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Sci-Fi Movie Titles: [ M -- R ]

From "Mad Max" to "Running Man, The"...

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Old Jan 5, 2005, 04:53 PM   #1
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The Martian Chronicles DVD set

The Martian Chronicles (1979) Rock Hudson, Bernadette Peters
Despite the cheesey special effects, I really liked this 2 DVD set (5+Hours) and I thought it was a good movie/mini series. However, I want to caution everyone that this is definately a low budget made for TV production and it has a few corny scenes that prove it. All that aside, It has a good plot that deals with the colonization of Mars and the music is good. I do tend to be partial to anything adapted from a Ray Bradbury novel so watch at your own risk, maybe you'll like it too. I'm glad I bought it and give it a (7.5/10) rating.
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Old Apr 26, 2005, 11:45 AM   #2
Sector Marshall
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Re: The Martian Chronicles DVD set

I'm afraid to say that when I first saw it I was expecting far, far more from it. And as such i will be forever disappointed with it.
The ideas are good, and the original books are worth a read.
But they just don't translate too well to the small screen.
5.5/10 - maybe a 6 - if I'm in a generous mood.
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Old Jun 2, 2006, 01:03 PM   #3
Psycho Teddy Sausage
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Re: The Martian Chronicles DVD set

Never knew that this existed. How did it work (or didn't), because the descriptions of the planet are so dated now...?
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Old Jun 23, 2006, 02:46 PM   #4
Wing Commander
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Re: The Martian Chronicles DVD set

It wasnt to bad but i think it could have been better. Would love to see it come to the big screen
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