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Sci-Fi Movie Titles: [ M -- R ]

From "Mad Max" to "Running Man, The"...

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Old Apr 18, 2009, 06:41 PM   #1
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Push (2009)

So Hereos created a rush (semi). First Jumper, now we have Push.

Disenfranchised guy, hot girl, super powers in a really real world, gotta save it. Cept Push is a faaar closer to X-men comics than others have dared to tread. They even stole Layla Miller and called her Cassie Holmes.

Girl (12-13) with uncanny knowledge or what's going to happen, plus lots of sarc and 'edge' dress sense, tells the grown ups how to save the world.

All in all a fun, silly actionish movie, not outright terrible, but sooooooo much work to do. The most notable thing about it is: Layla going global (seriously go read X-Factor series 2, you will love her).

How many more are we going to get, now that comics/superheros are in vogue? "Real" people, in the "real" world, with added extras to get them through the next life or death shenannigans????
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