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Cube (1997, 2002) [movie series]

Don't look for a reason... look for a way out.

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Old Jun 28, 2006, 08:13 AM   #16
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Re: Cube 2 Hypercube Was Great`

With the help of your mouser, click in the proper places to play with mathematical hypercubes here:
Who knows, maybe you can see the invisible realms.
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Old Jun 29, 2006, 08:15 PM   #17
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Re: Cube 2 Hypercube Was Great`

You know, I think I get your point, but can you elaborate? And in English, please?
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Old Jun 30, 2006, 06:07 AM   #18
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Re: Cube 2 Hypercube Was Great`

Ufff! It ain't easy. In Hyperspace, Michio Kaku set images that explain his example but I will add something more and CORRECT his errors. He set drawings of a cross made of 6 squares. Can you draw it on a paper, please? Now, he says, imagine an intelligent hypothetical Flatlander drawn beside this cross, everytime you bend each square that composses that cross and set them UP, Kaku imagines that square immediately dissapears because it is lifted in a dimension unknown for that Flatlander. Why so? Because a sheet of paper is 2 Dimensional, only has width and lenght LACKING THE DIMENSION "HEIGHT" . Finally when all of the 6 squares are up to make an origami paper-cube the cube totally dissapears from his vision.
That's why in Hypercube , Cube II we see things vanishing or appearing from nothing in the wrong places.
Yet, there's a big mistake in that example. Why so? Because even if for that Flatlander we are invisible gods right behind him and since his eyes are also flat like the sheet paper-cosmos where he dwells, it's impossible even for us to break the laws of physic in our 3Dimension. Although we can see that flatlander living in the piece of paper, in order to make a paper-cube origami we OUGHT TO CUT THE EDGES OF THE CROSS FIRST, then we remove the cross from the rest of the sheet of paper, afterwards we bend, we glue the proper places and then after we can make the cube. Therefore that Flatlander would never witness the vanishing of the squares little by little but he would witness the SUDDEN cracking of the cross (he can't see the 3D invisible sissors) and all of a sudden a huge empty vaccum in his universe IN THE SHAPE OF A CROSS ...something like a Bermudas Triangle oddity.
I hope I made the thing a bit digestable now
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