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Old Nov 12, 2005, 04:24 PM   #61
Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

didnt Optimus and Starscream (Skyquake) become allies a few other times as well? I cant remember
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Old Nov 16, 2005, 10:57 AM   #62
Optimus Prime
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

There were a one notable time, mostly just to save his own neck, like the time that the Combaticons went on a rampage on Cybertron, that Starscream helped Prime and Megatron. Other times it was Megs and Prime that had to work together to stop one of Starscream's plots to destroy Earth.

Here are the pics of characters in Book VI several were just mentioned in Book V
Decepticon Triple Changers

The Constructicons
Long Haul
Constructicons Merged into Devastator

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Old Nov 16, 2005, 05:37 PM   #63
Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

oh thats right.
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Old Nov 22, 2005, 05:05 PM   #64
Optimus Prime
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Book VI "Dark Times, Part III"

Chapter XXIV "Plans"

"So, let me get this straight, Optimus," began Bumblebee in a somewhat sarcastic tone. "Skyquake doesn't want Megatron to have control of Earth so that he can take over the Decepticons." Optimus nodded, "So he and his allies are going to help us get rid of Megatron?"

"That's right," answered Optimus.

"This is all in spite of the fact that he could kill Megatron, and take over the Earth, and then turn on us and melt us down to pools of molten slag?" remarked Blades.

"More than likely," said Optimus.

"Me Grimlock not too bright, but even me know this not good idea," announced the Dinobot.

"Not to mention that they almost outnumber us two to one," added Springer.

"If I may, Optimus," started Perceptor, "Perhaps we would all feel better if you explained why you decided to accept Skyquake's offer."

"I'd be happy to. Just the thirteen of us may not be enough to accomplish our mission. We need to give Cybertron an opportunity, and I'm sure that Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime are already deep into planning an attack, but they would be attacking blind. We must gather intelligence, and give them an opening. A head on assault on the Decepticons with no intelligence on their plans and positions would be suicide. Skyquake and his bunch will be a very valuable asset to us."

"Unless they turn around and attack us at the first opportunity," countered Hound.

"I don't think they will," replied Optimus. "As much as Skyquake hates all of us, it is Megatron that he wants to destroy now. I don't think he will try anything until he has done that. Don't worry, I'll have my optics on him."

Skyfire had been listening and watching, and decided to speak up now, "I'm going to agree with Optimus Prime, I knew Skyquake long before he joined the Decepticons when he was still Starscream. Once he decided upon a course of action, he'd stick with it, unless of course, something turns out to be a better course. Besides, if we don't agree, we'd have another enemy front out there. If you ask me, one is enough."

"Point taken," said Bumblebee.

Optimus watched as they all nodded their acceptance of his decision. Some of them were obviously not happy with it, but they would abide by it. He only hoped he was doing the right thing. His thoughts were interrupted when he saw Bumblebee shaking his head, and he said, "This is a bad idea, Optimus, a very bad idea."

Of all the Autobots, Optimus considered Bumblebee as one of his closest friends. It pained him that he was so opposed to his plan. But he couldn't do anything about it, so he put it out of his mind, and went on with what had to be done.

Outside the cave, the Decepticons were waiting for the Autobot meeting to end. "What is taking so long?" whined Skyquake.

"Perhaps it is going to take some convincing for them to join us," replied Blitzwing. "I doubt that any of them trust any one of us." Although Blitzwing had been in favor of joining the Autobots for his own reasons, he was not sure that it was going to work. It wasn't the so much the Autobots he was worried about as he was Skyquake. Although this course of action was Skyquake's idea, he wasn't sure that Skyquake would be able to stick with his own plan. A moment later, the Autobots emerged from the cave.

"Skyquake," began Optimus, "Per our agreement, I will now take command of our combined force." Optimus was not expecting this to go well, as Skyquake had never been good at taking orders.

Skyquake, obviously trying to hide his revulsion, nodded, "As we agreed."

"Our base here is makeshift, at best," said Optimus. "The Constructicons, along with Grimlock and Sludge will be in charge of fortifying this position. I want escape tunnels and automatic weapon systems, and we need them as fast as possible."

"What do we need those dimwitted Dinofools for?" asked Long Haul.

Skyquake fired a missile at his feet, sending him backwards to the ground. "You need those Dino...you need Grimlock and Sludge because Optimus Prime says you do. The next Decepticon who challenges one of Optimus Prime's orders will be melted down."

"Just a minute, Skyquake. Among the Autobots, everyone is entitled to speak their minds. Although, in the future, you might wish to phrase it better, Long Haul. Grimlock and Sludge will work with you on this assignment because I have decided that all tasks and operations will be jointly done by teams of Decepticons and Autobots," explained Optimus.

"Understood," replied Long Haul.

Optimus continued, "Perceptor, First Aid, Frenzy, Rumble, Octane, and Swindle will be in charge of getting any supplies we need, and putting together a repair bay. We will need any weapons we can get our hands on. There are several secret military installations in this jungle. You should be able to find everything we need. Hound, I need you to adapt your holo-emitter to shield this base. Skyquake will assist you."

"Good, let's get to it," said Skyquake.

"Skyfire, you are in charge of intelligence. Blades, Astrotrain, Blast Off, Vortex, Ravage, Ratbat, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, and Bumblebee will be our intelligence gathering team. Springer, Onslaught, and Blitzwing will help me plan our strategy. Hotspot, Groove, Streetwise, and Brawl will stand lookout, and patrol the area. Does everyone understand their assignments?" asked Optimus.

They all nodded, and all of them except Springer, Onslaught, and Blitzwing left to assume their tasks. Things were going smoother that he had anticipated. Optimus hoped that was a good sign.

Rodimus Prime stared blankly at the data pads strewn on the desk in front of him. He and Ultra Magnus had been working on a plan of attack for nearly six hours now, and had gotten no further than when they'd started.

"What if we land a force on the Moon," began Ultra Magnus, "If they arrive undetected, the main attack can be..."

"We tried planning that two hours ago. Every time it didn't work," said Rodimus, tiredly.

"Yes, I forgot," said Magnus.

"Let's face it, Ultra Magnus," said Rodimus, "The Decepticons have complete control of the Earth. Just before our scans stopped penetrating to the planet, readings indicated that they had weapons systems active all over the world. Any assault on Earth will fail unless those systems are taken offline."

"Well, then, we'd better hope that Optimus Prime can get those weapons systems down," said Magnus.

"Agreed. Until then, have our forces move into position behind the moons of Jupiter. We should be able to remain undetected there. We can then wait until we receive a signal from Optimus."

"Alright, it's a start," said Ultra Magnus. "How much of our forces should we leave behind to defend Cybertron?"

"None," answered Rodimus.

"None? We can't leave Cybertron undefended."

"I am going to put Spike in charge of Cybertron until our return. Since all of the Decepticons are on Earth, Cybertron should have nothing to worry about." Magnus nodded, though slightly unconvinced, and left the room.

Rodimus sat for a few minutes. He was not sure he was doing the right thing, but he knew he didn't have a choice.
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Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

must contiune with the book....
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Old Dec 12, 2005, 05:30 PM   #66
Optimus Prime
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Chapter XXV "The Loudest Silence"

Rodimus Prime walked down the hall towards the Witwicky's quarters. Unlike most of the humans, they had been given quarters on Cybertron. Rodimus had not had a chance to talk to Daniel since he had been injured eight days ago. It pained him greatly that Daniel had been hurt, since he was his best friend. He longed for the times when he and Daniel would go fishing near Autobot City. They might not ever be able to do that again. Still, if Daniel recovered, he knew that not being able to go fishing wouldn't be so bad. Daniel already had artificial limbs constructed, and was well into learning how to use them. More than anything Rodimus wanted him to be okay.

He knocked on the door to their quarters. It was opened a moment later by Spike. "Hello Rodimus," he said, "Come in."

Rodimus thought Spike's voice sounded different. Like he wasn't getting much sleep, but wasn't tired. He knew something was wrong. "How's Daniel?" he asked.

Spike looked down to the ground for a moment, and then motioned Rodimus to one of the Autobot-sized chairs. The room was still being refurnished, so it still had some furnishings of the previous occupant. Spike sat in his own chair, and looked up at Rodimus. "Physically, he's fine. He has learned how to use his arms and legs. He needs some more practice of course, but other than that he's fine, recovering well. He finally regained consciousness after you left the other day. Psychologically he's...well, that's another matter. When his prosthetics were being constructed he wanted the doctors to augment his strength and give him weapons. Carly and I refused to let them, and since then he doesn't come out of his room, except for physical therapy. He rarely talks to me or Carly now. He just sits in his room in the dark. He hasn't wanted to talk about any of it either." Spike shook his head, "He hasn't shed a single tear. It's one thing to be strong, but this far beyond that. It's tearing Carly apart, so I sent her to see her mother. I thought she could use some time away."

"No wonder you seem troubled. I wouldn't be too worried though. He's been through a lot, maybe he just needs some time," said Rodimus.

"I was thinking the same thing...until yesterday," said Spike.

"What happened yesterday?"

"After Carly left, the doctor came by for Daniel's therapy session. While Daniel was out here, I did something that I am not proud of. Something that I can probably never forgive myself for, but under the circumstances, I felt I had to," began Spike. "I snuck into his room, and looked in his journal. He's been keeping it for years, and writes in it everyday. It's something private that I had no right to look at." He looked down to the ground again, almost as if he couldn't look Rodimus in the face.

"Obviously you read something that bothered you," assumed Rodimus.

"Page after page of his journal he wrote about how much he hates Megatron, and wants to get even, and there was more," Spike said. Rodimus motioned for him to go on. "He wrote that he wished he had never been to Autobot City. I think he blames me, and I can't say that I disagree with him."

"Spike, that's crazy, it wasn't your fault," assured Rodimus.

"Are you sure? I'm the one who chose to live my life helping the Autobot cause. I chose it for Daniel as well, and look what's done to him. He refuses to talk about it, and I can tell it's eating him up inside. He just suffers in silence. And it's the loudest silence I've ever heard."

"You can't blame yourself, Spike," started Rodimus, are paused. He wasn't sure what to say, so he changed the subject. "Spike, I need to ask you for a favor."

"What is it?" he asked.

"I want to put you in command of Cybertron," answered Rodimus.

"Why?" asked Spike, startled at the request.

"I am leading our forces to Earth. Cybertron is in no danger as long as the Decepticons stay there, and we'll need every Autobot we can get." He could see that Spike was not completely behind the idea. "Think it over, I don't need to know for a few hours. Would it be alright for me to see Daniel?"

"Of course," said Spike.

Rodimus started for Daniel's door, and turned back to Spike. "I have an idea, Spike. Would it be alright if Daniel were to come with me? Maybe I could get him to open up a little."

Spike mulled the thought over. He knew that Rodimus would never let any harm come to Daniel, and maybe he was right, maybe he would talk to Rodimus. "If it's alright with Daniel, it's alright with me." Rodimus nodded.

Rodimus soon came to Daniel's door and knocked. There was no answer, so he opened the door. Daniel was sitting on his bed, writing in his journal. When he looked up and saw Rodimus, he tried to hide it, but knocked it to the floor.

"Hello Daniel."

"Hi Rodimus," replied Daniel, his voice sounding cold.

"So, how's it going?" Rodimus asked, trying to sound as if nothing were wrong.

"Alright I guess."

Rodimus walked over to the bed, and picked up the small journal. "Mind if I have a look?"

Daniel just shrugged and rolled over on his stomach, facing the wall. Rodimus flipped through the book, seeing that it was just as Spike had described. Then he read the last page, the one Daniel must have just been writing. He read it out loud, "'No one can understand what it's like. This is Megatron's fault. He did this to me, and I'm going to make him pay. I hate him. I hate him...'" The passage ended with that. He knelt down beside the bed. "Want to talk about it?" asked Rodimus.

"Not really," Daniel quickly replied.

"Okay, well, I am leaving in a few hours. We're going to Jupiter's moons to await a signal from Optimus to attack," he paused, and stood up. "Want to come?"

Daniel looked up suddenly, almost suspiciously. "Really? I can go with you to help get Earth back?"

"Really. I need someone to talk to. If I spend too much time with Ultra Magnus, I might become boring." Daniel almost smiled. Almost, thought Rodimus, but at least that was something.

"Give me a few minutes to pack," replied Daniel.

"Sure," said Rodimus, and he left the room and found Spike still sitting in his chair. "He's going to come with me, but I would like you to reconsider allowing him to have weapons."

Spike began to object, but stopped. "You know, Rodimus, I was just about to say that he's just a kid. But he isn't. He's growing up." He paused, "You really think that will help?"

"Yes, I do."

"Take care of him, Rodimus."

"I swear that I won't let any harm come to him," replied Rodimus.

Spike smiled wearily, "I know you won't, Rodimus. And I will look after Cybertron for you."

Just then, Daniel came out of his room, carrying a knapsack. "I'm ready to go, Rodimus." He said goodbye to his father. Rodimus couldn't help but notice that Daniel seemed different, like he didn't really care about anything.

As they walked down the hall back to Rodimus' office, Daniel stopped suddenly. "Rodimus, I need to see Hoist before we leave."

"Why?" asked Rodimus, pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"If I'm going to Earth with you, I'll need a weapon. Since I'm already partly robotic, I thought he could add some components to my arms and legs."

Rodimus though a moment, Spike was right, Daniel was growing up. "Alright," and they headed to Hoist's repair bay.
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Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

thought I would share this pic I found
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Chapter XXVI "The First Circle, Part I"

Back on Earth, the combined Autobot and Decepticon teams were at work on their assigned tasks. Bumblebee and Ravage were sent to infiltrate Decepticon headquarters in Washington D.C. at the White House, and get any information they could out of the computers there. Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ratbat had been sent to spy on Megatron, Nightbird, and Soundwave. The others were scanning the area so that they could create a schematic of Washington itself so an attack could be planned.

Bumblebee and Ravage walked slowly through the dim tunnel, with Bumblebee slightly behind his companion. He didn't trust him, and was not about to turn his back on him. They were moving through an old emergency tunnel exit. It was meant to be an exit for the President, and it began miles away from the White House itself. It was doubtful that the Decepticons even knew it existed. Finally they arrived at the end of the tunnel.

"Well, we're finally here, Ravage," stated Bumblebee. He pulled on the door, but it was locked. He decided that to make the least noise was to melt the doorknob away with his pistol. Just as he was about to fire, however, Ravage jumped up and pulled his arm down. "Hey, what's the big idea?"

Ravage sniffed at the edges of the door, "It's alarmed," he said in a growling voice. "Although it's a human alarm. They haven't found it yet."

"I didn't know you could talk," exclaimed Bumblebee.

"I only speak when necessary," he replied.

"Well, if it's alarmed then how do you suggest we get in?" asked Bumblebee.

"If we can't get through the door, then we'll go under it," he announced, and with that, he began digging furiously. After about twenty minutes, he had dug a tunnel under the door that was big enough for them both to fit through. They came up under the door to find a passage leading left and right. "Which way?"

"I'm open to suggestions," said Bumblebee, shrugging.

"Perhaps we should split up?"

"If we do that, one of us will end up at a dead end," said Bumblebee.

"What makes you say that?"

"Look at the door behind us," said Bumblebee.

Ravage turned around, but saw no door. "I see. You wouldn't know it was a door, if you weren't aware of its presence. Anyone following the President after he fled through this would continue down this hall. And so if we don't split up, we may never make it into the White House."

Bumblebee didn't like the idea of splitting up. For all he knew, Ravage would go straight to Megatron, and destroy all their plans. Unfortunately, he knew there was no other choice. "Alright, we'll split up, but which one of us will take the data-recorder that Perceptor gave us," asked Bumblebee.

"You take it, I basically am a recording unit, remember? I was made to store data."

"Okay, then, I'll go left, you go right. We'll meet back here in four hours, with or without anything," said Bumblebee.

"Do you know how far it is to the White House?" asked Ravage.

"No. The Autobots were only told where the tunnel came out, in case we were ever called to help in an emergency."

Ravage nodded, and said something Bumblebee never expected, "Good luck."

"You too," he said in return. As he headed down the hall, he had a thought that he never had before. Ravage wasn't really a bad guy, maybe he could be trusted.

Megatron sat back in his command chair. He felt his choice of the White House, the most famous symbol of human authority and freedom to be his headquarters was a fitting one. He rather had fun gutting the inside so they could fit comfortably. The remaining human artifacts of the past leaders had burned quite nicely also. Though he was rather disappointed that there weren't more. He decided to make sure when they finally regained Cybertron and captured the humans, he'd make them tell him where the rest of the treasures were. He was going to take great pleasure in destroying human history.

The failure of the Mutanacons to finish the remaining Autobots and Optimus Prime was of little consequence, but it still irked Megatron. They would be finished eventually, because there was nothing that Optimus Prime could do anyway. This miserable mudball belonged to the Decepticons now. Soundwave walked in to the room, and stopped before him.

"Soundwave, I trust you have good news," said Megatron.

"Yes, Megatron. Everything is moving along according to plan. The final design for our defense system is complete. The global satellite communications network will become the most powerful defense grid in the galaxy. Nothing will be able to get through without our authorization," reported Soundwave. "That will not only include space vessels and Autobots, but no communications will be able to get in or our without going through our channels. All comms will be cleared, and checked for enemy messages."

"Excellent," said Megatron. "And what is the status of the defense grid?"

"The communications network is online, nothing in or out without our knowing. The defense grid will be ready in two earth weeks," replied Soundwave.

"Two weeks?!" exclaimed Megatron, "Why so long?"

"Each satellite must be upgraded manually. The loss of the Constructicons has hit us hard. Even two weeks will be pushing it without their help," answered Soundwave.

Megatron snorted, disgusted. "Very well. I expect it operational in two weeks, no longer. What is the status of our ground defenses?"

"Almost everything that was military on this planet has been converted to serve as our land-based defense system. Even with the orbital defense net incomplete, an assault on this planet would be suicide."

At that moment, Nightbird entered the room, "Ah, Nightbird, Soundwave has just been udating me on the status of the defense grid."

"I hope his news is better than mine," she said shortly.

"Report," said Megatron.

"We can't find the Autobots," she answered.

"How is that possible? They can't have gone far," demanded Megatron.

"They are gone. We have no leads on their whereabouts. Each Autobot City has been checked, and all known Autobot outposts searched. There is no sign of them."

"When the defense grid comes online, we should be able to get a fix on them anywhere on the planet," said Soundwave.

Megatron smashed his fist against his desk, "That leaves them out there for two weeks!"

"Not to mention we don't know where Starscream and the rest of the traitors are," added Nightbird.

"Soundwave, I want round-the-clock patrols, worldwide. Split up the Mutanacons to lead the patrols," ordered Megatron.

"Understood," replied Soundwave, and then he paused. "Nightbird, could I speak to Megatron alone, please?" She was somewhat surprised at the request, but nodded and left.

"Soundwave, what is it that you couldn't discuss in front of Nightbird?" asked Megatron.

"Mighty Megatron, the rumors persist," replied Soundwave. Despite the fact that they were alone, he spoke almost in a whisper, as if he feared anyone overhearing.

"And what rumors would those be?" chuckled Megatron.

"Rumors of the existance of the First Circle still persist," he answered.

Megatron practically jumped out of his chair, "I told you never to mention them again! They don't exist now, and as far as I am concerned they never did."

"But Megatron..." began Soundwave.

"No Soundwave. I refuse to believe that they still exist. I killed all of them but three. You still live my friend. You rescued me from the existance that they intended. For that, I am forever in your debt."

"But what of the others?" continued Soundwave. "They may still live."

"Soundwave, I was never able to learn the identity of their leader. I doubt he still exists anyway. You never learned who it was who was helping you to carry out your plan. Besides, it was millions of years ago," assured Megatron. "Now, don't speak of this again."

"As you command, Megatron," said Megatron. "Your address of our forces is scheduled for one week from today."

"Excellent. With all of our troops watching, we will proclaim this planet ours."

High above them, sitting on a crossbeam that held up the ceiling, three familiar Transformers sat, recording the entire conversation. When Soundwave and Megatron left the room, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ratbat took off, and left through the air conditioning ducts that they had come through.

After about an hour, Bumblebee had finally reached the White House. As luck would have it, the tunnel entered just below the White House, in the basement, and like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the Decepticons' main computer had been placed there.

"All these presents, and it isn't even Christmas," laughed Bumblebee to himself, quietly. He connected the data-recorder that Perceptor designed to the computer and went to work.
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Sector Marshall
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

hhhmm....I dont recall hearing anything about the First Circle care to erxplain? since i cant remember
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

There was no First Circle in the cartoon, so this is an explanation to help explain certain questions that were never answered by the cartoon. So, wait and see, I think it'll satisfy your curiousity.

Here's the Combaticon images:

The Combaticons
Blast Off
Combaticons merged into Bruticus

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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

that would explain why I dont remeber it...hopefully you will have more of the book on here so I can satisfy my curiosity
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Cool story so far Optimus! seems your a major Transformer fan as much as i am too! my big bro Neil was into them when i was young while i was into He-Man but still enjoyed Transformers when i was young especially "Thundercats" and "G.I. Joe"! remembered the "Thundercats"? that's out on DVD now.

I bet you can't wait for the new "Transformers" flick ay Optimus? that is gonna be soooo cool! they are even making a new "He-Man" movie coming out next fall or winter with John Woo as the director and Jason Lewis from "Sex and The City" as He-Man, it should improve over the Lundgren movie but with Cringer, Orko, and the rest of the cast from the show especially RamMan if Jack Black can play him. Now if they can only do "Thundercats" and "GI Joe" next, that would be cool. Voltron is coming to the screen in 2008!
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Optimus Prime
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Chapter XXVII "A Hero's Sacrifice"

Ravage seemed to have walked for hours, but in reality had only walked for two. Finally, he turned a corner, and there it was, the dead end. He turned around and headed back to the door to meet up with Bumblebee. He hoped that Bumblebee had accomplished their mission. He arrived at the door to the tunnel three hours and fifty-seven minutes after they had separated, but Bumblebee wasn't there yet.

A few minutes later, Bumblebee appeared around a corner down the hall. "Did you get it?" asked Ravage as Bumblebee ran up to him.

"Yes, I got everything that we need," he said, and added, "We make a pretty good team, Ravage."

At that moment, a voice from behind Bumblebee called out, "Halt," they both turned to see the Mutanacon Jetstorm coming towards them. She fired her weapon at them.

"Ravage, look out!" yelled Bumblebee, as he jumped in front of him, taking the full force of Jetstorm's blast in the chest. He slumped down, and fell into the hole that led to the tunnel. Ravage followed him into it and pushed him through. He grabbed Bumblebee with his jaws and started to drag him dowm the tunnel.

They had only gotten a few dozen meters when the wall surrounding the door exploded, Jetstorm's silhouette in plain sight. Pausing to lay Bumblebee down, Ravage turned to their pursuer and fired to missiles at the ceiling above her, collapsing the cave. Ravage went back to pulling Bumblebee. After a quarter mile, Bumblebee began to push him away. "Ravage, wait," he said, weakly.

"What is it? We have to keep moving."

"You'll never make it with me. I'm just slowing you down," he stated.

"Nonsense, we can make it," argued Ravage.

"They'll catch us." Bumblebee pointed to the rubble of the collapsed cave, "They'll be coming through that soon, and then they'd be on us in a flash." He held out the data-recorder to Ravage, "Here...get this back to Optimus. I'll hold them off."

Ravage could not understand why he was feeling this way for an Autobot. He didn't want to leave him, after all he had just saved his life. "I can't just leave you here."

"You have to. That data is too important. Now go. I can hold them off." He placed the data-recorder on Ravage's back, and secured it with a magnetic coupler.

"How can you hold them off in your condition?" asked Ravage.

"Don't worry...about me. I have a few tricks left up my sleeve. Give Optimus a message for me. Tell him I was wrong, and I'm sorry."

"Goodbye, my friend," said Ravage. Bumblebee smiled. He began to run down the tunnel, but turned and looked back once. Bumblebee had taken out an Energon grenade. Ravage turned around and started running again. Behind him, he could hear the Decepticons breaking through the rubble.

Jetstorm came to Bumblebee and kicked his seemingly lifeless body, "This one's finished, get the other one," she said to her troops.

Bumblebee's optics opened, a bright blue, "I'm not quite finished, Jetstorm. Say goodnight, Gracie!" he pressed the trigger on the grenade.

Behind him, Ravage heard an explosion and was soon knocked from his feet by the following concussion. A moment later there was only silence as he rose to his feet. "You will be remembered with honor, Bumblebee," he said as he burst out running of the tunnel exit. He had to get this data to Optimus Prime, or Bumblebee's sacrifice would be in vain.
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

this sounds like an expanded universe for Transformers
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Re: My 'What if Hot Rod Hadn't Gotten in the Way?" Transformers fanfiction

Expanded from the premise that Hot Rod didn't get Optimus killed like he did in the movie, yup.

Here's the some more characters:



Alpha Trion

The Protectobots


First Aid



Protectobots Merge into Defensor

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