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Off-World Discussion Forum

Forum for science fiction related material not listed in Movies Galleria or Upcoming Movies ONLY. If you want to chit-chat, please visit the Pilot's Mess.

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Marvel Movie sequel ideas

(All Suggestions)

Daredevil 2: Born Again


Ben Affleck (Daredevil, The Sum of All Fears, Pearl Harbor) as Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Selma Blair (Legally Blonde) as Natasha Romanova/Black Widow

Michael Clarke Duncan (Daredevil, Planet of The Apes, The Scorpion King) as Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin

Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Clear & Present Danger) as The Owl

Sandra Bullock (Demolition Man, The Speed movies, Miss Congeniality) Other wise Nia Peeples (TV’s Walker Texas Ranger, Half Past Dead) as Typhoid Mary (this is if Sandra Bullock can’t play that role)

Joe Pantoliano (TV’s The Sopranos, Bad Boys, The Matrix) as Ben Urich

Jon Favreau (Daredevil) as Franklin “Foggy” Nelson

Ellen Pompeo (Daredevil) as Karen Page

Owen Wilson (I Spy, Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights) as Turk

Leland Orser (Daredevil, 7, Pearl Harbor) as Wesley Owen Welch

Lennie Lofton (Daredevil) as Detective Nick Manolis

Plot Elements: Daredevil returns just as Wilson Fisk (A. K. A. The Kingpin of crime) escapes from jail. The Kingpin owns young gang members too. Matt Murdock’s new girlfriend is Natasha Romanova who is Black Widow. The Kingpin has hired Typhoid Mary (she has white face paint on her right side of her face) and The Owl. 3 teenage cops infiltrate The Kingpin’s gang. 1 female Hispanic (with long brown hair), 1 male black and 1 white male. They team with Daredevil and Black Widow to take down The Kingpin of crime. After secretly seeing Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, Matt asks Karen and Foggy to leave the room and informs those 3 cops that he is Daredevil and they know he is blind. They know that Matt Murock. The movie starts out with Daredevil fighting Turk. When Matt Murdock/Daredevil talks to the 3 junior cops, he shows that he’s never had a driver’s license or learner’s permit and never at all had a car. He tells them how he lost his sight and the powers that he got from the radiation that made him blind. He states that he still can’t drive a car even though he can detect things around him he won’t know what color the traffic light is and he can’t read signs without touching them. He tells them all the driving experience that he’s ever had in his life. He was interrogating Officer Robert McKenzie handcuffing him to his mercedes 500sl and smashing it up and comments to him that he’s never driven a stick before (this was his first ever driving experience). Later on Turk talks to Ben Urich and tells him that Daredevil captured a young street gang and 3 of the members (really those 3 undercover cops) got away. The 3 cops are in contract with Nelson and Murdock and they work for Internal Affairs to try to end the police corruption by The Kingpin. Daredevil battles the street gang (some of the real members are women). Black Widow takes on the women. Those gangs members are black, white and Latin. The 3 undercover cops disappear and Ben Urich shows up with the “good” cops along with Nick Manolis and they arrest all those criminals. Matt Murdock goes out with Natasha Romanova during the day time on his day off. They walk to places. They hang out at a mall with the 3 undercover cops. Daredevil comes back at night and Daredevil is visualizing 3 hoodlums grabbing 3 pretty girls and and they try to rape them. Daredevil fights with them with some martial arts. Also Typhoid Mary and Owl report that the gang members are caught. The Kingpin tells the 2 villains that Daredevil is the blind attorney Matt Murdock. The Kingpin sends some of his henchmen after Matt Murdock. Later on Matt Murdock runs into The Kingpin’s thugs and Black Widow comes and Matt Murdock fights back. They are captured. The 3 undercover junior cops are talking to Internal Affairs officers and The Owl and Typhoid Mary know it. The Owl with his talons kill 2 bodyguards to get into The Kingpin’s office. The Kingpin comes in with Wesley who has also escaped from prison and The Owl states that he had to kill them to get in. Wesley was charged with the murder of Lisa Tazio and framed Daunte Jackson. They inform the Kingpin that he has 3 undercover cops infiltrating his gang. They state that The Kingpin is not going to be happy that those 3 are undercover cops. They meet at Madison Square Garden. Daredevil and Black Widow know that the 3 cops have their covers blown. The Owl dives on the 3 cops and Daredevil kicks The Owl to save the 3 cops. Daredevil fights The Owl in a martial arts fight. Typhoid Mary attacks Daredevil and Black Widow interfears with Typhoid Mary and they fight each other. Black Widow fights Typhoid Mary in a hand to hand fight. Black Widow defeats Typhoid Mary. Daredevil finishes The Owl off. The 3 undercover cops pull out their guns on the 2 and arrest them. Daredevil and Black Widow run into Turk outside Madison Square Garden by the basketball locker room. Daredevil asks Turk where The Kingpin is headed holding slamming him on a locker. Daredevil and Black Widow go after The Kingpin at Times Square just as Turk says that The Kingpin is at Times Square. Black Widow takes on Wesley Owen Welch. They fight hand to hand. Daredevil takes on The Kingpin Wilson Fisk himself. Black Widow beats Wesley in a vicious fight. Daredevil finishes off with The Kingpin. Ben Urich shows up with the cops and IA. The IA tells Daredevil that all those corrupted by The Kingpin gave up corruption and some dirty cops have been arrested. Wilson Fisk and Wesley Owen Welch are arrested by the good cops and the 3 teens. The movie ends with Daredevil and Black Widow swinging down Manhattan.

Ideas for a comic book/graphic novel prequel. The title should be Matt’s Revenge. In the plot young Matt Murdock dresses in a black costume (this is that same costume that Matt Murdock wore in Ultamate Daredevil and Elektra) as he is becoming Daredevil and goes after Eddie Fallon (AKA The Fixer) a local mob boss who owned boxers. Matt Murdock talks to the D A and testifies against mob boss Fallon and Fallon is put in prison for the rest of his life after young Matt Murdock takes him down or the young blind vigilante kills Eddie Fallon. The only one in Fallon’s gang never caught back then is Wilson Fisk. Wilson Fisk starts his own business and hires newer criminals. This leads to the years later when Matt Murdock finally faces his father’s killer. There would even know that Matt Murdock/Daredevil has never even ever applied for a driver’s license. Another Daredevil prequel novel or comic book/graphic novel adaption would take place 3 years later. It would be called “Daredevil: Yellow Blind Justice”. This one is when Elektra’s mother was killed in a drive by shooting and Daredevil dress in yellow and red (like in the Daredevil: Yellow comics) takes down the same gun men who killed Elektra’s mother. This is years before Matt Murdock falls in love with Elektra Natchios. These are my ideas for Daredevil prequel books or comics. This is to the movie. We learn to what ever happens to Fallon.

(All Suggestions)

Spider-Man 3


Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Sam Rockwell (Charlie’s Angels) as Cleatus Casidy/Carnage

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (The Scorpion King, pro wrestler) as Edward Brock/Venom

Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man, Jumanji) as Mary Jane Watson

J. K. Simmons (Spider-Man) as J. Jonah Jameson

Britney Spears (pop star) as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Brock Lesnar (pro wrestler) as William Baker/The Sandman

Bill Nunn (Spider-Man, TV’s The Job) as Joe “Robbie” Robertson

James Franco (Spider-Man) as Harry Osborne

Rosemary Harris (Spider-Man) as Aunt May Parker

Elizabeth Banks (Shaft, Spider-Man) as Betty Brant

Tim De Zarn (Spider-Man) as Phillip Watson

Joe Manganiello (Spider-Man) as Flash Thompson

Taylor Gilbert (Spider-Man) as Madeline Watson

Ted Raimi (Spider-Man, Hard Target) as Hoffman

I haven’t thought of who play Mysterio, Scorpion, Electro, street gang members who work for Carnage (hair women, umbrella men, rain coat men, and street punks along with coley types). The gang members are black, white and Latin. Also I haven’t thought of who should play the cops who arrest the villains.

Plot Elements: Spider-Man goes up against a bunch of criminals in New York City and is allied with Black Cat. Black Cat and Spider-Man team up together to battle Carnage (Cleatus Cassidy) and Venom (Eddie Brock) with street gangs, Sandman, Electro,Mysterio and Scorpion. Peter Parker and his friends are seniors at Columbia University. The movie begins with the Daily Bugle with Jameson making up headlines on Spider-Man and Venom is blaming Spider-Man for the loss of his job there. Venom comes in leading the attack teamed with Mysterio, Scorpion, Electro and The Sandman. Electro takes the daily bugle hostage threatening with his energy blasts. Sandman threatens Robbie Robertson with a sand hammer that if he moves, he’s dead. Peter Parkers sees them and transforms into Spider-Man. Spider-Man comes into the Daily Bugle office just as Scorpion with his tale threatens Jameson and Jameson makes his fist at Spider-Man and Spider-Man tries to convince Jameson that he’s the good guy. Spider-Man knocks down Scorpion. Mysterio mulitplies himself and Spider-Man gets confused. Spider-Man knocks down the Mysterios and finds the real Mysterio and knocks him down. Electro shoots volts and Spider-Man and Spider-Man punches out Electro. The Sandman attacks Spider-Man. Spider-Man gets into a fist fight with Sandman and fights with him. Spider-Man swing kicks Sandman and Sandman dissapears. Now enter Venom. Spider-Man and Venom fist fight. Venom knocks down Spider-Man and Venom swings out the window and disappears. Spider-Man has Hoffman call the police and Spider-Man disappears and comes back as Peter Parker. Peter is informed of what went on. The police show up and arrest Electro, Mysterio and Scorpion. Later on Peter is walking down the streets of Queens with Harry and Mary Jane. Somewhere at a diner Peter sees Flash Thompson who plays college football. Felicia Hardy is there too. Felicia Hardy is Flash Thomspon’s new girlfriend. They talk about the football game going on. Over to Carnage. Cleatus Cassidy is talking with street gangs. The street gangs are hair women, umbrella men, rain coat men, street punks and coley types (they are heavy people). They are all Hispanic, black and white. Carnage is making plans with them to get rid of the rivals and Spider-Man. At a football game the next day. Flash Thompson is out on the field. Peter is sitting next to Mary Jane at the football game. Harry and Felicia are with them. It’s Columbia University vs. Syracuse. Columbia is winning the game. Later on Spider-Man and Black Cat encounter a back robbery. The back robbers get their guns on the heroes and Black Cat and Spider-Man flip on the robbers. The Robbers make the move to shoot Spider-Man and Black Cat. Black Cat swing kicks a robber. Spider-Man webs 3 men to the ceiling. The police show up and aim their guns at the rest of the robbers. Spider-Man and Black Cat encounter Venom and the Sandman. Black Cat takes on Sandman just as Spider-Man takes on Venom. Black Cat kicks Sandman to pieces. Venom knocks down Spider-Man and throws Black Cat against a wall. Venom retreats. Somewhere later on Spider-Man and Black Cat battle the street gang. Black Cat takes on the hair women. A Hispanic hair woman swings her hair at Black Cat and Black Cat flip kicks her. Black Cat swing kicks 2 other hair women. Spider-Man takes on the street punks and rain coat men. Spider-Man knocks them down with kicks on punches. The coley types attack with clubs and attempt to crush Spider-Man and Black Cat. The Sandman and Venom show up and fight with the coleys. Sandman smashes a coley type with his sand hammer. Venom throws others into each other. Carnage shows up and attacks. Sandman attacks Carnage and Carnage with his costume shoots darts onto a fire hydrant and flushes Sandman down the drain. Spider-Man and Venom go after Carnage. Carnage gets into a fist fight with Venom. Spider-Man webs all the knocked down criminals. Carnage extends his arm and knocks down Venom. Spider-Man sees Venom again. Venom informs Spider-Man that Carnage is the one destroying New York City. Venom also informs Spider-Man that they must team up with each other. Venom shows that he is Eddie Brock. The 2 heroes inform them their secret identities as along as no one can hear them. Later on Peter Parker is at his apartment to see his Aunt May. They talk. Aunt May meets Eddie Brock. Peter Parker goes next door to see Mary Jane. Madeline Watson gets into and arguement with Phillip and Mary Jane is chewing watermelon bubblicious bubble gum and is blowing big bubbles. Peter turns to Mary Jane as she blows a huge bubble and sucks it back into her mouth. Phil yells at Mary Jane for dating Peter and Eddie yells at him back. Phil is grabbed by Eddie Brock by the neck. They get into a fight and Eddie knocks out Phillip. Mary Jane blows a grape fruit size bubble and Peter introduces Mary Jane to Eddie Brock. Flash and Felicia come to the door. Eddie Brock goes somewhere with Felicia and Peter and tell them how to defeat Carnage. They use sonic grenade to get the symbiote off Cleatus Cassidy. Later on Spider-Man, Black Cat and Venom go to face Carnage at Madison Square Garden down Times Square. Spider-Man, Venom and Black Cat get into a fight with the remaining hair women, remaining coley types and the umbrella men. Black Cat again takes on the hair women. Spider-Man and Venom double team the umbrella men and coley types. The street gang is defeated. Spider-Man with Black Cat and Venom triple swing down Times Square and face off with Carnage outside Madison Square Garden. Carnage knocks down Black Cat and Venom with the carnage clothes line just as they duck. Spider-Man fights with Carnage. Black Cat and Venom aren’t even harmed. Carnage shoots darts from his costume at Spider-Man and Spider-Man leaps out of danger. Spider-Man lays a kick on Carnage. With the help of Venom Venom knocks down Carange and Spider-Man throws a sonic grenade and the costume comes off Cleatus Cassidy. Spider-Man and Venom tie up Cleatus Cassidy with their webbings and the police show up to arrest Cleatus Cassidy and the street gangs. Later on Peter Parker with his friends Harry Osborne, Felicia Hardy, Flash Thompson and his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson graduate college. Eddie Brock is at the graduation with Aunt May, Phillip and Madeline Watson. The movie ends with Spider-Man swinging down the city with Black Cat and Venom swinging down New York City.

There could be more ideas for Spider-Man 3.
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