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Jetée, La (1962)

The film that inspired 12 Monkeys. | guide

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Old Jun 30, 2006, 06:11 AM   #1
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Comparison with 12 Monkeys

I saw it finally, and I must say 12 monkeys is a better movie. La jetee is a great experiment in still shot naration and it pretty much stays close the 12 monkeys plot basis.

Still, 12 monkeys offers more sub plot that actually works and enriches the main idea. Basicaly La jetee centers on the nostalgia of past pre-apocalyptic earth and the memory of main character's death seen by his own eyes.

In other words, the Idea of seeing yourself die without even knowing it. There is a romantic bit about the girl a young boy saw before the apocalypse and is hinted that love in the pre-nuclear-war earth(yes, not germ warfare like in 12 Monkeys) is a heaven like objective for the main character through out his expeditions to the past.

But there is no paranoia , conspiracies or thriller suspense like in 12 monkeys. Main character tries to find individual "heaven" during his travels through time more that anything, as opposed to the general "save the world" attitude of 12 Monkeys.

So to conclude , it is an interesting example of how you can create a "movie" without the actual moving picture. Some effective stills nevethelesss. But 12 monkeys offers more plot wise.

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