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Upcoming Movies

Scoops, news, gossip and rumors abound...

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Old Jul 20, 2011, 05:53 AM   #1
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a would-be sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Well, I’d like to introduce Taylor once again and his companions walking on wasteland. This time filmed in 3D perhaps in Atacama desert, Peruvian Paracas desert, Turkey, Bolivian Valley of the Moon or anywhere but Utah as they are doing now with John Carter of Mars. It’s too recognizable and you think John Wayne is gonna show up at any minute. Taylor and the crew acknowledge there was a malfunction in the digital clocks as we saw in Burton’s film. So they discuss if they got back to the past or to the future OF MARS without reaching a conclusion. The discussion has to be intense because Mars’ past was somehow similar to earth and they have to argue about the presence of methane if it’s bacteriological or due to volcanic activity or both, the dunes not looking like dunes but tubes, etc. They leave the planet with several doubts and when they depart they land on earth pretty much like Burton’s jungle. The contrast between luxurious vegetation and reddish desert would be interesting to see. In Burton we saw the desert but not as a main character as we did in Shaffner and that made a difference.

There’s no talking about Forbidden Area in their religious scrolls but something like FORSAKEN AREA because mutant mute men were affected by collective Alzheimer or virus and they lost their identities and speech skills, there was no atomic doom. We can see them riding horses and they realize they are on earth in the future. I mean, by this time if we, who are not scientists, can discuss about space-time journey, it would be illogical for astronauts even the denial of the thought about that possibility. So now in the film we can’t set Taylor or Leo with that ignorance that being chrononauts is not an easy task. They are wondering the multiple options. Yet all of them are hunt and the only survivor is Taylor who has sex with Nova and she begets Taylor Jr.

It’s said the original movie based the simian architecture in Spanish architect Gaudi and Turkish ruins made with volcanic stone but it looked more the first than the latter. I think about the latter fitting more with my view.
Taylor is taught their “language”, wears a tailor-made suit like simian, makes a speech addresses to the Ape president and the simians’ view about him diminishes when he has a boy because they think he’s as primitive as mute Nova. She shouldn’t be blonde in my view.

It’s at this time the orangutan scientist discovers the archeological evidence of their past. Men were the masters and Taylor becomes a threat for apes’ civilization. Rather than simply showing some skeletons as we saw in the original film, the expedition shows whole areas a bit like 12th Monkeys film and Omega Man and Beneath the Planet of the Apes and Battle of POTA: intact areas with abandoned cars and skyscrapers but not melted as if by atomic bombs. It was like mythological Troy for the apes, something they considered fable things beyond their sacred manuscripts.

Taylor realizes orangutan NOW wants to murder them (echo of Escape From POTA), he, Nova and the baby boy managed to get in the ship which wasn’t damaged and eventually flies. Yet, he’s injured and the flight is done in automatic. There’s a technical malfunction and the device lands on Mars.

Taylor wakes up and sees on Mars the scenario is quite different. We see Cydonia Face but not as it was shown in Mission Mars but half simian and half feline as depicted in Mayan monuments and in Chavin de Huantar in Peru (which inspired Picasso in his art called Cubism also mingled with Hypercubes Tesseract). Yet we don’t see the feline side of the face because it is irrelevant in this story.



After he arrives on that place he sees the profile of the Face watching above the Martian sky and the earth bursting from beneath the open mouth of the statue filled with teeth. The sun comes after. The head is painted red and reflects its own image because it is set on the water like this:


If you think that’s too much, just see Bush administration poster and check it zooming the image with inscriptions in the negro features of Martian ruins:




Taylor is once again shocked and rather than writing his story on a paper and sending it to space inside a bottle as we read in the book (see image)... :


... he just delivers his message orally and writes the coordinates and data he takes from his Alpha Pod. The message is receive by astronauts. When the couple of astronauts lift up the visors of their helmets, we know they are talking apes who laugh at the message and disregard it as a joke.

The first film is okey the way it's but it can be adapted a bit more as in the book.

Considering the new movie scene reminiscing of Last Supper redeemer BLOOD; Burton’s Leo Davidson (meaning Son of David, Lion of Judah); simian warriors helmet since Ursus until Thade and looking like Egyptian crown-helmet worn by Yul Brynner; Heston in chains both in The Ten Commandments and POTA, himself being like a LAWGIVER (played by John Huston/Noah in Battle of POTA) and facing his destiny whether at Nebo mountain as Moses or in the Forbidden Zone; as baby Moses saved in a basket and baby ape set in a box; fighting to defend scientist’s dad and as Moses killing an Egyptian to save a Jew before getting back to his kind (“let my people go”) and developing Aedipus Complex…. (Typhon being sphinx’s dad like a snake-hurricane in Mission Mars and exploding like the sphinx committing suicide after Aedipus solves the riddle of mankind)


… in the beginning I thought a shocking scene with Brazilian Christ statue with simian features but I guess it would have negative response, people feeling uncomfortable or offended with the heretic image. Then I thought, anyways if the film is starting in USA the astronauts would probably land near USA so what'd be the purpose of setting a foreign statue? Then I thought simian Mount Rushmore whether on earth or mars... like these:


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