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Old Jan 18, 2004, 03:40 PM   #61
Sector Marshall
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Kieraganion made it to the first escape pod substaning abosolutly no damage. He pondered on this for a minute before he realized that entire time he made his way to the escape pod in silent reflection, he saw no fighting. No confrontation, no battles, no killing, no gun blasts, no Rob Schneider. A thought suddenly hit him like a two ton box filled with packaging penuts. The battle must be over, he thought, we won! He hooted and sang; a bland tunless adaptation of "We Are The Champions" by Queen. He stoped some where in between "no time for loosers.." when he realized two things. One, he was still a damn cat(!), though he found himself starting to like the life of a cat; not nearly so fustrating and stressfull as a Humans'. And secondly, the ship was still counting down to self detonation. This sent shivers down his back like ice on a nipple. He ran for the Central Power Station, hoping against his intestinal worms, it was bad tuna, that he would be able to make it in time. He was running past chamber after chanmber of inadiquate importance, increasingly growing fustrated. It looked like one of those poorliy drawn cartoons from the early days, he thought. And then he realized that somehow he was in the animation department on a treadmil beside a back drop. He cursed himslef for taking the wrong path and hopped off doubling his running speed. He was so concentrated on getting the the Central Power Station that he didn't see floyd infront off him, impact was inevitable...
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Old Jan 19, 2004, 01:13 PM   #62
Old One Pikeman
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Originally posted by Kieraganion
This sent shivers down his back like ice on a nipple.

That's officially my favourite similie EVER
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Old Apr 10, 2004, 07:29 PM   #63
Sector Marshall
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

A closing:

The impact with Floyd sent Kieraganion head over paws into the control room. Not having the time to look back, he quickly rushes over the the control panal. "Crap whitch button was it, I can't read it!" Something he never told the squad, he was illiterate.

Flash back.

Teacher- "Allright class, that concludes your school for the day, put away your spelling books. This was a valuble lesson I taught you today, as it will define wether or not you will learn to read."

*Kieraganion is drawing on his desk with a permanent marker.*

Kieraganion-"Ohhh look, I drew a doughnut" *Manically giggles to himself.*

Teacher- "What are you doing Kieragainon, have you been paying attention?!"

Kieraganion- "Yes, mam. Some lesson about something being important about... somethin- Oh look If I add a dot in the middle I have a dart board!!!"

Teacher- *sigh*


Kieragainon closes his eyes and proceeds to press a button at random.


Computer- "Ten seconds to self-destruction"





Computer- "Self-destruction aborted, have a plesent day. And make sure to change your underware as I am sure you all have had a pretty good scare."

*Kieraganion leaps for joy and runs off to spread the good news*

Floyd- "What the hell was that?!?!?! Some one needs to call pest control. Oh great, my coffee splashed all over the front of my shirt."

*Iwata, upon reaching the control room*

Iwata- "Oh good, it has allready been deactivated, now I can go back to sleep!"

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Old Apr 12, 2004, 07:58 PM   #64
The one......
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Everyone looks at everyone after hearing the ship's computer murmer that there's no self destruction after all.
There begins some confusion...

One: so are there actually purple hamsters beyond that door, Splend?

Splend: Um, no. There never was.

One: SO why not mention this before?

Splend: Well, you know... you kinda scare me...

One: *deep sigh* Your bravery dumbfounds me Splendy boy. It really does. I guess SF slipped me one of his LSD's again. His behaviour is really getting out of control- he's trying to demean my authority. I believe it's down to jealousy, SPlend...

THe One continued to pour her heart out to Splend as he sat uncomfortably nodding, but awaiting an emotional explosion of some kind from her and henceforth taking it out on him.

Becks was sat stunned on the floor as the amazing piano woman played a fine peice from Beethoven's nth movement.

Splend , finally plucking the courage to say spomething interrupts the waffling One...

Splend: Where has Iwata the wooden gone? He should be back to celebrate the end of the self destruct?

One: I don't bloody know! MAybe he went for blue mushrooms, or or the big spideys are playing hide and seek with him...

One drivelled on in her now full blown LSD state and moved her hands back and forth watching the trail they left in mid air.

One: Heehee, look Splend- whoosh whoooooooooosh-isn;t that cool?

Splend looked on in disbelief. It was time to call a full onboard ship meeting and gets things back to the way they were.
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Old Sep 18, 2004, 11:22 AM   #65
Sector Marshall
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

*The Sciflicks members gathered in the mission briefing room to discuss the current events*

Iwata: What's the report on those purple hamsters that attacked a couple months ago?

Nex: They disappeared when news of Ramses's potential return, along with the butchered Beethoven from TWL, hit their ears. But I doubt we've seen the last of them.

Tack: Why were they here in the first place? Oh and could some one pass me that plate of donuts? Hey Kier, check out Johnny on this page, I love the way he skewers people.

Nex: Here you go. Save me one, will you?

Kieraganion: They came to abduct the women for sex slaves, and to use the men as fuel for their copy ma---Ach! Ach! Cough! * A hair ball flies out of his throat to land with a squelch on the middle of the table* Sorry about that, I was going to say "machine". We also learned they were being commanded by Sonny. I doubt they know Ramses is back, so they may still be planning an attack.*He then proceeds to lick his crotch*

Iwata: Ewwwww, would you mind not cleaning yourself in front of everyone? Anyways, for now, we can be at ease. With in the next 6 months, a year at the latest, this ship is going to get some upgrades. We just have to hold out till then.

TWL: I do hope they fix the toilets, and get a replacement piano.
*She grabs a napkin and throws away the hair ball*

Kieraganion: And we need an extra shipment of cat litter. And Jack Danials.... What?

The One: Has any one seen Becks?

Splend: The last I saw her, she had left in an escape pod in the middle of the night. I watched her leave from outside the space ship, when Nex shoved me back out of the hanger.

Jill: I'm going to kill her... My wife... *Grabs Kier in a death grasp and starts to sob in his fur*

Nex: How did you get back anyway?

Splend: I had to navigate through the ships sewage system. Because of that, I found out that some one here has an addiction to-

Iwata: Enough of that Slend!... Heheh. I'm sure no one would care in the first place. *Kicks Splend from under the table*

Splend: Ow! Why does everyone here abuse me?! I never did anything wrong. I already proved to you that it was the Hamsters that sabotaged the Spamdrive, not me!

Nex: Shut it or I'll shut it for you. You half-wit Pike Man.

Splend: But I don't see why I have to take this constant abu-Ach! Ach! Cho-ach!-cking me is go-ach!-ing to get you no-ach!-where Nex!

SF: Alright, enough you two! Nex, leave Splend alone! He did nothing wrong. And Iwata, we all know about your addiction. This is getting out of hand, can we please stay on the topic at hand? Oh... And could some one pass me that plate of donuts? And I would also like to put on the list of supplies a new set of robes. These are starting to look like crap.

Nex: Sorry splend... I haven't been the same since... You know.

Splend: It's alright man. Hey, that Iron Maiden concerts' coming up real soon.

Nex: I still don't know if I have it in me to go.

Splend: I understand. *Turns his head to hide the tears*

TWL: Is there any way to fix my memory? I haven't been able to remember a thing before the piano accident.

The One: We would have the money to acquire medical service tis minute, except Iwata used up the rest of this year's budget to feed his addiction. So we have to wait until January before we can do anything.

Jill: I kill her... *squeezes Kier harder*

Kierganion: Erp ...Help?

SF: Jill... put the cat down. Well, then it's settled. We shall hold out here and defend this ship with what we have until reinforcements and supplies arri-* There was a loud crash from some where deep in the SciFlicks ship* What the hell was that?!
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Old Sep 18, 2004, 03:07 PM   #66
Old One Pikeman
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

The air in the meeting room is suddenly tinged with red, and a klaxon sounds.

Ships' Computer : Attention! Attention! Something's happened, and it needs your attention!

Iwata : What? What's happened?

Ship's Computer : In the cargo bay! Purple Hamsters! They've broken through the hull to send an ambassador through to us.

Nex : Let's skin 'im.

Splend : No, no, we should be dipl;omatic about these things.

Nex : Let's tie him to a chair, cut his ear off, douse him in petrol and THEN skin him, then.


Splend : No, no, I think you've got this Dioplomacy thing all wrong, there.

<<Nex resumes strangling Splend>>

Nex : You never understand!!
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Old Sep 18, 2004, 03:16 PM   #67
Sector Marshall
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Tack: Cut it out you two! I mean come o- *Suddenly Bob comes out of nowhere holding a card board tube*

Bob: HAHAHAH! No one will ever leave this ship with their free will intact, you are all coming with me to my Bobiuniverse where you will all be slaves to me and my robotic hand! *He then hits tack on the top of his head with the cardboard tube and runs off* To soon! Must regroup!

Tack: Sonofa! *Jumps up and chases after Bob with his own cardboard tube*

Jill: I'll kill her! I will! *Grabs Kier again in a death grip and sobs all over his fur*

Nex: Why can't you ever understand me?!

Splend: I -ach!- try! Oh lo-ach!-rd I try!

TWL: Some one touch me! I feel it happing again! Must... resist... urge... to play... Beethoven.

SF: Why do we even bother.

The One: The coooooooloooooouuuuurs... Shwoosh! Swoosh! Look Splend!

SF: Some one help me pin down TWL before she orgasms and changes into The Amazing Piano Woman again.

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Old Sep 18, 2004, 04:41 PM   #68
Maddy X 2
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

This is not your fathers nightmare, this is your little brothers nightmare.

This thread is Insane.

Maddy: This is one big Juggernaut!

Splend: "Whatever you say dude"

Maddy: I'm going Berserk!

Splend:"Whatever you say dude"

Maddy: I'm not in unison with all of you!

Splend: "Whatever you say dude"

Iwata: Listen to this insane person Splend

Maddy: Who me?

Iwata: No Mr. Buckethead, of course you, you *****

Maddy"(Tale between the legs) that's not nice buddy.

Iwata: Shut up you Neanderthal

Splend: HaHaHa

Maddy: I wish I had a Shotgun!!

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Old Sep 19, 2004, 05:59 AM   #69
Sector Marshall
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

The Ambassador for the UAD (not Starcraft! I told you that already!) arrived in the mission briefing room to an interesting site.

Iwata: Everyone! Calm down he's here!

This will be easy! Thought the Ambassador as he looked around the and saw TWL covered in twinkling and floating musical notes about to orgasm with SF holding her down, Nex chocking Splend, Tack and Bob dueling with card board tubes, The One on a psychedelic trip, Jill sobbing and clutching a talking cat in a manic grip, and Iwata sedating his addiction to-

SF: Greetings Ambassador.

Everyone quickly regained themselves.

Ambassador Zor: Hello, did I come at a...Bad time?

Iwata, wiping off his mouth: No everything is alright.

Jill: I'll kill her...

SF: Shhh, Jill! Not now!

Tack: What is you came here for? if It's to attempt another invasion. You'll find yourself sadly defeated.

Ambassador Zor, barely able to contain his laughter: So it seems. No, I came her to make a deal. I see now your ship's captain has returned. Might I be able to speak to him?

SF: Ummm... He's currently... Occupied. If you need something you can talk to me, the ship's Prophet.

Ambassador Zor: As I said, I came here to make a deal. I heard you have vast amounts of donuts in supply. If you can give me a month's shipment, then i shall leave and you will never see me again.

Nex: Never! You will never touch my donuts!

Splend: I say we try to reason with him Ne- Ach!. Not -ach!- ag-ach!-ain!

Nex: Never have you understood me!!!

Jill, grabbing Kier and holding him in a death grasp again: I'll kill her!

Kieraganion: Not again!...

The one: Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Swishy, swishy!

Bob, boinking Tack on the head again: Hah! You will never defeat me!

Tack, chasing after Bob again: Sonofa!

Iwata, about to go crazy: I must have some more c-

TWL, twinkling and starting to glow: It's happening!!!!!

SF, putting his head in his hands: Why me.....

Ambassador, speaking to his guards: Head to the storage and start grabbing as many donuts as you can. I have a feeling we wont be...Disturbed.

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Old Sep 27, 2004, 02:17 PM   #70
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Meanwhile in an escape pod, not too far away...

Becks drifts off to sleep, secure in the knowledge that she is forever safe from the ravaging purple hamsters and obsessive procurers of donuts.

A strange white glow fills the cabin, and she opens her eyes.

Becks: Holy crapsticks, it's Gandalf!

Gandalfesque figure: Who?

Becks: Nevermind.

White glowing stick man: Ahem. I come bearing tidings of great import.

Becks: Huh?

Christopher Lee wannabe: (rolls eyes) I have a message.

Becks: Couldn't you have used a phone? Gee they work you messenger boys hard.

The Messenger: This isn't just any kind of message.

Becks: Or maybe an email, or subspace transmission...

The Messenger: (snapping) Will you just listen!

Becks: Okay, okay, keep your Timotei shampooed hair on.

The Messenger: (sighing) You have been chosen to save the universe... or at least some of it.

Becks: (breathes a sigh of relief) Think you landed in the wrong pod. Those teleportation co-ordinates are a bit tricky to get right. Anyway, it was nice meeting you.

The Messenger: No, I haven't landed in the wrong anything. YOU have been chosen by the Powers That Be. (saracastic undertone) In their infinite wisdom...

Becks: (slight panicked tone) No, see... look here. I've just abandoned a ship and crew. I chose life, as opposed to being eaten by possessed donut hamsters. I'm just a big one of those 'C' words. (added hurriedly) Coward, I mean.

The Messenger: (unsurprised) That aside, you will be returning to the great ship Sciflicks to fulfil your duty.

Becks: No, see... that's where I've just come from. I can't go back, I could get killed! Or worse... my prettiness could be damaged!

The Messenger: (deep booming voice) You have been chosen to return and confront a dangerous donut-consuming evil and save the universe... or at least a very small portion of it.

Becks: (full blown panicking) No, see... my doctor says I have a malformed public-duty and gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre, and that I am therefore excused from saving Universes.

The Messenger: (eyebrow raised) That didn't work for Ford Prefect, and it's certainly not going to work for you.

Becks: You DON'T understand! She'll kill me! KILL ME! Or worse...

The Messenger: Don't you want to save your crewmates?

Becks: No! Does the 'C' word mean nothing to you?

The Messenger: (considers the 'C' word) It's certainly... apt.

Becks: Exactly.

The Messenger: But still, you shall be returning to fulfil your duty.

Becks: (howls) NOOO!!!

The Messenger: This pod has been programmed to return to the ship from whence it came.

Becks: You can't make me! I'll turn it around. (looks down at monitors, confused) Somehow!

The Messenger: (smugly) No you can't.

Becks: (snarling) Fine! But when I get back there, I'm just going to get in another one and escape again!

The Messenger: It doesn't matter. All craft has been programmed to respond to your fingerprint ID in the same way.

Becks: Say, what?

The Messenger: (Tarantino-smugness) You check into any craft and it'll just send you straight back.

Becks: Whatever I touch?

The Messenger: Exactly.

Becks: Just mine?

The Messenger: Yes. You are the chosen one.

Becks: Okay.

The Messenger: (confused) Why are you smiling?

Becks: It's a smile of despair.

The Messenger: That's a new one.

Becks: Quite.

The Messenger: And the knife?

Becks: (innocently) What knife?

The Messenger: Hmmm.

Back at the ship

Kieraganion, rapidly losing consciousness due to lack of oxygen, notices the Ambassador has left the room with guards in tow.

Kieraganion: (hoarsely)Looook... Ammmmb... gaaaah...

Jill: Kill her!

Bob, in his effort to evade Tack, trips over Nex strangling Splend.

Tack: Gotcha! Let's see if you defeat this... (does hideous and frankly obscene things with Bob's cardboard tube)

Bob: (howling) Aaaaaagh!

TWL: (mid-glow) Wow! Excellent rendition of Mozart's Horn Concerto, Tack! Who knew you could make a flute out of cardboard?

Kieraganion: Looook....gaaaah...

Jill: Kill!

Iwata, through the addictive haze, has a moment of clarity. He stands up. SF lifts his head out his hands, and looks up at him expectantly.



Iwata sits back down.

The One: (looks at them both) And?

Splend: (between choke holds) Has anyone noticed the Ambassador has disappeared?

Nex: My donuts!!!
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Old Sep 28, 2004, 04:18 PM   #71
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

In what appears to be reminiscent of cartoon animation, Nex literally zips out through the door of the briefing room. "Myyyyyyyyyyyy Dooooooooonuuuuuuutsss!!!"

Iwata: Wait a mo, I thought they were mine! Oh, never mind. *reaches in his pocket* I found my precious albacore flavoured pink donut! Now all can be right in the universe. *sits back in his chair with a satisfied grin*

SF: What the hell are you talking about?! The Ambassodor is still after this ships' supply of donuts!

Iwata: What ambassador?

SF: Haven’t you been paying attention?!

Iwata: To what?

SF: Has your addiction got the best of you?!

Iwata: You mean my addiction to c-

Tack: Enough! While we are sitting here auguring, that little shrimp is going to make off with our donuts!

Bob: This "Ambassador" is interfering with my plans for domination, which includes this ships' donuts. No!!!! This must not happen! *Zips out of the room in the same fashion as Nex*

Tack: That bigheaded jerk has got a point! We must stop him! *Zips out of the room in the same fashion as Nex and Bob*

Kier: You know, I ummm, have personal domination plans that I have been neglecting for a long time. If any one remembers? No? Figures, you all remember Bob's but when it comes to Kier The Lackey Loser no one gives a ****. Bah! To hell with you all! Those donuts are mine!

*A robed figure steps out of the darkness and wrenches Kier from Jill, and replaces him with bag of potatoes. Jill never noticed: " I kill her!".

Kier: Take me to the storage room, post haste. *Kier and the robbed figure step back into the darkness all occult like and disappear.*

Iwata: That... Was odd. What was he talking about? What domination plan?

SF: I seem to recall...Hmmm.

Iwata: Oh no, I just remembered! My supply of c- I mean I left my shoes down in the storage room! *Zips of in the same fashion as Nex, bob, and Tack.*

The One: The zoinky looking ambassador, he's so cute-ish. So full of colours. Oh hello banana! Are you here to give me my teddy? I would also like some onion, to smear on my miniature table please.

TWL: It is...complete. I am now, once again, The Amazing Piano Lady. Oh, hath thee not faith in my power? *Talking to some unseen force in a butchered Old English dialect* I shall prove to thee how musically talented I am, and thee shall fall to thyne knees in fear! *Floats out of the room to the legendary song from Bach; Toccata and Fugue in D minor.*

SF looks at One: She'll be okay, Jill will look after her * Looks at Jill clutching and petting a 5 pound sack of potatoes, balling her eyes out*. Or not. Bah, they should be okay. I wonder where Floyd is off to. He missed the meeting, I better go look for him. He may just have a plan to get us out of this mess.

Beck: Oh ****! I'm almost there.....
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Old Sep 29, 2004, 05:02 AM   #72
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Suddenly, a man stumbles out of the coat closet, wearing a cape and tighty-whiteys, reeking of cheap tequila and buttcrack...

All: What the ****?!?!?

Mattman: (slurred speech) Racoons chased me to the pants store.

The man looks behind him, turns around in a circle, falls flat on his face, and starts snoring.

Kieraganion: Is that...?

Jill: Could it be...?

Tack: Who the hell is that?

Kier: It's Mattman! I thought he jumped out the airlock last time he got drunk.

Jill: Maybe we should wake him up...

Jill grabs a pool cue and starts jabbing Mattman in the side.

Mattman: (mumbling) I am the emperor of Siam.

Kieraganion: You gotta hit him harder, like this!

breaks pool cue over his back

Mattman: Ahh! I haven't been hit like that since Vietnam!

Stands up and runs away.

Tack: now who the hell was that, again?
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Bob and Nex are the first to meet in front the storage room.

Nex: Ahhhh dammit! The door's locked!

Bob: Does this smell like like a Bob Nexick to you? *Holds up his shoe.*

Nex, sniffing Bob's shoe: It smells like hamster nuggets, but what is it stuck on? *pulls a piece of paper off of Bob's shoe* Oh no, our screenplays! That little matty stinky fur ball in there tore up our screenplays!

Bob: Ewwwww, I can't get it off. I mean.... That little matty stinky fur ball! Who's in the mood for some hampsterburgers for dinner! Because I'm going to fry that little %#*$@&.

Nex: Dude, that was terrible.

Bob: Lace your shoes and prop up your britches folks, it's about to get ugly.

Nex: Stop, please!

Bob: You feeling lucky punk? Well? Are you?

Nex: Stop the crappy clichés, grab your cardboard light saber, and lets go!

Bob: You mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Nex: Dude! His mother was a hamster! You big helmeted small brained luny!

Bob: No one talks to me like that! And I mean no one! Especially when I shall rule the universe and make it the Bobiverse!

Nex, positioning himself in front of the storage door: Your all talk you big hapless windbag! You couldn't rule your own ego!

Bob: You'll regret that! AHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!! *Charges head first into the storage door as Nex ducks out of the way.*

The door is smashed to pieces with a lout crash and Bob charges right into the storage room.
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Old Sep 29, 2004, 03:35 PM   #74
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

And back on the farm...

The Messenger: You know... you're looking mighty calm for someone who's about to go face the 7th level of hell and probably not even live to tell the tale.

Becks: You're still here?

The Messenger: I thought I'd stick around. I don't quite trust you to get the job done.

Becks: Oh really? What possibly gave you that idea, maybe the fact that I've said I won't?

The Messenger: Good labor is hard to come by, these days.

Becks: Maybe you should pay more.

The Messenger: Can't, you see... it's all down to 'economic structural balancing circus act' or something.

Becks: (sarcastically) Gee, for shame!

The Messenger: How about I promise you a nice chocolate cake?

Becks: (perking up slightly) Ooo! With fudge icing?

The Messenger: (feeling confident) Yep, with icing.

Becks: And sprinkles? And squiggly writing?

The Messenger: Yep.

Becks: Wow. (looks suddenly thoughtful)

Silence fills the cabin, punctuated only by heavy banging noise.

The Messenger: Why are you bashing your head against the monitor?

Becks: She... ::smack:: Is... ::smack:: Going... ::smack:: To... ::smack:: Kill...

The Messenger: Ah. Forgotten something, have we?

In sanity's forgotten corner...

Iwata stealthily creeps down to the storage room. Years of expert training have given him the ability to move around the ship undetected, even by the mice. It was useful skill to have, although it did sometimes make him question whether he was actually there or not, especially when people walked straight through him.

This was all forgotten as he focuses on the goal at hand, and enters the storage room.

Iwata: Myyyyyy precccciousssss...

In flagrante delicto...

Splend: Tack...


Splend: TACK!

Tack: What?

Splend: You can stop resuscitating me now.
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Old Sep 29, 2004, 05:51 PM   #75
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Re: Da Ultimately Sad SciFlicks SQUAD! Movie: The Big Sleep

Kier: Finally! The day has come! I shall become the most powerful huma -er- cat ever in existence! Take me into the storage room. I shall make the hamster's death quick and get on with the business of relocating these donuts.

*The robed figure passes through the cloudy aftermath of the exploded door into the gloomy atmosphere of the storage room.*

Nex: Was that Kier? Who was holding him? Bah! I've got more important things to think of. By the sounds of it, Bob is trying to hold off the hamsters. This looks like a job for-! Wait a mo, what time is it? Oh bejebus, I'm missing Blackadder! Bob! I'm sorry! I'll be back in a bit! *zips off*

Tack: Oh thank god, I thought I'd lost you! You gave me a scare!

Splend: Sorry, all this constant choking from Nex is causing permanent damage to my brain and is that the armory over there? *Stands up a bit shaky like*

Tack: What over there? Yeah...Why? We're out of guns and ammunition. We wasted them all at Jacker's Pool Party V4.5x10^3. Man that was a crazy night.

Splend: I must grab my Pike....

Tack: Ahhh yes, about your Pike. You see... Wait! Splend don't go in there!

Splend: Oh my god! My pike!!! No!!!! Who could have done this?!

Tack: I well.... I... Ummm... You see... I... Er... Uhhh... Ate it.

Splend: You?! Tack?! Of all people.....

Tack: I was hungry! Becks flew off with all the Spam! And all we had left was Plam! And I would rather eat Nex's Chicken Surprise than eat Plam!

Splend: My sausage... Tack, could you please give me some time.

Tack: Sure thing Splend, I'll go help out Bob and Kier.

Splend: My sausage...

Jill: *snif* What was that noise? It sounded like some one banging their head against a coolant pipe. I better go check it out...
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