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First Contact

Welcome to the SQUAD! New pilots, introduce yourself here; veterans will greet you warmly.

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Old Sep 22, 2006, 03:18 PM   #1
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My review of "The astronautīs wife"

Iīd like to make public my personal opinion of the film Astronautīs Wife.
I have to say I was nicely impressed by the film the first time I watched it.
The reason: I saw constantly something different in this film even considering analitically every possible aspect to focus on.
About the plot, nobody can ignore that, even though it doesnīt depict any grandeur situation concerning all humankind, nation, goverment or big city, it works on the most honoured institution ever : the family ( touching all the related concepts : marriage, divorce, children, abortion, ...)
The ambition of the film is magnificient: who are the chosen for the spreading of an alien race on Earth? The most admired specialized workers ( in this technical era, and objectively thinking in all eras): aeronautical engineers and astronauts (the best of the best). What is the alienīs life form like? The most essential of the basics : considering that one intelligent life form, in any way, thinks and the thoughts, the way we know them scientifically, are of electrical nature, here we have the way the alien carries on his "genetic" information and its physical life form :a light transmission.
Itīs undoubtely the most accurate and authentic representation of an alien in any film or book made public.
I could keep on making the dissection of the film and comment the sucessfull points of the film extensively... but it would be too long though funny.
This stubborn defence of the film comes as a reply to the negative reviews that loads of film experts dedicated to this movie. Saying as a big fault the use of special effects when itīs clear the measured and opportune use of them all along the motion picture. Nothing of excesses in this aspect in order to maintain the interest of the film, although in the final scene there is trully a flashy concession. No doubt about that.
Overall an excellent film to watch, mainly from a technical point of view.
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Old Sep 23, 2006, 12:01 AM   #2
formerly known as Ivanhoe
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Re: My review of "The astronautīs wife"

This is all great but it belongs in the Astronauts wife forum.

This forum is suposed to be about introducing yourself to the comunity not movie reviews.
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Old Mar 9, 2010, 11:27 PM   #3
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Re: My review of "The astronautīs wife"

If the movie is a disaster on the writing and directing levels, at least most of the performances are strong and effective, and on a technical level, it is often impressive.
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