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Resident Evil (2002, 2004) [movie series]

A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake.

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Old Jan 27, 2006, 04:34 PM   #1
Darth Bob
The Eld
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Resident Evil : Fact File

Been thinking of doing this for awhile, most of this is essentially common knowledge, some isnít, it's a post of Demo18 epic proportions, although hopefully easier to read.

Canon (Officially effects story)
Resident evil zero
Resident evil rebirth/remake
Resident evil 2
Resident evil 3
Resident evil survivor/Gun Survivor (there is a reason for this being here)
Resident evil Code Veronica X
Resident evil 4

Not Canon (Doesnít officially effect the story)
Resident evil: The Movie
Resident evil: Apocalypse (and anymore sequels)
Resident evil ( was superseded by the altered story of rebirth/remake)
Resident evil: Directors cut
Resident evil: Survivor / gun survivor 2
Resident evil: Gaiden
Resident evil: Dead Aim
Resident evil: Outbreak (any)
Resident evil: Code Veronica (was Superseded by the X version, which made slightly alterations to the story, to cover plot holes)

*Note the next section is restricted to characters from the Cannon story line, Pm me if Iíve forgotten anyone, or your not sure who they are, Contains spoilers


The good:

Ark Thompson
Ashley Graham
Barry Burton
Billy Cohen
Carlos Oliveira
Chris Redfield
Claire Redfield
Jill Valentine
Leon Scott Kennedy
Lott Klein
Lilly Klein
Rebecca Chambers
Sherry Birkin
Steve Burnside

The Bad:

Ada Wong
Albert Wesker
Ozwell E.Spencer [Never been seen]
Nicholai Ginovaef

The Dead

Alexia Ashford
Alexander Ashford
Alfred Ashford
Andy Holland
Annette Birkin
Ben Bertolucci
Bitores Mendez
Brad Vickers
Brian Irons
Dario Russo
Edward Dewey
Enrico Marini
Forest Speyer
George Trevor
Jack Krauser
James Marcus
Jessica Trevor
Joseph Frost
Kenneth J. Sullivan
Kevin Dooley
Lisa Trevor
Luis Sera
Marvin Branagh
Mikhail Victor
Murphy Seeker
Osmond Saddler
Ramon Salazar
Richard Aiken
Robert Kendo
Rodrigo Jaun Raval
Two unnamed Policemen (Resident evil 4)
Tyrell Patrick
William Birkin
Vincent Goldman

Also all the other un-named citizens of Raccoon city

The actual ending of the games with multiple endings (which game ending we should assume happened)

Resident Evil Rebirth
The good ending for either character (From what dying Marvin Branagh says in Resident evil 2 and the fact Barry is still alive), there is not enough evidence to support which of the two made there way through the mansion one way or the other, as both Barry and Rebecca are still alive.

Resident Evil 2
Leon A, Claire B, This is supported by Weskers Report 1 (He states that he saves Ada from the fall, and the cinematic from Leon A plays)

Resident Evil 3
Neither the Nemesis or Jill killed Nichola, He escaped in the helicopter then Barry Burton rescues Jill and Carlos. This is confirmed in a file found in Resident evil survivor (which is my main argument for why it is canon)

Other facts:

Weskers new organisation has:
T-Veronica Virus
Las Plagas (fake)

It is not known if he has either
The Progenitor Virus
Nemesis Parasite

The order of creation (for each of the aforementioned viruses and parasites)
Las Plagas - Naturally occurring parasite, locked deep underground, photosensitive.
Progenitor Virus - Mutated Ebola virus
T-Virus Ė Created by fusing leech Dna with the Progenitor Virus
Nemesis Parasite Ė unknown how it was created, but itís used to control tyrant type 103
T-veronica - T-virus combined with an ant virus
G-virus Ė combination of T and nemesis parasite.

Last edited by Darth Bob : May 24, 2006 at 12:44 PM.
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Old Jan 27, 2006, 08:31 PM   #2
mack's Avatar
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Re: Resident Evil : Fact File

Good deal DB. Love the info.

What about RE: Outbreak File #2?

Do you know how it changes the game? Ive been wondering for some time now....
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Old Jan 28, 2006, 08:07 AM   #3
Darth Bob
The Eld
Darth Bob's Avatar
1,279 flights since Sep 2002
Location: The Dark Tower
Re: Resident Evil : Fact File

Neither of the outbreak files, effect the main story, there both gaidens, this means that certain flaws or goofs, don't need to be explained away (outbreak shows the nuclear strike on racoon taking place while it's still nighttime, whereas in resident evil 3, it's clearly dawn)

with dead aim, the fact it's a gaiden (litterally meaning outside legend or side story) it allowed them to have the hive from the movie, without saying the movie is canon.

now some people think the canon-icity of Outbreak is debatable, but when it was released, Capcom said that it was a side story, to get around the fact that they were promising/in a deal with Nintendo to produce "official story" titles for them, and therefore, we must consider it, and any sequals, to be non-canon.
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Old Jan 29, 2006, 08:57 PM   #4
mack's Avatar
1,988 flights since Dec 2002
Location: Planet Earth
Re: Resident Evil : Fact File

good. now they can make a "non-canon" movie from Outbreak, and even you wouldnt be mad, huh DB?

I think outbreak provides enough characters and side stories to fuel a movie or even a miniseries.
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Old Feb 22, 2006, 11:37 PM   #5
Father of Lies
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Re: Resident Evil : Fact File

Oh for the love of god no more RE movies untill they fall into the hands of someone capable.
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