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Off-World Discussion Forum

Forum for science fiction related material not listed in Movies Galleria or Upcoming Movies ONLY. If you want to chit-chat, please visit the Pilot's Mess.

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Ideas of science ficition novels to be made

Demolition Man: Character Prequel Tales

(The Demolition Man Character Prequel Novel)

Part 1: John Spartan Prequel

Plot Synopsis: In October 1993 John Spartan had been assigned to a rookie cop named Scott Smith and is up against devil worshipers who drink blood. The priest named Father Raymond Cook and police Captain Charles Rogers are suspects. Captain Rogers could falsely be accusing the priest of witch craft. Almost everyone is in on the devil worship activity. John Spartan now must stop the devil worshipers.

Part 2: Dana Crystal Harris Prequel

Plot/Synopsis: In 1997 Officer Dana Harris fought against IRA terrorists. Over to 2001 Officer Harris had gone up against a ruthless street gang. The leader Sean Sanchez had attacked Los Angeles and arranged drive by shootings. Officer Harris goes after the local gang.

Part 1: John Spartan Prequel

Official beginning


Title Card: October 1993

At the police station in the morning. John Spartan (35 year old cop wearing black clothes and a beret with short black hair) is going to the office of Captain Rogers (52 year old cop with short brown hair and a mustache). John Spartan goes to see for his assignment. Captain Rogers: "You are working with a Scott Smith. He’s a rookie. He used to play high school football." Spartan: "I think that I have heard of him. I used to go to football games and watch him play. I've watched his games more than 5 years ago." Scott was a quarterback in Los Angeles. He had gone to college at UCLA and after graduation went into police training. Captain Rogers: "Go meet him outside with Lt. Healy." John Spartan leaves the captain’s office.

Outside the Los Angeles police station. John Spartan runs into his new partner Scott Smith (23 year old man with short blonde hair and a clean shaven face). Spartan: "You must be Scott. I am Sgt. John Spartan. LA PD." Scott: "They told me to wait for you out here. You can drive our squad car so I know my way around Los Angeles." They get into their squad car. John Spartan gets into the driver’s seat and Scott Smith in the passenger’s side. They leave.

At an old theater in Los Angeles. There are a bunch of people (men and women various ages in between 20's and late 50's) in black cloaks with dead goats. There are candles litten and pentagrams on the stage. There are wine glasses with blood in them. There are a young couple (guy and girl) being cut up by the devil worshipers. The devil worshipers take the bodies out of the theater and dump them outside.

Inside the squad car with John Spartan and Scott Smith. Over the radio. Dispatcher: "All units. There’s a bank robbery down the street." Spartan: "We'll cover that." John Spartan heads to a bank in Los Angeles.

At a Los Angeles bank. There are 6 men in ski masks with guns holding several men and women hostage. Bank Robber #1: "If any of you move you are dead." Bank security officers are tied up.
Outside the bank a squad car shows up. It’s the squad car with John Spartan and Scott Smith. The 2 cops come out and pull out their guns. The robbers come out with money bags. Scott: "LA PD. Don't move." Spartan: "You are under arrest." The robbers fire on John Spartan and Scott Smith. The 2 cops fire back. A vicious gun fight breaks out. John Spartan shoots a robber in the head and that robber falls dead. John Spartan shoots another robber in the chest. Lt. Healy in his car and Captain Rogers in his car show up with other squad cars. They both get out and they are fired on by the bank robbers. Healy and Rogers pull out their guns. Rogers kills another thug. The others drop their guns. Bank Robber #4: "We give up." Captain Rogers: "Don't move. You are under arrest." John Spartan goes to Lt. Healy. Healy: "We had just had a murder. A couple was kidnapped and we suspect witchcraft is going on." Spartan: "I think that we go see Father Cook." Healy: "Go inform Raymond Cook." Captain Rogers puts the 3 thugs in the back of his car and leaves with them.

At the Los Angeles Catholic Church in the afternoon. John Spartan and Scott Smith show up at the church. This time Scott Smith is driving the car. They get out of their car. They go to see the priest. Father Raymond Cook (middle age man with silver hair) comes out holding a book. Spartan: "We are the LA PD. I heard something about witchcraft that was reported by Lt. Healy." Father Cook: "You mean Steve Healy?" Spartan: "Yes. I'm Sgt. John Spartan and this is Officer Scott Smith." Father Cook: "I have had men and women paint my church with goat’s blood. We don't know who their leader is. My friend Lt. Healy could never find out who the leader is and he is on the investigation." Spartan: ".My rookie and I are here to find out." Father Cook: "Your captain Charles Rogers is accusing me of witchcraft. Something doesn't seem right about Captain Rogers. He might be in on it." Spartan: "We haven't had any suspects yet." Scott: "We'll have our captain checked out."

At the San Angeles theater later at night. 3 of the men who were robbing the bank are delivered to the devil worshipers who John Spartan’s captain had booked. The auditorium still looks the same as it did before. The men with machetes have the other devil worshipers put the 3 bank robbers somewhere tied up. The leader has his face hidden under the hood. The men with the machetes cut up the bank robbers. Bank Robber #5: "Please. Don't kills us." They are sliced up and killed for sacrifice.

In Lt. Healy’s office in the morning. John Spartan goes in the office to see Lt. Healy. Healy: "The bank robbers that we caught yesterday are dead." Spartan: "I think that somebody kidnapped our prisoners and taken them for sacrifice." Healy: "Someone in this department is in on this." Spartan: "I think that a few others who work with us are involved."

At the Los Angeles Catholic Church. Charlie Rogers and 4 other cops come to the church and burst in. They draw their guns. Captain Rogers: "The priest must be behind this." The cops burst into the sanctuary with a bunch of kids singing in the choir. Captain Rogers: "Father Cook. This is the LA PD. I'd like to take you downtown to talk to you." Father Cook: "I have a choir in practice. This is a bad time. I had nothing to do with the devil worship activity. I want my lawyer." One of the cops punches the priest in the stomach while the others aim their guns at him. The assistant priest takes over the choir as the priest leaves.

At the Los Angeles police station in the afternoon. John Spartan and Lt. Healy see something suspicious about Captain Rogers and 4 other cops. Healy: "I have some theory that Captain Rogers is in on it. If we fire him and arrest him I am the new your new captain." Spartan: "My cop hunch tells me that they hang out at and old theater." Healy: "I know that Captain Rogers is behind this. I just don't have any proof." Spartan: "Scott and I will go check it out." The cops are bring in the priest. Captain Rogers: "He is being booked for the devil worship activity. You guys go arrest some white trash who hangs out very often at a Los Angeles mall." The 4 cops leave in their own squad cars.
At the mall in Los Angeles. There are several white teenagers who are girls and guys skateboarding in the mall parking lot. The cops in their squad cars arrive. Satanic cop #1: "You kids. I am taking you in for violating the law hanging out around here. You kids are white trash." Teenage boy #1: "We aren't doing anything. We are just having fun." Satanic cop #2: "You are violating the law like that." The cops grab those teens and put them in their cars and take off. The cops leave.

At the Los Angeles theater in the afternoon. The cops pull all those teens out in their squad cars. 3 older men and an older woman knock down the teens and bring them into the auditorium. They are being put out for sacrifice for a ritual.

Later in the afternoon at the San Angeles police station. Captain Rogers talks to John Spartan and Scott Smith. Captain Rogers: "John Spartan. I need you to leave here. I need to see Scott personally. You go after all those devil worshipers. There were teens kidnapped I just heard." Spartan: "Yes sir." Captain Rogers escorts Scott Smith somewhere outside to see him. Captain Rogers: "It was the priest who was behind this." Scott: "You don't have any proof of this."

Later on at a pool hall at night. Several people are playing pool. Scott Smith is playing in the pool hall. There are people drinking beer at the pool hall. Scott Smith has his gun with him in case of any danger. Captain Rogers comes in with 4 other corrupt cops. Captain Rogers: "Scott. I know that you know that I led the devil worship activities." Scott pulls out his gun as does the 4 cops with Captain Rogers. Scott fires and shoots one Satanic cop and that cops dies within a matter of seconds. Scott: "Get down." It’s a vicious gun fight. Scott Smith shoots and kills another bad cop. Finally Scott Smith is shot in between the eyes by Captain Rogers. A fat black man pulls out a knife and is killed by the evil police captain. Others try to attack the bad cops with pool sticks. Captain Rogers: "Don't do it or I will have to kill you." The others pause and stop what they are attempting. Captain Rogers: "Anyone else tries to stop me and they will be dead."

Later on. There are other police officers with Internal Affairs officers along with John Spartan and Lt. Healy investigating putting up police tape that says "do not cross". Healy: "I know that tomorrow night is the ritual. I will infiltrate this. I will need your Demolition Man thing. It’s the thing that you did in the army. I will disguise my self as one of them." Spartan: "Then you will pull out your gun as I fire on them." Healy: "Yes." John Spartan has a rocket launcher machine gun combo. He had learned allot of dangerous tactics in the military before he was with the LA PD.

The next night at a theater in Los Angeles in the Auditorium. Captain Rogers has a cape on with a pentagram dressed in black and is holding a book. He and his followers have cups with blood in them. Candles are litten up. All those men and women are attending along with 2 other cops. Captain Rogers: "Ow bow to me Lucifer fallen angel of light it is you who we worship." Captain Healy is there in disguise as a devil worshiper. Captain Rogers: "Grant us eternal life and give your powers to us so we can do your evil work."

Outside is John Spartan carrying is rocket launcher/machine gun combo accompanied by the SWAT team. The SWAT team officers are carrying there automatic guns. Spartan: "You guys cover me as I fire on the devil worshipers a warning shot. They have machetes. One they are fired on Lt. Healy pulls out his gun. You guys then burst in and hold them."

Back in the Auditorium. The teens are being put out for sacrifice and the devil worshipers with the leader are drinking blood. Woman Satanist/Luciferian: "Brothers and sisters tonight is the night we have been waiting for. Tonight the holy blood and we worship Satan and his most trusted servant."

John Spartan bursts into the theater. The devil worshipers raise machetes on the kids. John Spartan fires rockets on the devil worshipers on the stage and knocks down some candles. The SWAT team bursts in and rescues the victims. The holy thugs with the machetes attack John Spartan and John Spartan shoots them with his machine gun. Spartan: "You are all under arrest." The 2 Satanic cops pull out their guns on John Spartan and John Spartan shoots them with his combo gun. Lt. Healy removes his hood revealing himself to take them down and pulls out his gun. Lt. Healy has his gun aimed at the 5 men and 2 women. Many others run up to John Spartan and John Spartan shoots down the stage curtain on all those other survivors. The SWAT team officers aim their guns at the pinned devil worshipers. Captain Rogers: "I need you all now. Lt. Healy. You could have joined us. You are a traitor." Healy: "You're the traitor captain. I am going to do your job now." With a candle stick Captain Rogers attacks John Spartan. John Spartan with his big gun blocks his attack and blows out the candle. John Spartan punches his demonic captain. The evil police captain knocks John Spartan down with a candle stick. The captain takes a machete from a fallen minion of his. Captain Rogers: "Now John Spartan. You will die." John Spartan fires a rocket on the evil captain and Captain Rogers goes flying up the auditorium and explodes and his dead body falls into the seats. Spartan: "That was for Scott." The Swat Team with Lt. Healy get the captured devil worshipers and the kids out of the theater just as the candles fall down and the theater blows up just as everyone gets out.

5 days later

At the Catholic church in Los Angeles. The priest has been released from police custody. Steve Healy is now captain. Father Cook: "That was a fine piece of work Captain Healy and Sgt. Spartan in nailing those devil worshipers." Healy: "These men and women should be convicted with your help and they will be serving serious prison time on charges of murder." Spartan: "Scott Smith’s murder has been avenged. Our former captain has paid for it."

Over those past months the familiar criminal known as Simon Phoenix commits an evil felony and John Spartan starts going after him as time has gone into 1994. The devil worshipers who survived are indicted on criminal charges.


Part 2: Dana Crystal Harris Prequel


Title Card: Summer of 1997

At the Los Angeles Civic Center in the afternoon. IRA terrorists headed by Paul O’bannon hide out in the VIP box with over 20 men. O’Bannon: "Tonight we can take over Los Angeles. We kill the mayor at the baseball game." Those men ready their weapons.

Outside the Civic Center. A bunch of cops headed by Captain Steve Healy (blond hair man in his 40's). The SWAT team is there to. Officer Dana Crystal Harris shows up in her jeep and comes out. Dana Harris is an attractive young woman wearing a short white shirt and blue jeans and has long blonde hair straight with sunglasses on top of her head. Dana Crystal: "What do we have here Captain Healy?" Healy: "Paul O’bannon and his men are have go to be hiding out in the VIP box." Dana Crystal: "Maybe I could make more arrests. So far I arrested 3 thugs and a mass murder named Adam. That’s 4 arrests as part of my record. John Spartan had arrested several criminals in his career." Healy: "Officer Harris. You and I go together with the SWAT team and burst in and take down the IRA." They all draw guns. Officer Harris draws her hand gun.

Inside the Civic Center. The IRA terrorists detect police present. They all take out their guns. O’Bannon: "You men can shoot the cops. We blow up their cars." IRA followers: "Yeah!" Moments later the cops come in. Healy: "You are under arrest." The IRA men fire on the cops. Captain Healy and the SWAT team fire back. Officer Dana Harris sees Paul O’Bannon. She goes after him. Dana Crystal: "Paul O’Bannon. I'm LA PD and you're under arrest." O’Bannon: "Oh Man! Here come trouble." Paul O’Bannon starts to flee and Officer Harris runs after him. Captain Healy shoots an IRA terrorist.

By the locker rooms. O’Bannon: "Who are you?" Dana Crystal: "I am Officer Dana Crystal Harris. LA PD and I'm taking down you and your Irish Republican Army." O’Bannon: "I bet that your team mates are being shot down. I was friends with the criminal named Simon Phoenix. John Spartan was frozen with Simon Phoenix. Maybe I could get you put on ice." Dana Crystal: "I was John Spartan’s rookie partner. I'm not going to let you do what Simon Phoenix did to him to me." Paul O’Bannon throws a punch on the sexy young cop. Officer Harris jump kicks IRA leader. Dana Crystal: "I maybe young and attractive but I kick like Chuck Norris." The IRA leader shoves his knee into the sexy cop.

Back to Healy and the SWAT vs. The IRA members. A SWAT team officer is shot in the chest but is wearing body armor. Another SWAT team officer kills another terrorist. Captain Healy shoots a few more dead in this vicious gun fight. It’s a war zone. Many IRA terrorist are killed by Captain Healy and the SWAT team. There are 3 survivors. The 3 men put there guns down. IRA follower #1: "We give up." Healy: "Don't move. You are under arrest." The SWAT team officers put handcuffs on the 3 men.

Back to Dana Crystal Harris vs. Paul O’Bannon. Officer Harris throws a punch on the IRA leader. She beats him up with some kicks kicking like Chuck Norris. Just as the IRA leader is down the sexy young rookie cop pulls out her gun and aims it at the IRA leader. Dana Crystal: "Don't move. I'm taking you in on murder charges."

Outside the Los Angeles Civic Center. There are 3 men with Paul O’Bannon in handcuffs. Captain Healy is talking to Officer Harris. Healy: "Dana. I will promote you to detective in 2 years. That’s if you want the promotion." Dana Crystal: "Yes. I do want to be detective." Healy: "Escort Mr. O’Bannon and his thugs to the police station. Have them booked. Maybe they will be frozen in the cryo-prison." The cops holding their prisoners leave the scene.

Title Card: Spring of 2001

The streets of Los Angeles day time. There’s a red BMW going down the streets of Los Angeles. Some gang members open windows of their car and pull out automatic guns and open fire on the streets. Several people are shot and killed. The car disappears. A woman on the street calls the police department. Woman on street: "Hello. I need the police. There was a drive by shooting. It was the gang members of Sean Sanchez who did it."
Moments Later the Los Angeles police come out. Detective Dana Crystal Harris shows up in her blue chevy. She is now 29 years old and has long blonde hair straight. She wears a red shirt with blue jeans. She is wearing her sunglasses. Dana Crystal: "Do you know what happened?" Woman on the street: "I saw those men open up the windows. They pulled out guns and opened fire on the crowds. The victims were killed." Dana Crystal: "Did see their faces?" Woman on street: "No. I know that there were 2 Hispanics. 2 white and 1 black. The drive was white." Dana Crystal: "I think I know which men you are referring to. We have gang units in my department. You'll have to testify against those men."

At an old abandoned house. There are several men and women there. Sean Sanchez (young Hispanic guy) is the leader of the gang. He is referred to as Loco. There are 3 white girls (1 has long blonde hair, 1 has long brown hair, 1 has long black hair). There is 1 Hispanic girl and 1 black girl. There are 3 black guys (one of them was involved in the drive by shooting). There are 6 Hispanics (2 were involved in the drive by shooting). There are 10 white guys (a few of them were involved in the drive by shooting). Loco: "Tonight we can take Los Angeles. Los Angeles will be our city. We can spray paint the city." All gang members: "Yeah!" Loco: "Be aware. There’s a good cop named Dana Crystal Harris who could take us down. We have our other friends who will kill her. She is a good cop. She killed allot of criminals. She’s arrested 6 criminals. Others that she has gone after have gotten away." The gang members break glass bottles.

In the afternoon. Dana Crystal Harris is driving down the streets of Los Angeles in her BMW. She is patrolling Los Angeles.

At a 7-11 there are 3 teenage boys and a teenage girl with long blonde hair. They steal snacks and the teenage girl steals big league chew bubble gum (original flavor). The store clerk presses the silent alarm.

Back to Officer Harris in her Chevy. Over the radio is the dispatcher. Dispatcher: "We have teens stealing from a 7-11." Dana Crystal: "I am close by to the 7 eleven. I'll get there." Dana Crystal heads to 7-11.

Back at 7–11. The teenage girl is showing the teenage guys the bubble gum that she stole. Teenage girl: "Hey look at this. I will blow big bubbles. Don't try to pop my bubbles this time. Last time I blew a huge one you popped it and it was all over my face." Teenage Boy #1: "I won't pop your bubble this time." Store Clerk: "You kids aren't taking anything. Put it back."

Outside Dana Crystal Harris shows up and gets out of her car. She bursts in. Dana Crystal: "LA PD. You kids put that stuff back or I will throw you in juvenile hall. All 4 of you now or you can pay for it. Stealing is dishonest." They do as Officer Harris has instructed them. They take money out of their wallets and pay for the stuff. They leave here. Dana Crystal: "You kids should be in school." Dana Crystal leaves the store and goes to the cryo-prison.

At the cryo-prison Dana Crystal enters to see the prisoners. There is John Spartan frozen in there with some IRA terrorists. Also Simon Phoenix and a bunch of his criminal buddies Adam, Elvin, Francis, Danzig, Beppo, Kodo, Gunther, Howie, Jed, Reggie and various thugs are frozen there too. Officer Harris goes to see Warden William Smithers. Dana Crystal: "Warden Smithers. There was a drive by shooting. All those victims were killed. Our witness has testified against the street gang." Warden Smithers: "I hope that you catch them. All the others that you arrested are ice cubes. They are being reprogrammed. I know that the gang units are backing you up going after those shooters." Dana Crystal: "I just dealt with 4 teens stealing from our local 7 11. I will be going in the helicopter with Zachary Lamb going after the gangs. I won't need my car." Dana Crystal leaves.

Later at night at the gang turf. Loco and his gang make their plans to dispose of the sexy rookie cop. Loco: "We need to kill Officer Harris. She got promoted 2 years ago to detective. She won't take us down. We also need to kill our witness. I won't that Officer Harris dead when I find her."

At the Los Angeles police station in the afternoon. Dana Crystal goes to see Captain Healy in his office. This time Dana Crystal has her hair in a pony tail dressed in a blue T-shirt and blue jeans. Healy: "Dana. We have some women in Loco’s gang. I have gotten Ids of his members. They might be at a playground by a beach. We take them down there." Dana Crystal: "I could deal with the women more. I might not be the only girl to ever work for you." Healy: "3 of my other girls are on road patrol later today. We have to find the BMW and hunt them down." Officer Harris leaves Captain Healy’s office.

Later on in the afternoon. Officer Harris is the helicopter. Zachary Lamb and his co pilot Officer Schmidt. They go to the house and look for the car. Dana Crystal: "I think it’s that we have found the gang turf. Lower the chopper." Lamb: "OK." The chopper gets lower. Officer Harris draws her gun. She gets out of the helicopter and looks for the gang and they are all gone. She gets back in. Lamb: "Anything Officer Harris?" Dana Crystal: "Nothing. They got away and we have to find out where they are hiding." They leave in the helicopter.

The next night. Loco and every one in his gang are hanging out on the beach and they are throwing bottles around damaging the playground. They have damaged swings. A police helicopter piloted by Lt. Zachary Lamb and his co pilot Officer Schmidt is carrying Officer Dana Crystal Harris shows up. This time Dana Harris has her hair down and is wearing her blue T-shirt and short blue jeans and has her badge on her pants. Several police cars show up. Dana Harris draws her gun. Dana Crystal: "LA PD. You are all under arrest." The gang members draw their guns. Officer Harris is lowered in the helicopter and comes out and his fired on by the blonde woman in the gang with 3 other males (1 Hispanic and 2 white) and she fires back and kills the blonde female gang member with the 3 other males. The Hispanic woman opens fire on the helicopter and Officer Harris shoots the Hispanic woman as she gets out of the helicopter. The gang units and Captain Healy show up and Captain Healy draws his gun. All those gang members fire on Captain Healy and the gang unit. Captain Healy fires back. Healy kills 2 other women and a black male. The gang unit also fires back. Officer Harris sees Loco Sean Sanchez. She is in pursuit of him. She chases him to the jungle gym. Dana Crystal is holding her gun. Dana Crystal: "Loco. You are under arrest." Loco: "Officer Harris. You will die." Over the monkey bars Loco punches Officer Harris. Officer Harris kicks back. It becomes a brutal hand to hand fight.

Back to Healy vs. the gang members. 2 other members of Loco’s gang are shot and killed by Captain Healy. The others put down their guns. Except for 3 more members. They open fire and they are shot by anti gang officers. Healy: "Don't any of you move and you won't die." Captain Healy goes over to Dana Crystal Harris.
Back to Dana Crystal Harris vs. Sean "Loco" Sanchez. Dana Crystal kicks Loco and almost knocks him down. Loco picks up Dana Crystal’s gun just as Captain Healy comes over to aid her. Loco trips Officer Harris. Loco: "Now Officer Harris. You will die." Captain Healy draws a bead on the gang leader. Healy: "Drop it or you're dead." Loco makes the move to shoot both cops and Captain Healy shoots Loco and Loco falls dead. Officer Harris takes her gun and gets back up. Captain Healy and Officer Harris go over to the LA PD gang unit. Healy: "Escort the gang members to the police station and have them booked. Any of them who were involved in the deadly drive by shooting should be frozen in the cryo-prison." The cops leave with their prisoners.

Over the past few months Dana Crystal Harris marries a man named Jonathan Burke (a man who works for a building contractor). Officer Harris has her son in 2003 and her daughter in 2007.


Official End

Star Wars: The Rebellion vs. The Sith (Set 3 years after Star Wars Episode 3)

It has been 3 years since the clone wars has ended. Emperor Palpatine has been in domination of the galaxy for 3 years and no longer is known as Darth Sidious. Back On Alderaan the rebellion has staged a battle against the empire on a sea shore planet with the a place where Palpatine is headquartered . All the gungans but Jar Jar Binks have been by the empire trying to stop them. Now Padme Amadila-Skywalker is going out for pay back on Emperor Palpatine. Very little is Padme aware, Emperor Palpatine is starting a sith council.


Emperor Palpatine is a place on the sea shore planet called Rengar. Red suited guards are there too. Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader and many storm troopers are with Palpatine. Sate Prestige is standing next to Palpatine. 3 new sith lords are there in what used to be the jedi temple. Palpatine wants to start a sith council. The 3 sith lords are Darth Tau, Darth Vorron and Darth Jade (AKA Xio Jade). Xio Jade is a human female sith with red hair. Emperor Palpatine: "Now with you 3 sith lords along with Lord Vader I shall start the sith council. Lord Vader will be in charge and I am the leader of the sith council. We will clone Exar Kun, my master Darth Imperius, Darth Tyrannus, Darth Bane, Darth Maul, Darth Voltres, Darth Rage, Lord Kaan, Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd and Ludo Kresh. First you 3 go find and try to bring Padme to us. She will join us or die. She is wanting to kill me." Darth Jade: "You mean we go and try to convert Lord Vader’s wife?" Emperor Palpatine: "Yes." Darth Tau: "Lord Sidious. She’s married to the chosen one. I want her to join the empire." Emperor Palpatine: "Darth Sidious is not my name anymore. You call me Emperor Palpatine." Darth Vorron: "She'll be join us or die Lord Palpatine." Emperor Palpatine:"Now you guys go and find her. If she refuses my offer to join us, kill her. " The 3 new sith lords leave. Palpatine’s trusted minions who were the only ones to know that Anakin Skywalker was really Darth Vader. The 3 sith lords and Palpatine’s trusted minions head off to Alderaan.

On Alderaan Padme is somewhere out side with the 3 year old Leia and her new husband Bail Organa. Bail Organa: "The Emperor wants has found our new rebel base. We need to make our plan of attack." Padme: "Anakin was destined to defeat The Emperor. I wouldn't even let Darth Sidious take control over me. I trusted Palpatine un till I found out that he’s a sith lord called Darth Sidious. He’s going to pay for taking my family away from me. Since Anakin has chosen the dark side I will kill The Emperor." Padme puts the clothes on the clothes line just as Leia and Bail go back inside. 3 sith lords and Palpatine’s trusted minions show up to deal with Padme. Padme hears trouble. Palpatine’s minions and the new sith lords go in search for Padme. Palpatine’s trusted minions draw their guns. Padme has her blaster drawn. Xio Jade sees Padme. Xio Jade: "Padme. I am Darth Jade. To be back together with your husband come join the empire. You can be an imperial. My niece Mara is being trained with the force and she is joining the empire." Padme points her gun in Darth Jade’s face. Padme: "Never. I'll never turn to the dark side." (To Xio Jade) " Don't move or I will shoot you." Palpatine’s trusted minions open fire on Padme. Padme ducks. Padme fires back. Darth Tau and Darth Vorron ignite their light sabers. The gun fight between Padme and Palpatine’s trusted minions breaks out. Padme kills one of Palpatine’s minions. Chewbacca and Sio Bibble come to aid Padme in a gun fight. They open fire on Palpatine’s trusted minions and the new sith lords. Chewbacca kills a minion of Palpatine’s. Darth Vorron jumps out in front of Padme with his light saber and Padme shoots Darth Vorron in the chest and Darth Vorron falls dead. Padme sees Darth Tau and she fires at him. Darth Tau deflects some shots with his light saber. Darth Tau dashes at Padme and Padme shoots Darth Tau and Darth Tau is dead with in a matter of seconds. Padme, Sio Bibble and Chewbacca are finishing off with Palpatine’s trusted minions. They kill the rest of them. Sio Bibble: "I saw that you were in danger. I came with Chewbacca just as I saw the danger outside." Padme: "Councilor. The Empire has a base on Rengar. We need to go destroy and maybe we'll kill Palpatine. He’s going to pay for all those jedi that he killed 3 years ago." Padme sees Xio Jade. Padme: "Who are you?" Xio Jade: "I am Xio Jade, dark lord of the sith. Palpatine ordered me to kill you if you don't join." Xio Jade looks like she is going to join with the rebels.

Back on Rengar Emperor Palpatine sees Darth Vader come to him. Darth Vader: "What is my bidding my master?" Emperor Palpatine: "Our new dark lords of the sith have failed us. Xio Jade has betrayed us. Padme has killed Lord Vorron and Lord Tau. We have hired the mother and son bounty hunters Boba Fett and Aura Sing. Boba Fett is now a bounty hunter." Boba Fett: "I will enjoy my first assignment. We have the gungan who beat me up 3 years ago still alive. We will kill Xio Jade for her betrayal. " Emperor Palpatine: "You and Aura Sing will be with us in battle. I will be there with Lord Vader. Xio Jade has joined forces with the rebel alliance and you Aura Sing kill her. You Boba Fett kill Padme. Xio’s niece will serve me well when she gets older. They are trying to get rid of me. I will join the battle myself." Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Aura Sing, Boba Fett, the storm troopers, Grand Moff Tarkin and Imperial officers stage for the battle.

On Alderaan a rebel attack plan is going on with Mon Mothma, Crix Madine, Bail Organa and Jan Dodonna. The 3 year old Leia is in attendance. The rebels attending this meeting are Sio Bibble (the former governor of Naboo), Captain Panaka, Captain Typho, Jar Jar Binks, Padme Amadila-Organa, Chewbacca and former Naboo soldiers. Xio Jade is learning the thing too. Bail Organa: "The empire is on a planet called Rengar. Now We can storm them and smoke them out and take out the whole empire. The Emperor is a sith lord called Darth Sidious and Darth Vader is the sith apprentice. We blow up this place. The Emperor has a cloning facility there where he can clone the dead sith lords and it’s a place that builds Tie Fighters. The Emperor can even clone himself there. This is his throne world. That’s the first place where The Emperor has Tie Fighters built. He has their DNA there. Let’s blow the place up before he clones the dead sith lords." Mon Mothma: "Be extra careful. Darth Vader and his Emperor are very powerful sith lords. The Empire has sold Ackbar into slavery." They show the beach to the rebels where to attack the empire. Padme comes up. Padme: "Xio Jade here is with us. Master Yoda and General Kenobi agreed to go into hiding un till my child is old enough to challenge the sith. We need this former sith woman with us for help. She could become a jedi and fight Darth Vader and his Emperor." The rebels depart. Leia sees un happy images of her mother.

On Rengar the Empire walks the beach. Palpatine’s place on Rengar has guns to it that would shoot down intruders. Emperor Palpatine sees hot human women. There are a bunch of teens (humans, twi’leks and rodians) playing around and swimming. There’s Aura Sing, Boba Fett and Darth Vader with Grand Moff Tarkin and the imperial soldiers all heading to the other side of the inlet. X-Wings and Y-Wings show up. Tie fighters come out and attack. The rebel ships land on the Rengar space port. All those rebels come out with guns drawn. Padme approaches Emperor Palpatine with her gun drawn. Chewbacca has his crossbow drawn and Sio Bibble has a gun drawn. Captain Panaka and Captain Typho have their blasters drawn too. Jar Jar Binks is carrying a pulse rifle. Xio Jade has her light saber ignited. Padme: "You're going to pay for taking my life away from me Palpatine! You're going to pay for all those jedi you killed 3 years ago to Palpatine!" Boba Fett comes out and draws his rifle. Jar Jar Binks sees Boba Fett on the light house. Aura Sing is there too. The 2 red suited guards attack and Jar Jar Binks shoots those 2 red suited guards as they are trying to stop him from trying to reach the light house. A battle between the Y and X wings vs. the tie fighters breaks out. A few tie fighters are shot down. Jar Jar Binks: "Yousa drop the gun or mese will shoot." Boba Fett turns his attention to Jar Jar Binks and the gun fight starts. Aura Sing appears and draws her light saber. The 2 women get into a light saber fight. Over to the rebel alliance vs. the galactic empire. A gun fight breaks out and a soldier is killed by a blast reflected by Darth Vader’s light saber. Padme fires a shot at Palpatine but Palpatine deflects that blast with his bare hands from the kyber crystal. Grand Moff Tarkin is fired on by a blast by Captain Typho and Captain Typho is shot by Tarkin. Captain Panaka sees it. Captain Panaka: "Typho! My nephew." Captain Panaka angrily fires a shot at Grand Moff Tarkin and his shot by an imperial officer and is dead within a matter of seconds. Emperor Palpatine also fires flying sith lightning at the rebellion and Chewbacca fires a shot at Palpatine. Padme kills a few storm troopers with some blasters. A few X-Wings and a Y-Wing shoot the guns that fire at them at the Emperor’s base on Rengar. Some Y-Wings and 1 X-Wing get blown up. The palace is blown up by Jan Dodonna and Crix Madine on their Wings. Crix Madine has the X-Wing and Jan Dodonna has the Y-Wing. Tie fighters shoot down another X-Wing. All the other wings manage to escape. Inside the cloning lab Sate Prestige and other dark side cohorts to Palpatine manage to escape on a shuttle to a star destroyer. The star destroyer is fired in space by Jan Dodonna and Crix Madine and other rebels and the star destroyer fires at them. The tie fighters go after the 2 rebels. The rebels manage to escape to Alderaan. . The rebels miss and the 2 escape into the asteroids out of sight from the rebels. Over to the bounty hunters. Aura Sing and Xio Jade clash their light saber’s into each other’s. Aura Sing: "Now you will pay the price for betrayal over the Emperor. I heard that you helped Padme defeat another sith lord. You prevented the sith council. Now you will die." Xio Jade makes a dash with her light saber at Aura Sing and Aura Sing cuts down Xio Jade dead or she is thought to be dead. Jar Jar Binks was finishing off with Boba Fett. Boba Fett is flying up and Jar Jar Binks fires at Boba Fett and hits him on the lower armor but Boba Fett fires a missile and kills Jar Jar Binks. The empire was fishing off with the rebellion. A few soldiers get hit by sith lightning by Emperor Palpatine. Some other soldiers are getting cut down by Darth Vader. Sio Bibble fires on Darth Vader and Darth Vader knocks the gun out of his hand and Darth Vader cuts off Sio Bibble’s head. Padme again fires on Emperor Palpatine and fires on Grand Moff Tarkin. Chewbacca kills a storm trooper. The other storm troopers aim guns at the rebellion. All those surviving rebel soldiers put down their weapons. So does Chewbacca and Padme. Emperor Palpatine: "You guys can sell the wookie to slavery. The rest of you bring me Padme." Darth Vader: "You rebels are going to jail. You storm troopers take them away with Grand Moff Tarkin." Tarkin and some imperials leave. The surviving storm troopers and the rest of the imperial officers stay. Emperor Palpatine: "So Padme, you want to kill me. Your husband here was destined to bring the force back into balance." Padme: "Anakin is dead. You're going to pay for killing him." Darth Vader steps up. Darth Vader: "No. I am Anakin Skywalker." Padme: "I heard that Anakin is dead. Obi-Wan told me." Darth Vader: "Obi-Wan was lying. I am Anakin Skywalker. It’s true. My name no long has any means to it." Emperor Palpatine: "I'll give you one last chance. If you don't join me, you will die." Padme goes for a blaster of a dead soldier. Palpatine shoots dark side energy bolts at Padme and zaps her. Darth Vader watches his wife being electrocuted. Palpatine shoots more and Padme is dead. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine see their base in ruins. Emperor Palpatine: "I know of another world for a throne world. It is a planted called Byss. I can give my DNA there. Sate Prestige and my other workers have gotten out of the clone lab before it exploded. It will be harder to find there now that Senator Amadila is dead. If I die I will clone myself there. I can feel the escape of my men inside the place." Darth Vader: "What about the sith council?" Emperor Palpatine: "Oh Yes. I will clone those dark lords of the sith once your child joins you. I will change Darth Bane’s rule of only 2. You'll be my head apprentice." A shuttle picks up Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin and Emperor Palpatine. They get on and leave Rengar.

Back on Alderaan. Mon Mothma explains things to Bail Organa. Mon Mothma: "Bail. Leia. Padme is dead. Her body was found on a beach on Rengar. We don't know how she died. It looks like she was fried. The empire has given us Padme dead. Doctors tell us it was dark side energy lightning." Bail and Leia are saddened by the news. Over to the rebels place. Bail Organa sees Crix Madine and Jan Dodonna and promotes them to captains. Bail Organa: "That was a fine piece of work destroying The Emperor’s base on Rengar. The Emperor is still alive though and killed Padme." Madine: "Chewbacca was taken and was sold to slavers." Dodonna: "Darth Vader is even more powerful than you ever have thought." Bail Organa: "We have lost the battle on Rengar. We haven't even won a battle against the empire." They look for strategies and never could figure out any.


Star Wars Episode 7: The Dark jedi Order (other title: A Fallen Hero)

Forty years have passed since the Battle of Endor (Return of the Jedi), where both the Emperor and Vader met their doom. During the decades since Endor, the remnants of the Empire have been defeated and New Republic formed out of the ashes of the Empire. However, enemies against the New Republic still exist. A rogue group of Dark Jedi have emerged that threaten the fragile stability that the New Republic enjoys.


The Cloud City of Bespin has been converted into one of the many Jedi training facilities located all throughout the galaxy. The Jedi's numbers are beginning to grow to Old Republic heights. The New Jedi Order consists of about 7,000 Jedi Knights. Bespin is now the home to both Jedi Masters, Knights and Apprentices.
During routine Jedi training on Bespin, the Dark Jedi invade wearing jet packs, which send them like a swarm dropping into the upper reaches of the cloud city. These Dark Jedi are seeking to re-establish the legacy of Darth Vader and, hence, they wear a more-advanced-looking version of Darth Vader's mask, helmet and body armor in honor of their fallen hero.

As the Dark Jedi attack Bespin, their sleek battle satellites swarm the floating city and rain down turbolaser fire on the city. The Jedi are taken by complete surprise. However, the Dark Jedi seek not to conquer Bespin, but to capture some of the Jedi's prized holocrons, which hold vast quantities of information about the ancient ways and customs of the Jedi. As hundreds of light-saber battles erupt between the Jedi and their Dark Jedi counterparts, some of the Dark Jedi use concussion grenades to cause damage to Bespin's superstructure.

A few of the holocrons are captured by the Dark Jedi. With their mission now complete, the Dark Jedi retreat from the Cloud City and fly away from the city using their jet packs which they wear on their backs. The Dark Jedi fly into the nearby clouds and disappear. The roar of engines can be heard as the Dark Jedi escape in their customized Tie Rager star ships, which were hidden in the clouds above Cloud City.

The 12 members of the Jedi Council are present in the Jedi Council chamber in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Several Jedi, who survived the battle of Bespin against the Dark Jedi, related to Luke Skywalker (the head of the Jedi Council) that several Jedi holocrons were taken during the battle. Luke informs the Jedi Council that the Jedi will have to find these lost holocrons and bring the Dark Jedi under control. Luke: "We will need to find the lost holocrons and bring the dark jedi under control."

Meanwhile, just outside of the Jedi Temple, a shape-shifting Dark Jedi named Asp (looks like actor Jim Carrey) morphs into Ben Skywalker and enters the Jedi Temple. Asp makes his way to the Jedi super computer area where Asp hopes to disable the Jedi's computer network. Knight and padawan Jacen Solo (son of Han Solo and Leia Organa) and Ben Skywalker (son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade) are walking by the computer area. They both sense something and enter the computer area. Ben and Jacen are shocked to see someone in the room that looks exactly like Ben. Asp sees the padawan and knight and flees the room. Ben and Jacen chase after Asp. Asp: "Here comes trouble."

Asp makes his way to the garage at the Jedi Temple and steals one of the Jedi swoop bikes. At a high rate of speed, Asp flies down the streets of Coruscant. Jacen: "He went this way." Ben and Jacen each get a swoop bike and pursue Asp. After a thrilling chase, Asp wrecks his swoop bike. The Coruscant zoo is nearby and Asp enters the zoo to hide from Jacen and Ben. Jacen and Ben park their swoop bikes and quickly follow Asp into the zoo. As Asp passes a cage filled with Rygor tigers, Asp pulls out his light saber, ignites it and cuts open the door to the cage. Asp exits the area and the Rygor tigers storm out of their cage. Asp:"Get them!" Jacen and Ben enter the area where the tigers are at.

Ben sees the tigers. Ben: "I've got a bad feeling about this." The tigers spot Ben and Jacen and then charge at the two jedi. Ben and Jacen ignite their light sabers and battle the tigers. Within in a few minutes, Ben and Jacen have killed all seven on the ferocious tigers. However, by the time Ben and Jacen are finished fighting the tigers. Asp as escaped to parts unknown. Ben and Jacen run into Bib Fortuna (former right hand man to Jabba The Hutt) and his minions. Bib: "You jedi will never stop us. Get them! Kill them!" Bib Fortuna and his minions draws their blasters and Jacen and Ben fight with their light sabers. Bib Fortuna’s thugs are cut down by the 2 jedi. Bib Fortuna pulls out his knife and attempts to cut up the jedi and Ben Skywalker kills Bib Fortuna.

Elsewhere, Shindor (a look alike of World Wrestling Entertainment superstar The Rock), the leader of the Dark Jedi, is elated to learn that some of the Jedi holocrons have successfully been taken from the Jedi. Shindor is currently at the Dark Jedi's cloning facility, which is located on a planet nearby Coruscant. Shindor: "We will have the clones of Luke and Vader and the prophecy will be ful filled." Shindor is using this facility to make clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The Dark Jedi plan to fulfill Darth Vader's prophecy that he and Luke should rule the galaxy as father and son and bring peace and order to the galaxy. The Dark Jedi are using Imperial DNA samples of Vader to produce a clone of the Dark Lord of the Sith and are using DNA samples from Luke's severed hand to produce a clone of the venerable Jedi Master. Skywalker's severed hand is currently owned by one of the chief Dark Jedi named, Spiden (look alike of Irish actor Colin Farrell who played Jesse James in American Outlaws and played Bullseye in Daredevil).

Meanwhile, Spiden hatches a plan to leak the Dark Jedi's efforts to clone Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to spies working for the New Republic. Spiden: "With Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker cloned we can re establish the sith order. I want my leader dead so I can be your new leader and Darth Vader returned from the dark side when he killed Emperor Palpatine." Spiden hopes the leader of the Dark Jedi will be destroyed by forces from the New Republic so that he can become the new leader of the Dark Jedi. Spiden leaks this information. The New Republic military and a Jedi army plan to raid the Dark Jedi hideout.

Also, Spiden contacts Luke Skywalker and asks the great Jedi Master to meet with him on the planet of Sluivan. Spiden: "I am a smuggler that came with your missing hand. The empire once recovered your hand. Your hand was once recovered by the empire. Your hand is in perfect condition. Meet me on Sluvian." Spiden tells the Luke that Spiden is a smuggler who came across Luke’s severed hand in a preservation box. Luke learns from Spiden that the Empire recovered the hand the Vader cut off at Bespin. Spiden says that the hand is in perfect condition and can probably be re-attached to Luke’s arm. Luke agrees to meet Spiden on Sluivan. Luke: "OK. I'll go there."

Luke arrives on Sluivan with R2-D2 and C-3PO. Luke enters a room where Spiden told Luke he would be waiting for Luke. Luke sees Spiden holding his severed hand in a transparent preservation box. Suddenly, the door behind Luke closes. Spiden sets down the hand and pulls out two light sabers. Spiden holds one in each hand and ignites them. Spiden tells Luke that he will now avenge the deaths of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Spiden: "I will now avenge the deaths of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. You turned your father back from the dark side." Luke pulls out his saber and ignites. Luke and Spiden fight with their sabers. Luke manages to cut off one of Spiden’s hands. Spiden continues to fight with his other hand. R2-D2 rolls up behind Spiden. R2 ignites his rocket boosters and crashed into the back of Spiden at a tremendous speed. Spiden falls to the ground. Spiden stands back up dazed. With a slight movement of his hand, Luke uses the Force to send Spiden flying across the room. Spiden slams into a wall and is left unconscious. Luke thanks R2 for his valor, then Luke recovers his severed hand and then cuts the closed door open with his light saber . Luke, R2 and C-3PO exit the room.

On Coruscant, a team of Jedi doctors re-attach Luke’s hand to his arm. Luke learns that the Republic is planning to send a military unit to the planet where the Dark Jedi are cloning Vader and Luke. Luke orders the Jedi star pilots to scramble to their fighters and join the Republic forces in the fight. Luke: "I'll need you star pilots to scramble into your fighters and join the republic forces in the fight."

The Republic and Jedi star fighters arrive at the planet where the Dark Jedi cloning facility is located. Hundreds of Dark Jedi fighters are waiting for them. A massive space battle ensues.
Luke and a dozen or so other Jedi make their way to the surface of the planet and enter the Dark Jedi cloning facility. Light saber battles erupt between the Jedi and the Dark Jedi. Luke finds the Dark Jedi leader, Shindor, and they engage in a light-saber duel. Luke eventually decapitates Shindor. It is not the real Shindor. It was Asp killed by Luke. Luke: "It was a changeling." The remaining Dark Jedi flee the cloning facility with the growing clones of Vader and Luke. The Jedi set explosive charges all over the cloning facility. The Jedi flee the cloning facility. A few minutes later, the cloning facility is destroyed by the exploding charges. However the dark jedi have another clone facility on Coruscant. Luke: "There’s another cloning facility somewhere."

While the Dark Jedi cloning facility has been destroyed, the New Republic and Jedi are unaware that the Dark Jedi succeeded in preserving the growing clones of Vader and Luke, which will be utilized in the Dark Jedi's grand scheme to conquer the galaxy. Back on Coruscant, Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker are brought before the Jedi Council. For their bravery in combating the Dark Jedi, the Jedi Council makes Jacen a master and Ben a full-fledged Jedi Knight. The two are given their official Jedi robes.


Star Wars Episode 8: The Evil Warriors

It is a time of a jedi war. Clones of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are complete and Shindor the leader of the dark jedi has had cloning of the sith to replace Darth Vader since he has returned from the dark side and killed Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Now Jacen is a jedi master and Jhon Skywalker son of Luke Skywalker and grand son of Darth Vader has been promoted to master. Now Spiden must kill Shindor to become the new leader of the dark jedi. But the jedi are not too aware that the dark jedi have another cloning facility where more dead sith lords can be cloned.


As the growing clones of Darth Maul, Darth Rage (Darth Sidious’s apprentice after Darth Maul) (Darth Rage wears all black and has short black hair and human, looks like Hugh Jackman who played Wolverine in the X-Men movie), Darth Voltres (Darth Sidious’s first apprentice) (a Toban male) and Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus reache completion, The New Republic passes a law against spice mining. The Kesselonians are outraged by this and align with the dark Jedi intent on re-establishing the Trade Federation. Kesselonians: "Change the laws against spice mining."

Jhon has taken an apprentice that is a descended cousin of Jedi-Master Plo-Koon, his name is Don-Koon. Jhon: "You are taken as my apprentice." Don is assembling his light saber, it is a replica of similar to Darth Maul’s except it is a cross with four blades. Jhon is amazed by how strong the force is with him. Don Koon: "I have a very powerful light saber I should defeat a bunch of dark jedi."

Meanwhile Mara and Lana (look alike of young actress Amanda Bynes) are at the Jedi archival library looking at information about the Kalibar crystal. Mara: "There’s nothing about the crystal." Lana: "Here comes trouble." Mara: "I better get my light saber. Luke has my blasters for emergencies." Spiden: "That’s a bad idea. You 2 come with me to my base on Kessel." They are captured and taken to Kessel by Spiden- who is now a cyborg- To the Dark Jedi/Kesselonian base. They are taken inside and are put into a room next to the clones. Spiden: "Hey Luke. I am hoping for another light saber duel with you." On Bespin helping Han and Leia build their sky house. Luke: "Han let’s go. Spiden wants to face me again." Han: "Leia let’s go." Leia: "I have Mara’s blaster. I can fell that she’s captured." They take off in the falcon in route to Kessel.

Spiden meets with the Dark Jedi leader Shindor to talk about the "Sith Order" and if they should change. Shindor: "About the sith order. We can clone every dead sith lord. We are unable to clone Darth Sidious. He died 3 times." Spiden: "He was killed by Anakin Skywalker the first time. The second time he was killed by the Skywalker twins and the third time he was killed by Han Solo. The jedi destroyed his DNA." Spiden becomes outraged and strikes down Shindor. Spiden picks the other dead sith lords to clone. Spiden: "I will rather the dead Darths." Spiden then appoints himself the leader and calls upon the bounty-hunter Bossk to be his right-hand man. (Boosk was previously employed by Vader to find and capture Solo, but failed and trained to become a Dark Jedi) Spiden is looking into also cloning Darth Imperius, Exar Kun, Darth Bane and Lord Kaan. Even Darth Seer. Spiden: "Bossk. You now use a light saber." Bossk: "Yes master Spiden. I quit as a bounty hunter." Spiden: "I also want to clone Darth Imperius. He trained Emperor Palpatine as a dark lord of the sith and re named him Darth Sidious. Darth Sidious betrayed and murdered Darth Imperius in greed. Also Darth Seer, the legendary Darth Bane, the legendary Exar Kun and Lord Kaan."
Spiden’s first act as new leader is to send all dark Jedi underneath the surface to speed up and finish construction on battle droids, and a new blockade battleship.

Jhon and Don-Koon arrive on Coruscant. Jhon announces to the 10-Member Council ( Luke And Leia aren't present) that Don-Koon is ready to face the trials. Jhon: "Don Koon is ready to face the trials." Labrion ( A jedi-master of the same species as Yoda) disagrees with Jhon. Labrion: "Ready, you are not." Jhon: "Yes he is." Jhon argues with Labrion for awhile then Rebostle interrupts and agrees with Jhon. Larbion: "Not he is." Rebostle: "Don Koon is ready to face the trials." Don-Koon is on his way to the trials, but is stopped when Jhon is contacted by Luke. Jhon then takes Don-Koon to Kessel to assist Luke in the rescue effort. They meet up with Luke and land on Kessel together. Jhon: "Let’s go to Kessel and rescue my mother and my cousin Lana." Don Koon: "Yes master."

Luke greets his son and his son’s apprentice. Luke: "Hello Jhon. Hello Don." Leia stays with the Falcon as Luke, Han, Jhon, and Don-Koon go off into the Dark Jedi’s base.

Spiden receives notice of their arrival. Spiden: "Go capture everyone except for Luke. I will face him again." He sends Boosk, 4 destroyer droids, and a dark warrior to capture them all except Luke, they fail and the four go separate ways and draw them apart. Luke ends up in a white blank room. Spiden appears with Mara and Lana chained up to a post. Spiden: "We will exchange the Lana and Mara for a duel."Luke agrees and ignites his light saber, Spiden ignites his they duel around and Spiden stops. Spiden: "We will finish later." Luke gets Mara, but Spiden takes Lana. Mara fights with the Kesselonians. Luke gives Mara her blaster. Luke: "Here’s your blaster Mara." They fight in a gun fight.

Luke and Mara meet back at the falcon where Han, Jhon, and Don-Koon are waiting. Luke: "Spiden got away and they are re establishing the Trade Federation." They get on their ships and fly to Coruscant while Jhon and Don-Koon fly to Endor to get the Ewoks.

Luke, Mara, Leia, and Han with C-3P0 and R2-D2 arrive on Coruscant and talk to the leaders of the senate about the up-rising threat of the Trade Federation. Chancellor Ackbar: "Take about 1,000 jedi with you and go to Kessel to negotiate."
Chancellor Ackbar sees the negotiations failing and tries to contact Luke, but he is many light-years away. Chancellor Ackbar: "This negotiation is failing."

Jhon, Don-Koon and the Ewoks arrive on the crumbled Bespin. They gather supplies such as light sabers, blasters, and thermal detonators. They then contact Luke and agree to meet on Dantooine before going to Kessel. Luke: "Meet with us on Dantooine before we go to Kessel." Jhon: "Yes dad." Luke Skywalker runs into Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus and fights him in a light saber duel. Count Dooku: "You are a powerful jedi. Your father killed me." Luke: "And my father and his Emperor your former master killed each other. I had brought my father back from the dark side when he killed Darth Sidious."Count Dooku: "And your father is cloned with you. Spiden is starting the sith council." Luke: "I must stop him." Count Dooku: "No you won't. You'll be dead." Count Dooku makes the death move but Luke is more powerful than Darth Tyrannus. Luke Skywalker kills Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus.

Meanwhile Spiden takes Lana and shows her the clones. He chains her to a wall and checks the status of the clones. The clones of other sith lords are Lord Kaan, Exar Kun, Darth Imperius and Darth Bane are being cloned and are twenty-four hours from completion. Spiden: "Hey Bossk. Ready the weapons and armor."
Luke and Jhon land their ships on Dantooine. Luke contacts Spiden and tries to negotiate but Spiden disagrees.
Spiden: "Come to Kessel and fight me if you want to save Lana." Luke: "I will." Luke agrees but he gets on the ship with Jhon, and Don-Koon. Luke, Jhon and Don-Koon see battle droids and destroyer droids and ignite their light sabers. The droids fire on the jedi and the jedi defeat all of the droids.

They travel to Kessel where they overwhelm Spiden and Boosk. Spiden is thinking of cloning Grand Admiral Thrawn and other imperials in the empire to bring back the empire. Spiden: "We can clone the empire and maybe bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn. I could become the new Emperor." The three Jedi ignite their light sabers and attack. Luke and Don-Koon take on Spiden as Jhon fights Boosk. Spiden with his two light sabers kicks Don-Koon in the face and then strikes him down. Jhon becomes outraged and strikes down Boosk. Jhon: "You are going to pay for killing my apprentice Spiden." Luke takes on the clone Darth Rage.
Luke: "Who are you?" Darth Rage: "I am Darth Rage. Don Koon’s descended cousin killed me and I came after Darth Maul." Luke beats Darth Rage in a light saber fight and kills him. Luke goes over to Spiden and deals with him.

Luke cuts Spiden’s left arm. Spiden tells Luke he has fought well. Spiden: "You have fought well old Skywalker." Then he looks at his watch and laughs. Spiden: "It’s time to go. Take Lana and leave here." Luke agrees. Luke: "I will." Luke takes her to the ship and yells for Jhon but he wants to avenge his apprentices’ death so he chases after Spiden and duels him. Luke: "Jhon let’s go." Jhon then strikes him down but Spiden is not dead and returns to the ship. Spiden is nearly dead.

Luke contacts Han on Dantooine. Luke: "Han, Lana should return shortly. Spiden might not be dead." Lana: "There are surviving clones." Luke is horrified. Jhon is angry as he looks and holds the light saber that was once Don-Koon’s. Jhon: "Spiden will die for sure next time." Lana: "Jhon will you train me as a jedi?"Jhon: "No." Lana: "Will you train me Uncle Luke?"Luke: "Yes. I will train you as a jedi." Luke starts to train her on their way back to Coruscant.

Luke and Han land their ships on Coruscant. Han and Leia are reunited with their grand daughter Lana, who is now Luke’s Jedi apprentice. Lana: "Grandma. Grandpa. Luke will train me as a jedi." The jedi have prevented the re establishment of the Trade Federation. Darth Voltres shows up and attacks with his light saber ignited. Luke pulls out his light saber. Lana takes out her’s too. Luke: "If you and I strike this sith lord down you can become a full fledged jedi knight after your training." Luke and Lana fight Darth Voltres. Lana strikes down Darth Voltres and the sith clone falls dead.

Meanwhile back on Kessel the glass coffins which hold the clones of Darth Imperius, Darth Bane, Lord Kaan, Darth Seer and Exar Kun clones step out...


Star Wars Episode 9: The Jedi War

It has been over 40 years since the battle of Endor. Luke Skywalker and his son Ben fight against the army of dark jedi. They have brought back storm troopers. Spiden’s schemes to take Emperor Palpatine’s place. The dark jedi order led by Spiden use aged bounty hunters Boba Fett and Aura Sing to hunt down the jedi knights. The bounty hunters use Garindan (also known as Long Snout). Han Solo and Lando Calrissian must team up with the jedi and defeat these evil villains. Now Luke Skywalker goes face to face with Spiden. Spiden has also cloned Exar Kun, Darth Seer, Darth Imperius (Darth Sidious’s master) and Darth Bane. Also Lord Kaan is cloned. Admiral Daala has returned. Spiden had already became the new leader of the dark jedi for one year but was thought to be dead when Jhon (Ben) Skywalker struck him down but Spiden was only struck down in the stomach and just stabbed. Spiden wants to start a sith council lead by Exar Kun and Darth Bane. The jedi learn that Spiden is still alive and Spiden managed to kill Shindor. Darth Bane is a member of the council in charge. Other members are Darth Seer, Darth Imperius and Lord Kaan. Sith warriors are Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Darth Venom (Luuke).


(on Coruscant)

Spiden the dark jedi leader and his army of dark jedi are in a lab and have cloned other sith lords. Darth Imperius (male, wearing all black, same specie as Aura Sing, looks a bit like a clown), Darth Bane, Darth Seer (a female zabrak with long hair and wears a cape with all black) and Lord Kaan along with Exar Kun. Admiral Daala joins Spiden. Admiral Daala: "The republic suspected that I was dead. This time Han Solo dies." Spiden sends Long Snout with 2 aged bounty hunters Aura Sing and Boba Fett after the jedi knights and Han Solo with Lando Calrissian. Spiden: "You Boba Fett, Aura Sing and Garindan. Go kill the jedi. Kill the 2 former smugglers too. That’s Lando Calrissian and Han Solo. Lord Venom, you go deal with the jedi and kill your real self." They leave with Luke Skywalker’s clone. Spiden also clones the imperial officers like Grand Admiral Thrawn and other imperials. The clone Luke is now known as Darth Venom. Darth Venom is sent with the bounty hunters.

Luke Skywalker and his jedi team are down at the streets of Coruscant with his wife and son Mara and Jhon (Ben). Luke: "I sense the presence of my clones with the bounty hunters." So are Leia and her children Jacen and Jaina (Jaina Solo now looks like the famous pretty actress Sandra Bullock). There’s also Lando Calrissian and Han Solo. Lando: "I thought that Boba Fett was dead. We killed a clone of his father known as Jango Fett." Mara: "Boba Fett was an un altered clone of Jango Fett. Aura Sing acted as a mother to Boba Fett because Boba Fett didn't have a mother." Jacen: "My wife serving as a senator of Jacen Solo’s wife Jenn is with the republic.She’s the senator of Corellia." Garindan shows up with his comlink and blaster drawn. Long Snout calls out to the bounty hunters Aura Sing and Boba Fett and the clone Luke. The Bounty Hunters with Darth Venom show up. Jaina Solo: "I have a bad feeling about this." Han: "What’s there Jaina?" Jaina: "Our enemies are there. "Leia:"I sense that it’s Aura Sing with Boba Fett. Also the clone Luke." Jacen: "Long Snout is there too." Boba Fett has his gun drawn. Boba Fett: "It’s time for another rematch Solo and Calrissian. Garindan is with me too." Darth Venom draws his light saber. Garindan (Long Snout) draws his blaster. Lando: "Hey Long Snout!" Long Snout shoots at Lando and Lando quickly draws his blaster. Han Solo also draws his blaster. Boba Fett and Han Solo get into a gun fight. Boba Fett: "Now you will die Solo. Dengar killed Gavin Darklighter." Han: "And Luke killed Dengar." Luke Skywalker draws his light saber. Mara Jade Skywalker draws her light saber. Leia Organa Solo also draws her light saber. As does Jhon (Ben) Skywalker and the Solo twins Jacen and Jaina. The men get take on Darth Venom as the women take on Aura Sing. It’s Luke Skywalker, Jhon (Ben) Skywalker, Coran Horn, Kyp Durran vs. Darth Venom. It’s Mara Jade-Skywalker, Leia Organa-Solo, Jaina Solo and Callista vs. Aura Sing.

They all clash their light sabers into each other’s. Leia learns that Aura Sing is the one who attempted to kill her mother and that Padme fought Aura Sing when she was pregnant with the Skywalker twins and Mara learns that Aura Sing killed her Aunt Xio. Aura Sing: "I killed your Aunt Mara for her betrayal. She failed to kill your mother in law. You will die too and your Leia I had to kill your mother when she was pregnant with you but we decided within a few years that your mother would live if she joined the empire." Leia: "I thought that you and Boba Fett were dead after all those years. My husband killed The Emperor and he was never resurrected again." The Lando Calrissian and Han Solo vs. Long Snout and Boba Fett fight breaks out. Just as the fight erupts, Han Solo shoots Boba Fett’s rocket pack and Boba Fett is blown up and falls all the way to his doom or he lives. Lando Calrissian is finishing off with Long Snout. That moment Garindan makes the move to shoot Lando in the head and then Lando shoots Long Snout in the chest and is dead within a matter of seconds. The jedi were finishing off with the dark jedi and sith lord. Darth Venom force pushes Corran and Kyp down. Darth Venom: "Now you jedi will die and I should be your replacement Luke." Luke: "Over my dead body." Luke Skywalker comes in and cuts his clone in half by the waist just like when Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. The women jedi were finishing off with Aura Sing.

Aura Sing stabs Callista in the heart and she is dead within a matter of seconds. Aura Sing kicks Mara and Leia and knocks them down. Jaina charges at Aura Sing and cuts her down. Aura Sing is dead within a matter of seconds. The female jedi go over to the body of Callista. Boba Fett flies back up and shoots a couple of the jedi knights (Corran Horn and Kyp Durran) with a missile and these 2 are dead. Boba Fett:"Now you jedi will die." Boba Fett attacks of a couple of other jedi knights. Boba Fett with his blaster shoots at Jacen Solo. Jacen deflects them and cuts the blaster and then Boba Fett’s head just like Mace Windu cut off Jango Fett’s head in Attack Of The Clones. The Skywalker and Solo family carry the bodies of the slain jedi onto the millennium falcon. They leave Coruscant and go to Dantooine for a memorial service for the slain jedi.

(in outer space)

Spiden and his dark jedi clan with former members of the galactic empire head to a sea shore planet known as Rengar on space ships. It has ocean beaches and board walks.

(on Dantooine)

There’s a memorial service at night for the 3 slain jedi knights (Callista, Corran Horn and Kyp Durran) being preached by a galactic holy man. Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade-Skywalker, Jhon (Ben) Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Leia Organa-Solo, Jaina Solo, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Wedge Antilles with his family and a bunch of the jedi who made it to the service. The bodies of Callista, Corran Horn and Kyp Durran are being burned up on the altar (just like the funeral service for Qui-Gon Jinn at the end of The Phantom Menace).

(on Rengar)

Spiden and his dark jedi clan land on Rengar. They are nearby a board walk. They set up clones as also water troopers. Admiral Daala had cloned some soldiers for the water troopers.Admiral Daala: "I have picked a bunch of people for the clone project to replace the storm troopers. They are not just Jango Fett clones but clone of a bunch of imperials. They are clones of Boba Fett partially altered just like the clones of Jango Fett were altered storm troopers. I have even hand picked other people for the cloning act." Spiden: "Good." Grand Admiral Thrawn places the water troopers on their boats. Thrawn: "Man your positions. Get to your battle stations." Long ago Padme and other early rebels have fought Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, imperial officers and storm troopers on this planet and died. Captain Panaka, Captain Typho and Sio Bibble were killed on this planet along with Xio Jade and Jar Jar Binks.

(on Tattooine)

Tahiri Velia had returned from a mission. Arden Lyn comes out of the shadows and attacks (sent by Spiden and formerly a hand to Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious to kill jedi knights) Tahiri Velia. Tahiri draws her light saber and Arden Lyn shoots lasers out of her robotic arm. Tahiri: "You. Arden Lyn." Arden Lyn: "I heard who you are. You're a friend to the later Anakin Solo named after his late grand father who was Lord Vader." Tahiri deflects those laser blasts with her light saber. Tahiri is running out of energy and there Arden Lyn does a martial arts kick on Tahiri. She finishes her off with a laser blast. A tribe of tusken raiders attack Arden Lyn with gadderffii sticks and she blasts every single one of them. Arden Lyn gets into her space cruiser and heads to Rengar.

(in outer space)

The millennium falcon is flying to Rengar. Lando Calrissian and Han Solo are piloting the falcon. Luke, Mara, Leia, Jacen, Jaina and Jhon (Ben) are in the ship. Luke: "Tahiri was killed by Arden Lyn and she’s joining with the Spiden and the sith council on Rengar."Jhon (Ben): "Darth Vader and Darth Imperius are on Coruscant." A rebel space ship follow the millennium falcon to Rengar. All the space ships land their.

(On Rengar)

Spiden with the cloned sith lords (except for Darth Vader and Darth Imperius) are walking down the board walk and somewhere awaiting Arden Lyn. Spiden: "Here comes Arden Lyn. I have sensed it. My remaining dark jedi warriors are on Coruscant with Darth Sidious’s master and Darth Sidious’s most powerful former apprentice." The jedi are fighting the dark jedi all over the galaxy. Lowbacca is one of the jedi fighting the dark jedi and Kyle Katarn is leading the attack against the dark jedi all over the galaxy.

(on Coruscant)

Jedi master Kyle Katarn is with a bunch of jedi knights including Lowbacca. Kyle Katarn: "All you jedi will deal with the dark jedi. I take on Emperor Palpatine’s sith master and Lowie will take Darth Vader." They are fighting the evil jedi knights with the clones of Darth Vader and Darth Imperius. Lowbacca kills a few dark jedi. A few jedi are killed by Darth Vader. The fighting is nearby the Coruscant mall. The cloned Darth Vader and Darth Imperius is leading the dark jedi on Coruscant. Lowbacca gets into a light saber fight with Darth Vader. Darth Vader: "You are related to Chewbacca. I am an evil clone of the jedi who defeated Emperor Palpatine." Kyle Katarn gets into a light saber fight with Darth Imperius. Darth Imperius: "You are very powerful and it is you who defeated 7 dark jedi years ago. I am the master of Emperor Palpatine. He killed me in greed and he ruled the galaxy with Darth Vader and he’s my new apprentice." Kyle Katarn: "And Darth Vader returned to the light side and saved Luke and killed Darth Sidious."

(on Rengar)

The Millennium Falcon has arrived. Everyone gets out of the falcon. The republic is attacked by dark troopers. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian shoot the dark troopers who attacked. Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and the jedi go to the beach. The jedi all draw their light sabers. On the beach Admiral Daala and Grand Admiral Thrawn with a new imperial. His name is General Addux (looks like actor Daniel Von Bargen from Universal Soldier: The Return and Broken Arrow) and also with Commander Inync (looks like World Wrestling Entertainment announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler). They all draw their guns. Arden Lyn joins the battle. So does Lana Solo. Lana Solo and Arden Lyn fight each other in a gun and light saber fight. Han: "Lando and I will take the imperials while you jedi deal with the sith and dark jedi." The cloned sith lords ignite their light sabers as does Spiden. All the jedi on the beach ignite their light sabers. Luke:"I'll take Spiden." Leia: "I'll take Darth Seer." Jacen: "I'll take Darth Maul." Ben (Jhon): "I'll take Exar Kun." Mara: "I'll take Darth Bane." Jaina: "I'll take Lord Kaan." Leia Organa-Solo vs. Darth Seer Jacen Solo vs. Darth Maul John (Ben) Skywalker vs. Exar Kun Mara Jade Skywalker vs. Darth Bane Jaina Solo vs. Lord Kaan They all take each other on.

Over to the beach. Water troopers are firing from their boats and they are being shot at by the rebels. Admiral Daala gets shot by Han Solo and falls dead. Grand Admiral Thrawn kills a couple of the rebels by the swimming area. The fighting breaks out. Darth Maul: "I will kill you just as I killed a jedi named Qui-Gon Jinn." Jacen Solo gets sliced at by Darth Maul. Jacen Solo cuts Darth Maul’s light saber in half. Jacen: "Just as Obi-Wan Kenobi cut you in half." Darth Bane: "Yoda’s master killed me. I will kill you too." Also Mara Jade-Skywalker cuts Darth Bane in half by the torso just as Darth Bane raises his light saber about to cut Mara and the dead sith lords falls into the water. Darth Maul charges at Jacen with his 2 light sabers and Darth Maul is cut in half by both sides. Split in 2. Luke Skywalker makes the move to cut Spiden’s head off and misses the blow. Spiden: "Your son has thought to have killed me but he was wrong. You can't kill me." Luke: "Wrong." Spiden strikes back and Luke blocks Spiden’s attack with his light saber.

Back to the rebellion vs. the empire. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian leading the attack on the empire have killed allot of dark troopers. Lando shoots Grand Admiral Thrawn in the chest and he falls dead. Commander Inync sends the remaining water troopers to the inlet to kill the jedi .Commander Inync: "You guys go and kill the jedi. Help the dark lords of the sith." Inync fires on the rebels and Han Solo shoot Inync dead. The rebels are dealing with General Addux and the remaining dark troopers. General Addux: "You soldiers will die. As will you Solo and Calrissian." A rebel shoots General Addux just as he tries to shoot Han Solo. The rest of the clone troopers are killed in that battle.
Back to the inlet. Jhon (Ben) Skywalker is finishing off with Exar Kun just as Leia Organa Solo is finishing off with Darth Seer. Exar Kun: "Young jedi, you will die." Jhon (Ben): "My father as defeated you in spirit before and you seduced Kyp Durron." Exar Kun: "I have felt that Boba Fett killed Kyp. You will join him. Your father has defeated me and brought Kyp back from the dark side." Jhon (Ben) stabs Exar Kun in the chest and he falls dead just as he makes the move to kill the young jedi. Darth Seer: "I re established the sith before Emperor Palpatine. I died of old age." Leia: "I have learned about the sith lords through Mara over the past year just as we tried to kill you clones." Leia has Darth Seer swing at her. She then cuts off the dark lords head. Luke is still fighting Spiden with their light sabers clashing into each other’s.

(on Coruscant)

Allot of the jedi kill the dark jedi. Darth Vader makes the move to slice Lowbacca in half. Darth Vader: "Now you will die. With this light saber I should send you to meet Chewbacca." Lowbacca cuts off Darth Vader’s head. It’s a victory of the dark jedi army. Darth Imperius tries to cut Kyle Katarn in half with his light saber. Kyle Katarn stabs Darth Imperius in the chest and Darth Imperius falls dead. Kyle Katarn: "Victory. We have defeated the dark jedi army. I can fell that Luke is still fighting Spiden."

(on Rengar)

Lana Solo was finishing off with Arden Lyn in the gun and light saber fight. They are now nearby the light house. Arden Lyn: "Now Lana, you will die and join your Uncle Anakin." Lana: "You will be stopped. My family had defeated the sith just as you have lost." Arden Lyn fires a laser shot at Lana Solo and Lana cuts Arden Lyn’s gun and Arden Lyn makes the move to kill Lana with her robotic arm and Lana cuts Arden Lyn down dead.
Over to Luke vs. Spiden. Water troopers get out of their boats and attack. Luke’s jedi people fight back. They deflect the blasts by the water troopers and hit them with their own blasts. Jaina Solo is finishing off with Lord Kaan. Lord Kaan swings his light saber and Jaina Solo stabs Lord Kaan in the chest and the fallen sith lord is dead within a matter of seconds. Luke was finishing off with Spiden. Spiden raises his light saber in the air to cut Luke in half and Luke slices Spiden in the stomach and Spiden cut in half. Spiden: "As you know old Skywalker. I am impossible to kill." Spiden goes for his light saber and Luke cuts off Spiden’s head and Spiden is officially dead. It’s a victory over evil. Lana goes over to her family. Lana: "Every criminal in the galaxy is now in prison. I have felt it." Luke: "Lana, you are now officially a jedi knight." Lana: "Then I will officially be given my jedi robes when we get back." Luke: "The jedi now prevent crimes from taking place in the galaxy."

The next day. A party is going on to celebrate the defeat over the empire remains and the dark jedi on Rengar. Lana Solo has gotten her jedi robes. Luke Skywalker with his jedi order are there (including Lowbacca, Mara Jade-Skywalker, Leia Organa-Solo, Jhon Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo and Kyle Katarn). So is Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chancellor Ackbar, Wedge Antilles with his wife and kid and other rebels. Also are C-3P0 and R2-D2. So is the republic including Lana Solo and Jenn Solo. Also the other grandchildren of Han and Leia... Mercra and ‘Blue 3.’ The spirits of Padme Amadila-Skywalker and Chewbacca are there. So are the jedi spirits in the background. The spirits of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Plo Koon, Ki Adi-Mundi, Adi Gilla, Kit Fisto, Qui-Gon Jinn and other jedi knights like Callista, Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila, Kyp Durran, Empatojayos Brand, Coleman Trebor, Aayla Secura, Corran Horn and Don Koon with all other jedi who have died in the days of the empire’s beginning. Luke sees the spirits and waves to them. The jedi spirits wave to Luke. The party goes on and the galaxy is now free and peaceful.

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