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Borderline Sci-Fi/Fantasy

All sci-fi movies which have too many fantasy elements/unexplained phenomenae to classify properly as science fiction.

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Old Jan 18, 2007, 09:26 PM   #1
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The Island of Dr. Moreau

There may already be a forum for this (didnt see it - strange), so bear with me?

K - odd thought hit me while driving home (why I was thinking about genetics, dont ask!!) today, re: dr. moreau's character does not make any sense.

Now, understand that I saw the movie long ago, and have never read the book. So based on that old rememberance of the movie, I ask you: why is it that Dr. Moreau spends all his time attempting to make his animal bred humans....MORE human?

I seriously do not get it, and here is why: if you wanted humans, then breed humans, or hey - why not just fly them in to surround yourself? But if you are going to intentionally breed animal genes into human genes......when you get an animalistic natured/primal half-man or half-woman, arent you getting what you wanted?

Arent you?

So I was thinking of the scene where the girl who was bred from a kitten (Lets call her Kitten-Girl), had feline teeth growing back in and she went to him for help because her baser animal nature was coming back to the fore - so he gives her (gene therapy?), to repress the animal in her, and allow her to go back to the business of being.....human?


If he had wanted a human girl why couldnt he have made a wholly human girl and that suffice? Because he didnt WANT a wholly human girl.

But if he had wanted a half-animal girl, why was he disgusted with and repulsed by her animal teeth? Why, if he wanted half-animal people, was he repulsed by their primal natures? This man created a revolt against himself, NOT because they resented him for making them half-breeds, but because he did not love them, and they wanted his love. The love of their Father. And when they found themselves with a Father that played favorites - who loved the more humanistic experiments, and rejected the less humanistic experiments - their need for his love and hurt over his rejection fueled their hate for him, and his ultimate death.

So. My question. How can you expect to create a perfect creature that is in the image of one thing - but it consists of more than that one thing, and its visage or appearance not be changed?

Take the X5s of the Dark (Something) series (cant be bothered to go pull it out) - they were written as government experiments in gene/dna manipulation with animal dna - basically a glorified Eugenics program ..... with animals. So their premise is what? That you take the best (Humans), and make it even better with the best of all lesser organisms (animals, plants, matter?) But where the X5s differ from Dr. Moreau's creations is that the X5s were written to appear human, as though the human gene trumped all the other genes, and somehow was so strong that it controlled the other genes, and forced a consistent human appearance, while all the while being able to obtain the maximum animalism out of the animal genes contained inside their dna structure (e.g. jumping over a wall, like a kangaroo, running fast like a cheetah).

Unreal. Completely unreal. I find it highly dubious that you can isolate, say, a running gene, and only a running gene from a cheetah, and insert that into human dna, and fully extract exactly that result (fast running human), and not have any other result. There is a reason humans dont run that fast, and that cheetahs do - it is implausible to think that you would not have any other "cheetah" effect in that person, and to pretend that you would is error - and to expect that person not to have "cheetah" misgivings after intentionally putting cheetah in them is.....kind of foolish.

It all goes back to the premise: the premise for an experiment of this kind HAS to be that the human genome is the strongest genome, and will control the other traits.

How do we know that is true???
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