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Old Aug 8, 2005, 10:40 AM   #1
Optimus Prime
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My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

I'm not sure how many people will actually read these, but I hope you do, and give me some feedback. Book 1 is a retelling of the 1986 Transformers film. Following Books extrapolate things that extend from changed events.

Give me a Yay or Nay if anyone would like to read them.
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Old Aug 8, 2005, 04:26 PM   #2
Darth Bob
The Eld
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Oh go on, maybe we'll get some decent fan-fics instead of the drivel that Demo18 keeps pouring out
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Old Aug 10, 2005, 08:16 PM   #3
Wing Commander
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Talking Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction


You said 'rod'.
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Old Aug 24, 2005, 02:43 PM   #4
Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Leave it to Wachesaw to point out the Rod LOL
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Old Sep 1, 2005, 05:48 PM   #5
Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

what were youspecificaly looking for?
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Old Sep 1, 2005, 08:09 PM   #6
Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

What I was looking for? I was just wondering if people were interested in reading an actual fanfic not stuffed down their throats by Demo18
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Old Sep 1, 2005, 09:37 PM   #7
Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

heh, well personally I would rather talk about Transformers than dumb@ss demolition man
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Old Sep 17, 2005, 12:58 PM   #8
Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Okay then, here, goes I'll put these up by Chapter, that way people while have time to assimilate them and talk about each chapter if they chose. I'll probably put them up once a week. Remember, the first Book of which there are 8, is basically a reimagining of 1986 Transformers film. How I think if should have really happened.
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Old Sep 17, 2005, 01:12 PM   #9
Optimus Prime
Autobot Commander
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2,027 flights since Dec 2003
Location: Homeworld: Cybertron. the great Autobot city of Iacon
Chapter I

An alternate future of the Transformers.

Book I "Dawn of a New Age"

Chapter I "Fall of Evil...Rise of Chaos"

{My name is of no matter. Most people simply call me "The Watcher". For countless millenia I have watched over the Earth, pondering the course of humanity. There are times that I have looked in on other realities, what you would call 'alternate universes'. For there are an infinite number of possible outcomes to everything, and I can explore them all. Today, I look upon a universe where a race of robotic beings from another world has changed humanity forever. In this world, there are no superheroes like Superman, or Spiderman, or their arch-enemies. In this world, we will not "Boldly go where no one has gone before". No, in this one, just over four million years ago, a starship from the planet Cybertron crashed into a volcano that would come to be known by the humans as Mount St. Hillary in Oregon and well...you know the story. At least, you know the story of this reality up to a point. For in this reality, an important event never happens. In this reality, we will learn what would have happened if Hot Rod had not gotten in the way.}

--The Battle of Autobot City - 2005--

"I've got to help Prime," said Hot Rod.

"Stay away, lad. That's Prime's battle," responded Kup, a grizzled old Autobot warhorse.

Hot Rod stopped and turned towards him, "But he needs our help."

"Maybe. Maybe not. Either way it's not our fight. Come on, we've got Decepticons to smash," said Kup, raising his musket laser rifle and turning toward the battle. Reluctantly, Hot Rod followed him.

{Now, events unfold differently, as we look in on Optimus Prime's fight with Megatron.}

Optimus Prime walked slowly toward Megatron, picking up his rifle as he went.

"No more Optimus Prime, grant me mercy, I beg of you," said Megatron.

"You? Who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff," responded Optimus. He could not believe Megatron would beg. He knew he had something planned.

Megatron grabbed the pistol hidden from Prime's view, but before he could aim it, Prime fired his laser rifle, blowing a hole through Megatron's chest, and sending him flying over a ledge. He landed on the ground, dead. Soundwave immediately saw and ran to Megatron, followed by Starscream.

{Now, Optimus Prime has defeated Megatron, and future events will be changed from what we know.}

"Well, so ends the reign of Megatron," said Starscream, as he kicked Megatron's lifeless body. He turned and said, "Astrotrain, transform and get us out of here!" Soundwave began to reach down to grab Megatron's body.

"Look out below!"

"Huh?" said Starscream as he looked up, just in time to see Optimus Prime jumping toward him from the ledge above. Prime landed right in front of him, and blasted him pointblank in the chest. He fell back on the ground in agony.

Soundwave fired at Prime, but he was too quick and he dodged the shot. Prime lunged at Soundwave, landing a punch to his face. Soundwave fired his shoulder cannon as he fell, hitting Optimus in the arm, throwing him off balance. As Prime stumbled, he shot Soundwave in the shoulder, tearing it open.

Optimus began to recover his bearing, while Starscream crawled feebly towards Astrotrain. Soundwave grabbed him and pulled him into the shuttle. "Astrotrain, take off!" yelled Soundwave.

Soundwave collapsed next to Starscream against the wall inside Astrotrain. His wound was more serious than he had first thought. He lost consciousness as Astrotrain took off.

Optimus Prime lay on the examination table, as Perceptor repaired him. "With Megatron dead, we can finally take back Cybertron," said Hot Rod.

"I hope so," Ultra Magnus replied.

"Prime, you were magnificent," said Kup.

"Thanks," Optimus replied grimly. He did not feel very magnificent.

"Optimus, what's wrong?" Arcee asked. "You've won a tremendous victory for us. We would have been lost if you hadn't shown up."

"It's just...I don't know, it's nothing," answered Optimus. He knew it was something, but he tried to ignore it for now. "Ultra Magnus, see that the city is repaired."

"It's being worked on as we speak, Springer is assessing the damage right now."

"Optimus, I hate to have to ask this, but I need you to remove the Matrix so I can finish these repairs," said Perceptor.

"Of course." Optimus opened his chest compartment and removed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. The others all stood back, as he held it in one hand. A blue glow filled the room.

"It's beautiful," said Arcee.

"Optimus, what's the Matrix for?" asked Daniel.

"It carries all the accumulated wisdom of the past Autobot leaders, even mine. It is said that one day, an Autobot shall rise from our ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour," he answered. When would that day come, he wondered. Who would it be? It was just ambiguous enough that he didn't have a clue.

"Will it be you?" asked Daniel again.

"I do not know. It may be, or it may be another. Only the Matrix knows for sure." He sighed. "Kup...do you have the list?"

"Yes. Here it is." He handed Prime a data pad. Prime read the names on it. Prowl, Ironhide, Ratchet, Brawn, Wheeljack, Windcharger...there were more, but he couldn't read them anymore. He handed it back to Kup, "I'll finish reading it later."

"Now if you all would leave, I could finish repairing Optimus," said Perceptor. Ultra Magnus, Kup, Blurr, Hot Rod, Arcee and Daniel all left the room.

Astrotrain flew unsteadily through space. "Jettison some weight or I'll never make it to Cybertron."

"Fellow Decepticons, Astrotrain has requested that we lighten our burden," said Blitzwing.

"In that case I say it is survival of the fittest," said Bonecrusher.

"Do I hear a second on that?" asked Blitzwing.

Many hands shot up, "AYE!"

"And against?"

Weakly raising their hands, the few conscious and damaged Decepticons, "Nay."

"The aye's have it." Declared Blitzwing. The unconscious forms of Starscream, Thundercracker, Dirge, Thrust, and Skywarp were rolled out of the shuttle door. Blitzwing went to push Soundwave out.

"No way," yelled Rumble and Frenzy, "Soundwave stays." Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage and Ratbat all transformed to protect Soundwave.

Blitzwing pointed his gun at Rumble's head, "If you wish, you can join him."

Worried, Rumble decided, "Umm, that's okay." He and Frenzy then pushed Soundwave out, and closed the doors.

"Now to business," began Blitzwing, "I am now leader of the Decepticons."

"Fat chance," said Scrapper, "The Constructicons form Devastator, the most powerful robot. We should rule." A punch was thrown and soon a brawl broke out, rocking Astrotrain back to Cybertron.

{As I'm sure you noticed, the Insecticons were not among those tossed out of the shuttle, and that Dirge and Thrust were, as well as Starscream and Soundwave. One change to history as you know it, and a whole flood of changes follow.}

Starscream and the other discarded Decepticons floated through the cold vacuum of space, until a huge shadow overcast their forms, as Starscream regained consciousness.

[Welcome, Starscream.] a huge voice filled his head. He looked and saw nothing but what seemed to be a huge planet before him.

"Who...who said that?" asked Starscream.

[I am Unicron.] It replied.

"Where are you?"

[I have summoned you here for a purpose.]

"I am Starscream, nobody summons me."

[Then it pleases me to be the first.]

"What do you want from me?"

[You are to destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. It is the one thing, the only thing that can stand in my way.]

"Why should I? What's in it for me?" glared Starscream.

[Your bargaining posture is highly dubious. But very well, I shall provided you with a new body, and new troops to command.] Unicron offered.

Starscream thought a moment, "Agreed. On one condition."

[And that is?] asked Unicron.

"I will provide you with the designs for my new body, and those of my troops," replied Starscream.

Starscream removed a small computer chip from a storage compartment and held it up to Unicron. It always paid to be prepared for everything, Starscream thought, and these designs he had created would do nicely.

Unicron projected a beam out to the chip, and then Starscream found he was engulfed in a brilliant light. His body was repaired and altered. [/i][Behold..Skyquake. And these shall be your minions, the Predators.][/i] Thundercracker was engulfed by the light, [Talon,] then Skywarp [Sky Smasher,] Thrust [Falcon,] Dirge [Snare.] Soundwave was engulfed last. [Stalker, the warrior. And this shall be your ship,] Unicron opened a hatch, and launched a space cruiser, [Now go, destroy the Matrix.]

"I will destroy Floptimus Prime and the Matrix personally," swore Skyquake, "To Cybertron."

Optimus Prime and Perceptor walked into the dimly lit room. "Lights," said Prime. As the lights flickered on, the morgue became clearly visible. The left wall consisted of many large drawers, with many of them bearing names. Ironhide, Ratchet, Brawn, and many other old friends, but Prime did not look at them, there was only one that interested him at the moment. The name on the drawer read 'Megatron.'

"Open it, Perceptor," asked Prime.

"Optimus, I already examined him. He's dead." Perceptor replied.

"Humor me."

"As you wish." Perceptor pulled the drawer open to reveal Megatron. Perceptor then transformed into his microscope mode, and began to examine him again, "Power readings are zero, and his Spark is nonexistent. Massive internal damage to all systems, no brain functions, his memory core is erased, and his fuel pump is inactive. All readings indicate no function at all. Absolutely no sign of life. My original diagnosis stands. He's as the humans say, 'dead as a door nail.'" Perceptor transformed, and tapped Megatron's forehead with his knuckle. "See? No one's home."

If Prime had a mouth, he would have smiled, "Thank you, Perceptor. You can go now." Perceptor began to close the drawer, "No, leave it," said Prime.

Pereptor nodded and left the room.

Optimus Prime looked down at his old enemy and stared into Megatron's face. His eyes were dark, no sign of life, and no movement. Optimus remembered each and every battle they had ever fought. Each and every dirty trick Megatron had pulled, and each friend that had died at the hands of Megatron or his troops. Of course, Prime would never forget, that it was often his orders that had put those friends in jeopardy. He knew that those deaths were not his fault, and that they had died fighting for what they had believed in. Optimus had done what he had to do. He knew it, but he had a hard time accepting it.

"So this is how it ends, Megatron. After nine million years, it comes to an end. And with your death, comes a new hope for our struggle to regain our home." Prime paused, "It should be a time of celebration, even after the loss of so many friends on this day." He glanced back towards the drawer that read 'Ironhide' then looked back at Megatron. "They would not feel that their sacrifice was in vain. Now perhaps peace may come." Optimus reached to close the drawer, but paused again, "And yet even in death, you worry me, Megatron. You have survived too many times that you should have died. It does not seem over between us. I know you too well, Megatron. After nine million years, I know you all too well," he said, with just a hint of anger in his voice. "Something isn't right, and I wish I knew what it was. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, and I hope that is all that it is. Though I have a feeling that you are no more dead than I."

Prime closed the drawer and left the room. He touched a communicator panel on the wall, "Optimus Prime to Blaster."

"Blaster here," came a static filled reply.

"Blaster, I want guards posted around the morgue 24 hours a day."

"Why Optimus?" asked Blaster.

"Just do it."

Back on Cybertron, Blitzwing was being crowned the new leader of the Decepticons. The Constructicons sounded the coronation horns. Then they blew them again. "Knock it off!" ordered Blitzwing. Astrotrain placed the crown on Blitzwing's head.

"My fellow Decepticons, as the new leader of the..." At that moment, a thunderous sound could be heard as a huge jet followed by four smaller jets landed in the middle of the hall. The large jet's cockpit opened and a robot jumped out, then all of the jets transformed. "Who disrupts this ceremony?!" demanded Blitzwing.

"Surely you can't believe you are the new leader of the Decepticons?" answered Skyquake.

"I know that voice," said Blitzwing, "Starscream."

"Why, Blitzwing, you're smarter than I thought." Skyquake said as he raised his weapon and fired a missile at him. The missile impacted and blew Blitzwing into many pieces that rained down all over the hall. "Well, would anyone else like to lead the Decepticons?" Skyquake scanned the hall, "I didn't think so. All hail me, Skyquake!"

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Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

wow...this seems like the movie.....keep going when you have the chance
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Optimus Prime
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Chapter II: Apocalypse Rising

In the cold, hard vacuum of space, Unicron moved silently towards the outermost moon of Cybertron. Known as Moon Base 1, Cliffjumper and Jazz were keeping watch on things there. Jazz looked up at the monitor above him, and saw the enormous form of Unicron bearing down on them.

"Where'd that come from?" exclaimed Jazz.

"Who cares? I'm more worried about where it's going," answered Cliffjumper in his usual wisecracking tone.

Jazz pressed a button on the console in front of him and spoke into the microphone. "Talk to me Earth. We got a situation out here."

On Earth, the Autobots had begun the daunting task of repairing what was left of Autobot City after the Decepticons assault.

"Roger me, wilco me, anything, hello, hello Earth," came Jazz's voice over Blaster's communication channel.

"I'm picking up a faint signal," said Blaster as he transformed into his tape deck mode. Optimus Prime, Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Springer, Daniel, and the Dinobots gathered around to hear it.

"This is Jazz. A ginormous, wierd-looking planet just showed up in the suburbs of Cybertron."

"And," continued Cliffjumper, "it's attacking Moon Base 1." The transmission then went to static.

"Jazz, Cliffjumper," called Optimus, but there was nothing he could do for them.

On Moon Base 1, Jazz and Cliffjumper made a desperate run for the shuttle. "Got to blast free, if we can," said Jazz as he prepared the shuttle for launch.

"Ignition and," said Cliffjumper.

"Hit it!" yelled Jazz. The shuttle roared into space, only to be stopped as Unicron pulled them in along with the rest of the moon.

"Jazz, we're not getting away," yelled Cliffjumper as the shuttle shook all around them. The shuttle disappeared into Unicron's maw.

On Moon Base 2, horrified by what they had just witnessed, Spike Witwicky and Bumblebee contacted Earth through the video link.

"This is Spike and Bumblebee up here on Moon Base 2," called Spike.

"This thing, this monster planet just ripped the first moon to shreds," Bumblebee exclaimed.

"And it's heading this way," Spike said.

"We'll try and slow it down," said Bumblebee.

"But you'd better get here fast, or we're not gonna..." On Earth , the Autobots watched in horror as the communication abruptly ceased.

"Dad," called Daniel.

"Bumblebee, activate the explosives." Spike waited as he armed them, "If this doesn't stop it, nothing will."

"The explosives are activated, let's get out of here," said Bumblebee as he ran for the shuttle with Spike right behind him.

"Hurry, it's gonna blow!" he said as they boarded it. The shuttle took off just as Unicron grabbed onto the moon. Seeing it explode, the two cheered.

"Look," Bumblebee pointed at the monitor showing them the view behind them. He didn't believe what he was seeing.

"Oh ****! It isn't even dented." Spike exclaimed, "What are we gonna do now?"

"We're being sucked into it!" shouted Bumblebee, as they were pulled inside and the shuttle was crushed.

On Cybertron, Skyquake watched in rage. "Unicron, what do you think you are doing?" he screamed, "Cybertron and its moons are mine!" After saying this, he fell to the ground, suffering from searing pain throughout his body.

"But remember, we belong to him." Stalker said quietly.

"I belong to nobody. I am the mighty Skyq..." muttered Skyquake, as he toppled down the steps in front of him. "I will obey...Unicron," he stood up, "for now," he added under his breath. "Decepticons, to Earth!"

On Earth, the Autobots were still gathered around the view screen, after Spike and Bumblebee's transmission had been cut off. Optimus Prime contemplated the next move. There was something out there with the power to destroy a moon like it was nothing. It was headed right for Cybertron, and who knows where to next, maybe Earth. "Board the shuttles, this new menace is greater than any we have ever faced before. We must stop it before it destroys Cybertron."

"But what about my dad? He's on the moon between that monster planet and Cybertron," asked Daniel.

"Daniel, we'll do everything we can for Spike," replied Optimus.

"And what are we gonna do when we get there? If that thing crunches moons, it'll make short work of us." Springer asked next.

"Perhaps the Matrix can stop it," said Optimus.

Springer looked up at the sky, and pointed, "Look!" The Decepticons were flying towards them.

"Get to the shuttles!" ordered Prime.

Skyquake made a run straight at Optimus Prime, "I'm gonna fry you, Prime!"

"Not likely Starscream," said Optimus as he jumped out of the way of the laser blasts. It was Starscream's voice he'd heard, but obviously in a new body. He pointed his laser rifle, and started firing.

"It's Skyquake now, you old has-been," he called, as he took evasive actions to avoid Prime's shots. "Talon, Falcon, destroy Prime," he ordered. The two Predators swooped down towards Optimus, but veered off, as they could not get past his laser fire. "Incompetent fools!" screamed Skyquake.

Elsewhere, Arcee and Daniel were running for the shuttle, as Snare rained laser fire down around them. Arcee grabbed Daniel, just as the ground in front of him was blasted into nothingness. "Stay close to me, Daniel."

Hot Rod came running up behind them, "And you'd better stay close to me," he said to Arcee. Arcee suddenly grabbed him and pulled him against the wall, just as Snare's laser blasts sailed by him inches away.

"No, you'd better stay close to me," she purred innocently.

As Skyquake flew above the battle, he decided that he needed some reinforcements. "This is Skyquake to second unit, attack!"

"Understood," came Hook's voice over his radio.

Optimus Prime ducked behind a wall to avoid some laser fire, and found Ultra Magnus and Perceptor there.

"Prime," began Ultra Magnus, "Perceptor has some news."

"What is it?"

"I have detected another force moving to attack us," Perceptor answered.

How many?" asked Prime.

"I've detected sixteen new attackers," he replied.

"Any idea who?"

"I'm afraid if my readings are correct, it's the Constructicons, Stunticons, and the Combaticons." Perceptor said, dismayed.

"Oh no. Devastator, Menasor, and Bruticus will make short work of this place, with the city defenses still offline." Optimus looked at Ultra Magnus, "Find Blaster, we need to even the odds a bit, so have him radio the Ark for reinforcements. Have them send Omega Supreme, the Aerialbots, and the Protectobots. That should even things up."

"Whatever you say, Prime, but that won't leave us much of a force protecting the Ark," said Ultra Magnus.

"I know, but we have no choice." With that, Prime leapt out from behind the wall and started firing.

Skyquake flew toward where his second team was preparing to attack. He transformed and landed in front of the them. "Constructicons, Combaticons, and Stunticons, merge and destroy Autobot City."

"With pleasure," replied Onslaught, "Combaticons, unite!" The five Combaticons merged into the awesome form of Bruticus.

"Stunticons, unite!" commanded Motormaster.

"Well, if you insist," interrupted Dead End, "but it's pointless." The Stunticons merged and Menasor roared in anger. The Constructicons followed suit and the three monstrosities flew toward the city.

"Victory will be mine!" laughed Skyquake, as he changed back to jet mode and flew toward the battle. The three mighty robots flew in formation toward the battle. "Menasor, attack the left flank," ordered Skyquake, "Bruticus, take the right, and Devastator, you begin a full frontal assault." All of a sudden, Skyquake was blasted from behind. "What? Argh!"

Devastator turned around, and received a shot to the chest for it.

"Devastator, you will not escape Omega Supreme this time!" bellowed a huge form, as he attacked the fallen Devastator. Bruticus and Menasor turned to help Devastator but found themselves face to face with Superion and Defensor.

Meanwhile, Blurr was trying in vain to get the Dinobots into the shuttle. "NiceDino, goodDino, wouldn'tyoustepintotheniceshuttleforBlurr? Prettyplease? Prettyprettyprettyplease? NiceDino, goodDino, withacherryandsugarandwhippedcreamontop? NiceDino, goodDino, sweetDino?" he said as he pushed and pulled and begged Grimlock to get inside.

"Me Grimlock not nice Dino, me bash brains." Grimlock and the Dinobots breathed fire at Falcon as he flew overhead.

"Hey, watch that breath, you Dinofools," Falcon said as he avoided the charring flames.

Optimus Prime came running up to the shuttle with most of the Autobots behind him. "Ultra Magnus, you will stay here, and defend the city. Springer, Blaster, and Blurr will stay with you. Hot Rod, Kup, Arcee and Perceptor, get the Dinobots in the shuttle and let's get out of here."

"I want to go too, Optimus," said Daniel.

"It's too dangerous," he replied.

"But my Dad," he started, with tears in his eyes.

Optimus knew that Daniel should stay, for if Spike were dead he would never forgive himself. But how could he not let Daniel go? "All right, Daniel, but stay close to Arcee."

Hot Rod threw a lasso around Grimlock's neck, and started pulling him inside. "Come on, you big bozo," he grunted.

"Me Grimlock no bozo, me king."

Once aboard the Autobots prepared for launch, Kup began to reminisce, "This reminds me of the battle on Alpha Nine, the Petrol-Rabbits were...Grimlock get your noodle outta my face!" he said as he pushed Grimlock away.

"Me Grimlock love Kup's war stories."

"You're living one now," Kup turned to Hot Rod, "Engage the boosters for Cybertron's sake."

Grimlock leaned in again, "Tell Grimlock about Petrol-Rabbits again."

"I'll give you Petrol-Rabbits. Contact."

"Grimlock, leave Kup alone, he has to pilot the ship," ordered Optimus Prime, as the shuttle rocketed into space.

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Optimus Prime
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Location: Homeworld: Cybertron. the great Autobot city of Iacon
Chapter III: As Darkness Falls

Out in space, the Autobot shuttle flew towards Cybertron, as Prime looked up from the monitor in front of him. "Looks like we lost them, I hope Ultra Magnus and the others can keep Autobot City in one piece."

"Yep, I remember the dust was so thick off Beta 4, you had to use windshield wipers on your optic sensors," Kup told Grimlock and the other Dinobots, gesturing for effect.

"Me Grimlock know all about wipers, want to hear good part of story," Grimlock yelled as he swung his arm up and knocked Swoop down to the floor.

Still lying on his back, Swoop said, "Good part, Kup, tell Swoop good part."

Kup leaned back and waved his hand in defeat, "Okay, okay. Well, the dust really thick. And then this gigantic Ickyac came tromping and stomping down the mountain, flames spewing out of its nostrils. And I thought for sure..."

"Hey Kup, don't you think we have better things to do than tell old stories?" finished Hot Rod as he fought a practice fighting droid.

"Like what?" Kup asked.

"Like, try to figure out how we're going to rescue our friends and then save Cybertron," answered Hot Rod.

"In good time," said Optimus, "There isn't anything we can do until we get there."

"Tell story," howled Grimlock. "SSSH. Quiet. We want to hear story. Tell story, tell story," piped in the others.

"Kup, tell them so they'll keep quiet," sighed Optimus.

"Sure thing Prime."

Hot Rod shrugged, and as he was turning the practice robot struck him from behind. Angry, he grabbed it by the throat, and it buzzed. Suddenly, the ship was rocked by an explosion, and Hot Rod ran to his seat.

Meanwhile, aboard the Decepticon ship, Skyquake was getting a report on the battle on Earth.

"What do you mean, you were defeated?" demanded Skyquake.

"Omega Supreme, Defensor and Superion were too much for us," replied Onslaught.

"*****s, idiots!" Skyquake smashed his fist against the console, and the screen went dark.

"The ion trail missile found the Autobot shuttle. It's directly ahead," pointed Sky Smasher.

"All right," began Skyquake, "Stalker, you take command here, and prepare to attack. I'm going after them myself." He got up and left the bridge.

"They're closing on us," said Hot Rod.

"Yup, like the shrikebats of Dromedon," quipped Kup.

"How'd you beat them?" asked Hot Rod.

"I'm trying to remember. There were an awful lot of casualties that day."

"Kup, take evasive action," ordered Optimus.

"Prime, Skyquake's incoming." Hot Rod reported.

Prime thought a moment. They needed to get away from the Decepticons so they could deal with the monster planet. Kup was saying something about the Decepticons not stopping and that they something needed to be done. "Prepare fo emergency seperation," he said suddenly.

"That's too dangerous," cried Perceptor.

"Do you have another option?" asked Optimus.

"Um, no, I guess not," he replied.

Skyquake loomed ever closer to the shuttle, and prepared to fire his missiles, as Kup initiated shuttle seperation. Skyquake closed in on his victims, muttering, "Take this," as he fired his missiles. Upon finding their target, the shuttle exploded into a fiery ball, completely obliterated. Unseen to the Decepticons or Skyquake, however, the front portion of the shuttle escaped, damaged but everyone aboard it safe.

"The Autobots have been terminated," said Stalker, on the bridge of the Decepticon ship.

"Excellent. And the Matrix is no more." Just as Skyquake said that, though, he was wracked with intense pain. "AAAH! No! Unicron, what are you doing?" he transformed into robot mode and floated in space. "Stalker, pick me up and take me to Unicron."

"Did you have to let them detonate three quarters of the ship?" asked Arcee.

"Would you have preferred four quarters?" countered Optimus.

"I suppose not. But how are we supposed to get there in this wreck?" she asked.

"I'm open to suggestions," said Optimus.

"Let me see if I can find a place to land for repairs," replied Perceptor, as he punched in some calculations into the computer, "Gamma rays of this sector of space create marginal navigational probabilities. However," he turned to see everyone staring impatiently at him, "Ahem, yes. I believe I've found a planet of junk in this vicinity."

"Kup, Hot Rod, set course for the planet of junk," ordered Optimus.

As they approached the planet, the repulsor lift check failed, "Hold on, everyone, this is going to be a bumpy landing." Optimus cautioned.

The shuttle crashed into the ground, skidding across it for several hundred meters before coming to a halt.

"Slag...my head," said Optimus as he pushed himself away from the wall he'd been thrown against. He shook his head to get his bearings and looked around. "Is everyone all right?"

"We're okay," replied Arcee, and she pulled Daniel up off the floor.

"You okay, lad?" asked Kup, as he and Hot Rod stood.

"I think so," he answered, as he ran a diagnostic on his systems.

"Wonderful landing," quipped Perceptor.

"Grimlock?" began Prime.

"Me Grimlock fine. Dinobots all fine. Take more than little crash to stop Dinobots."

"Glad to hear it, now, let's see if the ship is salvagable."

"Can I help too?" asked Daniel, looking up at Optimus.

"It's dangerous, Daniel," replied Prime.

""I think Daniel can make himself useful with this. It was Spike's Exo-suit." Arcee said.

"Dad's Exo-suit! He told me all about it."

"Here, try it on," she said, lifting Daniel into the suit, "now try to walk. Come on, you can do it."

"Think of what you want to do," encouraged Kup, "then do it."

He tried to walk, and nearly fell over, but Arcee caught him, "It's kinda tricky."

"Keep on practicing, you'll get the hang of it." she replied.

"Come on, everybody, we have work to do," said Prime, as he opened the hatch to the outside. Once everyone was out of the shuttle, they stared out at the landscape before them.

"This must be the junk capital of the universe," whistled Daniel.

A short distance away, several hundred figures emerged from the junk, and stood as their leader began talking. "Stop thief. No welcome-wagon, hello stranger with that good coffee flavor for you," his eye glinted, "offer expires while you wait. Operators...are standing by."

Out in space, the Decepticon ship approached the massive form of Unicron. Skyquake flew out of the ship in jet mode and transformed in front of him.

Skyquake shook his fist, "What do you think you were doing?! You had no reason to torture me."

[You have failed,] rumbled Unicron.

"What are you talking about? The shuttle Prime was on was destroyed. He's dead and the Matrix is destroyed, you overgrown beach ball!"

[Your impertinance tires me, Skyquake, and the Matrix has not been destroyed. Prime lives, on the planet of junk. Stalk him, tear him apart, and destroy the Matrix,] Unicron demanded.

Back on the planet of junk, the Autobots had begun the task of repairing the damage to the shuttle. "Be sure the fittings are securely welded," Perceptor instructed.

"No problem," said Kup, "it'll be perfect."

"Whoa, this exo-suit is fantastic, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it," said Daniel, excited.

Looking on, the leader of the Junkions points toward the Autobots and says, "Forward, avanti, and like, go for the gusto." He saw something beyond them in the distance, "Hold on."

Up in the sky, the Autobots spot the Decepticons heading right for them. It was Skyquake, and the four Predator jets, being followed by another group of Decepticons.

"Quick, everyone head this way, we'll try to draw their fire, and double back later," called Prime.

"There is no escape, Autobots," said Skyquake, as he and the Predators began firing missiles at them. The missiles missed the shuttle completely, as the Autobots ran.

"What about the shuttle?" asked Perceptor.

"We'll worry about that later," answered Optimus, "Transform and roll out of here. Dinobots, follow us."

"Dinobots no run, we fight," said Grimlock.

"And if we lose you here, what will we do when we get to the monster planet?"

"Me Grimlock had not thought of that."

The fleeing Autobots transformed. "What do I do?" Daniel said, frightened.

"Daniel, you have to transform, it's built into the suit," said Hot Rod, "Concentrate, I know you can do it."

"Transform," Daniel whispered as he ran. He stopped as Snare transformed in front of him, flanked by Scavenger and Shrapnel.

"You're mine, fleshsack," gloated Snare.

"Transform," begged Daniel. All of a sudden, the suit transformed into a small car, and he sped past Snare, whooping in delight.

Optimus Prime did not know what to do. Could this be their darkest hour? They had to get to the monster planet and try to save Cybertron. He decided to try the Matrix. "Everyone, take cover. I'm going to try and open the Matrix."

The Autobots ran into a cave in the junk, and Optimus fired his rifle above their heads, which brought a wall of junk down in front of them. Optimus removed the Matrix from his chest, and tried to open it. "Open, blast it, open. The Matrix is supposed to light our darkest hour. How can it be any darker than this?" He didn't want to think about that answer. Skyquake and the Predators transformed and landed in front of him.

"Prime, give me the Matrix," demanded Skyquake, as Prime continued to try and open it.

"That will be the day," snorted Prime.

"Then I'll take it," said Skyquake, as he raised his arm and fired a missile at him at near point blank range. It tore into Optimus' right shoulder and severed his arm, and he fell to the ground. Unable to hold onto the Matrix, it bounced away.

Skyquake picked it up, and looked at it. "Unicron, now it's my turn. To do the torturing," he laughed, as he and the other Decepticons leapt into the sky, and flew back to Cybertron.

A short while later, the Autobots dug their way out, and ran to Optimus Prime's side.

"Are you okay, Prime?" asked Kup.

"Except for the lack of a right arm, I think I'm okay," he said as he struggled to stand up.

"The Matrix?" asked Hot Rod.

Prime looked down to the ground, "I lost it. After nine million years, I lost it."

"It's not your fault, Optimus," Arcee said.

Optimus could feeling that she was wrong. But, he did not have time to worry about his failure. He had to go on. Cybertron was still in danger, perhaps more so now than ever. "Perceptor, is my arm re-attachable?"

Perceptor picked his arm up off the ground and examined it. He shook his head, "I'm afraid not. The internal structure was completely shattered. I'll have to make a new one, but I will need my workshop to do it. I can at least stop any pain you feel there." He took a tool and disconnected Optimus' sensory circuits in his shoulder.

"Pain's gone, thanks Perceptor. I guess I'll be one arm short for the time being." Optimus had just begun to contemplate their next move, when Daniel screamed.

"Look!" he cried, when he saw the Junkions jump out of the ground.

"Autobots, stay together, and don't move," ordered Prime.

"Me Grimlock say we smash them."

"Shut up, Grimlock," said Kup, "In case you forgot, they are the least of our problems."

The Autobots and Dinobots formed a circle, and they could see that the Junkions were moving in from all directions. Wreck-Gar, riding one of the other transformed Junkions, headed straight for the group. "Don't look behind door number 2, Monty, it's time to play End of the Line, my Valentine. Geroni-geron-ron-ronimo!"

"Anyone have any suggestions?" asked Optimus.

"You could try the universal greeting," said Kup.

"The what?" asked Hot Rod.

"Bah weep granah weep nini bong," said Optimus, "Did I say that right?" he whispered to Kup.

"Perfect, but it works best if you offer some Energon too," Kup replied.

"As if we weren't low enough on Energon as it is." Prime took a small cube of Energon, and held it out to the Junkion leader. As he approached, he slowed down to a stop and dismounted the motorcycle, which transformed behind him. He took the Energon and turned to his followers, and repeated, "Bah weep granah weep nini bong."

The Junkions cheered and danced around, then Wreck-Gar waved his hands for silence, "Have a nice day...and so say the Junkions." he said.

"Where'd you learn to talk like that?" asked Hot Rod.

"TV. We talk TV, you talk some TV?" Wreck-Gar asked back.

"I talk some TV, and now the news, don't touch that dial," said Kup.

"Bah weep granah weep nini bong," chanted the Junkions.

Optimus Prime watched the scene in bemusement, as his Autobots cheered and danced with the Junkions. They deserved some fun, but now was not the time for it. "Autobots, Dinobots, we haven't the time for this. We must find Skyquake, and retrieve the Matrix."

"Where is Skyquake?" asked Grimlock.

"And the answer is...Unicron," said Wreck-Gar.

"Unicron? Who's Unicron?" asked Hot Rod.

"Unicron's the big cheese, the man, the law around these parts," replied the Junkion leader.

"So that's the monster's name. We must destroy Unicron before he can destroy Cybertron," said Optimus.

"Yes friends, act now, and destroy Unicron. Kill the Grand Poobah. Eliminate even the toughest stains, no fuss, no muss, hurry, hurry, hurry, rush right on down and test-drive latest model with no obligation," said Wreck-Gar as he opened a panel and pressed a button. Suddenly, a ship made of mismatched pieces and junk rose from beneath the junk on the ground, "New improved Junkion planet, this sleek sexy import, with turbo handling."

Optimus, relieved at their new friends willingness to help, turned to Perceptor, "How long to repair the shuttle?" Before he could answer, though, Wreck-Gar interrupted.

"No need to worry, warranty not expired."

The Autobots turned to the shuttle, and found that the Junkions had repaired it. They work really fast, thought Prime, "Let's go then," he said.

The Junkions all began to board their ship, chanting, "Yeah! Destroy Unicron! Kill the Grand Poobah! Eliminate even the toughest stains!" over and over again. Both ships were soon boarded, and they took off towards Cybertron and destiny.

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Chapter IV: Dawn of Destiny

Near Cybertron, Unicron waited as Skyquake returned. "Unicron! Unicron! Answer me, you damn space urchin," said Skyquake, "I have the Matrix, now I'm in charge," he held it in front of him like a shield.

[No,] rumbled Unicron.

"What?! You'll do my bidding, or taste my power, fool," Skyquake said as arrogantly as he could.

[You've underestimated me, Skyquake.] Suddenly, Unicron transformed into the largest robot in creation. Skyquake and his Predators were too scared to move. [For a time, I considered sparing your wretched little planet Cybertron. But now, you shall witness...its dismemberment!] He moved close to Cybertron and began to attack, slamming a giant hand down upon its surface.

"Nooo!" screamed Skyquake, as he desperately tried to open the Matrix.

Down on the planet, Shockwave gave orders to the Decepticons, "We're under attack! Scramble!" Hundreds of Decepticon warriors flew to meet their attacker. Skyquake and the Predators began firing on Unicron. As if batting an insignificant bug, he scooped them up in his hand and swallowed them all. And continued his destruction of Cybertron.

The Junkion ship, and Autobot shuttle arrived a short time later, "I don't believe it," said Prime, shocked.

"Me neither," seconded Kup.

"You mean this doesn't remind you of anything, Kup?" asked Hot Rod sarcastically.

"Nope. Never seen anything like this before."

"What happened to Moon Base 2? Where's my Dad?" asked Daniel.

"That's what we're going to find out," said Optimus, "Dinobots, transform and attack."

"Me Grimlock love attacking," as he and the other Dinobots leapt from an airlock.

Unicron spotted the Junkion ship and shot fire from his mouth, engulfing it. Inside, Wreck-Gar was spouting another TV slogan, "Resists fire, rain, and corrosion for up to five years. Satisfaction, guaranteed."

"Or your money back," chimed in the other Junkions.

Unicron then spewed fire at the shuttle, sending it careening through Unicron's eye. In pain, he covered it, as inside the Autobots abandoned the shuttle, and fell a long distance. Perceptor, Kup, Arcee, and Daniel all landed together. Prime and Hot Rod were nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Optimus and Hot Rod?" asked Daniel.

"I don't know, but I hope those things didn't get 'em," Kup said, pointing to the robot tentacles coming out of the walls.

"Quick, this way," said Arcee, pointing down a tunnel. They ran.

Optimus Prime found himself lying face down in a dark corridor. He got up, and walked partway down it. He saw a blue glow in the shadows, "The Matrix."

"It won't do us any good, Prime. It can't be opened," said Skyquake.

"Not by you," said Optimus.

"Whatever. But now we are allies, against Unicron." A sharp pain coursed through Skyquake, doubling him over, "ARRGH!"

[Destroy him, Skyquake, now, or you yourself shall be obliterated,] called Unicron.

"Of course, Unicron," he gasped and straightened up. "Attack!"

All of a sudden, Snare, Sky Smasher, Talon, Falcon , and Stalker appeared from the shadows and surrounded Optimus. They attacked all at once.

Meanwhile, Hot Rod had been wandering around looking for the others, when he saw Prime being attacked by the Decepticons, while Skyquake stood to the side with the Matrix. He ran for Optimus, and started firing at the Decepticons. He hit Snare and Talon, and they went down. Falcon and Sky Smasher each shot back, but they were too late, and each was hit. Hot Rod went to tackle Stalker, but he sidestepped him, and grabbed Hot Rod's neck as he went by, and tossed him at Skyquake's feet.

"Stupid Autobot brat, I will destroy you myself." Skyquake jumped on top of him, and wrapped his hands around Hot Rod's neck, and began to squeeze.

Stalker then returned to Optimus, and continued to pummel him. Optimus was barely keeping himself from stasis lock. The few blows he'd managed to land on Stalker seemed nothing more than an annoyance to him. The four other Predators had given him quite a beating. From the corner of his eye, he could see Skyquake and Hot Rod, but he couldn't help him. He couldn't even help himself at the moment.

Outside, the battle raged. "Me Grimlock kick butt," as he slammed into Unicron's backside. Unicron reached behind and closed his fist almost on top of where the Dinobots had been attacking Unicron's exterior. "Me Grimlock need new strategy," as they flew off to regroup.

Back inside Unicron, Arcee, Kup, Perceptor, and Daniel ran down another corridor trying to escape the robotic tentacles. Daniel fell down, and was pinned by one, and he yelled for help.

"Daniel," called Arcee, as she turned around and started shooting the tentacles off him. One shot missed and hit the wall, causing it to explode and unleash a torrent of stored water down on top of them.

"Arcee, Kup," Daniel yelled, as he was swept down a new tunnel, and separated from the rest. He bobbed along for a while, before managing to pull himself out of the water into a huge smelting room. He stopped before a huge molten metal vat, and looked up. He saw dozens of robots being dumped into the vats, their screams echoing in the huge room. He looked further down the line, and saw his father hanging from an arm moving toward the vat. Bumblebee, Jazz, and Cliffjumper were right behind him.


"Daniel!" Spike exclaimed.

"Dad, what can I do?" asked Daniel frantically.

"Knock down the vat cover," he replied.


"Blast it, son!"

"But I don't have a gun."

"Use your exo-suit. Hurry!"

Daniel pressed a few buttons before finding the right one, and fired at the cover's support, knocking it down just just as Spike and the others were dropped. Daniel looked away, believing he hadn't moved fast enough.

"Daniel! You did it!" called his dad from the top of the vat.

"Yeah, I did it," said Daniel, thankfully.

"You're finished now," said Skyquake as he squeezed Hot Rod's neck tighter. The metal in his neck was stressed to the point of fracture now. Then, Hot Rod suddenly grabbed hold of the Matrix and Skyquake was repelled by some force and knocked off Hot Rod. He stood up, and tried to open the Matrix. As hard as he tried though, it wouldn't open. He looked up just in time to see Stalker coming at him. He moved, but Stalker knocked the Matrix from him and it rolled over to where Optimus Prime was barely conscious on the floor.

Optimus saw it, as it's glow seemed to call for him. It would not open before, and Hot Rod could not open it now. What could that mean? It did not make any sense. Cybertron was on the brink of destruction, yet they could not open the Matrix. He reached for it, but the intense pain made it difficult, and he ignored it as much as he could. When he took hold of it, though, the pain disappeared. He was about to try and open it, but then he realized he couldn't, because he only had one arm. He placed the Matrix on the floor, and ran towards Stalker. Skyquake had just joined the attack on Hot Rod. Optimus smashed into them like a linebacker, and sent the two Decepticons tumbling.

"Quickly, Hot Rod, I need your help to open the Matrix," said Optimus.

Hot Rod picked up the Matrix, and offered it to Prime, "You open it," said Prime.

"But I tried, and I couldn't," protested Hot Rod.

Optimus didn't know what to say. If it was his place to open the Matrix, how could he with only one arm? Then he realized what he had to do.

"Hot Rod, grab one side of the Matrix, and give me the other."

Hot Rod did as he was told, and it became clear to both of them.

~Optimus Prime,~ said a voice.

"Alpha Trion," said Optimus, recognizing his mentor.

~Nine million years ago, I created you to lead the Autobots. And lead you have, and lead them you will. For how long, no one knows. You have done well.~ Alpha Trion's voice continued, ~On this day, Hot Rod fulfills his destiny. Arise, Rodimus Prime.~ Hot Rod grew larger, and changed into Rodimus Prime. At that moment, Skyquake was getting to his feet.

"Nooo," he mumbled, as he fired at the Matrix, hitting Rodimus's hand. The Matrix fell to the floor.

"This is the end for you, Skyquake." Optimus said, as he ran and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground, unconscious. Rodimus fired a shot at Stalker, who had gotten to his feet, and he fell back, not moving again. Without a word, the two Primes went back and picked up the Matrix. It was at this moment that Optimus realized that his arm had been replaced. It must have been the power of the Matrix, he thought. Optimus and Rodimus held the Matrix, and in unison they spoke, "Now light our darkest hour," they pulled and the Matrix opened, its power unleashed, and it began to tear through Unicron.

Elsewhere, Spike, Daniel, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, and Jazz met up with Perceptor, Kup, and Arcee.

"Daniel, Spike," said Arcee in relief.

"What's going on?" asked Spike, as everything began to shake around them.

"No time now, lad," answered Kup.

"Look," Daniel said, pointing down the corridor from which they came. Optimus and someone who looked like Hot Rod, but larger, ran to them.

"Autobots, transform and roll out," commanded Optimus Prime. Rodimus Prime transformed into a large cargo truck and opened his windshield hatch for Daniel and Spike.

"Hop in," he said.

"I knew you had potential, lad," said Kup, impressed with the new look.

The rest transformed, and being led by their greatest Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and the chosen one, Rodimus Prime, they drove through Unicron's remaining eye.

The chain reaction caused by the unleashed force of the Matrix tore through Unicron. [Destiny...you cannot destroy my...destinnyy..] said Unicron, as he exploded. Skyquake and the Predators never regained consciousness, and were destroyed within him.

Optimus Prime stood before the gathered Autobots, with Rodimus beside him. "Let this day mark the end of the Cybertronian Wars, as we move forward to a new age of peace, happiness, and prosperity. Today marks the end of Decepticon tyranny as they are rapidly deserting the planet, and with no leader to guide them, they won't be a threat any longer. Enjoy this day." The crowd of Autobots cheered. Finally, Cybertron would be at peace.

Optimus and Rodimus went inside the command center. He never liked giving speeches, but he had enjoyed that one. They sat down in a couple of chairs.

"Optimus," began Rodimus, "there is one thing I don't understand."

Optimus knew the question, but decided to let Rodimus ask it anyway, "What is it?"

"Well...you see...I.."

"You were wondering how there could be two Primes?"

"Well, yes," he said, clearly relieved.

"Having the Matrix gives me the wisdom of the ancient Autobot leaders. In times past, some of our darkest moments were after the fall of an Autobot leader. There was not always someone ready to take his or her place. You are sort of a...well..."

"I'm the vice-president," answered Rodimus.

"Well, I guess that's as good a term as any. The Matrix knows that none of us will last forever. One day, I may be gone, destroyed somehow, or perhaps, my time as leader will simply be over. The Matrix in it's wisdom has decided that I should prepare our next leader. It is your destiny to lead us someday. You'll need to be ready."

"I can never replace you, Optimus."

"You will do as your destiny demands. You will be ready. But don't worry, I plan on being around for a very long time."

"In that case, I'm going to do what every good V.P. does. Go play some Cybertronian-style golf." Rodimus smiled, got up, and left the room.

Optimus laughed to himself. It would be a long time before Rodimus would be able to lead. He had a great deal to learn, but Optimus was confident that he would. Someday, Rodimus Prime would become the leader he was meant to be. Optimus looked out the viewport. Unicron's head hung in orbit, replacing the two moons he had destroyed in a morbid way. It would always stand as a reminder to him of what they had almost lost.

Just then, the communications console lit up, "This is Ultra Magnus to Cybertron. Come in Cybertron."

Optimus pressed a button, still amused, "Optimus Prime here."

"Optimus," Ultra Magnus paused, "I'm afraid I have some disturbing news."

Optimus felt as if the room went space vacuum cold, "What has happened?"

"Autobot City was broken into about an hour ago."

"Broken into? By who? Thieves?" asked Optimus.

"We have no idea, we don't even know if they were human, Transformer, or something else. They somehow bypassed the security systems, and left the guards unconscious. They remember nothing," Ultra Magnus replied.

Optimus did not like the sound of this. Something about it wasn't right. "What did they take?"

"They only took one thing, and I'm afraid that's the real problem," Magnus said.

Optimus was more worried now; Magnus did not usually beat around the bush like he was doing now. Whatever was taken, he knew it was very bad news. "Well, spit it out, what did they take?"

"Prime...they took Megatron's body."

Optimus sat back in his chair, deflated. They had won a great victory, but now what lay ahead was more uncertain than ever. "I'll be there as soon as possible, Ultra Magnus. Prime out." He shut the comlink off and he slapped another button, "Computer, summon Rodimus Prime, Kup, Grimlock, Spike, and Daniel to the shuttle pad. I want a shuttle ready in thirty minutes to depart to Earth."

"Acknowledged," replied the computer.

{Me again. So you can see, that one little event changed many things. Thrust, Dirge and Blitzwing are dead, or are they? Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps were never created. Megatron died, but his body is gone, and no one knows who took him. Kup, Hot Rod and the Dinobots never landed on Quintessa, or met the Quintessons or Wheelie. Rodimus Prime never had to take command before he was ready. I am sure you all have one burning question. Who took Megatron's body? And more important, why? Of course, the most important difference is that Optimus Prime still lives. And now the story continues.}

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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

I've posted all of Book I basically in order to get it out of the way along with some helpful visuals from the original movie. You'll be able to read the basic differences from the movie and then we can now start the original book stories.

Anyone who reads this and has questions concerning Transformers just ask and I will explain what I can.

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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

wow, I can see many differences between this and the movie.
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