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I, Robot (2004)

One man saw it coming.

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I Robot: Interviews

Bridget Moynahan

Moynahan co-stars in ďI, Robot,Ē which is directed by Alex Proyas (ďDark CityĒ) and based on the stories by Issac Asimov. Moynahan plays Dr. Susan Calvin, a robot psychologist who is assigned to helping Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) investigate the death of a worldwide renown scientist specializing in robot intelligence. Spooner believes that a NS-5 model robot named Sonny (Alan Tudyk) is behind the death but Calvin firmly believes that a robot cannot harm a human being. But upon further investigation of Sonny and his framework, her own doubts come into play as she discovers Sonny may not be so robotic after all.

Below, Bridget talks about her new film during a roundtable interview.

Q: Bridget, your character, Doctor Susan Calvin, shows up several times in Issac Asimovís robot stories but sheís much different from the movies. But did you still draw upon any of the books for reference?

BRIDGET: I read the book and I realized that the character was slightly different but she does at the beginning of the movie at least have that sort of emotional life thatís somewhat similar to the character in the book but we did the writer definitely had her expand and open up during the course of the movie so there was a difference there. So I did draw a little bit on it but it is a bit different.

Q: Youíre a very open person in interviews yet your character seems really tight and closed up at the start of the movie. How was that to play?

BRIDGET: It was so uncomfortable for me to see that in the beginning of the movie. It made me cringe Ďcause I just donít like seeing myself that way. It was strange.

Q: When youíre playing such a closed off character, does it help to have Will Smith, whoís so funny and animated, there opposite you?

BRIDGET: Oh my god, he was so funny, he had me laughing nonstop. But he knew, in some of the scenes, when it came time to really shoot it, he wouldnít play the games. He wouldnít play the jokes on me. In rehearsals, yes, but not when we actually had to shoot.

Q: Did he play any practical jokes on you?

BRIDGET: He didnít play a lot of practical jokes on me. I think [wife] Jada [Pinkett Smith] told him not to pick on the lead actress (laughs). I think she made that rule.

Q: Did she really go to him and tell him not to mess around with you because youíre such a nice girl?

BRIDGET: I donít think she knew me as a nice girl. I think she just knows not to pick on the lead actress. Thatís her role, thatís her position as well. She didnít want him inflicting that kind of pain on me (laughs).

Q: The movie is an action sci-fi film but still has a lot of comedic elements to it from beginning to end. How tough was it to keep that balance?

BRIDGET: It was difficult because it was not supposed to be a comedy and I think a lot of people will assume it to be just because itís with Will Smith, but I think it always works. I think itís the same with ďThe Sum of All Fears.Ē Itís a very serious movie but thereís some humor in that which kept it light and real. Alex, Will, and [screenwriter] Akiva [Goldsman] really kept an eye on that and they werenít going too far with it, but at least it was still there.

Q: This is also your first movie with a lot of special effects. How was it off camera to see all the robot guys in green suits?

BRIDGET: There were times when all the green guys were hanging out together and theyíre stunt guys, so theyíre all macho and they were in tights, so it looked so bizarre. And they were doing all these real ďguy guyĒ things and playing guitar and frisbee in tights. It was bizarre and in lime green, no less. Itís just not an attractive color.

Q: And so how is that to have a lot of your scenes opposite a CGI robot as opposed to a real human?

BRIDGET: Alan Tudyk, who played Sonny, was brilliant. He had such an incredibly expressive face. Whenever I did my scenes with him, I had so much to work with. I think they really capture that in Sonnyís face, all of the things Alan was doing.

Q: A lot of celebrities canít deal with technology. Can you program your own VCR?

BRIDGET: That I havenít really attempted (laughs). I think I could handle TiVo if I had one. I donít get that many electronics. An iPod, I have; Iím good with that. The Blackberry is good. I think Iím fine once I have it.

Q: The movie depicts robots making decisions for humans way off into the future but do you think weíre that far away from it now?

BRIDGET: I donít think weíre that far away from it at all, but Iím not really sure that I would take their advice anyway. Itís like when youíre in a store and the saleslady suggests other options and theyíre completely way off. I just donít want my technology telling me what Iím going to like. Itís scary. Itís scary to me.

Q: Would you want a robot of your own to do a lot of your chores?

BRIDGET: No, not really I donít. I donít even want an assistant. I like doing things on my own.

Q: So you pick up your own dry cleaning and stuff?

BRIDGET: Yeah I do. Itís crazy.
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