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Blade Runner (1982)

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Old Nov 3, 1999, 08:43 PM   #1
Adam Thomas
n/a flights since
Re: A Great Flick!

I saw Blade Runner when I was younger,(around eight) and it is one reason I am a fan of Sci-Fi now.It is an excellent film that stretches your idea about what being human really means. The film follows Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner for the LAPD. Blade Runners are basically detectives that investigate, hunt down, and "retire" renegade androids. The film also follows the Renegade group of Androids (called Replicants) that Deckard is hunting, as they try to find a way to extend their pre-determined four year life spans. These lost souls are constantly living in fear and despair, trying to cope with their emotions and reality as their world crumbles around them. This is caused by Deckard, who is very good at his job; but even though his job is to excecute the "skin jobs" (as they're called) don't expect this to be an action movie, don't get me wrong though, the movie moves and is not boring like some cheesy sci-fi, but the action is just very realistic and deep.

I have seen the two most common versions (the original film cut & directors cut) and would recommend both, but they have different effects. The Director's Cut (most common nowadays) is very emotional and goes into issues of Deckard's humanity creating a deeper impact. The original release is much more of a noirish story that feels like the gritty detective movies of the bogart days.

I have also read both K.W. Jeter novels and I have to say that they keep with the general idea of the film (and the original Phillip K. **** story it was based on) but could be better.

And finally, the game; I recently bought the game and have to say it's damn good, the graphics are great (except that you can't change the resolution or use hardware acceleration which would make the characters less pixelly), the sound is excellent, it is very deep with a great, original, branching storyline, but the only problem is that it, like many other Adventure games that are like this there is very little gameplay to be had. Even though it says it is real-time, every thing is scripted and pre-planned, with very few branches for storyline to go down, and the action in the game is rather lame, never really allowing you to participate in the thrill of the chase, but just only passively watching, which is rather lame, but this is not to say it is not a good game, I still enjoy it and many people do, especially if you are a Blade Runner fan. I hope this has been helpful to all those wondering about Blade Runner, and I'm sorry about rambling all this time.

P.S. The DVD could have been way better, it only features one cut, no real added options and is really half-assed, Warner Bros. should have put way more thought into it.
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Old Nov 22, 1999, 06:37 AM   #2
Enrique Vera
n/a flights since
Obra Básica de la Ciencia Ficción

Es una obra trascendental de la cinematografía. El soberbio tratamiento de ambientación de Ridley Scott es antológico y creó un mundo propio, futuro y ¿posible?. La música es maravillosa. En resumen, mi película favorita.
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Old Nov 27, 1999, 11:07 AM   #3
Christian Neumann
n/a flights since
Re: A Great Flick!

I've watched the movie about 20 times now and it is still fascinating me unlike any other movie, I watched so far. The movie gives a cold, fascinating picture of the future which is cold and frightening. It also offers an insight in philosophying questions like what is human or not. For every Sci-Fi fan who wants a movie with a heart and a soul, then this is a movie you need.
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Old Dec 2, 1999, 06:55 PM   #4
n/a flights since
A Brilliant, Thought-Provoking Thriller

In the year 2019,a former bounty hunter-a blade runner (Harrison Ford)is called out of retirement to assassinate a group of renegade androids led by Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer). These "replicants" are looking for a way to extend their life since they only have a four-year lifespan,as dictated by the Tyrell Corporation,who created these machines and is now in the Nexus-6 phase. "More Human than Human" is their motto. As Ford's Deckard puts the clues together,we begin to wonder whether or not he is a replicant himself.

Filled with outstanding scenes like the Voight-Kampf interrogation sequence from the beginning,quotes,"It's too bad she won't live... but then again who does?" and terrific sets (factories spewing fire into the air,tall ziggurat-like buildings). This is one you don't want to miss. ****
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Old Dec 21, 1999, 03:55 PM   #5
José Luis
n/a flights since
My favourite film

I'm a fan of sci-fi movies. Í've seen things "you people wouldn't believe", but for me it is the best film (and of course book) I've ever seen about the future, and not only the future. the way the film treats all the characters, the environment... It's very special
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Old Dec 24, 1999, 12:32 PM   #6
Votchka Mon
n/a flights since
Fantastic Cinema for Our Time

A humane movie of humanity extended to artificial life. In a world where there is no focus, most are lost, but through the protagonist we have hope, who knows how long humanity has left, no one?
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Old Dec 28, 1999, 02:24 PM   #7
Van Guard
n/a flights since
The Greatest Sci-fi film of the '80's!

I hadn't seen this particular film until just a few days ago. Even though I didn't appreciate that Rudger Haur kissing Dr. Tyrell in one scene, I feel it was an excellent movie. I appreciated the damp Chinatown-like scene. I wish that more films like this will be made.
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Old Feb 27, 2000, 06:41 AM   #8
n/a flights since

Wow. This movie was so great I can remember in the clearest detail. It was the summer of 1998, and I saw in the video store a white video box. The title of the film was BLADE RUNNER. I thought it looked interesting, and I rented it. When I stayed up late to watch it, this movie blew my 12 year old mind away. my jaw had dropped at just looking at the incredibly detailed models. This was the day when special effects were realistic models, and not squeaky-clean, fake looking computer effects. I dont know which scene is my favorite, they are all so great. All in all, a great film, not to be missed. And the director's cut is even better!
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Old May 23, 2000, 06:39 PM   #9
Whit L. Watson
n/a flights since
Re: A Great Flick!

If that stupid E.T. movie hadn't come out the month before Blade Runner, it would have caught on with the public in 1982. Thankfully it has caught on in video. Rutger Hauer should have won an Oscar. Ridley Scott also. And of course the movie should have.

Notice how the eyes are so important to the whole theme of the movie. The big eye in the beginning of the movie, the voight-kampf machine that retinal scans the replicants, Gaff's weird blue eyes, Chew's eye works, all the eyes Leon puts on Chew's person, Leon ready to poke Deckard's eyes out before Rachel shoots him dead, Roy playing eye game with Sebastian, Roy crushing Tyrell's eyes with his thumbs, Pris painting her eyes with air-brush, and of course Roy's brilliant narative of what he has seen with his eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul and this movie is dripping with both heart and soul.

Buy the movie, shut off the lights turn up the sound and get lost in the atmospheric world of blade runner.
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Old Jun 28, 2000, 04:27 PM   #10
n/a flights since
Never another

There will never be another sci-fi movie to take your imagination to great heights.
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Old Jul 6, 2000, 02:09 PM   #11
Carlon Blackwell
n/a flights since
More human than human

Blade Runner is truly a balaced Sci Fi. The movie combines love action and deep drama, all entwined in an awsome musical score. All I want is a DTS version of the disc, and for it to be THX remastered. I wish Scott would do a special edition and add some to the film and clean it up to perfection. I JUST LOVE THIS FILM!
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