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Closed Thread

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Old Apr 7, 2002, 04:51 PM   #16
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Hey, Splendi, take a look here: www.wowbagger.com

you'll be pleasantly surprised...
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Old Apr 8, 2002, 02:51 PM   #17
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

I am indeed surprised ... and insulted Over and over and over ...

Someone took Fan-fiction too far!!!
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Old Apr 8, 2002, 02:52 PM   #18
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Neat little program, ain't it?
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Old Apr 23, 2002, 03:38 PM   #19
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

For lovers of fanifiction, I submit a link to the BEST fanfiction site on the web. Found it today, while I should have been doing college work <<Evil grin>>

My favourite section is the crossovers. Submitted my fanfic there, too.


I love this place ... lots of funny fics to read. I especially love the Douglas Adams tributes
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Old Apr 30, 2002, 03:47 PM   #20
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction


Chapter One – Thoughts

The figure stood alone on top of the cliff edge, the dark cloak he wore hid his most of his features. The moon, revealed in all its splendour, was casting a pale light into the dark night. The black waves from the sea crashed against the cliff face smashing into the deep crevices and rims their brethren once produced. Each crash echoed through the chilled air, carried by a faint breeze which caused the figure’s cloak to wave to and fro. The moment was beautiful… almost magical. The figure smiled in contemplation from under his hood, his brown eyes glistening under the moon light watching the pin points of light and listening to the waves.

Suddenly a sound came from under his cloak. It was a short and sharp beep. The figure frowned as his thoughts were interrupted. Raising his left arm from under the cloak revealed a bright yellow light. This light was being projected from a silver object he on his wrist. He looked at the light with a mild interest and concentrated more on the projected images it held. Again frowning, he raised his right arm from under his cloak and took off his hood, brushing back his brown hair in the movement. His face looked middle age, but at the same time his expressions seemed old, as if he seen more than a life time of experience. He raised the object to mouth, again looking at the information from the holographic projection which now enveloped his eyes.
“Yes,” he said with authority into the object. “What is it? I asked not to be disturbed.”
“I’m sorry sir for the interruption,” replied a voice coming from the object. “But we have a problem. It’s a big problem.”
The figure sighed, he didn’t want to be taken away from the scenery but he knew his duty to the ship in orbit take priority over his personal relaxation.
“I will see what I can do.” he finally said.
“OK sir, we will-”
“I will,” interrupted the figure. “Be back at 0800 hours, ST.”
“But sir-”
The figure cut off the com link. No, he wouldn’t be taken from this moment just yet. He smiled at the thought that he was breaking several command protocols, but he didn’t care. The figure stood there, alone on the cliff, his hair waving in the light breeze coming from the sea.


“Captain Holison?”
“We’ve been expecting you sir,” the Porter said with a pause. “But not this… well, soon.”
Captain Holison sighed. He looked at the Porter, taking in the ridiculous red and black uniform he wore. Silly hat, he thought to himself.
“I’m sorry I am early,” he said. “If you could just take me to my room…”
“Ah, of course sir, right this way.”
The Porter proceeded towards the air lifts, carrying one of the Holison’s bags with him. The Captain followed, keeping pace with the Porter, now taking in the black strips on the back of his uniform. As they walked across the hotel’s main floor, the Porter felt a need for conversation.
“So,” the Porter asked. “Do you know what’s happening with the higher ups?”
Holison let out another sigh but didn’t answer the Porter. He decided to concentrate on the black stripes and their placements on the uniform instead. What is that? Symmetrical? What hell is the point of making something symmetrical if nobody can tell it’s symmetrical?
“Well,” continued the Porter when there was no answer from behind him. “I guess it would be something you aren’t allowed to discuss. What about this new stuff?”
Holison felt he might as well take part in the conversation if the Porter is going to continue it without him.
“Stuff?” he asked.
“Yeah,” the Porter answered with a slightly more enthusiasm. “These new procedures in place.”
“Yes, I know about those procedures.” he said patronizingly still thinknig about the Porters’ uniform. What the hell is that black strip for? It makes him look like he got a pony tail.
“Personally,” the Porter said glancing back. “I think the change of the SOP on event; nine niner, under section two five was a big mistake.”
“You do,” Holison replied matter-of-factly.
“Yeah I do,”
The two were now approaching the air lifts. The Porter stopped by the small incline next to the lists.
“Well sir, I hope you enjoy your stay. The bots should direct you to your room from now. It’s on floor 64.”
“Thank you.”
“No problem. If you need some help, just remember my number,” the Porter said showing the gold tag on his shoulder. “I will be right there.”
“Yes, thank you”
The lift arrived and Holison got on.
“I will be sure to recommend new uniform for you,” he said with a smile as the lift doors shut.

Chapter Two - Holison

Captain James Holison was in a very deep sleep in his single room when the first com message sounded its alert. When the second one came five seconds later he was slowly becoming aware that he was asleep. The time was 10:34 in the morning locally and the sun light poured through the perplex windows, but Holison was still in standard time and didn’t expect any kind of light. His body was still behind a complete six hours, so when the third beep sounded making him sit up too quickly, causing his neck to twisted the wrong way. He let out a moan as his eyes adjusted to the bright light coming from the window. He squinted as a fourth com beep sounded and looked at the screen on the wall to his left. Looking at this direction now allowed his eyes to stop being assaulted by the sun light and focus, more easily, on the blue screen which wasn’t as bright. The standard Earth insignia was flashing on it. Holison tried to speak, but he found that his throat was extremely coarse. He glanced at the table next to his bed on his right. He saw, vaguely, an outline of a large bottle from the sunlight. He let out a small cough which was meant to be a laugh. The first thing you do is get drunk. James, you dumb ass. Glancing back to the screen he tried to speak again.
“Computer, accept incoming transmission. Open holo-link about four feet from and my head high. Image on my face, and give me a flat screen.”
A single beep acknowledged his instructions. Suddenly a cool blue hologram was right in front of him; in it was the face of Admiral Toa Gervord.
“Good morning Captain,” the Admiral said with a slight smile. “I was aware that you are still on standard time so I allowed you to sleep for a few more hours before the wake up call.”
“Thank you sir for the consideration,” Holison replied formally. “I apologise for my… appearance.”
“No need for that Captain,” Gervord said. “It’s not like a simple com-link needs a formal dress code.” The Admiral suddenly let out a haughty laugh.
“The conference starts in an hour and ten minutes.”
The Holison nodded, smiled and said “I guess the ten minutes is to mingle with the brass.”
As the Admiral let out another laugh, Holison decided it would be a good time to wipe the sleep out of his eyes. After a moment of hard scrubbing the Admiral went on.
“Be there on time James. It’s on the eighth floor, and the bots should lead you to the room.”
“OK. One hour?”
“One hour.”

Now clean shaven and wide awake, Holison was walking briskly to the conference room following the service robots. He watched the small service robots scuttling ahead of him and suddenly disappeared into the slits along the hallway as they approached a rather large door. A guard was posted in some way from the door.
“Good morning sir,” greeted the guard.
“Morning,” replied Holison.
As his ID card went through the scanner he heard a familiar loud and haughty laugh from behind him. Holison felt a rather large hand went down onto his left shoulder.
“Holison,” hollered the man behind him, “James Holison. I’d be damned! Good to see you in person after all these months.”
Holison took his ID back from the guard and turned around.
“Admiral Gevord,” he said. “Thank you for the wake up call sir.”
“Now James, I told you to stop calling me Gevord,” Gervord said as he gave his ID to the guard. “Toa will do, you know it’s what I am used to.”
“I know you did, but I felt that after so long, I needed to piss you off.”
As the two men burst out laughing, Gervord taking his ID from the guard, they moved slowly down the short hall towards the door. Gervord breathed in deeply as he finished laughing.
“So,” he said looking forward at the door. “You know anything about this conference?”
Holison was still grinning when he replied “No.”
“You’re still on ST aren’t you?”
Holison nodded and stopped smiling, replacing it with an expressionless face.
“Don’t worry Captain; you’re not the only one. My one is two hours behind. Yours?”
They reached the door and stopped. Gervord turned to look at the Captain.
“Sh*t, I heard you got pulled out from the Deep for this briefing. What makes you so special?”
“I heard the same thing,” Holison muttered. “I don’t know why I was pulled, but I want to know who pulled me out.”
“You don’t know?” Gervord asked rather curiously.
“You’re in for a surprised.”
The Admiral reached out to open the door.

Chapter Three – The Message

The conference room was quite large and formal in its own way. As you enter you will look directly upon the conference table, which wasn’t particularly long or wide, and holographic projector. At the back of the room were the windows and in the front was a large flat screen. The afternoon rays streamed through the back windows causing anybody who might be in front of the screen to only see vague outlines of the members of the conference table. A man in his mid twenties was now in front of the screen addressing the various commanders, admirals and generals of the conference table.
“We received this message during oh-five twenty-two (ST),” said the Speaker.
“What the hell was that?” asked somebody down the table. Holison glanced down to his left, and peered through the rays to look at the women who asked the question which was on everybody’s mind after the message was played.
“We don’t know exactly for sure ma’am,” answered the Speaker. “But we can assume it wasn’t a friendly or opened welcome.”
A small murmur spread along the table, and Holison looked at Gervord who was now standing up.
“Is the message broadcast with intent?” Gervord asked. “Was it a deliberate message by these… aliens to us?”
The Speaker started to reply but was interrupted by a man who was sitting in front of the screen facing away from it and looking at the whole conference table.
“We can only assume so sir,” he said.
As the members of the table turned to focus their attention on the man he brushed back his brown hair.
“I was going over the individual wave patterns of the voice and studied the images myself.” He paused. “I found the message… threatening.”
“A warning?” asked Gervord
“Perhaps,” replied the man.
“Thank you admiral-“
“Vice-admiral Sir,” corrected the man.
Gervord look confused then he replied “Yes. Thank you for the analysis and information.”
The man nodded and stood up. As he started to leave the room he squinted to look back at Holison. He gave a small nod in acknowledgement and apology. As Holison nodded back, slightly unsure, he contemplated on this. What’s wrong David?
The vice-admiral was a pleasant surprise at the conference room, and Holison needed a surprise. But the man known as David he knew three years ago wasn’t the same one on the conference table. It wasn’t that David chose to be surrounded by the admirals and generals rather than talking to an old academy friend but it was the way he looked and held himself. Or the fact that he walked out of the conference room when it seemed this was his show. He looked haggard and distant but also, something else. As if he was… Holison slowly became aware that his name had been called out several times.
“Yes?” he said looking around the conference table only to see Gervord looking at him sternly. He wasn’t in a joking mood after the image he just seen.
“Admiral Veriz was asking your opinion on the matter Captain,” Gervord said.
“Opinion?” Holison was still searching for the person who called his name.
“Yes,” answered a voice from his left. “Your opinion. I am sure you have an opinion on this subject Captain.”
Holison was now looking at the speaker. He didn’t know who this Veriz was but she had a full admiralship insignia on her formal uniform.
“Ma’am,” he said. “I am not sure my opinion will be worth a lot on this conference table. I don’t even know why I am here.” He spread his arms indication to the table.
“Good to see you still speak your mind as always Captain,” she replied without smiling.
“Thank you ma’am,” Holison was starting to be annoyed, and this showed in his tone of voice.
“I still want your opinion Captain.”
“Very well,” Holison looked at the person in front of the projector. “Play the message again please.”
The projectionist nodded, and pressed a flat button on the holographic projector.
Suddenly, main screen in front of the room had an image of a head of a strange creature. The two eyes completely the filled with the colour robin’s blue and the structure of the head was almost like a tortoise’s. The most horrifying thing about this moving image wasn’t the fact that it’s ‘face’ was the colour and texture of molten tar, which contrast with its eyes. Or the fact that it was eating, with a large wide mouth, what looked like a human baby or foetus. It was the sounds that it emitted whilst doing this action. What was suppose communication was seemingly a terrifyingly long blood curdling scream followed by agonising grunts and snarls.

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Evil Milk Man
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Who Could Throw a Better House Party?

I'm not sure exactly what the point of this thread is...but I frequent word, and have a few stories...

Here is one:

so let's use the time to answer probably the most burning question of the past decade: who had the cooler house, Lion-O or Mumm-Ra?

Sadly, its something I actually do debate sometimes. I'd say I'm fairly materialistic, so it transcends even to the cartoons I watch. I could never really accept Megatron's chances at beating the Autobots when his base was underwater. Prime had the Ark, Omega Supreme, and on the odd occasion when he remembers, a giant guy named Metroplex who could turn into an entire city. Megatron has some sorry ass base underwater. Then we got He-Man. They had Eternia, which I guess is pretty big, but you could never tell since we only saw that one brickstone backyard and the king's throne room. They also had Greyskull - which by now we all should know hosted many many secrets. On the flipside, all Skeletor had was a cliched Snake Mountain, which for all intents and purposes was a series of vertical caves with no luxuries and very little living space. Good didn't triumph over evil because it was supposed to, it triumphed because the good guys had better pads.

Today I want to examine the Thundercats and see if the same holds true. As you probably noticed, I'm not the world's biggest Thundercats fan. Its not that I don't like the show, I'm just not sure there's so much there to talk about. Give me He-Man, and I'll throw out 50,000 articles detailing every last nuance in Beast Man's demeanor that seem to pave the way for an inevitable face turn that sadly never shows up. Thundercats? I dunno. A few weeks back I had a mini-marathon of cartoon watchin', and the best I could come up with was a series of jokes about Cheetara's tits and Jaga's age. Don’t worry though, in due time I definitely plan to expose the Berbils. Watching that episode definitely leaves an impression.

Anyway, back to the castles. First, we had the Cat's Lair. Man, that Panthro was something else. He was able to fashion a tank and a castle with virtually no available goods, by himself, in the duration of about twenty minutes. If Panthro was around today, he'd be that guy all the celebrities hire to get the job done right. Its a shame his cerebral architectual talents went to waste so he could use nunchucks, but somehow I doubt the creators and writers of the show really put enough stock in the guy to really give a **** about his profession.

Then, we had Mumm-Ra's Tomb. I guess they felt that mutant cats and robotic pandas were creative enough - no need to overdo it by thinking up clever names for the castles. In the cartoon, the Tomb seemed to be a pretty sparse affair - few statues, coffin, and that silly glowing well that told Mumm-Ra everything he needed to know except to avoid blatantly staring at himself in any available reflection, thus rendering him totally useless as a villain. You'd think over time Mumm-Ra would develop some sort of defense against seeing his reflection in Lion-o's sword, but that's another article entirely.

Since the cartoon didn't really give us the grand tours I'd need to make the proper call here, I've gotta turn to the only medium I've ever truly trusted: the toys. We only got a selective view on the cartoons - these guys knew they were in the spotlight, so they weren't gonna show us the disgusting bathrooms or self-depreciating exercise rooms there. No, if we wanted the full look, we had to go out and buy 'em ourselves.

I know there's a precedent of etiquette with who goes first between a man and a woman, but I'm not so sure anything's been set up between good and evil. So I tossed a coin, or at least I did so in my head, so we're gonna start with the Cat's Lair.

The Cat's Lair would make a great name for a jazz club. Unfortunately, this is the Thundercats home base where they're supposed to be saving the planet or something, so it doesn't really ring the same bell. On the plus side, true to form, it looks exactly like a giant concrete cat. So all tourism to Third Earth wouldn't be crying foul at false advertising - this truly was the Cat's Lair. I may have made a fatal calculation error in thinking the toys would give us some great look into how the TCats lived, since this thing was more of a giant set of closets than an actual castle. Unlike He-Man's castle, which opened to unveil many many secrets, this thing didn't really have an inside. Its basically a giant block of plastic that could hold a few figures if you positioned them poorly. Let's take a closer look.

Panthro's no idiot. He designed the thing, so he knows he deserves a spot in the commercial. Sadly, while the director isn't going to break a deal, he knows how to stick it to Panthro's pride by giving him the worst possible role - having him demonstrate the Lair's magic 'claw chamber'. Hmm. Not too sure what the point of that is, the only picture I'm getting is Panthro leaping out of the thing as Tygra walks by, yelling 'surprise!!!'

If that's the best defense the Lair has, the Thundercats are in for some real trouble. It might work once, but I'm pretty sure the bad guys would eventually learn to be highly suspected of the castle's claws. Fortunately, what this castle lacks in space, it makes up for in ultimate defense capabilities. In fact, the only thing the place is good for is warning the Cats about incoming enemies - let me demonstrate...

I'm telling you, Panthro in an absolute genius. Who else would dream up something like this? The guy stuck a giant flashlight in the cat's mouth - which also doubles as a laser! Yes, its up to you to decide whether or not the light beam is detecting the villains, or outright killing them. That's no joke - its clearly suggested by the commercial. In one shot, Vultureman gets spooked because the light beam gave away his location. In another, the light beam just makes him fall down and scream. I love toys that put the power in our hands.

As you can see, Mumm-Ra's attempt at a secret assault has been ruined by Panthro's flashlight, as all the villains stop dead in their tracks. Still, a flashlight is a flashlight, so they continue on their trek to kill the Thundercats. And while we're on that, here's a side rant...

What did these guys have against the Thundercats, anyway? The mutants followed them around for like a gazillion years - literally devoting their entire lives to hunting them down. For what? What could these Thundercats possibly have? They didn't even own clothes in the first episode - there's definitely no stock of feline jewels hiding in one of those cat claw closets. Don't give me that Sword of Omens bull****. I don't care what that sword can do, it in no way could warrant 50 people gunning for it 24/7. I'm sorry, I need more of a just cause than that. They should have played an angle where Thundercats were considered palatable and downright tasty by the mutants. If they were just looking for a good eat, then it'd make sense. Ah, back to the Lair...

Mumm-Ra and Vultureman commit the biggest mistake of their lives - never attack the good guys' castle in the commercial for the good guys' castle. You're destined for failure.

Sure enough, Vultureman takes one step onto the platform, which immediately flips and knocks him down. On the cartoon, this would be a small setback, but here, it kills him. The joke's on Vultureman though, since he didn't realize that there's actually nothing inside that castle - its all a big hoax! Yes, the toy consisted of two claw closets and one larger closet, which for some reason needed the special defense of a flipping drawbridge. And oh yeah, a giant cathead that shoots lights or lasers depending on your mood.

Amazingly enough, that's about all the Cat's Lair has to offer. It also came with some mutant attack vehicle, and the cathead spun 180 degrees, but as you could gather, the Thundercats lived a pretty pedestrian life. Let's see if the bad guys payed any more attention to their decor.

Mumm-Ra's Tomb Fortress looked more like a patio than an actual fortress. Actually, the title is completely negating, as a fortress would suggest some sort of defensive walls, or at least a neat lava moat. This fortress has neither, its basically a gaudy outhouse.

I can also take some personal salvage in the decision to make this article my personal time waster as Mortal Kombat encodes, since all this blanket research has finally solved one of my childhood's greatest mysteries. When I was a kid, (should we put that on a t-shirt yet?) every year I'd make a point to go to my elementary school's Christmas Fair, basically a fund raising event held in the gym where they sold lots of overpriced cookies and a whole slew of shoddily-produced ornaments made by embittered PTA members. The whole ordeal had two plusses for me as a child: number one, there was this booth that let you put your own slogan on a button. I was on this kick where I'd work the word 'goats' into every conversation - now I had a button to solidify the point. Secondly, there was this thing called the 'White Elephant' table - that's where everyone's donated junk got sold. Of course, even as a child my scavenging nature was apparent, and its here where I found those two statues on the sides of the Tomb for the stunning price of ten cents a piece. I remember it because I was entirely too proud of my purchase, bragging about it to anyone who wouldn't punch me for telling them. And until this exact moment, I hadn't realized the statues were from this playset. It kinda sucks that my only real personal stories about fate have to do with completing personal circles by writing articles about Thundercats toys, but we take what we can get I guess.

Now, the Tomb. By default, Mumm-Ra's pad was already a little cooler than the Cat's Lair, only because of who's hanging around inside it. Picture the mutants having poker games or getting stoned and watching Space Ghost with Mumm-Ra. No, I'm serious, do it. You'll need to, because that's about all the fun and intrigue you'll find here.

The boys at LJN, to their credit, did a pretty good job at making this look like a good playset, mainly by adding enough mist and rocks so that you couldn't see how ****ty is was, but that's all in the past. At least the thing had a few things going for it...

First off, this is where Mumm-Ra went from *****y little useless mummy to monstrous giant useless MUMM-MAY! This is where the magic happens. It wasn't cool because of that, though. The great thing about this feature was that you could really **** with the intricities of Thundercats lore, making Mumm-Ra transform into Wily Kit at will. Trust me, with a little imagination, the stories you'd come up with killed anything the cartoon was shilling out. You could even incorporate other lines to make things more fun. Have Mumm-Ra transform into She-Ra, Lando, or a Snickers bar. Things like that. Christ, I just spent the last five minutes picturing a storyline featuring a Snickers bar leading the mutants into battle. Next time I have 90 minutes to spare, you'll get that article.

Since they couldn't have the heroes goes barging in on the bad guys for no reason, a very un-heroic thing to do, they had Mumm-Ra kidnap Cheetara. Yum. Nothing like a kid giving a little animism to the action figure with titties. I can't believe nobody ever set up a hidden camera in a child's bedroom to see what stories they come up with for their toys. I'd be blacklisted for life if someone did that to me. My toys had sex more often than a 17-year-old bleached Jerseygirl E-head. And it wasn't normal sex...I mean, I had turtles ****ing aliens from Jabba's palace, April O'Neil making out with Boba Fett, it all transcended size, gender, and species. Yeah, so, back to the matter at hand, Mumm-Ra's got Cheetara.

Obviously, the Thundercats aren't going to let their one chance at scoring get away that easily, so they're after her! This is where the Tomb's special defense system comes into play. First, Panthro gets knocked down by positioning himself in such a way that if that statue could turn his head, he'd certainly get knocked on his ass. And wouldn't you know it - the statue can turn his head!

Meanwhile, on the flipside, Lion-O deals with the other statue, who one-ups his statue comrade by having moving arms. Foolishly, Lion-O's pride gets the better of him once again, as he chooses to do battle with the statue instead of, you know, just walking out of arms distance from it.

Now that we've taken a look at both, its time to decide who was in the better position. Good or evil. There's really no contest here, and it just goes back to what I was saying earlier. Good wins because good always has the cooler castle. The Cat's Lair definitely wouldn't be the greatest place to assemble a wedding or other some such party that'd require space for more than three people, but jeez, they really shafted Mumm-Ra with that Tomb. 'Two statues and a coffin do not make a fortress.' I'm pretty sure that's one from Lincoln. And it's today's moral. Remember it, and take it with you wherever you may go. Its an important lesson. Be virtuous, and you'll get a much cooler house.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Fanfiction is always cool, I wrote a short piece for a previous site i was involved with, at current i cant post it cos i'm at work and haven't got it on this computer, but i'll post it when i get home. It's called "How to get out of a room when an inebriated Hutt thinks your his personal massuese, and not cause offense"

Or at least words to that effect, I cant remember exactly. It may sound like a comedy star wars fanfic, but it's not, it was intended to be serious, there are a few probles with it but i couldn't be bothered to iron them out, anyway, i'll post it later so you can all tell me exactly what you thought of it.

Oooops, maybe i shouldn't have said, that, i might be mentally scarred for life when i hear how bad it was. O well never mind, Ill wait and see.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

How to leave a room when an intoxicated Hutt thinks you’re his personal masseuse, without causing offense…

The Twi’lek’s headtails twitched nervously as he tried to catch his breath. Being a majordomo like so many of his race, he was accustomed to grand entrances, and being part of a slow moving entourage but never a full run, and certainly not over long distances. Perhaps the most amount of exercise kravult ever received, was when the master’s favourite pet rankor died of old age and he was required to be part of the funeral procession. Kravult could never understand why his master had wanted such an elaborate funeral for such a revolting and disgusting creature, personally Kravult detested rancors, but he was not exactly in the position to argue. Whist he had the master’s ear he never forgot how easily replaceable he was. As he hid in the awful cold of the gardens of muskto, he recalled how upset his master had been when his rancor died, though it seemed inevitable, Kravult remembered how odd it was to see a rancor go off it’s food, the tension that is felt by the crowd as the rancor moves to strike and then… sits down. Not quite the amazingly terrifying or ‘fun’ (as his master thought) spectacle that everyone was expecting. His master still allowed the annoyances to live, he was more concerned with the ill health of his rancor.

Rudely he may well of thought, Kravult’s memories were interrupted by the almost imperceptible hum of a blaster at close range. His own genetic qualities and years of practice at listening at keyholes and through closed doors meant Kravult’s ears were especially good for someone of his age. He rolled over in the grass to stare up at the cold glare of the bounty hunter that had chased him.
At which point the man above him simply squeezed the trigger on his modified blastech rifle discharging a sudden, violent but aesthetically beautiful green beam, killing Kravult.

Marin Kayge carried the limp body of the Twi’lek back to his ship and once on board, he dumped it in a holding cell. He shot a quick glance to the young woman in the cell adjacent to wear he had thrown the dead Twi’lek. He simply carried on into the cockpit, the doors locking automatically behind him and climbed into the chair. As he initiated the dustoff sequence and the ship began to rise picking up speed, he started to mull over the events of the previous three days which had resulted in him containing a dead Twi’lek, a young human woman and a code to riches in his holding pens.

It had all started on Mon Calamari, a planet completely covered in oceans and all it’s cities dwelled beneath the waves. He was in the capital, checking up on a lead he had followed from Sullust, another planet with no landscape to speak of, just mountains. His bounty was moving through the more disreputable part of the capital, as much of a flagship world Mon Calamari was for the New Republic, it simply could not get rid of it’s criminal element. Especially with the extremely successful shipyards hanging in orbit. It attracted all types of scum and villainy, which to be fair, the Calamarians did a fair job in controlling. As he followed a good distance back, something out of the corner of his eye appeared which wasn’t there a minute ago. He took his eyes away for a second to look when he noticed a Young woman being escorted very subtly by two men. Obviously professionals of some sort, they weren’t planet security, and they weren’t simple space bums. This intrigued Kayge for a reason he was unsure of. In any case, his bounty wasn’t going anywhere, especially considering he had placed a micro-tracker on his back. So, in a moment of uncharacteristic unprofessionalism, Kayge left his bounty to be picked up later and followed the trio of intrigue.

He didn’t have to follow them far until they reached their destination, the hangar bays. They proceeded into one of the larger hangar bays designed for yachts and freighters. A locked door presented him with no real trouble just time to waste. He waited a few minutes to allow the trio to get out of the way and entered the hangar bay. What he saw was in keeping with what he had seen so far. In the hangar bay was a modified luxury yacht, one that would have cost a pretty penny to someone no doubt, but considering how professional the two men had appeared it seemed obvious that they were backed up by some kind of organisation with money, what the organisation was, was another matter. The boarding ramp was down and Kayge could hear voices coming from inside, they did not sound friendly, however this also seemed unsurprising.
“I want that code!” said the first voice, undoubtedly one of the two men he had seen.
“You’re going to have to do a lot better than that if you think I’m going to give it to you.” Said the woman. At this point Kayge thought back to his waiting bounty and so decided he would keep tabs on the ship and decide what to do later after he had his bounty safely locked in a holding pen onboard his own ship. He produced another micro-transmitter from his pouch and carefully attached it to the hull of the ship. Almost immediately sirens started to blare and red warning lights inside the ship began to flash. Kayge ran backwards away from the ship, his blaster out in a flash and aimed towards anyone who came down the boarding ramp. The two men ran down the boarding ramp and immediately locked eyes on Kayge, blaster bolts almost as quickly started to wing their way toward Kayge. He returned in kind cutting down the first man before a blaster bolt clipped him on the shoulder. The hot blast searing his shoulder. Kayge quickly dived to his side and rolled out to fire on the second attacker dropping him to the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the woman had already seized her chance to flee and was rapidly heading toward the exit, unfortunately for her, the automatic locking systems on the door had operated as soon as Kayge had shut the door behind him. She was trapped inside with him, Kayge ran toward the door just as the reinforcements started spill out of the ship. He opened the door quickly and ran down the back alleys with the young woman until he felt they were safe enough for a time.
“Who are you?” She asked him.
“That’s none of your concern” replied Kayge curtly.
“Well I owe you a debt of thanks, which I’ll be happy to repay.”
“What about telling me what those men wanted with you, who were they?”
The woman took her time catching her breath as she calculated her answer. “That’s none of your concern” She replied mimicking Kayge.
“You know it’s only a matter of time before those guys find you and unless you’ve got a fast ship that can outrun and outfight that ship they had docked in there then I suggest you come with me.”
“And what would you get out of it?” She asked looking at Kayge with an unsure look on her face.
“I’m willing to bet that whatever you have that they want, is something fairly important.” Kayge replied. “And?” She asked.
“I want it.” Kayge said simply without emotion. The woman’s face slowly changed and built up a look of defiance which she had obviously practiced over the years.
“I’ve worked far too hard to hand it over to anyone, let alone someone I just met, thank you very much for your assistance, here’s some money for your troubles.” She held out her hand with a few measly credits sitting in it. Kayge took one look at the credits and then looked back into that hardened face which must have taken some years in the making.
“Well that’s your choice.” Kayge said at which point he hit her sharply knocking her out in one clean blow leaving a small cut above her left eyebrow. As she fell to the floor he caught her and lifted her over his shoulder as he began the journey back to his own hangar bay and his own ship.

By the time he was in space the woman was still unconscious lying in a holding cell. Kayge sat in the cockpit allowing the autopilot to take him out of the gravity well of Mon Calamari before making the jump to hyperspace. He had scanned her image into his database and cross referenced it with current bounties. When a match came up he was unsurprised, one thing that did surprise him slightly was the price that was on her head. Two hundred thousand credits. For a simple human woman who seemed nothing special, certainly not that hard to catch. One thing which was specified in the report was that the bounty was to be recovered alive at all costs. This just proved to Kayge that it must be something that she knew which resulted in such a high bounty. Kayge tried to mentally go through the benefactors that would pay that much. There were a few he could think of, but couldn’t understand why they would want her. He felt sure however that the answer was lying unconscious in holding cell number two in his cargo hold. When they were safely in Hyperspace, Kayge went back to where the holding cells were, where the woman had now awoken. She was still on the floor as he entered nursing the cut above her eye, as soon as she noticed him she stood up to her fullest height, fighting off the urge to faint.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” She screamed at him. She let rip all her anger at him in one torrent of expletives and curses. Once it had subsided Kayge spoke.
“Whoever you’re friends are, they’ve posted a two thousand credit bounty on your head, they’re obviously anxious to get you back. I’m not a greedy person, that’s how I’ve stayed alive so long, if you’re unwilling to come to some kind of an arrangement then I’m perfectly willing to hand you over and collect the money, you’ve already cost me one bounty so my patience is thin.” Kayge finished and waited for her to speak. She took her time over her words and there was a long pause before any sound was heard other than the humming of the ships engines as they raced through hyperspace.
“OK” She said.
“Is that it, is that all you’ve got to say? What’s this code they want from you?”
“From what I’ve seen from your ship, it seems you are a bounty hunter.” She said. Kayge nodded.
“In that case I imagine you’ve heard of Black Sun?”
“So that was the organisation.” The pieces started to fall into place.
“Well, despite the demise of Prince Xisor, and the subsequent abolition of Black Sun, there was still a lot of money left over, it didn’t all go up in flames with his skyhook. The Prince being the man he was, prepared for every possibility. So he cached certain funds from Black Sun all over the galaxy in thousands of different bank accounts so he could get his hands on cash whenever he needed it. This was supposed to be a huge secret, but rumours leaked and a few of the high-ups at Black Sun found out the location of just one of these bank accounts. It requires two codes, I have one, the other is locked away. I know where it is and I even have the key, all I need is to get in.”
Kayge thought over everything that she had just told him, at which point he produced a key from his hip pocket. The look on the woman’s face dropped.
“You…” She lost all words that may have been forming and just stood there dumbfounded. She shook her head violently as if to clear her head.
“You may well have the key but I have the code, and there’s no way you’re going to get that out of me.” She said in defiance.
“I could if I wanted to, but it would only waste time, and time is of the essence, I already told you I am not a greedy man.” Kayge replied.
“Oh…good.” Kayge let half a smile slip from the side of his mouth and then caught himself.
“Where do we need to go?” Asked Kayge.
“Nal Hutta.” She said. Kayge sighed.
“I might have guessed it would be a Hutt.”
“I don’t suppose you want to let me out of this cage now do you?” She asked.
“I don’t trust you that much”
“Hey! You need me!” She shouted but her shouts faded as Kayge shut the soundproof door behind him. He climbed back into the cockpit of his ship and set a new course for Nal Hutta.

After Kayge had paid the extortianate price for the hangar bay and had set down on the forever raining Nal Hutta he went back to the holding cells to talk to the woman.
“Are we there then?” She asked. Kayge didn’t bother to answer her question.
“So who are we going to see then?” The woman looked extremely annoyed at Kayge but thought better of it and simply complied.
“Suba the Hutt. He used to be an important Hutt and important at the Black Sun council until Xisor died. Now all he does is inject dust all day. He’s become dependent, I’ve seen what dust can do to people, I wouldn’t like to see how it would affect a Hutt.
“That’s not important” said Kayge. “I don’t care about some slimy fat Hutt who wants to kill himself on that poison. Anyway, what sort of security are we talking?” Kayge continued to ask the woman questions until he was satisfied and a plan was formed. In the conversation he learned that she was a thief, not a surprising detail considering how she must have got her hands on the code. However she wasn’t a very smart one. He also learned that her name was Anya. One thing that annoyed Kayge was the fact that he couldn’t help but like her. He tried to keep all thoughts about her personally, of his mind, but found it to be increasingly difficult. Once he thought he was on the ball, something about her would just come crashing back into his mind, there was nothing he could do, he found himself unable to control himself, and this he did not like.

A short time later they were speeding towards the more dingy area of Nal Hutta if such a thing was possible. They were going straight to Suba’s palace, at least that was what he called it, perhaps once, a long time ago it could have been referred to as a palace but now, in no way shape or form could it ever be described as such. Kayge had heard of Suba, he had never met him but he assumed that he was just like the rest of the Hutts he had met. Money grabbing philanderers with no regard for life of any kind. Yet in Kayge’s line of business they were impossible to avoid and were a most lucrative source of business considering how often people rose and fell from favour with them. Suba was similar in many ways to most Hutts, a dangerous species worth avoiding if one could help it, however Suba was especially dangerous, he had become completely and utterly addicted to the lethal drug ‘dust’. Which made him extremely paranoid, even more than one in his position. Coupled with the fact that it completely warped his mind and that he never knew who was coming or going, meant it would be difficult to enter the palace unnoticed, however it did present Kayge with certain advantages that he would not normally have. Considering Suba’s low position in the hierarchy of things he was likely to have either a less competent security force or simply very little security force. If Kayge was extremely lucky he would have an inebriated or drugged security force meaning they could slip in and out with no trouble. Unfortunately Kayge didn’t know what would happen. As they approached his palace they could smell the stench emanating from his kitchens. Kayge was used to it but Anya on the other hand had obviously never been in close contact with either a Hutt or their living quarters. Before they exited the speeder Kayge glanced quickly at Anya who was sitting next to him. He couldn’t help but think about how good she looked in that outfit that he had found for her. She obviously caught his glance.
“Is it really necessary for me to wear this getup?” She pleaded with him.
“Unless you can think of a better way to get inside. I can get in as a bounty hunter, they don’t like traders, and you wouldn’t pass for a bounty hunter, anyway, with my reputation they would know I only work alone. Trust me this is by far the easiest way you’re going to pass inspection.” He replied.
“But there’s hardly anything to inspect! I look like a dancing girl!” She exclaimed.
“You’re supposed to look like a dancing girl! Now stop with these stupid questions!” Kayge shouted. Anya reacted physically to his raised voice. Kayge mentally caught himself, he never let anyone get under his skin that much, or through his mental barrier that he painstakingly had nourished and built over the years after so many setbacks.

They walked up to the two automated security droids that stood outside. Kayge was used to using stories to get him inside places where he wasn’t wanted and this was no different. They walked in easily Kayge wore a helmet with his armour unlike what he usually wore, but he wanted to make sure that he wasn’t recognised by anyone in the palace. They went straight to the audience chamber where they saw Suba slouching in his throne. Kayge had never seen a sight like this before, but there it was to behold. Suba was alone apart from his majordomo. Hutts almost always had as big an entourage of guests and workers around them as possible in order to present their status to whomever appeared before them. Not only that but Suba looked terrible, even for a Hutt. His stomach was abnormally distended and he was almost thin looking. The illness meant that the proportions of his body looked all wrong to both Kayge and Anya. The huge eyes were sunken in his head and darted around the room looking for shadows that weren’t there. Kayge requested a berth for both him and his ‘slave’ in exchange for any service he could provide. The majordomo hurried them on through a door before Suba actually realised that people were standing in front of him.
“The master is not feeling well at the moment, I will let him know of your request, for the moment you may stay here.” The Twi’lek hissed and gestured to a dingy room to the side of the corridor he had just lead them down. Kayge and Anya entered the room and locked the door behind them.
“Well I wasn’t expecting that!” said Anya.
“Let’s get started.” Kayge said back to her. A frown creased her brow.
“Oh come on, don’t you ever enjoy yourself, you’re always so serious.” She said with a sultry look on her face as she slumped on the bed looking at him. Kayge looked at her, stared and then carried on unpacking the tools and his weapons from the case he had been carrying.
“Never when I’m working, experience has taught me that if you relax and enjoy yourself you’ll get sloppy and that gets you killed. Now, you know what you’ve got to do?”
Anya groaned and hung her head.
“Yes I know everything, trust me, it’ll be easy”

They left the confines of their room and started up the hallway. Through her thievery Anya had stolen a layout of Suba’s palace so they knew exactly where they were and where they had to go. Finally they got to their first obstacle, a blast door which would normally have to be melted through with an industrial welder. Anya however had the code for the door which she had obtained from her friends at Black Sun. However, as soon as she entered the code and the door opened alarms rang throughout the entire palace.
“Looks like Black Sun have made a few modifications on this place on our way!”
Kayge shouted over the noise.
“Run!” They both ran through the open doors and down the corridor heading towards their destination. Kayge pulled out his blaster and looked about for any signs for possible attackers. He didn’t have to wait too long before he got his answer. A troop of security guards were running after them firing and gaining. Luckily for Kayge and Anya there were enough corners and not enough long straights for the guards to get a clean shot at them. Kayge pulled out a concussion grenade from his shoulder pouch and pulled the pin, he tossed it behind them and picked up the pace pulling Anya nearly off her feet trying to speed her up. It exploded behind them creating a cacophony of sounds, collapsing the corridor behind them. Their ears bled at the concussion rocketing and reverberating it’s way down the corridor. They continued to run as fast as their legs would carry them until they reached their objective, a large pair of thick doors. These doors unlike the other ones needed no access code as it was assumed on these older security wirings that if you had already gotten into the sector you ad the clearance necessary unless you wanted a higher level. So the doors opened with ease, Anya sprinted on ahead of Kayge as he took up the rearguard. She ran up a small flight of steps ahead of him at which point a blaster bolt caught Kayge in the leg dropping him to the floor. As he crashed to the floor he could just see Anya stop and look down at him for the briefest of moments, her reaction he had hoped wouldn’t happen but knew deep down that it was bound to at some point. She simply carried on running away from her fallen ally. The security guards surrounded Kayge still lying unable to move on the floor. They kicked his weapon away from him and aimed all of their own directly at his head. He tensed, awaiting the inevitable moment, at which the only thought he could think of was how did he let himself get into this mess in the first place. However, they didn’t shoot, which allowed him to deliberate the answers to his own question as they carried him back to the audience chamber and the awaiting Suba.

The answers he found he didn’t like. One was that he had achieved two new firsts that he had never had to deal with before, the first being that he let a small emotion and a pretty face cloud his judgement and the second being that he had gotten greedy for the first time as well. How could this have happened. This was another question that he would have to wait to see if he survived before he could answer it as he had arrived in the audience chamber, standing once again facing Suba. The security guards officer who obviously was unused to ever having to actually speak to his master spoke both tentatively and softly laying out what Kayge had done. There was a long pause before Suba spoke in which he let out a huge sigh. When he did speak he spoke in a drawl and extremely slowly making the vast majority of his words unintelligible. Kayge guessed that Suba must have only recently taken his last dose of dust. Thus putting him in this state. One of euphoria for the recipient but complete annoyance for everyone else. Hearing a Hutt speak in that strange manner was odd enough for Marin Kayge, what he found odder still was what the Hutt said.
“Ah, you are here at last keyfin, it has been so long since our last session. But look there are oils leaking from your bag, they’re very expensive, I should know I pay for them.”
Suba was pointing to Kayge’s bleeding leg and at the blood dripping from it. At which point Suba’s majordomo approached his master’s ear and spoke quietly inside.
“Sir, this isn’t keyfin, don’t you remember, you had him executed two years ago for impudence.” The Twi’lek said. Suba let rip a powerful arm towards his servant knocking him clear off the platform that they were perched on.
“Nonsense you fool, this is keyfin, my favourite masseuse, I would know him anywhere and this is him standing in front of me as I live and breath! Do not argue with me slave! Do not forget how easily replaceable you are! Everyone out now, I will have my massage!” Screamed the delirious Hutt. His servants may have had a good sense of duty towards their master, but they knew better than to argue with him lest they themselves meet the same fate of countless others. They exited the chamber bowing grandiosely leaving Kayge alone with Suba. It was only as Kayge moved closer and Suba came further into the light did he notice the metal armature that Suba constantly wore which injected him with large doses of dust whenever he needed it at the push of a button. Kayge’s gaze followed the intake pipe leading to a huge concealed tank hidden in the wall and a small valve above the hole in the wall that it led through. He slowly moved over to that wall.
“Where are you going to keyfin?” Asked Suba.
“I’m just getting some more oils sir, do not concern yourself, just relax yourself.” Lied Kayge. He turned the valve fully open. He turned back to where Suba was waiting for him. As he approached he fixed his eyes on the control panel that Suba clutched in his hand.
“It’s been so long since my last massage, in fact I’m sure there was a reason for that…” Suba’s voice trailed off as he desperately tried to clutch at the last remnants of a diseased and corroded mind. Before Suba knew what was happening, Kayge had leapt toward him and came down with a thud on the control panel and Suba’s hand at the same time thus depressing the release button. With the valve turned fully on Suba received a massive dose of dust which immediately went straight to his nervous system and was carried around his hulking body. Kayge simply watched as Suba died. However he couldn’t resist the sentiment that had to be said, which he did as he limped away from the platform and towards his freedom from death, a second time.
“That stuff’ll kill ‘ya.”

As Kayge reached the gardens that surrounded the palace of Suba, he reached into his pocket and found his locator. He switched it on and a bright green dot appeared on an overlay map of the area. The green dot was Anya, or more specifically a tracker he had placed in her costume before she had put it on. She wasn’t far and from the map it seemed he could cut her off. Anya at this time was counting her lucky stars, Kayge had taken the fall which had given her enough time to get in, steal the other half of the code and get out. She did feel some pangs of guilt toward Kayge considering what they were most likely doing to him at that very moment, she shut it off from her mind. This is no time to think about the past or get emotional about people you hardly know. Anya thought, but she couldn’t help it. After all, despite everything, he had saved her life many times and had gotten her this far. Before she had finished her train of thought, something rippled against her skin and she smelt the acrid fume of ozone in the air before she blacked out.

She woke up in the holding cell, again. She looked through the force bars at Marin Kayge who was standing directly in front of her, his helmet now removed. His face retained that stoic look once again that she had worked so hard to remove from him.
“I’m, I’m….” She lost her speech. Her eyes darted towards his right hand which hung unmoving next to his blaster. She expected any second for him to draw and cut her down. However, before he could do this, a shrill alarm went off in the ship. Kayge reached for the macrobinoculars stored in his shoulder pouch. He scanned the horizon and stopped on a figure doing much the same as him, staring into a pair of macrobinoculars. Unfortunately for the figure, he had seen Kayge’s face.
“You shouldn’t have done that.” Kayge said softly and dashed out the still lowered boarding ramp. The figure turn and ran. Kayge found that his leg now merely ached in discomfort at his running because he had given himself a medi-shot on his ship. However he knew that he was simply making it worse and this hunt should be finished as soon as possible. It didn’t take long, and as he lugged the lifeless body of Kravult back to his ship he considered what his next move was to be concerning Anya.

By the time they were spacebound and Kayge had patched himself up he went through to the back where Anya was still waiting in the holding pen.
“Why did you do that back there?” She asked.
“I couldn’t afford to be seen, whilst most of his employees wont care about the sudden demise of Suba, there may well be someone who will and I don’t want a bounty on my head, it just complicates things. And this gentlemen saw my face.”
“You killed Suba?” Kayge said nothing and simply let her digest the information.
“So why didn’t you just leave him there, why bring him in here?”
“Two things, one, I don’t know if there’s a bounty out on him that I could collect simply through keeping his body and two, it’s a reminder.” He said.
“What’s it supposed to remind you of?” Anya said looking extremely puzzled. At which point Kayge looked her dead in the eye with a cold stare.
“The reminder’s not for me.” He said unemotionally and walked out the door. He set course for the bank account that they were about to make a withdrawal from and engaged the hyperdrive. The journey would give him time to think about what he was going to do with her.

As they neared their destination, he had made half of his decision. Kayge let her out of the pen and allowed her to act as copilot. He had told her that if she cooperated then he would allow her to have some of the money and he wouldn’t kill her for betraying him and leaving him behind.

The Bank was an orbiting space station high above the planet Tuvas. It was completely operated by droids and a huge computer system that processed millions of accounts and transactions every second. This meant that they should get this moment of vulnerability over with quickly. As they exited hyperspace this was the first thing they saw on a backdrop of the planet. The other thing they saw was not so much of a welcoming sight. Six Black Sun Yachts and countless Black Sun fighters were dotted around the sky. Both Kayge and Anya knew what was going on. They weren’t going to wait around for someone else to steal their money so they had decided to steal it themselves. One ship was close in to the bank, this was obviously the one with their top hacker on board breaking into the bank’s system. All the others were doing were creating enough distraction and checking out for the local police. Immediately, seven fighters locked on to Kayge’s ship and maneuvered to intercept. From his readouts, Kayge knew that the battle was unwinnable, but, there were other alternatives.
“What are you going to do?” Asked Anya, now extremely nervous.
“I’m going to bolt for that hacker’s ship, intercept as much of their credit transfer as possible and destroy their ship so they get nothing. There’s only one problem.” Kayge pointed toward the six heavy Black Sun Yachts bristling with weapons.
“You can control the guns from that console panel over there, I suggest you help.” Kayge said matter of factly.

Anya had never seen someone pilot a ship as well as Kayge before, he dodged all the blaster bolts and fighters as he could whilst still giving her targets to fire at. However he could not keep it going for too long. But, they were getting very near to the hacker’ ship, unfortunately, so were the yachts.
“Commencing download now!” Kayge shouted above the noise of the ship screeching and blasts hitting the shields which were rapidly diminishing.
“Get ready to fire everything at that ship!”
When Kayge was a short distance past the hacker’s ship and the nearest following yacht was directly above it, he fired every missile in a lethal barrage toward it that his ship carried, every one of them finding it’s target. Simultaneously Anya was repeatedly firing the ships laser cannons. The hacker’s ship erupted in a ball of flame taking the following yacht with it. Kayge was set to pull the hyperspace levers and speed to safety when the entire ship rocked from a huge blast. A fighter had exploded in close proximity to Kayge’s ship’s starboard side. Panels blew out from the wall, all lights in the cockpit went out except for the console illumination plunging the cockpit into darkness. Kayge checked the hyperdrive, it was still intact and quickly checked his readouts and saw that new republic fighters had entered the sector and had started to mop up the Black Sun ships. He let them get on with it and pulled the levers. Kayge let out a long sigh of relief and turned to face Anya. However, she wasn’t there. Anya, was lying, dying on the cockpit floor having been blown across the room when the gunnery console had exploded. Kayge left his seat and kneeled next to her cupping her face in his left hand.
“It’s better this way.” Anya managed to gasp out.
“I had so many thoughts to the future with you in mind.” Said Kayge. “You can’t….”
For the first time he let some real emotion escape in his voice, which seemed to amuse Anya somewhat as a smile cracked her blackened face. Then with a shudder she let out a long breath and died. The cockpit was silent, bathed in the beautiful blue glow of hyperspace.

Kayge later buried Anya on his homeworld. He made sure that he would never make the same mistake again, though he recognised the bitter lesson he had learnt was perhaps an important one, in this business, never get too greedy, never get involved with merchandise and never allow emotion to rule your actions.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

I've been working on some crossover Final Fantasy fan-fiction. The basic premise is that characters from Final Fantasy games are all tossed into an inter-dimensional void where they must learn to cope with eachother and outwit the mysterious enemy known only as ERAUQS.

Setting: A small mining town

Locke sighed as he rolled over in the cold bed. It was winter now, and Narshe was not a place welcomed in the winter. The gears and pulleys and pipes were all frozen, forcing the residents to revert to using old-fashion stoves. In this world of technology, ancient customs were fading fast.
He decided that he better get up and check on the old man who had been gracious enough to let him use the spare room. Locke had met the man a year earlier, and was surprised to learn that the man had used to be a treasure hunter, as Locke was now. That caused for an easy friendship.

After checking on the sleeping old man, Locke exited the house and stepped into the freezing wind that blew down from the mines. Locke withdrew his knife and threw it at the ground. It bounced off the thick layer of ice and back into his hand.
"Damnit," he grumbled ", I am not going anywhere."

Just then an explosion rocked the town. From somewhere deep within the mines came a loud groan, like the earth itself was being ripped apart. Out of the mine ran a pack of moogles in the company of a large, white creature.
Locke had no time to see what it was, so he made his way north, to the mines.
That was the last thing he would remember until he awoke staring into the eyes of a young flowergirl....

That is all I have for now, but I should be working on it in the next week or so, so check back here regularly!
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

alright i need your help. i want to write a screen play for fun about a street vigilante, kind of like batman, yet as real as something out of commando (i you can understand that) i want it to be a rambo-like film. any suggestions on how i could write this, who the bad guy should be, what is the mission-problem. any ideas?? (btw i'll include some or your names and stuff in my movie if you help) (i know, too much motivation)
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

John matrix's daughter is kidnapped and...oh, wait that's been done.

I'll think of something...
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

perhaps an urban rambo
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Come on guys I need some ideas
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Script for short film about death where in text amount won't equal actual film length (film will be much longer, the scenes will be drawn out in the begining). No dialogue. - -

no title as of yet

Man wakes from sleep, turns over in bed. Steps out of bed. He is wearing pajamas, flannel. He walks to his bathroom, looks in the mirror. He runs his hand through his hair. We flash to seconds later, he’s in the shower. He’s Silent, no singing or whistling. Only the music in the background. Again we flash to minutes later, he’s drying. Flash again, combing his hair. Flash again, he’s dressing. Flash again, he’s walking out the door. Walking down the stairs. Flash again he’s at work. Sitting in his cubical tapping his pen on his desk. Supporting his head with his left hand, his left elbow supporting the weight on the desk. Flash we see him standing outside of his workplace. He is smoking and drinking coffee. The cigarette burns down to the butt, he tosses it and runs his hand through his hair. Repeat shot of same man sitting at desk tapping his pen on his desk, holding up his head with his left arm. Then flash to man driving home, sad look on face. Flash to man walking up stairs. Flash to man walking in door. Flash to man sitting down, picking up remote, watching television. Flash to man opening TV diner. Flash to man standing in front of microwave waiting for his supper. Flash to man eating on couch watching TV. Flash to man walking to bed, flash to man laying in his bed. Flash to man laying in bed with lights out. Repeat the entire cycle over and over… the sequences grow shorter and shorter, eventually the shots are too fast to recognize anything accept shots you’ve seen earlier. They grow faster and faster and faster… the music picks up… long notes… drawn out low key music. Eventually we see short periods of close zooms of the man’s face as he sits at his desk, in between rapid shots of the progression. We start to see two and three second long still shots that might be key or important in the man’s life. Friends, family, pets, baby pictures, kids playing baseball, etc, etc, etc. We then return to the original rapid flash shots of the man’s routine… we suddenly stop. Black. The music is gone. We see a grave stone, freshly churned dirt lie in front of it. We pull away from it, as we get further away, the music volume grows louder we see hundreds of other graves, spanning out into the distance, a large graveyard. End.
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