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Arrival, The (1996, 1998) [movie series]

The greatest danger facing our world has been the planet's best kept secret... until now. | I guide

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Old Apr 5, 2002, 07:46 AM   #1
Sector Marshall
Oscar's Avatar
756 flights since Feb 2002
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Arrow Re: Take over.

Why didn't the aliens just kill mankind and take over the world? Instead of slaughtering us they just tried to made the globe warmer. woow now I am shaking of my lil spaceboots...global warming...ozone loss...just a bit more sunshine and skincancers so what. Great movie.
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Old Apr 30, 2002, 08:24 AM   #2
formerly known as Ivanhoe
Ivan's Avatar
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Re: Take over.

Slaughtering us? Are you sure they had the capacity to do that?

BTW have you ever heard of Silent Asimilation?

" Do you want to see the ruins my friend?"
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Old May 1, 2002, 05:16 AM   #3
Sector Marshall
Oscar's Avatar
756 flights since Feb 2002
Location: I'm having dinner at Dorsia
Re: Take over.

You got a point there still I am sticking with my own.

Could you explain more I want to hear(read) what you have to say.
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Old Jun 26, 2002, 01:09 AM   #4
w@velength's Avatar
46 flights since May 2002
Location: Vancouver, WA
Re: Take over.

It is supposed to be a silent invasion, so there is no trouble from the humans. They will gradually warm the planet until it is too late to turn back, the humans die off and the aliens take over.

I haven't seen the sequel to this movie nor do I wish to, but I saw a made-for-TV movie on ABC once called Target Earth. I thought it was really cool. It was about a silent invasion of sorts, and a cop stumbles onto it. Like in The Arrival the aliens looked like humans. They secretly set up a seemingly innocent facility as a giant radio tower in preparation of a giant alien battle fleet that would come and take over the world. The tower would help guide the ships through the atmosphere. Of course the cop and those closest to him had to stop them. But the aliens had abducted several people and their implants allowed them to be under mind control when needed. There were a lot of shoot-outs and stuff and it was really cool, thought it should have been a follow-up to The Arrival. Had a cool and happy ending too!

BTW I WAS WONDERING does anyone know where I can download the music from this movie? Arthur Kempel's stuff. I can't find it on any download utilities.
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Old Jun 27, 2002, 10:51 PM   #5
planets align
Recruit Pilot
planets align's Avatar
6 flights since Jun 2002
Location: universe
I agree with wave

I agree with wavelength, I think there not trying to kill us, just move in, perhaps because their planet has grown too cold. I ve seen the second movie, not as good as the first, but its good too know that someone continues to fight the aliens.
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Old Aug 4, 2002, 12:45 AM   #6
floyd's Avatar
1,141 flights since Feb 2002
Location: Jesus's Heart
Re: Take over.

or, maybe they were just trying to kill to birds with one stone, warm up the planet for them, kill off all the pesky humans... although, sense most of the land on earth would then be underwater, what good would it do them??
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Old Feb 26, 2003, 02:25 PM   #7
More Than Just Okay
HighWiredSith's Avatar
3,854 flights since Jul 2001
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Re: Take over.

The real question is, what do sofas look like on the alien world since their knees are on the backs of their legs?
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Old Mar 5, 2003, 01:13 PM   #8
Old One Pikeman
Splendiferous's Avatar
3,132 flights since Mar 2002
Location: Dreaming in plush R'lyeh
Re: Take over.

Well ...

My theory is that they were attepting to terraform our planet before the actual invasion. See, they're able to survive in our atmosphere, but it's not very comfortable, and they're not working to their full alienese potential.

So, they raise the temperature, in an attempt to make our atmosphere more like theirs, enhancing their abilites and making it easier for them to live here. There would then be either a mass-influx of aliens, or an actual invasion.

A) Mass influx of aliens - they can simply out-populate us on our own planet, and by the time we find out, it's too late.

B) Actual invasion - it's always better to have your ground troops fighting in an atmosphere they're comfortable with, and is their optimum. The humans will be hot and bothered (and wet, if the ice-caps melt), and will not be at their optimum stregth.

Case closed. I should be an alien invasion advisor, me
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Old Mar 18, 2003, 03:22 PM   #9
n/a flights since
History repeating itself

Humans have done just that for millenia. The history books are full of conquered villages, cities, etc., where the residents were slaughtered or displaced (what a nice word for evicted and their lives stolen - p/c and all that stench) and others moved in. Look at modern Israel and the Palestinians, etc. Ooops. We are not to feel pity for them and their own lands stolen, etc...

This is happening all over the world right NOW. So, the premise that it would happen galactically is not far-fetched and is a historically effective way to steal what is not theirs with the least amount of their own personal losses.
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