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Logan's Run (1976, 2007) [original and upcoming re-adaptation]

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Old Nov 16, 2003, 02:50 PM   #1
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Wink Identify!

Greetings Logan's Run fans. I was 14 when the movie came out and I have been a fan ever since. In Logan's Run I would have been on Carousel 12 years ago! YIKES! I guess I went from being Logan to OLD MAN!

It wasn't until I got the excellent DVD that I finally understood something about the ages and the colors in Logan's Run. Most of you probably already know this but I'll offer this anyway. From birth to 12 you're a yellow, from 12 to 24 you're a green and from 24 to 30 you're a red. Please forgive any mistakes in this post.

I have always been curious about the numbers at the end of the names - such as, Logan 5, is he the fifth generation of Logan's? Is Francis 7 the seventh of his generation?

Another thing, forgive me rambling on, a few questions:

1 - Did the master computer of the city know about Box and his icy prison? If so, do you think it set Logan up to meet his doom, knowing he'd never make it out? There were over 1000 runners missing, most of them seemed to be a prisoner of Box.

2- Are there any good web sites for the Dallas Market Center?

3- What exactly are Capricorn 15's?

4- Where is the city of Domes? Baltimore maybe? New York?

5- How old is Old Man?

Great web site, guys.

Thanks for letting me post

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Old Nov 18, 2003, 08:24 AM   #2
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Re: Identify!

A fan? A true fan? Awesome. I have been wanting to get the DVD for quite some time but haven't. I recall being excited about this film as one point in my life (sometime mid to late 70s) but then Star Wars came along and that was that. Yet still, the basic plot is much more Science Fiction that Star Wars and very intriguing. I will definately have to get it and watch it again.
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