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War of the Worlds, The (1953, 2005) [original and re-adaptation]

Mighty panorama of Earth-shaking fury as an army from Mars invades! | original guide

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Old Jul 21, 2003, 01:19 PM   #16
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Re: Is it accurate?

Not quite. Really, if all you are going to use from a book is the name and one or two elements, or so screw with the story as to make it near unrecognizable then what *is* the point in using the book? Why not just make your own movie since thats what you are doing anyhow.
There have been some good attempts, but twice as many butcher jobs. And the more thats changed the faster word of mouth travels that so-and-so movie is not worth seeing. some end up feeling like they have been suckerd into seeing a film that was "supposed" to be about their favorite book and is instead some script writers idea of "whats hip or *needed*" or their attempt to brand their name onto a franchise.
Of course this approach does not allways fail. But as with the Pal version of War of the Worlds, some people can and will utterly despise it for trampling their favorite novel. As stated elsewhere, I liked it on its own merits. There are other movies I've disliked for their lack of merit.

What Book-to-Movie attempts do I think have succeeded in representing the book they are based on? The closest might be Lord of the Rings in recent times. I hear that Battlefield Earth actually stays relatively true to the book, but havent seen it yet, nor read the book to tell. One of the best tries has been Carpenters The Thing. Aside from the divergent beginnings and endings, it follows the story nicely. Would be interesting to see Carpenter rework those two elements to closer follow the book.
(Though like War of the Worlds, it stands on its own merits.)

Up until Jurassic Park, special effects have allways been the stumbling block for SF type book-to-movie projects. The next few years may see more "true-to" renderings. But I really doubt it.
The allure of "tinkering" seems too great to Hollywood. heh.

At the very least things will be lively. heh-heh


Originally posted by Nathan1902
Omega's point that "I go to see a movie based on a book with the futile hope to see it realized." is a common approach shared by many movie fans. However I think it is inherently flawed simply due to the Apples & Oranges theory. Personally I stopped comparing books and movies year ago. The mediums are so completely different that it is like comparing sheet music to a musical performance!

In some of the DVD's the special items sometimes include comments by screenwriters, almost always they make a point of emphasizing the difference between a screenplay and a book. If you insist on comparing the two I suspect you will be almost always dissapointed and you may miss out on a fine artistic achievement (the book or movie) that can stand on its own.

Having stated that I believe the movie "War of the Worlds" has an excellent screenplay, loosely based on Well's book but adapted for the screen and reset to the time and place of its major audience (1950's US). Wells, of course wrote to his own audience,1900's England, and in the form of a novel, not a screen play. Why compare? They are both fine creative achievements that stand on thier own!

Thanks for reading my opinion, I would be interested about any movie that you did think represented a book well?
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Old Feb 7, 2005, 09:09 AM   #17
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Thumbs up Locations for War of the Worlds

If you want to see some locations, and genuine ones, not from the films(s) that are to be released this year, I've got some I took a few months ago, which I posted on another site for some people to look at. I was in the process of making a type of map with locations on it that relate to the book as a help for people who wanted to get a better feel for the book, as they were reading it. It gets that setting from the original film out of their heads and helps them to see true locations, although some of the locations no longer exist the main ones still do. So it helps people when they read the book, and gives them an idea of what the locations are like.
The photos were taken in and around Woking, last summer (2004). Consisting mainly of the sandpit on Horsell Common, and of Maybury Hill, Old Woking Road and Maybury Road, with the 2 houses (both are said to have been used by HG Wells) although the Woking B.C. have decided to put a plaque on the wall of the house in Maybury Road stating it's the house used by HG Wells when he lived in Woking, irrespective of the fact that it would've been hard to see what the "narrator" saw from that view point, it would've been seen better from the house on Maybury Hill/Pembroke Road.
There are also some shots of old Victorian maps from around the turn of the century to show the lay of the land as it was then (late 1870-90's) when these maps were produced.
If you want to see these I can give you a link to a page for these. Let me know and I'll give it to you.

By the way I'm pissed off that they never set any of the films on Woking........... I live there if you are wondering, and I'm currently living about 1.5 miles from the sandpits, I used to live in Maybury and have lived all my life in Woking..... Not griping about the film being made elsewhere, just wish that they'd used some of the original locations.
Would be nice of 'em if they gave the movies a World premier here though... but I doubt it.
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