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Old Sep 22, 2005, 09:25 PM   #16
Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

what if Hot Radimus went evil?
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Old Sep 23, 2005, 06:12 AM   #17
Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Rodimus Prime evil?I think the closest we ever came was during the hate plague set in the two episodes of the 'Return of Optimus Prime.' But I could never see him evil.
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Old Sep 23, 2005, 06:48 PM   #18
Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

why would he want to go evil? although it would be an interesting twist.....
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Old Sep 23, 2005, 10:13 PM   #19
Optimus Prime
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Book II

Well, get ready, here's my version of what happened in the following years after the movie with the changes I envisioned.

Here's the major cast of Book II in pictures:

Optimus Prime
Rodimus Prime

Unicron had posted Nightbird's pic in another post, however it has disappeared, and she doesn't look completely the same as stated in the fanfic. Megatron's new form is based on his G2 toy, which is a tank and first debuted in the old GI Joe Marvel comics series before G2 was launched in its own 12 issue series.

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Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Book II "Acts of Vengeance"

Chapter V "Return of Terror"

{I am known as the Watcher of Realities. Before we continue, there is some background information that is necessary for this story to be fully understood. In the reality you know of, during the time before the Battle of Autobot City in 2005, Elita-1 and Optimus Prime were reunited in the year 1985 after four million years of being separated. Elita-1 was stationed on Earth during the battle when Optimus Prime was killed, however she was aiding earthquake survivors halfway around the world. In this reality, however, Prime was not killed and Megatron was. Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime, but has not had to take command of the Autobots before he was ready, with Optimus still their leader and keeper of the Matrix. Unfortunately, after Unicron was destroyed, Megatron's body was stolen, and Optimus is determined to find out by whom.}

Quiet. Nothing but quiet filled the bridge of the Autobot shuttle. Only the low hum of machinery could be heard. Optimus Prime sat in the command chair, and hardly noticed the silence.

When Rodimus Prime, Kup, Daniel, Grimlock and Spike reported to the shuttle, Optimus had briefed them on the situation. Grimlock did not understand the problem, but that was nothing new. Spike and Daniel weren't on the bridge at the moment, as they had not slept in a couple of days. Optimus had forgotten that when he had called them to the shuttle. He'd had other things on his mind.

"What's our ETA?" asked Optimus, shattering the silence.

Startled, Kup and Rodimus searched the displays for the information. Like Optimus, they had been deep in thought. "We'll be landing on Earth in seventeen minutes," replied Rodimus.

"Prime," said Kup, "what do you think this all means? Who would want to steal Megatron's body, and why?"

"I wish I knew, Kup, but I don't," he paused, "But I intend to find out."

Optimus sat back in his chair. There were dozens of reasons why someone would want Megatron's body. Even in death, his body contained technology that many species would give almost anything for. Even the metal he was made of was valuable. Optimus hoped it would be something so simple.

Megatron awoke. He was conscious. He could not see, and he could not hear. He had no body, but he lived. Megatron was pleased with himself. Years earlier he had discovered a way to keep himself alive should he ever be killed.

Apparently, hard-wired into his body was a failsafe device that prevented Transformers from ever truly dying. Only the Transformers themselves were unaware of its existence, and he would never reveal it to others. Soundwave had discovered the device during a repair session after a battle with the accursed Autobots. It had always been there, but never truly noticed that it seemed to have no purpose in his everyday existence. Megatron took that information and examined it himself, discovering that it had been there ever since Vector Sigma had given him life. At the instant of his death, the device activated and emitted a short signal, storing the entire content of his mind, personality, and his very spark. The device needed no power to sustain it, giving no appearance of life. Until this moment, he had been dormant, without power, he had been unconscious. What had been only moments ago just teraquads upon teraquads of information, was now powered. It was now Megatron once more.

Unfortunately, he had no way of knowing who had reactivated him. Someone must have removed the device, and connected it to a power source. That much was obvious. But who was it? He could do nothing now, but wait until his body was repaired or rebuilt. It must have been Soundwave. Only he knew of the device's existence, and what it did.

Megatron wondered if someone else may have known of the device, or of the tiny signal it emitted just before the time of death. It was possible, but unlikely. Who else but Soundwave could have detected or even understood that signal. All he could do was wait.

{Megatron is unaware that Soundwave became Stalker, or of the battle with Unicron. Nor does he know that Stalker was destroyed within Unicron, along with the other Predators.}

The Autobot shuttle landed on Earth, and the Autobots disembarked. Elita-1 was there waiting for Optimus.

"Elita, how are you?" asked Prime, as she put her arms around him.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I was not here during the battle. I was in Australia rescuing earthquake victims."

"Just as well," began Prime, "There wasn't anything you could have done."

Elita-1 knew Optimus better than anyone, "What's wrong, Optimus?"

"I'll tell you later," he replied.

Optimus and Rodimus inspected the morgue, and the security systems. Elita-1 and Ultra Magnus accompanied them. "Optimus, we've not yet completed our investigation. We didn't want to miss anything," said Ultra Magnus.

"Excellent, Ultra Magnus. You'd better get back to supervising the repairs to the security system. Rodimus and I are going to look around a while," said Optimus. Magnus left them, and headed down an adjacent corridor.

"I'll leave you two alone then," said Elita-1.

"Why don't you stay with us?" said Optimus, "I may have some more questions." Optimus really didn't have anymore questions, but it had been so long since they had last seen each other, that he just wanted her around. They began to wander down the corridor, and talked.

"Well, Rodimus," he began, "what do we know so far?"

"I'm guessing this is my first lesson in leadership," said Rodimus.

Elita chuckled, as did Optimus. "Everything is a lesson, Rodimus," said Optimus, "You can never learn too much."

"Well, let's see," Rodimus began, "someone broke in, disabling the security systems, and stole Megatron's body," he shrugged, "Does that about cover it?"

"No, it does not." Optimus realized that Rodimus would need a lot of experience before he would be a good leader. Rodimus was just too impatient. "We know that whoever did this must be highly skilled in stealth. How else could they have taken out two guards, making absolutely no noise? They must be able to get around the security sensors until they could get in to disable them. They then got to Megatron's body, and made their escape unheard by anyone. Megatron is not light, so we are dealing with someone who has good strength. What does this tell you, Rodimus?"

Rodimus was staring, amazed, "Umm, well, we are dealing with a Decepticon who has all those traits that you mentioned. So, who do you think it is?"

"I haven't any idea. There is no Decepticon I know of with all those capabilities," said Optimus, "We don't even know how the two guards were disabled. They both reported losing consciousness, and they didn't even have a scratch on them."

"Any more good news?" asked Rodimus.

"Yep. I think Megatron is still alive."

Rodimus suddenly understood what the humans meant when they said they felt nauseous. "Sorry I asked."

"But Optimus," said Elita, "I read the reports, and Perceptor said he was dead."

"I know what the reports said," replied Optimus. "But I still think Megatron must have found a way to survive." That was about the only thing that he was sure about at the moment.

Optimus, Rodimus, and Elita-1 went to the morgue again to observe the scene of the crime. Optimus felt there had to be a clue somewhere.

"They found the guards right here," said Elita, pointing to either side of the door. "They were completely unconscious, and their weapons were gone."

"Why would anyone have taken their weapons?" Rodimus asked.

"That's another piece of this twisted puzzle," said Optimus. "I feel as if we are just missing one small clue to fit it all together." Optimus looked at the wall next to the door of the morgue. He peered closely at a scratch in the wall. "Has the investigating team been over this area yet?" he asked Elita-1.

"Yes, they have. But it was a very quick search. They had three teams working on checking the security systems for signs of who turned them off. There did not appear to be anything in here in the way of clues, so they left it for later. They should be doing a detailed analysis tomorrow," she finished.

Optimus reconfigured his hand as a magnet with a thought, and pressed it against the small scratch. "Ouch," said Optimus. Suddenly, he felt himself start to shut down, and fell to the floor.

"Optimus!" screamed Elita-1, as she knelt down beside him.

Rodimus activated his communicator, "Rodimus Prime to Hoist and Grapple. I need you outside the morgue fast!"

Optimus awoke to find himself lying on a table in sickbay. His cerebro-circuitry was pulsing in what humans would call a headache, and he had no idea what happened. He could feel someone holding his hand. Elita, Rodimus, and Hoist were standing around him.

"He's awake," sighed Elita. She had not left his side since he had collapsed. "Optimus, how do you feel?"

"Like I was hit by an asteroid," he answered. "What happened?"

"It appears," began Hoist, "that this little device can render any robot completely unconscious just by touching them." Hoist held up a plastic bag with the device inside it.

Optimus sat up, and took the bag. Inside it was a star-shaped metal disk. "Was this in the cut in the wall?"

"Yes," said Rodimus. "When you pulled it out of the wall, it hit your hand and knocked you out. It appears that this is what hit the guards. It's so thin, and so sharp that the slice on the wall looked like a simple scratch. How'd you know it wasn't?"

"Just a guess. One that proved correct," said Optimus.

"What does it mean?" asked Elita.

Optimus stared at the disk for a moment. "It's the missing piece of the puzzle." He activated his communicator, "Optimus Prime to Ultra Magnus."

"Ultra Magnus here," came the reply.

"Magnus, I may have solved our little mystery. Meet me in the command center. Bring Kup and Springer."


Optimus Prime was now sure that he had solved the mystery. The answer was clear, and the clues were all consistent. More than anything else, though, he hoped he was wrong.

Optimus Prime, Rodimus, and Elita-1 headed for the command center. Optimus figured it would not be very difficult to confirm his suspicions. When they arrived, Ultra Magnus, Springer, and Kup were waiting for them.

"Well, who did it?" asked Springer.

"Yeah, Prime, don't keep us in suspense," seconded Kup.

"In good time. Would you all please step outside for a moment?" asked Prime.

They looked at each other for a moment. Optimus had wanted them there, and now he wanted them to wait outside. "Sure Prime," replied Ultra Magnus. He, Kup, and Springer headed to the door, thoroughly confused.

"You too," said Optimus to Elita and Rodimus. They nodded and followed the others out.

Optimus walked over to the communications terminal and punched some buttons. He brought up the Vid-phone directory of Japan. Finding the name he was looking for, he dialed the number.

An old man's face appeared on the screen. "Optimus Prime, it has been a long time," he said, "I hope things are well?"

Optimus did not want to upset him. He was very old, and obviously in failing health. If he was wrong, he did not want to upset him with an accusation. On the other hand, Optimus was sure he was right. "Where is she, Doctor?" he asked, in as nice a tone as he could.

"Where's who?" asked the man. He was obviously hiding something.

Now Optimus was irritated, "Don't play dumb. Where is she?" Optimus was practically yelling.

"I...I...don't know."

"I'm on my way." Optimus ended the call and went out into the hall. Kup, Rodimus, Springer, Elita and Magnus were waiting for him.

"Rodimus, Elita-1 and I are going to Japan. Details of this mission are on a need to know basis. I'm sorry to keep you in the dark, but this is a delicate situation. Ultra Magnus, where is Skyfire?" asked Optimus.

"He just got back from the Ark with supplies," he answered.

"Good, I need him. Hopefully, when I get back, I can explain this to all of you. Elita, get Skyfire, and prepare to leave. I'll join you shortly." Optimus headed down the corridor, while Elita headed the other way. When they were both out of hearing distance, the others began to talk.

"I've never seen him like this before," said Kup.

"Me neither," said Springer, "something is bothering him."

Rodimus knew what was bothering Optimus, that he felt that Megatron was still alive. But it wasn't his place to say anything.

"I think he is bothered by Megatron's body being stolen. At least in the morgue, he knew where Megatron was," suggested Ultra Magnus.

"What about you, Rod?" asked Springer, "You're his protege, did he tell you anything?"

"Nope, I know as little as you do," he answered.

"Probably less, lad," said Kup, sarcastically.

Aboard Skyfire, Rodimus, Elita and Optimus said nothing. "Energon chip for your thoughts," said Skyfire to Optimus.

"No thoughts, just concerns," said Optimus. "I know who stole Megatron's body, but I am hesitant to believe it."

"And you don't want to say until you are sure," replied Skyfire.

"I am sure, but it's why Megatron's body was taken that concerns me most."

"Well, now you have me as curious as everyone else," Skyfire said, puzzled.

"Don't forget the human saying 'curiousity killed the cat,'" warned Optimus.

"I've never seen you so worried, or so secretive, Optimus," said Skyfire.

"Well, let's just say, there has never been so much at stake," Optimus sighed, "Or so much of it my fault," he finished inaudibly.

"Optimus, try and relax and enjoy the ride," Skyfire said, cheerily.

Optimus could not relax. Megatron might still be alive, and if he was, it was all his fault.

Megatron sat up. He was in some kind of lab, and was now sitting on a table. He looked over his body, it was not his old one, but it felt strong. He could feel the power in it. The room was very dim, and he could not see beyond the table. Instinctively, he tried to charge his fusion cannon; not realizing it wasn't there. "Soundwave, are you there?" There was no response. He looked around the room. In the shadows he could see a feminine figure, but only barely. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"I am...a friend," replied the figure in shadow.

"I am Megatron, I have no friends, only troops. Besides, I do not recognize your voice 'friend,'" replied Megatron.

"When last we met, I could not speak." She stepped from the shadows.

Megatron stared in disbelief, "Nightbird."

"You recognize me? I am surprised. I have been upgraded since our last encounter."

"Excellent. Did you build this new body for me?" he asked.

"No. It is Doctor Fujiyama's design. He meant it for his next creation. After all these years he had perfected my programming," said Nightbird. "He was going to waste that body on a prototype for the Earth Defense Command. It suits you."

"Perfect. Now you can replace that ingrate Starscream."

"Starscream is dead. There is much that has happened, in a very short time." She explained how the Doctor had intercepted messages, concerning Cybertron, and Unicron's attack, and how he had intercepted the brief signal that had led her to him.

"A pity," said Megatron.

"What is a pity?" she asked.

"It's a pity that I did not get to kill Starscream myself. Oh well, I'll get over it. Especially now that it will be easier for you to take his place. You can rule the galaxy at my side," he replied.

"As you wish."

"Together we will defeat the Autobots and conquer Cybertron and Earth," Megatron paused, "But before that, there is one thing I must do."

"And that would be?" she smirked, as if she did not know.

"I will kill Optimus Prime."

Skyfire landed on the lawn outside a huge mansion just outside of Tokyo. Optimus, Rodimus and Elita-1 disembarked and Skyfire transformed.

"You three wait here," said Optimus. He walked around to the back of the house. He could see Doctor Fujiyama's lab, a place he had not been in twelve years. When he was last here, it was because the Doctor had asked him to come to Japan to hear a request. The robot he had constructed, Nightbird, had been in a dormant state ever since the Autobots had returned her to him. He asked Optimus if it would be possible for him to continue his experiments to perfect her.

Prime was not enthused about the idea, but Doctor Fujiyama assured him that she would never leave his lab, which was large enough for all her training and testing. The Doctor's hope was that he might one day make it possible for Earth to create its own robotic defense force. He knew that trying to retake Cybertron and defend Earth must have been spreading the Autobot forces thin, and he wanted to help.

Optimus did not want to deny him his life's work, and he reluctantly agreed on three conditions. One, that no one but the two of them would know that she had been reactivated, and two, that if the Decepticons ever came for her, he would destroy her to keep her out of their hands. She was too great a weapon to be captured by the Decepticons. The third condition was the one that was the most difficult for Optimus. He wanted the Doctor to erase Nightbird's memory core, and he agreed. Fujiyama did not want to erase her memory, but it was the only way to keep her from rejoining the Decepticons. Now it looked like his decision to allow her reactivation would come back to haunt him.

Optimus walked up to the large door to Doctor Fujiyama's lab. It was open and he went inside. "Doctor, are you in here?"

"I am here," said a voice from the far corner of the room.

Prime walked over to where the Doctor sat by a computer. There were more computers along the walls, and the middle of the room was filled with all kinds of equipment. Some of it looked like a robot's gymnasium, which is what it most likely was. "What happened to Nightbird, Doctor?"

"Prime, I did as you asked. I never told anyone, and I kept her in this very building," he said.

"And her memory?"

The Doctor looked down to the floor, "I could not erase it, or my work would have been set back for many years. The Decepticons had given her the one thing I could not. They had given her life."

"Then she has taken Megatron's body," replied Prime.

"I believe she has, yes."

"Do you know what her intentions are?" asked Optimus.

"I do not. She accessed the message logs on my communications scanner that intercepts signals from space. There were several messages concerning your recent battle with Unicron. There was also a message that I could not decipher, but when she read it, she immediately left. I told her not to go, but she would not listen to me. She has never disobeyed me before," he paused, "This is all my fault."

"We both share the blame, Doctor. I should never have agreed to allow these experiments," said Optimus.

"There is one more thing. My intention, when her programming was perfected, was to create a defense force for Earth. I have completed her programming, and I had just completed the prototype body for the Earth Defenders. She took it with her."

"No doubt, that is the body she will try to put Megatron in, if he still lives," suggested Prime.

"He does."

The voice came from behind Prime. He whirled around, to find Nightbird standing in the doorway. She looked different, but it was her. She had a sword in hand, and was obviously ready to use it. "Where is Megatron?" demanded Optimus.

"Megatron lives. I gave him the prototype body that Doctor Fujiyama created. And I will not tell you where he is," Nightbird said. "You'll just have to find him."

"Why have you returned then?" asked Optimus.

"I wanted to say goodbye to the Doctor."

"Nightbird," said Doctor Fujiyama, "You have disgraced me."

"I'm sorry that you feel that way, Doctor. I did what I had to do," she said. The Doctor got up from his chair and left the lab.

Before Optimus could think about what to do, the ceiling above him exploded. He jumped out of the way of the falling debris, and as he did he heard something over the noise. It was someone laughing, and it was an evil laugh. It was coming from outside. "I know that laugh."

"Perhaps you won't have to look very hard to find Megatron," said Nightbird with a sinister chuckle.

He ran past Nightbird into the courtyard outside. At the edge of the estate, sitting atop the stonework wall it had just demolished less than a hundred feet away, sat a green tank. "Megatron."

"Very perceptive of you," replied Megatron, as he transformed. "Now I am going to finish what I should have at Autobot City." He fired his shoulder cannon. Optimus was still dazed at seeing Megatron alive, and didn't react in time, and was hit. At that moment, Rodimus, Skyfire, and Elita-1 came running around the house.

"Skyfire, transform," said Rodimus. He did so as Megatron and Nightbird began to fire at them. Rodimus fired back.

Elita ran to Optimus, and tried to lift him, but he was too heavy for her. "Optimus, are you all right?"

"I'm...okay," he said weakly. "I just need a moment. Run, Elita, get out of here."

Megatron fired again, unseen by Elita who had her back to him. Rodimus saw it, but he was too far away, "Elita, look out!" he yelled.

The shot smashed into her, and she fell to the ground, not moving. Optimus was still dazed as he watched her fall. He pulled himself to his feet, his wound was not severe, but it had taken a lot out of him. He picked up Elita, and went to board Skyfire. He could tell she was very badly wounded.

When Rodimus got aboard, Skyfire took off. "Skyfire, full speed, we've got to get Elita back to Autobot City," said Rodimus.

"Sure thing," replied Skyfire, as he opened up his scramjets to full.

Optimus held Elita in his arms. She was near unconsciousness and he could feel the Energon escaping from her wound. "Hold on, Elita, hold on," he begged.

"Optimus..." she whispered, and fell into stasis lock.

He looked down at her, "Please Elita, hold on." He could not bear the thought of losing her. She had to be alright.

Skyfire radioed ahead to Autobot City, and when he landed, Hoist, First Aid, and Grapple were waiting. They took Elita-1 to the repair bay and Optimus went with them. When they reached the bay, First Aid told Optimus to wait outside.

For more than an hour, the three Autobots worked on Elita. Optimus couldn't bear the waiting. He could not lose her. He had lost her once many years ago and would not lose her again. As the hours dragged on, it became impossible to just sit there. He had never felt so helpless.

When they came out of the bay, Optimus was there waiting for them. "First Aid, how is she?"

"Optimus...I'm sorry. We've done everything we can. She won't last much longer."

"No. Nooo," yelled Prime. He pushed past the three and entered the room. He went to the table where she lay. "Elita..." he said, as he took her hand in his.

"Uuuuhh, Optimus, are you there? I can't see."

"I'm here, Elita. I'm here," he could not hide the pain in his voice.

"I know I haven't long, Optimus."

"Elita, no. I can't go on without you."

"I love you, Optimus, and I always will," she was straining to talk. "You must go on. The Autobots need your leadership. Megatron cannot be allowed to take Cybertron again. You must go on for both of us. You have a duty...a duty to protect Earth, and to protect peace. You can't let...my death interfere with that. I...I could never forgive myself if that happened."

"I love you, Elita," said Optimus. "I'll always love you." After a few moments, her eyes dimmed forever. "No. Elita." Optimus put his arms around her, and hugged her lifeless body. "Noooooo!" Optimus screamed with bone chilling agony in his voice. She was gone, gone forever, but she would not be forgotten, he swore it.

Optimus Prime stayed there for a long while, holding her body. He now knew what the humans meant when they said that they had a broken heart. When he left the repair bay, Hoist was still there. "Hoist, thank you for trying," he said.

"I'm sorry that we could not do more," replied Hoist, sadly.

"You did all you could," said Optimus.

"Let me have a look at your wound," said Hoist, pointing at Prime's damage.

"Not now. I have to brief the others. I'll report to sickbay as soon as I can," he said, as he left for the command center.

Optimus explained the situation to the others. He had had all the information about Nightbird classified years ago, and only those Autobots who were there when it happened knew about her. And they had been sworn to secrecy.

"It's my fault that Megatron lives," said Optimus.

"You couldn't have known, Optimus," said Kup.

"That doesn't make me innocent. I should never have allowed Nightbird's reactivation." Optimus replied as he left the room, and headed back to sickbay. "It is all my fault Elita is dead," he said to himself, "It's my fault."

He arrived in sickbay and Hoist repaired his wound, which didn't take very long. Optimus could not help but think of Elita-1. He tried to think of something else, but he could not. Her death left him feeling empty, feeling as if a part of him was gone forever.

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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

very interesting....
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Chapter VI: Mourning

It was cold. The wind blew cold, and off in the distance Optimus could hear the low rumble of thunder. The clouds above were dark, and it looked like it was about to rain.

Just twenty-four hours earlier, it had been a warm spring day. The sun had been shining, and a gentle breeze whistled along the hillside. Optimus Prime was about a mile from Autobot City, on a small hill at the base of Mount Trion, the mountain he had named in Alpha Trion's memory. The hill was covered by green grass, and a little stream trickled down the side of the mountain, fed by the melting snow. It flowed calmly by him only a few feet away. Twenty-four hours ago there could not have been a more perfect place on Earth. The birds were singing, and it was so peaceful. Twenty-four hours ago, this is where Elita-1 was put to rest.

For the rest of the slain Autobots, a massive mausoleum was being built to house their bodies for all eternity, but Optimus felt that Elita would rather be here, and he wanted her close to him. A statue of her now stood, marking the spot where she was buried. Optimus had been here since she was buried, not moving in a day. He just stared at her statue. Twenty-four hours ago, he might as well have buried himself.

He could not bring himself to say anything at the memorial service that had been held. Ultra Magnus had said a few words though. He had been as eloquent as ever. One thing he had said stuck in Optimus' mind, 'She lost her life while trying to aid another who was injured.' That is what Magnus had said, but that wasn't the whole truth. She had been shot in the back. Megatron shot her in the back. If Elita had been killed in battle, he thought that he could have accepted that. She had believed so strongly in the cause of peace, that it had kept them apart for so many years. At least he would have known that she had died fighting for what she believed in. But that did not happen. She was shot in the back, and all she was doing was trying to help the one she loved.

If Optimus had not allowed Doctor Fujiyama to continue his experiments, this might not have happened. Optimus blamed himself, and he blamed Megatron. It would torture him forever. But Optimus knew that for Megatron, it was just another kill to add to his list.

The other Autobots, and many of the humans that worked at Autobot City had come to pay their respects, but all had long since gone, save Optimus Prime, and two others. Rodimus Prime and Spike waited patiently by the road at the foot of the hill. They did not want to disturb him, but they did not want to leave him either.

"Spike, should we do something?" asked Rodimus.

"I don't know. We can't leave him here. I'm just not sure we should bother him either," said Spike with a yawn. He had not slept since the burial.

"Well, we have to do something," said Rodimus.

"You're right," said Spike. "I'll go talk to him." He walked up the hill to where Optimus stood, "Optimus?" he began.

"What is it, Spike?" Optimus answered in a lifeless tone.

"You can't stay here forever."

"I know." Prime looked down to his old friend, "I know. Just give me another minute, and I'll join you and Rodimus," he said, unable to hide the pain in his voice.

"Sure," replied Spike. He walked back down the hill to wait with Rodimus.

Optimus knelt down on one knee, and placed his hand on the grass, beneath which she was buried. "I'm sorry, Elita. I'm so sorry. Goodbye, my love." He stood and slowly headed for the road to where the other two waited. He silently transformed, as Rodimus did the same. Spike climbed into Rodimus' cab. Optimus started driving towards Autobot City, with Rodimus and Spike close behind.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

never thought that Optimus would get depressed. please continue when you can
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Chapter VII: Fall from Grace

The weeks went by. Optimus Prime never left his quarters, spending most of his time sitting in the dark with his thoughts. Only Rodimus had seen him on a few occasions. Optimus wanted him to see to the day to day running of Autobot City, feeling that it would be a good learning experience. Ultra Magnus had gone to oversee things on Cybertron, leaving Rodimus to tend to things himself.

Rodimus Prime walked down the corridor to Optimus' quarters. It had been two weeks since Elita's death. He thought it was time for someone to do something about Optimus. Unfortunately, Kup and Springer had both found an excuse. Just as well, he thought. It was really his duty as second in command. He stopped in front of the door to Optimus' quarters, and heard the door signal that he was there once, and then again.

"Come," came Optimus' voice from inside as the doors slid apart.

Rodimus walked inside, expecting to find Optimus sitting in the dark. Instead, he found him at his terminal working on something. "Optimus, I heard there is a new exhibit on fictional robots in human history at the museum in town. Why don't you go with me? You ought to get out of here for awhile." Rodimus had hoped to get a positive response.

"No," said Optimus. He knew Rodimus was trying to be helpful, but he did not need any diversions right now, he had work to do.

"Oh, come on. If you sit in here much longer, you'll rust," Rodimus said, trying to sound cheerful. "You can't just sit in here and do nothing all day."

"Nothing?" said Optimus, suddenly looking directly at Rodimus, "Is that what you think I've been doing?" He was containing his anger, because he knew Rodimus was trying to help. "I've been hard at work for a week now, searching for Megatron. I've got every spy satellite in orbit looking for him. When I find him, I intend to avenge Elita."

It was less what he had said, and more how he had said it that worried Rodimus. Optimus had never sounded so cold and completely devoid of feeling. "You can't be serious," he said.

"And why is that?" asked Optimus, an edge of anger clearly audible in his voice.

"Do you really think that killing Megatron will take away the pain? We have Cybertron; we need only defend it. This quest for revenge won't bring Elita-1 back."

Optimus stood up from his seat. "Why? This is what I should have done the day Orion Pax died. If I had hunted down Megatron and killed him then, maybe we would not have had a war to fight for nine million years. Maybe we would not have endangered Earth or its people, maybe..." Optimus stopped in mid-sentence, and sat back down in his seat.

Rodimus finished his sentence, "Maybe Elita-1 would still be alive?" Optimus looked away. "Optimus, I understand how you feel..."

"No!!" Optimus yelled, rising to his feet again. He pointed at Rodimus, "You can't understand. Megatron murdered her, shooting her in the back! She was just trying to help me. She wasn't even threatening him! She just wanted to help me."

The anguish in Optimus' voice was almost too much to bear. "Optimus, I'm sorry, I really wish I knew what to say..." he began, but he couldn't finish his sentence.

Optimus sat down heavily in his chair, "There is nothing to say, Rodimus."

"Optimus, I..."

"Rodimus, please leave. Megatron will pay, one way or the other, and you won't stop that."

"Optimus, please try and get some rest. Think about what you are planning to do."

"Yeah, Rodimus. I will."

Rodimus left his quarters. He wasn't sure he had made the right decision to go and see him, but what was done was done, and maybe for the better.

Optimus just sat at his desk for a long while. Elita wanted him to go on, but he didn't feel that he could. How could he lead the Autobots if the only thing he cared about was revenge? Optimus Prime, the great leader of the Autobots, now had but one purpose in life. He would avenge Elita's death, one way or the other.

Rodimus Prime sat in the command center. It was late, and no one else was there. He was reading a datapad. He was reading the words, but his mind was on Optimus. His conversation with him three days ago was still fresh in his mind. He had told no one of Optimus' search for Megatron, or of his need for revenge. How could he function as Autobot leader, if revenge on Megatron was his only goal?

"Hello," said a voice from behind him.

Slightly startled, he turned around to see Kup walking toward him. "Hi Kup, how are you this evening?"

"I'm fine, lad. What are you doing?" asked Kup.

"Just going over some reports," he replied. It was a lie, and he could not hide the truth from Kup.

"You're worried about Optimus, aren't you?" Kup said, knowingly.

"Yes. Ever since Elita-1 died, he hasn't been himself." Kup didn't know the half of it, but Rodimus didn't want to talk about what had happened.

"He'll be alright. Give him some time," replied Kup. "I remember on Beola Nine, King Gontor lost his Queen Alandra to an enemy attack..."

Just then, an alarm sounded. Rodimus was silently relieved. He didn't feel like listening to one of Kup's stories. Rodimus went to the computer, "Teletran-2, situation report."

The computer began to speak, "Receiving Priority One message from San Francisco Regional Solar Power Collection Station."

"Put it on-screen," said Rodimus.

A man in a hard hat came onto the screen. "I'm Jake Lofton, Senior Engineer of the power station. I need to speak to Optimus Prime."

"He's not available, can I assist you?" asked Rodimus.

"I hope so. We're under attack by what appears to be two Decepticons."

"We are on our way," said a voice behind Rodimus.

"Optimus," said Rodimus, startled to see him when he turned around.

"Mr. Lofton, evacuate your people, we'll be there soon," replied Optimus. "Rodimus, Kup, get Skyfire and Spinger, and let's go," he ordered. Kup gave Rodimus a look of 'I told you so', and Rodimus smiled, but before leaving he looked back at Optimus and frowned.

Optimus knew that he was giving the appearance of being the same old Optimus Prime, rushing off to save humans from a Decepticon attack as he had done countless other times. Deep down though, he knew it was all a show, and was unsure he could continue to lead the Autobots. He had one mission, to avenge Elita and make Megatron pay for what he had done. There were more ways to get revenge on Megatron than just killing him. Optimus would have to see what opportunities presented themselves. He did not know exactly what he was going to do. The only thing that he did know was that he would accomplish nothing as long as he sat in his quarters.

Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Kup, and Springer boarded Skyfire, and headed for San Francisco. Rodimus was still worried about Optimus, but there was not much he could do.

"Approaching San Francisco Regional Solar Power Collection Station," advised Skyfire. "Scans indicate that all the humans are evacuated."

"Let's go," said Optimus. He stood and opened the outer door. "Skyfire get us close enough to jump. When we're clear cover us from the air."

"Sure thing. Go on my mark," he replied.

"Get ready, everyone," said Optimus. They readied themselves to jump.

"Now," said Skyfire.

Optimus jumped first, followed by Kup, Rodimus, and Springer. Springer transformed into his helicopter mode, while the others landed on the perimeter of the station. Springer then landed and transformed back into robot mode.

"We'll split into two teams, and find Megatron and Nightbird. Kup, you're with me. Springer, you're with Rodimus." Optimus and Kup went one way around the building as Springer and Rodimus went the opposite way. Optimus knew that Megatron had to be up to something. There had not been so much as a peep out of him since Elita's death. He would not have been lying low, so he had to be planning something. "It's too quiet," said Optimus to Kup.

"Definitely too quiet. Whatever they're up to, they've planned it pretty good," said Kup. They came to a hole in the wall and entered the building through it. "Looks like we found their way in," he replied sarcastically.

"How nice of you to join us," said a voice. Optimus turned to see Megatron and Nightbird. Rodimus and Springer were lying on the ground in front of them. Their arms were bound together by energy restraints, but Optimus barely noticed them lying there. It was Megatron, and that was all Optimus had to see.

"Fancy meeting you here, Optimus," said Rodimus.

"Quiet," said Megatron, and he kicked Rodimus in the head.

Rage filled Optimus. A blind fury he had never known before. "What are you waiting for, Megatron?" said Optimus. "I'm here, come and get me."

"If you insist," yelled Megatron, as he jumped in the air, and turned his jets on full blast. He hit Optimus full force, and they both went flying into the far wall, smashing electrical equipment and storage batteries. Kup turned around, and aimed his weapon at Megatron, but before he could pull the trigger he was hit from behind and locked in restraints.

"Never turn your back on a ninja," said Nightbird with a smirk.

Optimus was still stunned by Megatron's attack, as Megatron started to hit him again. Optimus fought back, but Megatron was stronger now than he'd ever been. Then Optimus got the upper hand. He hoisted Megatron up in the air, and sent him flying across the room.

"Curse you, Prime," said Megatron, as he got up and charged Prime again. This time Optimus was waiting for him. He caught him with a fist to the face, sending Megatron to the ground.

All that time, Optimus did not notice that Nightbird had moved his three companions out of the room. He noticed nothing except how much damage he was inflicting on Megatron. Only Megatron's destruction mattered now. "Give up yet, Megatron?"

"Not quite," he said, and he continued his attack, feinting with sweep kick at Prime, as Optimus jumped back. They continued to pound blows into each other, as Megatron thought to himself that he had never seen Optimus fight so ferociously. It was as if he had gone mad. Megatron finally caught Optimus off-balance and sent him crashing through a wall.

"My, my, my, we do seem somewhat angry today, don't we?" said Megatron. "Are you still upset about my attack on Elita-1? I trust she recovered." He laughed.

Optimus pulled himself to his feet. "You monster! You killed her! You killed Elita!" he said, hatred filling his voice.

Megatron was somewhat startled. He was unaware that she had died. He made a mental note to add her to his kill list. "Well, I guess that frees you up to look for a new girl," said Megatron, mockingly. If he could not defeat Optimus outright, he would enrage him, and make him make a mistake.

Optimus took on a look of someone possessed. Not only had he killed her, he was now rubbing it it. It caused Optimus to snap completely. He was on Megatron like lightning, viciously beating him. He did not even try to use his weapon. His bare hands were weapons enough.

As he tried in vain to fight Optimus off, Megatron began to look for a way out. He knew he could not defeat Optimus now. Optimus was fighting like a maddened robo-bull, and there was no stopping him. Megatron winced in pain as Optimus grabbed his right arm. Prime sunk his fingers deep into his shoulder, and pulled with incredible force, tearing Megatron's arm from his body. "AAARRGH!" he screamed as he fell to the floor. Optimus stood over him, holding his arm in his hands.

"Mercy, Optimus. Grant me mercy," pleaded Megatron.

Optimus seethed with madness, "I almost did that once, Megatron, do you remember? I was going to let you live. Even after everything you'd done at Autobot City, I was going to let you live!" he screamed.

At that moment, Megatron learned what it was like to feel fear.

"I could not bring myself to kill you that day, Megatron. I don't know why that was. You were unarmed, and I could not bring myself to shoot someone who was unarmed. Perhaps deep down, I even had compassion for a murdering scum like you. I've killed, but only when I absolutely had to. But now, I know one thing. I'll not contemplate mercy for you again. You've used up your quota."

Megatron had lost this round, but he thought he might have a way out of this. "Fine Optimus, kill me. I'm sure your revenge is worth the lives of Springer, Kup and Rodimus. Any time now this whole place will go up and take them with it."

Optimus stopped short. He had forgotten about them, and he had allowed his personal vendetta to endanger his friends. He stood in shock, and dropped Megatron's arm. He went to look for the others, but before he left, he turned to Megatron and said, "This isn't over, Megatron." Megatron got to his feet, grabbed his arm and ran for the exit.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

sweet. dont know about everyone else but im enjoying this.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Apparently it's just you, but I'm glad you like it.
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Thumbs up Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

why wouldnt I not enjoy it??
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Chapter VIII: "Redemption"

Not far away from where Optimus Prime and Megatron fought, Nightbird was busy tying Rodimus, Kup, and Springer to the main energy storage converter. When she finished, she attached a small explosive device to it.

"Well, so long, boys. In about ten minutes, this place will be just a memory...as will you," said Nightbird.

"I wouldn't bet on that," came a voice from behind her.

Nightbird turned around, drawing her sword as she went, but Optimus was ready for her, and blasted her with his rifle. She fell to the ground in stasis lock.

Prime went over to where the three were tied together. "Optimus Prime to Skyfire. Land for emergency evacuation," he said into his comlink.

"Understood," came the reply.

"We've got to get out of here," said Springer, "That thing could go at any minute."

Optimus tried to free them of the restraints, but it was no use. "I can't break them. Can you move?"

"No," said Kup, "They're shorting out our motor circuits."

"Save yourself, Optimus," said Rodimus.

"Not a chance." He picked Rodimus up, "I'll be right back."

"We're not going anywhere," smiled Kup.

Optimus hoisted Rodimus onto his shoulder and ran for the exit. When he got outside, Skyfire was just landing. He put Rodimus inside, and went back for the others.

Megatron flew away from the power station. He cursed himself for letting Optimus get the better of him, for causing him to feel one erg of fear. But it did not matter. Nightbird must have had enough time to set the detonator and get out. He stopped to look for her but she was nowhere to be seen. She was supposed to meet him at this position. Little by little, he began to worry.

Optimus brought out Kup, and then Springer. "Okay Skyfire, take off," said Rodimus.

"No," replied Optimus, "I've got to get Nightbird."

"Optimus," warned Skyfire, "my sensors indicate it's going to explode any second, you haven't got time."

"As soon as I'm clear, take off," said Prime, seemingly ignoring him.

"No Optimus, we won't leave you," said Skyfire.

"Take off, that's an order." Optimus jumped from the door, and ran toward the building. He heard Skyfire engage his engines and rocket away behind him. As he approached the building, it exploded. He lost consciousness instantly as he was hit with the force of an atomic bomb.

It was almost a week before the Autobots were able to locate Optimus Prime's body buried in the rubble. They had thought that they were going have to exhume his body, but when they found him, he was by some miracle still alive.

"Optimus? Optimus, can you hear me?" asked First Aid.

He opened his optics, and realized he was in sickbay, "What happened?" he asked groggily. Rodimus, who was there when he woke, told him what had happened.

"It's coming back to me. I went to get Nightbird, and then the whole place blew up right in front of me," finished Optimus. "What happened to Nightbird?"

"She never had a chance. She was in the energy storage converter room when it exploded, ground zero. We collected what was left of her, which was hardly enough to fill a shoebox. She's gone," answered Rodimus. "We figured you were dead too. I still can't believe you survived. It's good to have you back, Optimus."

"Well, since I can't really remember being gone, I'll have to take your word for it," said Optimus with a chuckle.

"Optimus, there is one thing I have to ask you," Rodimus said quietly.

"What's that?"


"Why what, Rodimus?" said Optimus.

"Why did you go back for Nightbird?" he said, knowing full well that Optimus was being evasive.

"Oh, that." Optimus paused. "My fight with Megatron has been personal for a very long time. It was personal the day that Orion Pax died. But through the millenia, I have always been able to put that secondary to our goal of peace. As twisted and evil as Megatron is, he is a Transformer, and as such has feelings and emotions, just as any other Transformer does. He loved Nighbird, though I doubt he would admit it. I could have let her die, what better revenge for the death of Elita than the death of the one he loved? Remember when I said that I would avenge Elita's death one way or the other?"


"Well, for a time, I had even considered killing Nightbird. When Megatron reminded me that you were in danger, I realized that I was letting my personal conflict come before my duty as leader of the Autobots. At that moment, I vowed to myself that I would never let that happen again. Megatron once used Elita-1 to get to me. If I hadn't tried to save Nightbird, I would have had to ask myself forever; did I let her die to get revenge on Megatron? That would've made me no better than Megatron himself."

"What if you had been killed in that blast?" asked Rodimus. "When you're dead it doesn't make much difference, does it?"

"I would've died at least knowing that I did not let Megatron turn me into that which I almost became. I almost became someone who would sacrifice his friends in the name of vengeance, and use others for my own gain. I would have become Megatron."

Rodimus nodded and spoke again, "You'd better get some rest. First Aid said it'll be a few weeks before you are back on your feet." He then turned and left Optimus. Optimus thought a lot about what had happened, and a lot about Elita-1. One thing he did know now was that he would be able to lead the Autobots. Of that he was sure.

Megatron sat as a computer in his base in northern Canada. He had searched the globe several times, and found no sign of Nightbird. She must have died in the explosion. He had only just finished repairing himself, after taking that nasty beating from Optimus.

Behind him he heard a noise of metal scraping metal. He turned around and jumped from his seat, pointing his cannon at the doorway where he had heard the sound. "Who's there?" he demanded. "Show yourself!"

A figure moved slowly through the door, using the wall for support. The figure was badly blackened and charred, with much of it's exostructure fused together from a massive heat blast. "Hello...Megatr..," said Nightbird. Her vocal circuits were malfunctioning badly.

"Nightbird! I've searched everywhere for you. I assumed you were dead," said Megatron, immensely relieved as he ran over to support her.

"I...almost was. I ne.. extensive repairs," she said.

"We'll start immediately," he replied, "Then, I have a plan."

"...plan?" she asked, losing her voice fast.

"Yes. If I can't have this planet, I'm going to destroy it."
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Chapter IX: "Reflections"

Optimus Prime drove slowly down the road away from Autobot City. It had been nearly a month since the blast that had nearly killed him. Only hours earlier, First Aid had finally given him the green light to leave sickbay. Optimus was glad to be out, for the last few weeks he'd had little to do except dwell on recent events.

When he arrived at his destination, he transformed and walked up the grassy hill to where Elita-1's statue stood.

He looked at the beautiful statue of his beloved Elita. "Elita, I'm sorry. I've failed you. I let my anger and quest for vengeance endanger our friends. I forgot my duty." He paused, "I can only hope that wherever you are, you can forgive me. I can't promise you that I won't kill Megatron when we next meet. But if I do, it'll be for the right reason, the freedom of the galaxy, and not for revenge."

Optimus turned and walked back down the hill, and transformed back to his truck mode. For the first time since Elita's death, he felt that he could go on. No, he knew he could go on.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

here is Nightbird
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