALIEN homeworld unknowingly discovered.

3.Other theories I have had about the home planet of the ALIENS have been that on their homeworld the ALIENS are nothing more like than bugs on Earth. In this hypothesis, I imagine the ALIEN creature’s homeworld as being like the planet the space explorers were stuck on in that show “Land of the Giants” or that planet visited by Autobots & Decepticons by mistake in that Spring 1986 Transformers cartoon episode entitled “Child’s Play”.


5.The ALIENS are a biological weapon, engineered & built by the Space Jockeys or some other advanced intelligent species (?).

6.Another theory I intended to include above is that the SJs may not know where the ALIENS are from originally.Suppose the SJs & their Derelict were infected by the creatures the same way the NOSTROMO was?The Space Jockeys find an abandoned space station or ship belonging to an unknown high-tech species.This abandoned craft or station has the ALIEN eggs in it & the future Derelict gets infected the way the NOSTROMO did.

Instead of destroying their ship,the Space Jockeys land or crash or both their future Derelict on LV-426.Then,suppose,in this scenario,the people who were infected by the ALIENS before the SJs became infected by the creatures the same way the SJs & later humans were.Then this cycle seems to go back & across the Milky Way & perhaps even eventually outside the Milky Way to one of the Magellanic Clouds or M31 or one of Andromeda's satellite galaxies.It could end up the ALIENS homeworld may be the ultimate needle in the haytack.

7.The ALIENS are indigenous to LV-426 in some odd way or the last surviving lifeform of some global calamity. Or maybe they are from another planet in the LV-426 system.

8.The Space Jockeys & the ALIENS are from different planets or moons in the same solar system.

9.The ALIENS & the Space Jockeys are from another part of the Milky Way along way off, or from an extragalactic location. The Derelict came to LV-426 via a wormhole.

10.Both the Space Jockeys & the ALIENS are from LV-426, but from LV-426 as it turned out in alternate/parallel universes. In one universe, LV-426 is a planet which gave rise to the Space Jockeys. In a different universe LV-426 is a planet which gave rise to the ALIENS. The Space Jockeys , in this theory, developed the technology to slide from their universe into others.

The Space Jockeys slid into a parallel universe where their planet developed differently resulting in the ALIENS as one of the alternate universe LV-426’s lifeforms. Attempting to slide back to their home universe, the Space Jockeys ended up in our universe, where LV-426 is a lifeless frigid rock. The Warning Beacon is to keep away other intelligences until other Space Jockeys can slide into our universe & reclaim the ship or whatever it is.

11.The ALIENS & the Space Jockeys are from planets in a binary star system. In this binary, the 2 stars are like the stars of Alpha Centauri. The home system of the Space Jockeys & the home system of the ALIENS never get any closer than 15 a.u.’s.

I included here theories regarding the ALIENS & the Space Jockeys which I don’t like. I did that to be balanced & fair. I do not like any hypothesis which says the ALIENS are an unnaturally occurring lifeform & that the ALIENS are a biological weapon built by the Space Jockeys &|or some other high tech species.

I personally think, in the context of the universe of ALIEN|ALIENS, the ALIENS are a species indigenous to some moon or planet which the Space Jockeys discovered on some mission of exploration & then things went awry on their ship, the Derelict.

These speculations are 100% unofficial & non-canon. Just guesses regarding one of Science Fiction's iconic alien species. All opinions/critiques/viewpoints are welcome folks.
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