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Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

and here is Orion Pax
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Optimus Prime
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Book III "Into the Darkness"

Chapter X "Routine Mission"

{Welcome, as you already know, I am known to mortals as the Watcher. For countless millenia, I have watched the planet Earth. Occasionally, I like to look in on other realities, or what you might call alternate universes. It is again time to look in on a universe that is so different from our own. Where four million years ago a starship from another planet crashed to Earth.

Since our last visit here, Optimus Prime has dealt with the death of his beloved Elita-1, and it seems all is going well. But, an event approaches that will change the face of Earth and Cybertron forever.}

It was Saturday, and Optimus Prime was doing what he did every Saturday. At least what he did when there was not some crisis, or some event to attend to. He was going to see Elita-1.

He rolled up to the foot of the grassy hill on which Elita was buried. He transformed and walked up to where her statue was, and sat down on the ground, as he did every week. Whenever he had something on his mind, he would talk to Elita about it. He knew everyone would think he was crazy, sitting there talking to a statue. He had had enough time to come to terms with Elita's death, but he still missed her. He missed her more now than he ever could have imagined.

On this day, he was bothered by the debate in the United Nations to dismantle the Omega Contingency System. Optimus was against the dismantling, and had stated so at many United Nations meetings. The Omega Contingency had been created in 1990, as a back up plan in the case of a catastrophe. The specific catastrophe it was created for was the Decepticon takeover of Earth. The Omega Contingency was an evacuation plan for the people of Earth, and it was necessary when it was designed. World leaders were worried that if the Autobots retook Cybertron, they might not be able to hold Earth, and that the Decepticons would try and take it. The Omega Contingency could never have been built without the help of the Autobots, who helped construct the necessary colony ships and bunkers around the world.

Optimus had hoped that they would never have to use the plan, but it was better safe than sorry. Earth was only at risk because the Ark had crashed here. Unfortunately, those same world leaders now felt that those bunkers and ships could be put to better use. With the Autobots in control of both Earth and Cybertron, and the Decepticon army in shambles, there seemed to be only a small possibility that the Decepticons could launch an attack on Earth, much less win. Optimus had argued that the Decepticon threat was not gone, and that it might never be completely gone. He also made strong arguments for its use in case of a planetary disaster. Unfortunately, it seemed that his arguments fell on deaf ears, and it looked like the United Nations had other plans. He was at least relieved to hear that the final vote was still several months away. He still had time to try and gain support.

"So Elita, what do you think?" He was met only by silence, but somehow, he knew she would agree, and even in silence, he found some comfort.

Elsewhere, a makeshift repair job was underway.

"Hold still, Starscream."

"That hurts," said Starscream.

"I don't care," replied a monotone voice.

"I always thought Megatron should have had your personality circuits adjusted," said Starscream. "Come on, Stalker, be careful, I'm in a lot of pain."

"I'll increase the pain if you don't hold still, and I'll kill you if you call me Stalker again."

"Very well, Soundwave," responded Starscream.

"We need to get to Charr, and take command of the army," said Soundwave.

"Yes. I will be the leader who brought the Decepticons back from the brink of destruction..." started Starscream.

"You will lead nothing," replied Soundwave.

"Who do you think you are to tell me when I will lead?"

"I am now the leader of the Decepticons. Megatron's death puts me in command," said Soundwave. Then he continued his work on Starscream.

Optimus Prime had returned to Autobot City and was now walking toward the command center. It had been nearly four months since he had been nearly killed by the explosion at the San Francisco Regional Solar Power Station. Optimus had spent the time since his recovery overseeing the final repairs to Autobot City after the fateful battle there. Although he could not understand it, and as much as he loved Cybertron, Earth would always be home to him now, He had developed a fondness for the green countryside that would never be found on Cybertron.

The new wing of Autobot City, Metroplex, was almost ready to go online. His final construction had been delayed due to the Battle of Autobot City. Metroplex's main brain component and personality hardware had been brought before Vector Sigma to be given life since he would likely never be able to leave Earth. He would give Earth an extra measure of protection if the Decepticons ever returned, or if Megatron ever tried anything.

Back on Cybertron, all was well, and there had been no hint of activity since the destruction of Unicron. Autobot Intelligence had reported that the Decepticons were on Charr, struggling to stay alive, For now, their threat was neutralized. Megatron as still out there, and although he had not been heard from since Nightbird died in the explosion, Optimus knew that he had not seen the last of his old enemy,

He walked into the command center. Rodimus, Kup, and Springer were there, monitoring things. Optimus was proud of Rodimus, he had done very well in command while Optimus was out of action after the explosion. "Status report," said Optimus.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," replied Kup.

"No sign of Megatron, either. It's like he dropped off the face of the planet," said Rodimus. "Not that I'd mind if he stayed there, but this waiting and watching is really boring."

"Cheer up, Rod. Megatron's probably cooking something up that we won't like," said Springer with a chuckle.

"Nothing like a little optimism," said Optimus, sarcastically. "I doubt he can try anything major without any troops, and we're keeping an eye on Charr. If the Decepticons try to leave, we'll know about it."

"I hear it's pretty bad," said Springer.

"Yes it is," said Optimus, "I have been debating whether or not to give them aid. We can't just let them die, but I'd never forgive myself if we enabled them to start their campaign of terror again."

"Not an easy decision," mused Kup.

"No, it's not. But for now, reports are that they are getting enough energon to survive. At least I have time to weigh all of our options," finished Optimus. He had been wrestling with this problem for days. He couldn't let them die. In spite of millions of years of war, they were still Transformers, and if they were not killing and destroying, they had as much right to live as any Autobot, and were deserving of help. But, could he justify endangering the lives of countless Autobots? For now, he'd have to leave that alone. He had other things to attend to. "Rodimus, I have a mission for you."

"Great. I can't take anymore sitting around," he jumped from his chair, "What's the mission?" he asked.

"Take Sky Lynx, Kup and Springer, and deliver a supply of parts to Cybertron," replied Optimus.

"A supply mission? I was hoping for something exciting," moped Rodimus.

"Be careful what you wish for, lad, you might get it," said Kup. "I can remember many times when I wished I was just on a routine mission."

The trip to Cybertron was uneventful. The most exciting thing that happened was a small meteor that passed by them. The supplies were quickly unloaded when they arrived.

"This is Rodimus Prime to Spaceport Authority, we have finished unloading, and are heading back to Earth."

"This is Spaceport Authority," came Ultra Magnus' voice. "You are cleared for launch. Have an uneventful trip back."

"I'm sure we will," responded Rodimus. He closed the communications channel, and left to check on the others. In the cargo bay, Kup and Springer were passing the time talking about old times. "Well, another boring mission over with," said Rodimus.

"At least we haven't run into any trouble," said Kup.

"I hate to spoil your conversation lads, but I'm getting a strange energy reading. You'd better get to the cockpit," said Sky Lynx.

The three of them rushed to the cockpit. "What is it, Sky Lynx?" asked Rodimus.

"I'm not sure. I detected a strange reading for a moment, and then it was gone. It didn't seem important, but then I realized where it was coming from."

"Where was it, Sky Lynx?" asked Kup.

"It was coming from Unicron's head," he replied. "Or to be precise, it was close enough to it that I would hesitate to call it's position coincidence."

Rodimus felt as if the temperature had just dropped 40 degrees. Unicron's head had been orbiting Cybertron ever since he exploded. It was presumed he was dead, but no one ever went near the head. It was a very superstitious thing, and most pilots steered clear of it.

"Set course for Unicron's head," said Rodimus.

"Rodimus, are you sure that's good idea," asked Sky Lynx. "Not that I'm afraid or anything, the great Sky Lynx fears nothing, but..."

"That's an order, Sky Lynx," said Rodimus.

"Of course."

"I told you to be careful what you wished for," said Kup.

"Next time, remind me to listen to you," said Rodimus. He had a bad feeling about this.

Sky Lynx came beside Unicron's head, and the others floated through space over to one of the smashed eyes and went inside.

Rodimus felt severely uneasy. Unicron was dead, but still he nearly destroyed Cybertron, and now they were walking around in his head. It was disconcerting. "Let's stick together," said Rodimus.

"Don't need to tell me twice," replied Springer.

The three of them looked around, but found nothing of interest. There was no power, everything was completely shut down. "There's nothing here," said Rodimus. "We're wasting our time," at that moment, Rodimus felt something against his leg. He looked down. "What's this?" pointing down toward a thin wire against his shinplate.

"Tripwire!" shouted Kup, as he pushed both Rodimus and Springer to the ground just in time for a missile to pass over their heads, and explode against the wall behind them. Rodimus cursed himself silently, he should have been smarter than that. "You boys okay?" asked Kup.

"I'll live," said Rodimus. "Thanks to you."

"Forget it, kid. You'd have done the same," said Kup. "I guess someone didn't want any visitors." The three of them got up, and continued to look around, being much more careful now. "Look over there," said Kup," pointing to an area on the floor.

Rodimus lit it with a small flashlight and then looked Springer and Kup. The light lit up some tools, placed neatly in a row, and some pieces of broken metal.

"Someone's been repairing themselves," observed Springer.

"Who could it have been?" asked Kup.

"Must have been the Predators. They were the only ones still inside Unicron when he exploded," said Rodimus.

"Maybe it's space rats," said Springer.

"This is no time for jokes. Call Cybertron. I want a forensics team to go over this place. I want to know who was here, and where they went, and I want it done ten minutes ago," said Rodimus. He was not looking forward to telling Optimus about this.
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Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

....must..........contian...myself for next chapter........
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Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Including images of the the major characters in Book II, we have now:

Starscream / Skyquake

I based the new body form of Starscream that was given to him by Unicron in Book I on the Transformers: Machine Wars toy. Soundwave was based this way too.
Soundwave / Stalker

Also since both Unicron and Vector Sigma are referenced in Book III, visualizations are always a good thing.

Vector Sigma
Unicron eats a Moon Base

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Optimus Prime
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Chapter XI: Harbringers of a New Age - Part I

At the Decepticon base in northern Canada, Nightbird walked with purposeful strides down the corridor towards Megatron's lab. He had gone into the lab three weeks ago, and had not come out since. All attempts to get him to open the door had failed. She decided that she now had a foolproof way to get in. She approached the door, and knocked on it. "Megatron, let me in," she said, in a rather nice tone.

"Go away, I'm busy," called Megatron.

"Okay, if that's the way you want it," she replied. She pulled out an energon grenade, placed it on the door and set it. She dove around a nearby corner for cover. Two seconds later the explosion atomized the door completely. Nightbird got up, and walked into the room. "So nice of you to let me in," she said.

"Had you been another of my troops, I would have slagged you where you stand. But was that really necessary?" he asked.

"Three weeks ago you had an invention explode and for nearly three hours you were in statsis and the device seemed fused to your faceplate. When you finally came out of it, you locked yourself in here, and refused to open the door. Now I demand you tell me what is going on," said Nightbird.

"Of course, my dear," he chuckled, "I must apologize, but I am on the verge of having the power to destroy Optimus Prime once and for all."

"Excuse me if I don't jump for joy, Megatron, but you've made that boast on more than one occasion."

"This time is different."

"What exactly happened to you?"

"I was working on a machine that would allow me to travel through time. I had the technology once when I had built the Chronosphere to destroy the accursed Aerialbots. Unfortunately that was on Cybertron and was destroyed many years ago. I wish I had realized it's potential then." He stopped in mid-memory. "But I digress. I had planned to destroy Orion Pax before he became Optimus Prime while I attempted to duplicate the original machine. However, during my research, I had that minor accident. During the three hours I was unconscious, the machine was showing me different periods in time. But all the while I was seeing these different times, something seemed out of place. When I came around, and started my research again, I made some discoveries about time. Time seems almost alive, and as such, it has a defensive mechanism. It seems that without the Cybertronian technology I had available once, I will not be able to change the past. Every time I try, time sends me into the past of an alternate reality."

"However, I have isolated one of these realities. It contains the power I need to finish off Optimus Prime and the Autobots."

"And that's what you have been doing in here for the last three weeks?" Nightbird asked.

"Not entirely. I spent most of my time building them." Megatron pointed to a wall, and pressed a switch on his console. The wall slid back revealing what was behind it. "I give you, the Mutanacons."

"Well, they look like impressive robots, but I don't see how they will tip the balance of power," she replied.

"They won't, not yet. You see, each of them has been specifically designed. I found beings on the Earth of the alternate universe who possess great powers. I will duplicate those powers in these robots, and in so doing, create the most powerful Transformers in the galaxy," he said.

"Why the Mutanacons?" she asked.

"The humans I have chosen are different from normal humans in that they possess a mutant gene in their DNA structure that gives them their powers. The name seemed appropriate. As of now these robots have no life, and can not think for themselves, but I will soon remedy that."

"And how do you plan on giving them life? Without Vector Sigma...?" she queried, puzzled.

"Vector Sigma is not needed nor wanted, they do not need personalities nor feelings. I have designed them to have artificial intelligence, they will not truly be alive, but they will be able to think for themselves."

"Ah." Nightbird looked closely at the robots. There were five of them. Four of them looked strangely human in design, but could obviously transform, and were slightly taller than she was. The fifth was unlike anything she'd ever seen. She wasn't even sure it could transform. "What are their names?" she asked curiously.

"I am not certain. Some of these names would be quite ridiculous for robots." said Megatron.

"What are they?" she asked again, impatiently.

"Wolverine, Spiderman, Storm, Cyclops, and The Thing," he replied.

"What silly names," she said. "These robots look powerful, what do you need with these humans anyway?"

"They have powers that I cannot duplicate, but I can infuse them directly from the humans. Also, they possess much battle experience, and are excellent warriors," Megatron said. "Once they are complete, we will have the army we need to destroy the Autobots and take over both Earth and Cybertron."

"Not that I want to put a damper on your plan, Megatron, but what will happen when you take these beings? Don't you think they'll have friends that will come looking for them," said Nightbird.

"This time, I will not fail. I have thought out every contingency. I will take them from their reality, use them for my purposes, and send them back to the exact moment they left. They will never even know that anything has happened to them." Megatron stared at his creations. This would be his greatest victory. This time he would conquer Earth.

Meanwhile, out in space, enroute to Charr, a large black jet streaked though space.

"Faster, you hunk of junk," commanded Soundwave.

"I'm going as fast as I can, Stalker." replied the black jet.

"Never call me that! I am Soundwave. Nothing that Unicron and you did to me can change who I am, Starscream. Now get moving."

"Of course, Soundwave. I don't have much choice since you removed my transformation circuit, do I?"

"No, I suppose you don't. Remember Starscream, we both want the same thing. Glory for the Decepticon empire."

"No. I want glory for the Decepticons, you want revenge for Megatron's death," snorted Starscream.

Soundwave laughed. It was a cold, harsh sound. "After spending these last months in Unicron's head, I finally have a plan that will do both."

"Good. I was tired of living in that metal cemetary," replied Starscream.

"You mean it bothered you using components from the other Predators to repair ourselves?" asked Soundwave.

"It didn't bother you?"

"I did what was necessary to survive, and to live to fight another day," Soundwave said.

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Optimus Prime
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Chapter XII: By the Matrix

Optimus Prime sat in the shuttle's command chair. Rodimus' quick report was enough to tell him that he had better get back to Cybertron, or at least Unicron's head, as soon as possible. What could it mean? Could it have anything to do with Unicron, or was someone just using his head as a repair bay. Either way, this was very unsettling news.

When Optimus arrived at Unicron's head, he was soon met by Rodimus. "What have you found?" asked Optimus.

"Well, as near as we can tell, Unicron is dead, completely. He may have survived the explosion, but someone completely destroyed all of his brain circuits. So if there was anything left of him, it's slag now." He paused, and then pointed to a point on the floor about 10 meters away. "We found the bodies of four of the Predators, but Skyquake and Stalker's bodies are missing. It looks like they were able to repair themselves and escape. I think their leaving was the energy reading that brought us here in the first place."

"Any evidence as to where they might have gone?" asked Optimus.

"None, but I would guess they went to Charr. We also found that the Predator bodies had been used for spare parts, kinda sick if you ask me. But we also found something else," said Rodimus.

"What else?"

"We found what appears to be plans for a device capable of turning rock into energon," Rodimus replied.

"What?" Optimus paused. "How is that possible?"

"Perceptor looked at the plans and found them sound. He says that the machine breaks down the molecular bonds in rocks, and collects the energy from it. He said it wouldn't last for very long, being prone to breakdowns and it wouldn't be very efficient. However, Perceptor believes that it would probably be able to fuel an army once for maybe a full-scale attack, and if they were lucky, it wouldn't take them too long."

"I want around-the-clock reports from our team observing Charr," said Optimus.

"Way ahead of you, Optimus. I've already ordered it."

"Good. Tell Kup I want to talk to him about Cybertron's defenses," replied Optimus. "We could be looking at a major move by the Decepticons. Without a leader, they aren't able to stay together, but if Skyquake is alive, then he will most certainly be planning an attack against us. This is the first major attack we will have to defend both Cybertron and Earth against since we regained Cybertron. We cannot fail."

Optimus then left Rodimus, and went back to the shuttle. In all of the millions of years that the war had gone on, at no time did the Autobots so fully control Cybertron. They could not afford to step back now. If they repelled a Decepticon attack, it would be their greatest truimph. If they did not, it would be their most bitter defeat. Optimus swore by the Matrix that that would not happen. Not while he still functioned.

Optimus Prime and Kup discussed the situation, and decided that Cybertron's defenses should be enough to hold out against an attack. Over the past few months, Optimus had ordered many new defenses built on and around the planet. It was practically impenetrable now, and Optimus knew that Cybertron belonged to the Autobots permanantly. Optimus decided against a first strike.

As it stood now, with the exception of Megatron on Earth, the Decepticons were not a threat, and he did not want to provoke them. He thought it was possible that the Decepticons were not even goin to attack, but the odds were not running that way. He had to give them the benefit of the doubt, though.

Earth was another matter. The Autobots had a large force on Earth. In addition to Autobot City, and the Ark, they had six other bases around the world. They were located in England, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Australia, and Brazil. Coupled with Earth's own defense forces, he believed that it would be enough to defend it from a Decepticon attack. Earth was nowhere near as well defended as Cybertron, though, and this worried Optimus immensely.

Optimus decided to leave Rodimus in command on Cybertron. Optimus, Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, and Springer returned to Earth aboard Sky Lynx. Deep down, he felt the Decepticons would be coming, though he felt confident that they could hold both Cybertron and Earth, even against the possible full-scale assault, though he still had a nagging worry, Megatron. He was the wild card, and was probably still on Earth. This worried him more than the entire Decepticon army. What he didn't know however, was that when they arrived, they would already be too late.
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Optimus Prime
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Chapter XIII: Harbringers of the New Age - Part 2

In the Decepticon base in northern Canada, Megatron was putting the final touches on the machine that would give his new creations life, and the power that would give him the power to cruch Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Nightbird watched as he made the final adjustments to his new toy.

The five robots Megatron had built were connected to the device. Also connected were five transparent cylinders to hold the subjects while Megatron used them to infuse his minions with life. Four of the cylinders were human-sized, but the fifth was slightly larger. In many ways it looked like a scene from a human horror movie, but this was no movie.

"Are we ready to begin?" asked Nightbird.

"Yes," said Megatron. "For the glory of the Decepticons!" he exclaimed as he pulled a lever on the device, and then a high-pitched whine filled the room. A light flashed in the first cylinder, and a mostly human-looking being appeared. he was dressed mostly in yellow, and did not appear happy.

"Where the hell am I?" he demanded, as razor sharp claws shot out of his fists. Megatron pressed a button on his control panel, which activated a neural sedative beam, and the figure fell to the ground unconscious.

There was a flash of light in the second tube, and a man weaing a red and blue costume with a spider insignia appeared. "What the...I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore," said the man. Again, Megatron administered the neural sedative, knocking him out.

It was much the same for the next two individuals. A dark-skinned woman, and a man wearing a visor. Then the last container flashed, and a hulking orange creature appeared inside. Nightbird recoiled from it. She had never seen anything like it before.

"What the? Where am I? Hey green stuff, what do you think you're doing?" said the hulking mass of orange muscles, pointing an accusing finger at Megatron. Megatron pushed the button to sedate the creature. It clutched his head as if in pain for a moment, and then looked again at Megatron, "That wasn't very nice, tough guy."

"This isn't possible," Megatron said, as he pushed the button again. Again the creature grabbed at his head in pain, obviously more so than before.

"That does it. I'm going to break you into little pieces," said the creature. He swung a mammoth fist at the side of his prison, though it did not break. "Well, a challenge. I like that," he said. It swung again and again. Megatron could see the transpari-steel starting to weaken under the monster's onslaught. Megatron activated the beam again and again. Each time the creature appeared to be in more pain, and weakened, but then it would continue to batter at it's prison.

"Slag," said Megatron in disgust. "I can't risk further damage to the machine. I'll have to terminate him." He turned the beam up to its maximum level, a level that would be lethal to any living being, and it feel to the ground.

"It's a shame," replied Nightbird. "The creature was quite impressive. It's unfortunate that you had to kill it."

Megatron examined the readouts on his control panel. "I don't believe it," he said, chuckling. "He is still alive. I have chosen these beings well." Megatron began the next phase of his plan, and began the transfer. "In just a few minutes, we will have the five most powerful weapons in the galaxy under our control." After a few minutes were up, all was complete, as the new Decepticons awoke. Megatron walked over to his new creations, and addressed them.

"I am Megatron, your leader. You will declare yourselves to me, and demonstrate your abilities."

The first robot stepped forward. "I am Wolverine," he said. He raised his fists, and razor sharpo claws revealed themselves. He slashed at the nearest wall, which was made of the strongest metal known to exist, but he cut through it like it was paper.

"Excellent, now transform." commanded Megatron. he transformed into a wolverine. Megatron had not realized that any creature from Earth could look so ferocious and deadly. He was impressed. The other showed themselves similarly. The next introduced himself as Spyder, and with the help of Wolverine, demonstrated his ability to sense danger, and his massive strength. In spider mode, he spun energon webbing as strong as titanium alloy.

The next of Megatron's Mutanacons, the female called Jetstorm, was able to create a weather disturbance much like a thunderstorm in the very room they were in. Her jet mode was quite impressive as well. The one called Cyclops melted a wall with a momentary blast from his eyes, and transformed into a tank similiar to Megatron's vehicle form. Then came the last, the one based on the creature that nearly ruined all of Megatron's plans.

"And what is your name?" asked Megatron, feeling very confident with his accomplishment.

"I am the Thing," replied the hulking robot.

"Of course you are," said Megatron, "What do you transform into?"

"I do not transform. I destroy." With that, the Thing ran towards a wall, and went clear through a foot of solid steel. He did not stop with the first wall, however, continuing through the next five walls as well.

"Excellent," laughed Megatron.

"Megatron, could I have a word with you in private?" asked Nightbird.

"Of course, my dear. Mutanacons, go to the armory. You are very powerful, but some weapons always come in handy." The five soon left the room. "What is it, Nightbird?"

"I don't want to put a damper on your plan, Megatron, but have you noticed that they all seem to suffer from a lack of personality? Two of them did not even speak."

"Yes, Nightbird, I planned this all along. As they are simply artificially intelligent, I chose only the characteristics of the humans creatures minds and bodies that I needed. I did not want the possibility of these humans pathetic morals or their total personalities to overcome their programming. They are human, after all, and we wouldn't want a human's sense of right and wrong to interfere with their mission. The total annililation of the Autobots."

"You've covered all the bases well, Megatron," said Nightbird, impressed.

"Yes, and this time I will be victorious. Now, to get rid of these creatures." Megatron changed some settings on his console, and started the return sequence. "They will never know they were away, nor will they remember what they saw."

Wolverine, Spider-man, Storm, and Cyclops disappeared, deposited right back into their own universe. Then the process began for the one called the Thing. Megatron looked at the dials on his panel. Something was wrong. "Nightbird, take cover!" They both jumped behind some equipment, as the device exploded. When the debris settled, the creature was nowhere to be seen.

"It must have sent him back to his own universe. The damage he caused to the machine must have caused the explosion," observed Megatron.

"Well, now we can't make anymore of them," said Nightbird.

"We don't need anymore," said Megatron, who started laughing at the thought of the final destruction of the Autobots.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

now this has gotten interesting...X-Men turning into Transformers.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

have you heard of an upcoming movie version?
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

yes I have.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Unfortunately other than the descriptions of the Mutanacons I gave in the last chapter, there are no toy or cartoon versions of any TF's that I can really post that could help with the visualizations.

Here are some more pics of familiar faces that will be appearing in Book IV and beyond.

Ultra Magnus



Carly Witwicky

Daniel Witwicky

Spike Witwicky


Omega Supreme

Sky Lynx


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Book IV "Dark Times, Part I"

Chapter XIV "A Plan Comes Together"

{Again we return to the reality in which Earth has been forever changed by the arrival of the Transformers. The history of the people of Earth, and of Cybertron are about to come to a pivotal event. One which will change the face of the universe as they know it, and one that will ultimately push Optimus Prime into the most difficult decision of his life.}

Optimus sat back against the side of Sky Lynx's cargo bay. They would be arriving at Earth within the hour. Optimus had prepared a statement for the United Nations to warn them of a possible Decepticon threat. Optimus hoped that if they decided to attack it would be against Cybertron. He knew Cybertron could withstand such an assault, and he knew that Earth was well-defended, not only by the Autobots, but by the Earth Defense Forces. Still, against a full Decepticon attack, Optimus was not confident that they could repel it.

"Optimus, you had better get to the cockpit," said Sky Lynx.

When Optimus reached the cockpit, Ultra Magnus' face told him something was wrong. "What is it?" asked Optimus.

"We just received this message from Spike at Autobot City," replied Magnus. He pressed a button on the console, and the viewscreen lit up. It crackled with static and was filled with electronic snow, with the image fading in and out, but he could tell it was Spike.

"To any....that can hear this message, we are under attack. Megatron, Nightbird, and five unknown Decepticons began their attack thirty....utes ago. We are sustaining heavy damage....Earth Defense Forces have just arrived....having no effect." Then an alarm sounded, and Spike looked down suddenly at the console. "Decepti.....have breached the base. If you receive this......age, contact Optim.....ime on Cybertron," said Spike. At that moment, behind him, the door to the control room exploded, and Megatron came through the doorway, and began shooting. The screen went dark.

Optimus could not believe what he had just seen. "How long ago was this sent?" asked Optimus, trying to hide the dismay in his voice.

"Approximately one hour ago," said Ultra Magnus. "It seems their main communications array was damaged, and the signal was very weak."

"Sky Lynx, full speed to Autobot City," ordered Optimus.

"Understood," he replied, and for once he didn't sound very self-centered.

"What's our ETA?" asked Optimus.

"Thirty minutes," answered Perceptor.

"Magnus, contact the other bases on Earth and have them send reinforcements," said Optimus.

Ultra Magnus nodded and changed some settings on his console. "This is Ultra Magnus calling Oracon City, England, do you read me?" There was nothing but silence. He then tried to contact each base, but each time was met by silence. "Megatron couldn't have attacked them all," assumed Magnus.

"Let's get to Autobot City. We can't be in seven places at once," said Optimus. The other cities would have to wait.

Megatron sat back in his chair in the command center of his base. He had nearly demolished all seven Autobot cities on Earth, crippled Earth's Defense Forces, and sabotaged Earth's communications network. But what was his next move? His five Mutanacons were more than powerful enough to attack an enemy base, and leave it in flaming ruin, but if they were attacked by a large well-armed and prepared force, he could not hope to win with so few troops, even with ones as powerful as the Mutanacons. As he contemplated his situation, the computer chimed. It was an incoming transmission on a Decepticon frequency. "On screen," he ordered.

The screen showed two Decepticons that he had never seen before, "Megatron, you live," exclaimed the first.

The voice was unmistakeable, but it did not look like Soundwave. "Who are you?" demanded Megatron.

"Soundwave," he answered almost quizzically, then he realized why. "You have never seen me in this form. This is Starscream," he said, motioning to the figure standing beside him.

"I am no longer Starscream, I am Skyquake."

"Soundwave, I thought you and that fool were dead," said Megatron.

"We almost were, but we survived. We are on Charr, and the full Decepticon army is here," reported Soundwave.

Megatron sat forward in his chair, "What is your status?"

"We await your orders. We stand ready to attack Cybertron at your command," he replied.

"Excellent. I have a plan, but I have some details to finalize. I will contact you in two hours, and give you your assignment then."

"As you command, mighty Megatron," said Soundwave, and then the screen went dark.

Everything was falling into place. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, and Megatron was almost ready to put his plan into action.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

it are sad that there are no pics for the Mutanacons
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Chapter XV: "Unexpected Developments"

The Autobots aboard Sky Lynx were silent through the rest of the journey. Optimus Prime could not help but fear the worst. He couldn't believe that Megatron could have attacked all of their bases on Earth. "Still no answer?" asked Optimus.

"None," said Ultra Magnus, "Their communications must be completely out of commission."

"What about Earth Defense Headquarters?"

Magnus shook his head, "Nothing. It looks like Earth's entire global communications network is down."

Rodimus Prime sat in his quarters. He was not happy that Optimus had left him behind. After spending so much time on Earth, he now found Cybertron to be boring. He got up, and headed for the command center. The team observing Charr should have reported in by now. When he walked in, he saw that Kup and Blurr were also there. "Have they reported in?" he asked.

"No," said Kup, "and it's not like them to be late."

"It's probably nothing," replied Rodimus.

"Still, we'd better try and contact them," Kup advised.

"If you say so," he said, unable to hide his boredum, or his lack of experience from Kup.

Kup switched on the communications console, "This is Cybertron calling Alpha team, acknowledge." The screen crackled, but no one answered.

"Canyoutelliftheyarereceiving?" asked Blurr, almost too fast to be understood.

"It appears that they are," answered Kup, "But if that's true, then there must not be anyone to respond."

Rodimus was normally not one to get alarmed, but if there was a Decepticon armada leaving Charr, he had to know about it. "Kup, you and Blurr take a shuttle. Keep sensors on maximum, and get back here as soon as you detect any Decepticon activity." Rodimus went to Teletran-3, and addressed it, "Teletran, initiate a planet-wide yellow alert."


"Autobot City, dead ahead," said Sky Lynx.

"Nice way of putting it," Springer said sarcastically.


"Sky Lynx, standard drop and cover," said Optimus.

"Will do," said Sky Lynx. He swooped in low, and the Autobots jumped from a cargo bay hatch. They landed in a group, weapons ready, just outside the city, or what was left of it. The battle appeared to be over, and there were humans all over the place, helping human and Autobot wounded.

After a few moments, they lowered their weapons and Optimus waved Sky Lynx to land and transform. "What the slag happened?" asked Springer.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out," said Optimus, whose gaze swept the scene before them. "Ultra Magnus, check our defensive situation. If the Decepticons attack, I want some protection for the wounded, and I want a personnel status report. Perceptor, some of the Autobot injuries maybe more than the humans can handle. Springer, I want you to check our communications capabilities, if we don't have global communications, do whatever you can to get it up and running. Also, get me a status report from Earth Defense and the other bases. Tell Sky Lynx to help evacuate the injured humans to the nearest hospital." They all nodded and left to assume their assigned tasks. Optimus had his own task, and that was to find Spike and get some answers.

He headed to the control room, bypassing many collapsed halls. He realized that the base had been completely penetrated with signs of blaster fire being exchanged back and forth everywhere. When he reached the control room, he found it in smoldering ruin, with human rescue teams digging through the rubble. He didn't see Spike anywhere, but he did see Commander Mark Kearney, Spike's second-in-command of human operations at the base. "Commander, where is Spike? We received his distress call."

"Optimus Prime, I'm glad to see you. We can't find him, and he was in here when Megatron came in and took out the last of our communications relays. It was a miracle that he was able to get that message out."

"How bad are the casualties?" asked Optimus.

"Not as bad as you might have expected considering the damage this place sustained. Mostly minor injuries, but a few major ones, along with about nine deaths." he responded gravely. "That number may rise a bit, we still have several people unaccounted for."

Nine dead, thought Optimus. Nine more to add to his conscience.

"You should also know, Optimus, that Carly and Daniel were both here when the attack occured."

Optimus felt like his spark was being squeezed, "How are they?"

"Carly sustained only minor wounds, along with a nasty concussion. Daniel," he shook his head, "unfortunately sustained far more serious injuries. You just missed him, actually, we had just dug him out about ten minutes ago. He's on his way to the hospital." Kearney paused, "It's bad, very bad. The medics who took him thought he might not make it. When we found him, we thought he was already dead. His arms and legs were crushed, and the medics figured he'd lose them. I told them to contact Dr. Jonas Hollas in France. He's the best robotic limb designer in the world. He designed my arm," said Kearney, as he flexed his right hand. It looked completely real, but he explained that he had lost it in an accident five years earlier.

Optimus fought the urge to go and help look for Spike. The situation was under control, and he had other pressing concerns. Though it pained him greatly, he had to put it out of his mind. "Commander Kearney, are the surveillance systems still operational?"

"I believe so, but since they're not a critical system, they haven't been checked out."

"Thank you, Commander. Please contact me immediately when you find Spike." Optimus left the room and headed to his quarters. He could not stop thinking about Spike, Carly, and Daniel. They were his friends, and they had sacrificed so much to help the Autobots get Cybertron back. Where would the sacrifices end, he wondered?

It still pained Optimus to think of Spike's father Sparkplug. He had died in a Decepticon attack only two weeks after Daniel had been born. Then there was Chip Chase. He had been killed in an accident while trying to develop a new rocket engine. His main hope had been to make travel between Earth and Cybertron faster. And there were so many more. Not only had many soldiers died trying to stop the Decepticons, but innocent civilians as well paid the price for this war. Optimus carried the weight of guilt for each and every one of them.

Skyquake walked through one of the corridors aboard the starship given to him by Unicron and used by the fleeing Decepticons when they left Cybertron. Soundwave might still want to be Megatron's loyal subject, but Skyquake wanted no part of him. Skyquake soon decided that he needed allies if he was to take control of the Decepticons away from Megatron. He slowly manuevered the corridors as the ship flew ever closer to Earth, until he found the one he was looking for. "Hello Swindle."

""Starscream, err...Skyquake, what can I do for you?" asked Swindle nervously.

"I was just wondering, what do you think of all this?" said Skyquake.

"Think of what?"

"Megatron is killed by Optimus Prime, is somehow reactivated, and now just takes back leadership. He failed, and was defeated. He has no right to be our leader," explained Skyquake.

"Oh, that. Well, I'd have to agree with you, except that I'm in no hurry to be on Megatron's enemy list, like you are. I'm frankly amazed he didn't have you melted into slag years ago," said Swindle.

"Well, if nothing else, Megatron is a good judge of skill," boasted Skyquake.

"Skyquake, I'm no fool. You want something, so let's cut the chit-chat, and tell me what you want," Swindle said brazenly.

"Very well. I am tired of Megatron, and his plans that always lead to failure. I wish to overthrow him, but to do that, I need support."

"I see," Swindle raised his hand to his chin in thought. "So you think I might be able to find out who would be willing to follow you?"

"Very perceptive of you, Swindle," said Skyquake.

"Flattery will get you nowhere," snickered Swindle, "What's in it for me?"

"If I were in charge, there would be certain perks.. I will, after all, need a second-in-command," he offered.

"Second-in-command, huh?" said Swindle. "I suppose that would persuade me. I'll need a few hours though."

"You have it. I just need to know who will support me by the time we reach Earth," said Skyquake.

"No problem," said Swindle, as Skyquake nodded and headed off so as not to arouse suspicions. He knew his time would come, but he also knew he had to be cautious and wait for his opening.
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Chapter XVI: "Situation Vulnerable"

Optimus sat in his quarters at his desk. "Computer, access visual logs of the attack. I want all the enemy attackers displayed." The computer chimed in response and began to cycle through the last two hours worth of recorded data. A moment later, the screen lit up with seven figures displayed. Megatron and Nightbird were there as expected, but the five other Decepticons were another matter. He did not recognize them, or even recall seeing anything quite like them. One was actually using the forces of nature against the base. He watched the recordings in silence, noting their attacks, and the counter-attacks against them. They were relentless, and nothing seemed to stop them.

As he contemplated the situation, the door chimed. "Come," he said. Ultra Magnus and Springer walked through the door as it spread apart. Optimus nodded and immediately asked, "Springer, what's our communications status?"

"I jury-rigged the equipment for a global satellite comm-link, but I got nothing. I did manage to establish a weak link to Earth Defense Headquarters in San Francisco. I spoke directly to the head of Earth Defense, Admiral Gray. He said that the entire global network of communications had been sabotaged, and they were unable to reach any of our bases for an hour before the blackout began." Springer handed Prime a datapad, "Reports are sketchy, but Earth Defense installations all over the planet have been attacked. E.D. has been crippled, making Earth vulnerable to attack. The reports they have received say that Megatron, Nightbird, and those new Decepticons are responsible for all the attacks, whether it was just one of them, or like here, all of them together," he finished.

Optimus shook his head in disbelief, "Have you any better news, Ultra Magnus?"

"Yes, I do as a matter of fact. We have a lot of injured, but not too many dead. Since there was only seven of them, they seemed to concentrate on destroying the base, rather than finishing off their victims."

"We need to get status reports from the other cities. Where is Omega Supreme, Skyfire, and Sky Lynx?" asked Optimus.

"Omega is still guarding the Ark, oddly the Decepticons made no attempt at attacking it. Even with their mighty strength, I doubt even they would attack a Guardian Robot." said Magnus, "Sky Lynx and Skyfire just got back from the hospital, and now all of the critically injured patients have been evacuated."

"Springer, I want you standing by in case we need to rush anyone to the hospital. They still haven't found Spike," said Prime, worried. "Go see if they need a hand looking for him."

"On my way," replied Springer, and he turned and left the room.

"Magnus, send anyone you can spare with Omega Supreme, Skyfire, and Sky Lynx. Send Sky Lynx to Brazil, and Australia, Omega will go to Russia and China, and Skyfire to England and Saudi Arabia. I want those status reports as soon as possible."

"I'll have them on their way in a few minutes," said Magnus, and with that he turned and left the room.
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