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They Live (1988)

Who are they? And what do they want? | guide

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Old Mar 3, 2006, 05:22 PM   #1
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Tacky Sci-Fi or yet another 'I hate the media' filum?

I saw They Live a couple of years back when I did Media because my teacher insisted that it was a good film to show the reality of the media. When we saw it we thought it to be a tacky film which was more hilarious than scary, but it does make you think. Once the lenses of the sunglasses take away the first filter of the 'too good to be true' posters, you get the manipulation of 'eat me', 'buy me' and 'drink me'. This film is obviously a eye-opener as to how the media is taking over our lives and how normal-looking people are actually aliens trying to manipulate society. It doesn't have to be Sci-Fi, it's another one of those filums telling us that if we don't open our eyes we will be consumed. Of course society only takes notice of these things when it's too late. The other problem is that the protest film has become a farce so they are just seen as entertainment. It kinda begs the question, should we take this seriously or is it art for art's sake? And in this case, should they have really bothered (like Soul Man) because it was too blunt and wooden?

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