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Transformers (1986, 2006) [movie series]

Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination.

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Old Sep 2, 2002, 11:13 PM   #1
Sector Marshall
760 flights since Mar 2002
Location: Misery
Question Megatron or Galvatron?

Which do you prefer?

I pick Megatron, the whole look of the character was better to me. Neither one of the toys looked that good in robot mode, but the Megatron was unbelievable in gun mode! No way could they make toy like that today. That's why he's usually a tank now.
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Old Sep 3, 2002, 03:30 AM   #2
formerly known as Ivanhoe
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Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

Galvatron looked good in the movie but I never saw the toy. His design was more modernistic compared to Megatron. That is why i liked him more.
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Old Sep 3, 2002, 07:59 PM   #3
Sector Marshall
darkjedi's Avatar
609 flights since Mar 2002
Location: Colorado Springs
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

I like Megatron more than Galvatron, at least with the cartoon drawing of him. The toys were totally different, I never had either one of them, I'd probably go with Megatron.
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Old Sep 28, 2002, 06:20 AM   #4
Darth Bob
The Eld
Darth Bob's Avatar
1,279 flights since Sep 2002
Location: The Dark Tower
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

megatron was the best thats why he cmae back in generation 2 beast wars and beast wars transmetals and transformers
Megatron was a stronger character sure he was evil and despicable but he was ruthless violent and a brilliant stratagist where as galvatron was a wuss who couldn't shoots his way out of a wet paper bag Galvatron was too nice he put me in mind of one of those villians in a disney film i.e more comic than evil
where as megatron was pure evil and a briliant stratagist

should be a transformers game like command and conquer as well cus that would work better than a platformer
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Old Oct 2, 2002, 10:59 PM   #5
Wing Commander
Chikana's Avatar
307 flights since Mar 2002
Location: Sector 42985
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

Megatron all the way. Darth Bob was right about Megatron being more evil than Galvatron. Galvatron had the power and the strenght to do what Megatron could never have done, but he was a slave to Unicron even after the giant planet-eater was dead. Megatron would never have made an alliance with the Quintisons with out thinking up a way to stab them in the back. Megatron is the coolest.
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Old Oct 18, 2002, 04:15 PM   #6
Darth Bob
The Eld
Darth Bob's Avatar
1,279 flights since Sep 2002
Location: The Dark Tower
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

megatron would have not only have double crossed the quitessons but also have taken control of there armies, all of there resources and taken all there technology for himself,
he was ruthless, but never theless a brilliant stratagist that never desposed of anyone unless he deemed them worthless.
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Old Nov 29, 2004, 06:21 PM   #7
Amboy Road
Amboy Road's Avatar
149 flights since Nov 2004
Location: ISS Excelsior NX-2000
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

Isn't Galvatron the hyperimproved via Unicron reborn Megatron?I mean,Galvatron did kill Starscream for Starscream's attempted assassination & coup d'etat, yes?That was something Galvatron's old self [Megatron] never did & probably wouldn't do.
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Old Nov 29, 2004, 08:31 PM   #8
Optimus Prime
Autobot Commander
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Location: Homeworld: Cybertron. the great Autobot city of Iacon
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

Apparently help is needed to distinguish the two that are one.

Function: Decepticon Leader "Peace through tyranny."

He was created by what appears to have been the unaffilated group known as the Constructicons over nine million years ago just before the Third Cybertronian War erupted. He was given life by Vector Sigma and was to lead the Decepticons to victory, and he performed this job very well, wiping out most Autobot resistance easily. Love, compassion, and mercy are words that have no meaning to him. Just about nine million years ago he attacked a fuel storage facility and critically injured a young worker there named Orion Pax. Unfortunately for Megatron, Pax was rebuilt into Optimus Prime, who has been considered his equal in everything and the bane to his dreams of conquest. So he jumped at the chance to finally destroy Prime when he left on a mission aboard the Ark. During the battle, though, the Ark was damaged and was sent hurtling into a prehistoric Earth four million years ago, where the two armies lay in stasis lock until the year 1984. After their reactivation, he concentrated his plans on capturing the vast energies of Earth. Unlike his more powerful future form, Galvatron, however, he came very close to winning the war on Earth and Cybertron. Many of his most diabolical schemes were defeated only by the endless spirit of the Autobots and luck.

Megatron was extremely powerful and intelligent, the equal of Optimus Prime. His fusion cannon could convert any small amount of matter into large amounts of explosive nuclear energy. The cannon could fire a blast up to 12 miles and release enough energy to flatten a small town. He could use his internal circuitry to connect the cannon interdimensionally with a black hole, where it could draw on anti-matter as its power source. The blast from this was far greater, but it caused a tremendous strain on him to do this for even one blast. In the failed attack on Autobot City in 2005, he was gravely injured in battle with Optimus Prime.

Despite being rescued by Soundwave, he was eventually ejected from the Decepticon escape ship by Starscream. He and several other Decepticons were found by Unicron and reformatted. Megatron became the ultra-powerful Galvatron.

Function: Decepticon Leader "My power is everything, defeat is absurd."

Making a deal with the planet-eating Unicron, Megatron was given a new ship, new troops, and a new body. Galvatron is Megatron to the ultimate degree, more evil, more powerful, and even less subject to emotion or decency. Through the energies of Unicron, Galvatron's own powers were augmented continuously so that his strength became so vast that his arrogance and confidence were boundless. As long as Unicron existed, Galvatron was invincible, but his conceit and greed for dominance were so great he even plotted against Unicron. At the time when he was still connected to Unicron, he had enough strength to pulverize an Autobot into scrap metal. In robot or cannon mode, he carries a laser that emits chemically-produced, direct-current electricity.

After his creation, he proceeded to obey Unicron but with one sidetrip first, to reclaim Decepticon leadership from Megatron's betrayer, Starscream. He proved himself a more than worthy successor to Megatron by destroying Starscream with a single blast from his cannon mode. Needless to say, no one else challenged his claim.

He attempted to betray Unicron when he came into possession of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, but underestimated Unicron. The outcome of the battle with Unicon fell to the Autobots as time went on, and Rodimus Prime, in a battle with Galvatron inside Unicron, flung Galvatron through Unicron's exoskeleton and into deep space, where he landed in a lava pit on the planet Throb.

After the Autobots recaptured Cybertron in Galvatron's absense, the remaining Decepticons, decimated at the hands of Unicron's attack on Cybertron, relocated to a planet called Charr. Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps returned from wherever they were and decided to rescue the energy-depleted Decepticons by finding their true leader, Galvatron. They tracked him to Throb where what they found could hardly still be called a leader. Apparently, the combination of being thrown through Unicron's armor and lying in the lava pool had damaged Galvatron's mind, leaving him practically insane.

From this point on the Decepticons could only gain marginal victories at best. His insanity caused him to beat up on his own troops rather often. He did almost defeat the Autobots with a bluff at one point, and made deals with and plotted against the Quintessons many times.

He even earned the distinction of being the only living being in the galaxy to drive an entire living planet over the edge with his madness. Near the end of his recorded tenure as Decepticon leader he formed a more lasting partnership with a political group (the Hive) of the Nebulan race with their new Headmasters and Targetmasters. After the Headmaster Scorponok lost his battle with Fortress Maximus, he and his occupants, including Galvatron, were propelled uncontrollably into space.

By the time of the Beast Wars, three hundred years after the beginning of the new Golden Age on Cybertron, it is apparent that Galvatron nor most of the army he had with him, ever returned.
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Old Dec 3, 2004, 04:56 PM   #9
Darth Bob
The Eld
Darth Bob's Avatar
1,279 flights since Sep 2002
Location: The Dark Tower
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

The movie Galvatron was more than a worthy sucsessor to Megatron, but the series Galvatron wasn't, he was less than useless, he no longer an enemy to be feared and respected

And personally although Galvatron is a re-born megatron, I don't count them as the same being, Megatron relied on no-one, and was forced into a bad deal with Unicron ( for Megatron at least) and I belive if Unicron hadn't got involved, Megatron would have survived and repaired himself and returned to finish off the autobot.

Galvatron had to follow Unicron's orders, and was for the most part was a slave to him, and after Unicrons death, well the less said the better.
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Old Dec 18, 2004, 08:33 PM   #10
n/a flights since
Re: Megatron or Galvatron?

I dont know about you but I miss Starscream. I hate both Megatron and Galvastron because they both killed Starscream, seekers, femme autobots and optimus PRime.
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Old Jan 7, 2005, 12:39 AM   #11
n/a flights since
Talking MEgatron va. galvastron

I wonder who would win over their fight to be leader and for energon. Maybe if starscream was alive, he could took take over once Megs and galvastron kill each other along with Unicon. It's good thing he's dead. I read somewhere that Galvastron became unicon's female dog(b word) which is pretty gross. Makes me wonder what was starscream to Megatron. Maybe the decepticon need a new leader, too. Replace him someone else, not another model or remodeled megatron . this isn't extreme makeup show, it's the transformers. No wonder the new script for the movie will be based on the past lives of Prime's friends instead of the future if there was any future for transformers after Galvstron ruled.
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