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Pilot's Mess [chit-chat zone]

This is the forum to get to know your fellow pilots and the ONLY place to talk about everything else not really relevant to sci-fi movies, including your personal loves and interests. A true pilot doesn't discuss these issues while on duty.

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Old Oct 14, 2003, 07:45 PM   #1
Sector Marshall
521 flights since Jan 2002
Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

The Many Good Reviews of Demolition Man

These are reviews by various people all over the world. Those are all the good Demolition Man reviews. I think that the cut out scenes would do perfect remade but only in comics. This is to the real version of the movie. We have tales on the characters. There should even be a book on the forming of San Angeles. Also a prequel comic book/graphic novel where many criminals are arrested and then frozen in the cryogenic prison. Also there should be a new character who's an alley to John Spartan. She was a rookie cop assigned to John Spartan (John Spartan was her veteran officer). Her name is Dana Crystal Harris-Burke. She was the woman who put Jesse Ventura's character in the cryo-prison. I have ideas on all this and we'd learn it from a comic book/graphic novel prequel. Also a Demolition Man book with 2 tales. The first tale is about John Spartan with his corrupt police captain. Steve Healy (played by Steve Kahan who played Captain Ed Murphy in the Lethal Weapon movies) becomes Captain in this prequel tale. Tale 2 is about Dana Crystal Harris. I also had ideas of John Spartan being a grand father but his daughter was only dating. Also ideas of names for the scraps. We hear that that black guy's name is Carl (Carl fought with the 6 cryocons in a gun fight in the Wasteland). Here are the suggested names for the other Wasteland Scraps. Jackie (the scrap played by Jack Black), Ryan (the scrap with the long hair and bandana who collects the stun batons) and Jason Also there should only be a book and comic book as a sequel. There's a Demolition Man time line I have written up for saga suggestions. I have all my own ideas for the writers done. You people can do fan fiction on a Warden William Smithers book, A Mayor/Gov Dr. Raymond Cocteau book and a Chief George Earle book. The book and comic book/graphic novel is based on the possibility of a sequel. There's a total of 109 people so far who have liked Demolition Man. I documented 109 good reviews of the movie or the good parts of 109 reviews with my very own.

Review 1

I was astounded by the creativity by this action film. After being cyrogenically frozen since 1996, Los Angeles' most forceful police officer John Spartan and Los Angeles' most ruthless criminal Simon Phoenix, have been brought back for the fight of the galaxy! Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes are dynamite. Phoenix (Snipes) has been brought back to assassinate a homeless rebel leader and Spartan (Stallone) has been brought back to stop the sadistic man. Oh my word! Phoenix learned martial arts and curses up a storm at a bank machine. I know the feeling! But, a censoring program will not allow Phoenix to swear and he gets even more upset. Hostility! The year now is 2032 and San Diego and Los Angeles have been merged as San Angeles. It is a time of peace and 'be well' amongst society. Unfortunately, all of the smiley faces have been introduced to Phoenix and Spartan! Phoenix goes to a museum and gets some artillery. Spartan follows and they fight to the finish. Spartan took time to get used to the 'new' times. He swears plenty, wants to eat meat and doesn't understand Sandra Bullock. The mayor of San Angeles dresses in bed sheets and told Spartan to 'be well' when he was angry. Spartan's response is ultimate and forever will be memorable. You'll have to see it to live it! This movie made me want to go back in time and see it for the first time again. Too bad there weren't any special features on the DVD. But, it's ok, this movie is a masterpiece and was overlooked at every awards ceremony. Rip-roaring entertainment that anybody would love. I saw this movie when I was nine-years-old and I will watch this movie forever.

Review 2

No wait!?! I always get that song title mixed up with The Eurthymics 'Missionary Man'...
I also got this DVD mixed up with one with a commentary and theatrical trailer!!

Which was missing from my one purchased in New Zealand. South Pacific buyers BEWARE when buying locally!!
Read what is offered on the back not what is listed on the inside!! Same packaging - Different DVD...
And for the first time in all my viewings of this action favorite - did I hear 'Pizza Hut' dubbed over Stallones obvious visual pronunciation of 'Taco Bell'!!
Speaking of yummies!?! Did Ms Bullock ...ever look so appealing in a movie!?!?! Wow!! Stallone was great!! Funny and charming as ever... Definitely one of his best!! Even the kid selling it to me had to smile and comment accordingly... 'Great movie!!'
Wesley Snipes was hilarious!!

I loved this film from 'wo to go'... only the other way round - cos we all know ' go' comes first and 'wo' comes at the end... Which is now!! :-)

Review 3

John Spartan did not do the crime but he did do the time (30 years in a cryogenics facility to be exact). All of that changes one day when the authorities in power the Police Department of San Angles lets him out.

The only catch is that his arch nemesis
(a certain psychopath named Simon Phoenix) has escaped from prison.

How will Spartan survive in a world of (as is so aptly termed in the movie) a bunch of robed sissies" With expressions like "Murder Death Kill" and "Her life force was terminated" and "Be Well". This language really ticks me off.

My impression-This what I consider to be the last good Sylvester Selone movie. He has had a couple of decent ones since, but not many that can pull off the difficult task of being action packed and funny.

I also happen to love Dennis Leery. Even though if I were being honest I'd have to say he stole a good deal of his material from the late-great Bill Hicks.

Leary's performance along with Snipes provide some badly needed comic relief. Along with the action that makes this one of the better sci-fi movies of the 90s.

Review 4

This action-flick is an excellent satire, spoofing such themes as "political correctness", "moral correctness", & extremes in philosophy & thought, within the context of a live-action "comic-book"-type of story. Of course, it also has exciting, well-paced action sequences & fun (because they're so dopey) one-liners. The producers even manage to pull off obvious plugs for their sponsors in a funny, yet (ironically) plausible way. (Taco Bell is the ONLY restaurant left in "the future!" I also wonder if Armor Hot-Dogs & frozen vegetable & dog-food companies also sponsored, since their jingles are the "hit songs" in the future. Well, popular "oldies" at least, according to Sandra Bullock's character.)

Two reasons why I didn't give it 5 Stars:

First, Stallone's daughter is mentioned yet that matter is never resolved. (Why mention something if you won't follow through?)

Second, since this is done in a "comic-book" style, as a personal preference, I would have liked to have seen Snipes' death left somewhat "ambiguous" (so he can come back & plague Stallone in a sequel!) That's just a preference, though.

Of interest: The whole "Rip Van Winkle" frozen-cryogenic plot device used here is almost repeated in exact detail in "Austin Powers."

Listen for Bullock's reference to Jackie Chan's movies BEFORE he hit it big in the U.S. & is it just me, or does anybody else notice that Wesley Snipes' "Simon Phoenix" character resembles the Joker? --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 5

Sylvester Stallone has been in some really bad movies; most notably Cobra, Oscar, and of course Rhinestone. In 1993, Stallone made a breakthrough, a breakthrough meaning that he made movies that people didn't walk out on! First off that year, he made Cliffhanger, which was a big domestic and worldwide box office success, and then he followed that with Demolition Man, which was his best breakthrough movie since...well, Cliffhanger.

The movie mixes the usual action with humor. Sandra Bullock cuteness and Wesley Snipes' whacky hairdo and funny one liners makes this movie watchable. Stallone plays bad-boy cop John Spartan who is frozen in time for irresponsibly taking the lives of innocent people after a bust to catch bad guy Simon Phoenix, played by Snipes, who is caught and put in an ice cube also. 36 years later, the world is a much safer place. Crime is at a rate of zero and people are well-behaved. What happens next? Simon Phoenix escapes from his prison and he is out in search of destruction and since there are no equally demented cops to catch this sort of criminal, they release Spartan to pursue him. And the fun begins! Bullock plays the role of a 90's obsessed cop who becomes Stallone's partner. Her quotes are the funniest in the entire film. ... The movie also features funny cameos by Denis Leary and Rob Schneider.

Despite the movie being a mixture of action and comedy and not solely comedy, this is Stallone's funniest role to date.

The DVD features only include the trailer and shot-by-shot commentary by the film's director Marco Brambilla. But for the movie's sake, this DVD is worth keeping!

Review 6

This is an enormously entertaining film that is slyly intelligent, chock full of action, and quite humorous. The time is the future, 2032 AD, the location is California, and the police just ain't what they used to be, as the future is a sanitized, politically correct world, where only the most benign behavior is the standard by which all live. Even bad language is a no no. The police of the future have nothing in common with the police of the past. Guns are outlawed, as is all physical violence. Los Angeles is no more, having merged with San Diego into a new entity known as San Angeles, which is ruled by the architect of the new society, Dr. Raymond Cocteau, who is played with sage aplomb by the late Nigel Hawthorne. He is not, however, all that he seems.

This is, indeed, a "brave, new, world" and Lenina Huxley, played with delicious comic abandon by Sandra Bullock, is a police woman who waxes nostalgic for the past. The LA PD is now the SA PD. Her colleague, Alfredo Garcia, played with Eagle Scout earnestness by Benjamin Bratt, epitomizes the new order of things. He is a dudley do right without the wherewithal to set right what is soon to go wrong. His is a future where everyone's whereabouts are known to the police, as all are tagged with a device that allows the police monitor their whereabouts. His is a future where all obey instantly and civility is the standard of the day. His is a future where all address each other by their full names. His is a future where meat is no longer a food item, the use of salt is illegal, and corporate franchise wars have left Taco Bell to reign supreme as THE restaurant. His is a future where sex is a non-contact activity.

The violent past intrudes on this sanitized future in the persona of Simon Phoenix, played with over the top abandon by a blond Wesley Snipes, who, like a phoenix arising out of the ashes, is freed from his cryogenic prison and unleashed upon an unprepared SA PD. Clueless in the face of such testosterone charged violence, the SA PD arrange to have twentieth century super lawman John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) released from his own cryogenic prison in hopes that he will be able to deal with the chaotic nature of Simon Phoenix and stop his senselessly violent rampage. Lenina Huxley is teamed up with Spartan in order to help him adjust to this brave new world. She is over the top with happiness at this development, as her fondness for nostalgia will be sated by the opportunity to get up close and personal with a blast from the past.

Needless to say, Spartan and Phoenix clash, as old warriors are wont to do. There is enough violence, mayhem, and action to satisfy the most die hard fans of this genre. What happens will not disappoint the viewer, as old scores are settled, inequitable situations are righted, and a brave new world gets a little fine tuning for the better. This action flick, sci-fi crossover does not fail to entertain, and it does so more intelligently than most films in this genre. Make no mistake, however, while Wesley Snipes gives her a run for her money, it is Sandra Bullock who steals the show with her drolly delivered dialogue, her deft comedic timing and innate charm. Sylvester Stallone, as wooden as ever, is not even a blip on the radar. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 7

Sylvester Stallone is John Spartan, the infamous "Demolition Man" of the LA PD, a one man SWAT team with more brawn than brains. In the near future, Spartan botches a hostage situation involving a one-man crime wave named Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Though Phoenix is caught, all the hostages are killed. Both Phoenix and Spartan are convicted and sentenced to cryogenic suspended animation - Spartan for 40 years, Phoenix forever. Spartan is re-animated in the less near future decades later for an impromptu parole board review. By now, the city is cleaner, neater and much more polite (everybody carries personal locators imbedded in them and are monitored at all times; bad language is punishable; guns are completely outlawed - it's like Singapore and "Rodeo Drive"). Ruled by the sage Dr. Cocteau, everybody speaks in full sentences and call each other by their full name - all the time. In other words - it's a time that neither Phoenix nor Spartan belong in. Mysteriously, Phoenix manages to end run the security devices holding him in - escaping into a future ill-equipped to deal with him. When Phoenix single handedly wipes out a squad of future-cops sent to reel him in, PO Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) comes up with the desperate idea of re-animating Spartan, thinking him the only one capable of taking Phoenix down. Spartan finds the new era a shock - meat is outlawed, corporate franchises operate at every economic level (witness our heroes enjoying an elegant dinner party...at Taco Bell!?!?) and pop-culture is devoted to old commercial jingles. He also finds that plain old poverty survived the brave new world - with a tribe of starving bandits eking out a bare (if un PC existence) in the old LA sewers behind the oddly named Ed Friendly (Denis Leary). While committed to icing Phoenix (for good this time) Spartan also pursues an odd link between Phoenix and the seemingly sage Dr. Cocteau, the architect of this brave new world.

Though it's big and loud, there's more to this action flick than Joel Silver pyrotechnics (this is opposite of "Swordfish" which was supposedly was about cyber-crime and terrorism, but instead really was about big explosions, rapid fire weapons and skin). Instead, the flick slyly creates political correctness only to have both Phoenix and Spartan blast it to pieces - when Phoenix compares Cocteau to an evil version of "Mr. Rodgers", you'll know for certain. If you had to read "Brave New World" in school, you'll find some references linking the flick and the book, but mostly it's about weak and polite people getting beaten or thrown through plate glass or simply running or fainting away in cowardice at the slightest sign of danger. The script is great, having the future citizens speak in a new age style of speech in which they dish out such howlers as "dump your hormones" and "what is your boggle". Stallone is great as a piranha out of water, completely out of his league in a future that has no 4-letter words. But Snipes is also great playing the hyper-everything Simon Phoenix in an over-the-top performance that hints at how much fun the "Blade" movies could have been. Sandra Bullock threatens to steal the movie playing the little-girl adult character of Lenina Huxley (one of the flick's more overt references to "Brave New World") whose loyalty to the new age masks a nostalgia for the old ways (with their action, their big, unsafe and inefficient cars, and their idiotic catch phrases "Take this job and shovel it!" and "let's blow this guy") Any way you cut it, a fun flick you should blow (away) some time with.

Review 8

The irony that defines this popcorn pleasure can be summed up with the comments of the unimportant little girl to the reporter who questioned the over-all worth of Spartan's rescuing her with such damage, "F*ck you, lady!" This film came after The Last Boy Scout and before The Professional, so the presence of such a verbally feral child was thankfully brief.
As for the action, we have some of the best inserted John Wooisms to come out of 1993 (Hard Target, aside). Some good jumping,diving, a little of the required two-gun alternation. There is the Bad Good Guy, and the really likable Bad Guy, and instead of the universal terrorist (Al Leong, where has he gone?) We have, you guessed it... Minnesota Gov.-to-be Jesse Ventura ventilating the "evil Mr. Roger's" since Phoenix's Manchurian reprogramming prevents it.

Considering the state of Sci-Fi action at the time, it was disappointing that the rest of the movie couldn't live up to the Wile E Coyote pace of the Museum piece. Otherwise a good handing-over of the riens flick for Stallone, to Snipes. Now if Stallone would just get some more "Daylight" and less "Driven".
I can't leave without saying how much this movie benefited from the presence of the West Coast Automotive Design Industry contribution. Take a could look. Some of those vehicles are prototypes that have hit, and left, the street. Back to the Future, indeed.

Review 9

While this film did not break any box office record, the dialog that is laid down by Wesley Snipes is worth viewing again. In the original screening, the fast paced rapid delivery was as fast as the bullets speeding from the guns used in the film. Accordingly, a lot of the dialog and humor is missed. To watch it again is to listen and hear all of the nuances of that dialog and the terrific action sounds. The DVD is has one of the best fully active surround mode sounds

Review 10

This movie combines "Brave New World" with Sylvester Stallone's typical action. Combine that with it's great one-liners, it a good bet.

Review 11

Ok, where do I start. Before I rented this movie, I wasn't expecting much as it had a Sylvester Stallone and snipes. However, when I watched it, I was dumbfounded. This isn't at all like any of Stallone's cheesy action flicks or like the incredibly stupid "Blade" with snipes, this was by far one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever watched, closely rivaling "the matrix". Stallone is still a little wooden as far as his acting goes but I think he fits the part well, and Snipes, in my opinion is excellent in this one. The main reason i liked this movie so much is the plot. The plot is so fun, thought-provoking and original, I would have seen the movie just for the idea. If you haven't seen this movie, see it now! if you have seen it, see it again! if you don't own it, buy it! you wont regret it!

Review 12

i have seen more than 500 movies in my time, and i have never enjoyed a movie more than this. don't rent it.buy it!now! if you don't you will seriously regret it.it's Ute funniest, most action packed movie ever. this movie has the most wild, wicked, and weird vision of the fluter [don't remember how to spell] ever thought of! honestly, i have a button on my VCR that will never stop a movie when it's over, and i cotinuesly watch this movie over again every day!... the best!... --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 13

I've seen this movie at least a hundred times and it keeps getting better. While the story line was nothing beyond the usual action film gun totting good guy (Stallone) vs. evil psychotic bad guy (Snipes) the social and technological concepts covered in this film really make a person think what could be accomplished & avoided in creating a more peaceful society.

It would be interesting to see a prequel movie or book based on the forming of San Angeles and characters like Chief Earle, Mayor-Gov Raymond Cocteau and Warden William Smithers, but I don't think this movie did well enough at the box office for this to become a reality.

If you are into Stallone films this may not be his best one, but if you are into Utopian Ideals of future societies then this is the movie for you.

Review 14

This one of my all time favorite movies. It is definitely in my opinion, Stallone's best work. I have to tell you I have never been a Wesley Snipes fan, but this is by FAR his best role. Snipes actually stole the show, he is the funniest and at the same time scariest villain I have ran across. This one has it all, action, suspense, comedy, and a great script. Not to mention this DVD's picture and sound is AWESOME!

Review 15

Before Blade, this was the film that made Wesley Snipes look cool! Stallone doesn't look too bad, too, it's just that, well, it's Stallone.

You know you're watching a John Woo movie if...

1. Most everyone is wearing a black trench coat.
2. Half the movie is in slow motion.
3. Heroes are generally proceeded by doves or other glowing, symbolic
items of mass courage.
4. More than one helicopter explodes.
5. Everyone cool wears sunglasses and eventually removes them in a
slow-motion, classy mannor.
6. Character names are unusual, but deeply representative.
7. Motorcycles are rampant.
8. The hero can shoot the bad guy while jumping through fire, swinging
from a rope, falling down an elevator shaft or riding on the
front wheel of a motorcycle while spinning a
one-hundred-eighty degree circle at sixty miles per hour.
9. The plot generally revolves around the villains' intent on mass
10. Ammunition lasts more than the clip can hold. MUCH more.
11. Always more than one gun shoots at the same time.
12. By the end of the movie everything that isn't exploding has
already exploded.

Review 16

To one of the previous reviewers: No you're not alone in thinking Sandra Bullock looks cute in her cop uniform. Forget Stallone, Sandra's tight pants do it for me. Enjoy! --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 17

DEMOLITION MAN came and went in October of 1993 with very little fan fare. Despite all the elements that should have made it a blockbuster: action, humor, big special effects, big names, etc. Yet despite all this it grossed only $58 million domestically (a pitiful amount compared to JURASSIC PARK's $357 million that same year). Perhaps its lack of success is largely due to Sylvester Stallone's rapidly disintegrating career. After the almost unbearably bad CLIFFHANGER, which came out just a few months earlier (and made $84 million—what the hell?!?!?), audiences must have been tired of shelling out to see Sly disappoint them time and again. There was very little hype. I don't remember having any expectations about the movie one way or the other when I went to see it in theaters. But I do remember being surprised at how good it was, and more especially at how funny it was. Sly could be funny! This was hard to believe after seeing how unfunny he had been in flops like STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT and OSCAR.

The ironic thing about DEMOLITION MAN is that if you released it today, it would easily make over $100 million, probably a lot more. For one, it has an incredible cast. In addition to Sylvester Stallone (whose career is in better shape now than it's been in years) and Wesley Snipes (ditto with the BLADE movies), you've got Sandra Bullock (a mega star now, but she was a complete unknown in 1993; she hadn't even made SPEED), Benjamin Bratt (currently most famous as Julia Robert's ex-boyfriend, but getting some bigger roles like in MISS CONGENIALITY), Rob Schneider (been a headliner lately with movies like THE ANIMAL and DEUCE BIGELOW), Denis Leary (always good), and Jesse "the Guava" Ventura. Just imagine what the marketing team at Warners could with this movie today. It boggles the mind! Alas, it's easy to dwell on what could have been. In the real world, timing is often far more important that the actual quality of the product.

DEMOLITION MAN begins as our hero, John "the Demolition Man" Spartan (Stallone), shoots his way into a war-torn Los Angeles to rescue a busload of civilians from the bloodthirsty criminal, Simon Phoenix (Snipes) and his gang of cutthroats holed up in a building. When the building is destroyed by a massive explosion, Spartan discovers he has been framed by Phoenix, and Spartan is convicted along with Phoenix for causing the deaths of the civilians. Both are sentenced to be placed in "cryo-prison" where they are cryogenically frozen until they can be psychologically rehabilitated and released in a distant future. Quick jump 30 years into the future, and we are introduced to an apparently crime-free, utopian society where everyone is pacificist, and the worst threat the police have to deal with is bad language. Unfortunately all is not well; Simon Phoenix mysteriously escapes cryo-prison during a routine parole hearing. He kills several people and begins wreaking havoc in the city. Not knowing how to deal with Phoenix, the police force wake Spartan from cryo-sleep and set him on the trail of his old enemy. In Spartan's own words, "Send a maniac to catch a maniac."

As I mentioned above, the cast is just fantastic in this movie. Sly is tough, smart, funny, and even a little compassionate. It is one of his more rounded action performances. I love Wesley Snipes in this movie. He plays Phoenix like a psychopathic version of Dennis Rodman (wait a minute, isn't that redundant?); I can't imagine anyone more perfect for the role. Sandra Bullock gives an outstanding performance as the ambitious and a bit rebellious Lenina Huxley. In her performance, it's easy to see why she later became a superstar. Bullock's Huxley is tough, resourceful, sexy, and vulnerable—a terrific combination. I could really imagine her pulling off a campy version of WONDER WOMAN if she were to be cast in the role as has been rumored recently. Schneider plays a great comic relief. Bratt is cool as the naive young cop who loses his rose-colored glasses and "gets a little dirty." Even many of the minor roles are played with just the right amount of humor and style.

Probably the strongest aspect of DEMOLITION MAN is the writing. Peter Lenkov and his co-writers really deserve a nod for their efforts here. The story is much more than just an action movie. It actually has some depth that is often ignored (or never even thought of) in this type of film. For example, the beginning of the movie and the ending of the movie are tied nicely together, bringing the story full circle. I can't go into much detail without spoilers, but I will say that there is an effective use of the dichotomy of fire and ice. Another example is that Simon Phoenix, literally rises from the ashes (of the building explosion at the beginning) when he is revived from cryo-sleep. There are a lot of nice touches like that which raise it a cut above the ordinary. Also, the humor written into the script is really funny. There is an on-going gag that I find hilarious—every time someone in the utopian society uses foul language, a buzzer goes off and a somber voice announces, "You have been fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute." And they maintain the gag throughout the whole picture! I laugh at that every time. Another funny moment occurs when Spartan finds out that he has been subliminally conditioned during cryo-sleep as a means to channel away his violent tendancies. I'm not going to spoil it by telling you exactly what his conditioning is though, you'll have to see it for yourself. There are a lot of other comic moments and one liners that really contribute to the overall entertainment value of the picture.

One last thing I want to mention is the action. DEMOLITION MAN has some really kick-ass action scenes. None of this speed-up-the-film or super-close-up action we've been seeing lately in movies like THE MUMMY RETURNS and BATMAN AND ROBIN, where they think the audience will buy the fight scenes if they can't tell what's going on. In this one, they really get in there and duke it out 80s style, and it works.

What Doesn't Work

DEMOLITION MAN starts out with one of my personal pet peeves: setting the time of the sci-fi film too close to the present. The L. A. sequences are set in 1996 (which was the future when the film was made). I can understand why they did it; especially coming as it did on the tails of the L. A. riots, but it still bugs me. It's just not good science fiction. The technology of the cryo-prison shown as being in common use in 1996 doesn't exist today in 2001, let alone five years ago. Sure we could freeze people, but it would most likely kill them. Plus, we don't have any of the quick freeze globes thingies they use in the movie or a huge facility for housing the giant blocks of ice. And that's not taking into account all of the politics that would have to go on before anything like a cryo-prison could ever be put into use. I know; I'm picking nits, but I do have a point: why not just set the time of the movie farther in the future, with the riots taking place in the 2040s or something. The whole story would work much better that way. Like I said, it's a pet peeve of mine.

Most of the things that don't work in DEMOLITION are minor nits like that. Why, for example, would the museum contain both guns and live ammunition that still worked after 40 some-odd years? etc. And even some of the more ridiculous moments—there are few pretty unbelievable bits at the climax—are not much of a problem for me, simply because the rest of the movie is so entertaining.

The Final Word

DEMOLITION MAN is a lot of fun, sure to please any fan of the sci-fi action genre. If you are one of those who has avoided it for years "because it's just another Sylvester Stallone film," give it a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Review 18

Okay, a lot of people don't like this move. Some criticisms: The satire is heavy handed.

Yes, some of the acting is quite wooden.

and it is open to interpretation about who the above ground and below ground crowd is supposed to be, politically.

But: Even if you don't like Stallone (and a lot of people don't) or Bullocks (and a lot of people don't), Snipes and Leary make this worth watching... --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition

Review 19

I like this movie for a variety of reasons: 1) The "be well" future is just prime for some great one liners. 2) The action sequences aren't the usual "Bad guys 1&2, approach the hero one at a time and get kicked in the head. Bad guys 3-7, stand there looking stupid." 3) The plot is original. A LOT of action movies lately have been one of maybe three or four formulaic plots (bad guy with a nuke, rescue your illegitimate son, etc..) 4) Denis Leary. I love his sarcasm and thought he was great in the role of Edgar Friendly. This movie is great for the price, it's on TV so little now you really have to own it if you want to watch it. This text refers to the DVD version.

Review 20

this is a very good movie.sylvester stallone and wesley snipes make a great team.a lot of action here.also comedy.it takes place in the future.this movie is good because it combines action and comedy fairly well.get it,its good --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 21

The movie is kind of bad. The plot is really stupid. Many important personages were not well developed. There were not even good actions. But, what the hell! I watched the movie several times and I have really enjoyed it. Why? Because Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock just saved this stupid film from crash. Her sweet way and nice smile actually transformed this movie from substandard to great. Stallone's acting and humor was terrific. Thus, this movie is really worth watching. Watch how Bullock said to Stallone quite innocently: "Would you like to have a sex?" Wow! You should see it yourself!

Review 22

Demolition Man is one of those rare action flicks that seem to have intellegence beyond the guns and explosions. Sylvester Stallone plays John Spartan, a reckless cop who has made it his mission to bring down his arch-enemy Simon Phoenix. Phoenix is a crime lord who has kidnapped 30 bus passengers. John Spartan rushes in and attempts to save them and apprehend Phoenix, but the passengers apparently die in an explosion set by Phoenix. John Spartan is arrested for the deaths of the passengers and charged with involuntary manslaughter, and both men are sent to a cryogenic prison, and frozen. But decades later in the year 2032, Phoenix escapes, and all hell breaks loose.

The world has become peaceloving, and there are no more violent weapons on the streets, and physical contact of any kind is frowned upon. So you can imagine the kind of time a criminal like Phoenix would be having. The only way to stop him is to thaw Spartan, and soon the 2 enemies go at it all over the futuristic city of San Angeles. Sandra Bullock also stars as the cop who becomes the partner of Spartan in the future, and she starts to question everything she has been brought up to believe in.

This is where the film becomes an intellegent satire as well as an action film. The future, while bright and crime-free, has left the world without freedom. Salt, red meat, and even sex has become illegal. The police encode chips into peoples hands so they can keep track of them wherever they go. But once Spartan is released, he takes an immediate disliking to the brave new world. Interlaced in all of this is plenty of humor in the dialogue, as Stallone's character does and says things that freaks out the people around him who have never seen behavior like that before. As for the action, this film has some incredible action scenes. There is a brawl between Phoenix and Spartan on a futuristic highway going 70 miles an hour, and plenty of shootouts. This DVD doesn't offer much in the way of extras, but there is a good commentary by the director, and standard/wide picture sizes of the film, and a trailer. One of the best action movies of the 90's, right up there with T2.

Review 23

Brilliant action film where two of the most violent adversarys imaginable are pitted against each other in a pacifistic society! One of Sly's best, meticulously thought out and totally even with the action not letting up for a second, and a great sense of humour thanks to an excellent script. Also notable for several excellent fight scenes. The UK version has one violent shot cut from the film, hence the UK disc has the audio commentary ommited (or else it would be out of sinc).

Review 24

1996: The city of Los Angeles is an absolute wreck. Crime abounds, with the most notorious bad guy around, Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes) taking it all in like one big joke. John Spartan (Stallone) has been after this guy for several years, but in the process of finally arresting Phoenix, the building around them explodes, apparently taking several innocent hostages up with it. Spartan is stripped of his rank and sentenced to cryogenic imprisonment for 70 years.

2032: Spartan has served 36 years of his sentence. Phoenix, who was imprisoned in the same facility, escapes and begins to reinvigorate his reign of terror. The only problem is that the LA that Spartan, Phoenix, and the rest of us all know and love has turned into a megalopolis called San Angeles, a politically correct paradise where there is absolutely no violent crime---correction, no crime of any kind---whatsoever. (There is also no profanity, and anyone who swears is fined for violations of the Verbal Morality Statute.) Consequently, people have forgotten how to deal with a fugitive like Phoenix. The only solution is to bring Spartan out of the freezer, which is exactly what happens.

This movie introduced me to action movies, particularly Stallone movies, and the movie soundtrack genre. The special effects will blow you away all by themselves. This was also the first movie I ever saw with Sandra Bullock. Perhaps it's because of her airy portrayal of Lt. Huxley that made me think of her as my favorite actress for a while. But that's another story.

I think that San Angeles is a funny bone-tickling example of political correctness gone to far. Either that or it's social conservatism. Sometimes I wonder if San Angeles is the kind of world people in the family values crowd would like to live in. In any case, even if you don't like action movies very much, I think you will like this one. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 25

There are very few movies that pull off having action and humor in the same film. Some tend to be a little heavy with one or the other. But in this case, this movie pulls it off with such sarcastic aplomb. My favorite part is when Spartan goes to the language machine and says "Thanks a lot you...(you remember the rest when you see the movie)" so that he can get some toilet paper. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 26

This action packed hilarious thriller that is starring Stallone as a 1996 cop that could catch any criminal that he wanted and Wesley Snipes as the hilarious but ruthless criminal that is supposedly the most dangerous criminal form the 90's. They are both frozen until about 2050. Now everything is so peaceful that you get arrested for saying a curse word more than once. Wesley Snipes escapes and causes so much havoc that the po-pos can't handle it so they unfreeze Sylvester Stallone and he releases hell on every criminal there. So watch this great action packed and hilarious movie with teen and get ready to laugh and jump when watching. Great for all kinds of audiences unless you are wanting a really serious dramatic action like the Last Boy Scout. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 27

Wesley Snipes was hella funny in this one and he is my favorite character in the movie too. Real funny to watch.

Review 28

A very clever and very violent combination of rugged action, wittily perceptive comedy and colossal special effects. The gladiatorial conflict between the psychopath and arch-fiend Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) and his nemesis John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) of the LA PD (cryogenically resurrected into the SA PD police force) is genuinely exciting. The satire of the sanitized future is extremely funny. "Demolition Man" is one of the best of its kind. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 29

This movie was never intended to be a serious statement about anything, but it is full of gags about our own times. It is a little dated now that 1996 has come and gone, and LA has not been reduced to a war zone, but a lot of the humor remains and the action is very good. Sandra Bullock fans will probably be exceptionally pleased in how she fills out her police uniform in this film. In short, this movie is good ol' fashioned entertainment: there are good guys and bad guys, stuff blows up and you often catch yourself laughing. My personal favorite gag is listening to the alarm in the background that goes off each time a character uses foul language.

Review 30

demolition man is a two type of film the ith element and the last action hero it's about a hero cop and a famous killer called siomon fenecks they both have been sent to be frozen but when Simon goes out he doesn't go so quitly he kills and becomes mister fugitive and who comes to save the day sly called as the demolition man also stars Sandra bullock.

Review 31

I felt this movie was cool. It had cool action and comedy. Sylvester Stallone was great. Wesley Snipes was awesome. Sandra Bullock was cool. I would recommend this movie to anybody that likes action movies.

Review 32

This movie should not get as bashed as it does. Good performances and dazzling special effects are well done and it is occasionally funny. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 33

This is an outstanding package of humor, romance, and action. In between non-stop action sequences there is plenty of humor and stuff.I am here to prove FOR A FACT this movie rocks. Here are some prominent elements. 1. Most films are so concerned on special effects and rock' em sock' em action sequences that they forget that humor is in HUMAN NATURE. WE LIKE IT!! 2. The plot is thick and could almost be a drama if there was no action. Most films just set things up from the beginning, explaining how the character must save the world, then our hero goes off, saves the world, and scores a chick. The plot gets better and better as I goes. Its a lot of fun. 3. The future. This idea of having a perfect society, where everyday thing now are illegal, and a character who is so in love with peace that he will resort to violence (Dr. Raymond Cocteau). All of this is just so original and enjoyable, that it leaves the sick, degraded future setting far behind. 4. How about that language machine. That's funny --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 34

Yes, this is an action shoot em up Stallone action fest. But this movie contains some of the best, sharptest satire and pointed social criticism I've seen since "Network", albeit in a typically heavy handed Stallone manner. But no matter...it raises real questions about what a "safe" society would be like, and whether it's better to be free and live with risk, or be safe and live with emptiness. Look beyond the cheesy dialogue and graitiuous violence to a real interesting presentation of one of the central issues (liberty vs. safety) of our time.

ps/One great bit of writing....Sandra Bullock's character is named Lenina Huxley....did you know that Aldous Huxley wrote the dystopian masterpiece "Brave New World" and that the lead female character was name Lenina? Clever. --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 35


Review 36


Review 37

What else can I say about this wonderful album? I am a fan of Sylvester Stallone, but this review does not have anything to do with him. I love this one after Judge Dredd because it is very funny and full of action and dynamic sound. Muscle bound character and pretty Sandra Bullock. I love it.

Review 38

The dialog between Sly and Sandra Bullock is great. It's Bullock's big start.

Review 39

I really like this movie. The setting is not what you would expect for a movie that takes place in the future, especially for Los Angeles. Instead of a war-waged hell-hole (like in "Terminator" and "Terminator 2"), or a somewhat same-old city but with much more advanced technology, it is a peaceful, non-violent paradise but with a totalitarian lifestyle. For example, in the future, you can't eat chocolate or swear! Another good thing about this movie is that thought there is profanity, they don't abuse it like in "Pulp Fiction" where they say the "f" word so many times it loses its meaning. Also, Phoenix (Snipes) is funny at times throughout the movie.

There are a few things in this movie that are not too realistic. For example, why would Cocteau send a maniacal, psychotic killer (Snipes) to knock someone off instead of a more reliable Cryocon, namely Spartan (Stallone)? Also, before Spartan went into the 'fridge, he had a wife, so why did he so un hesitantly agree to do It with Huxley (Bullock) AND without the knowledge of how they do It in the future, instead of grieving a little more like any other man who loved his wife like he supposedly did would do?

Other than those and a few other out points, good plot, good characters, and good action, which more than make up for the movie's few flaws! A unique, good-and-evil-from-the-past-battling-in-the-future movie! I highly recommend it! --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 40

i seen demolition man and i was like wow! this films got mad special effects and an even better cast! i would recommend it to any1! --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 41

Great movie, action packed, VERY funny at times! Wild ride --This text refers to the VHS Tape

Review 42

Every second of this movie will entertain you in a different way. From the perfect pairing of Stallone and Snipes as the classic battle of good versus evil, to the Simplistic humor of the futuristic setting. This movie is the perfect blend of action, comedy, and science fiction rolled into two hours of non-stop entertainment. With a perfectly casted crew and a well designed script mixed with great special effects and futuristic ideals this movie offers something in every genre. For the true movie buff, a library is not complete without "The Demolition Man" END

Review 43

The plot is not new but it is a fun ride. Snipes plays one of my favorite movie bad guys in this one. He is great. Stallone is good but to me, Snipes steals the show. END

Review 44

This movie is funny as well as action packed. Stallone does a fairly decent acting job along with Snipes. The plot is kinda stupid but the movie is a blast. Total entertainment. There is great fighting scenes... A good buy. END

Review 45

I completely disagree with Amazon.com's review of this movie. I couldn't even get past the first five minutes of "Austin Powers," but we watch this movie any time we want to laugh. I can't point to one part of it we like more than others -- basically it's just a good, funny action movie. Enjoy! END

Review 46

Have you ever wondered what the future would look like? How about in Los Angeles, California-or should I say SAN Angeles? If you like action, suspense, drama, even comedy you should definitely read this book. Since you now know about this book, go to a bookstore and buy it!!! END --This text refers to the VHS Tape edition.

Review 47

I was flipping through the cable channels the other night and what do you think was playing? Yep, that "forgettable' science fiction film "The Demolition Man" starring none other than Sly Stallone. This film was bad from the very start. I remember paying my $5.00 (shows how long ago this was!)at the theatre to see this. Now Stallone was trying to reinvent himself with this film. I believe this was the first or second of his attempts in a field that he had no business. Stallone is the equivalent of Forest Gump in science fiction. First off the premise that criminals are not executed anymore, but permanently frozen to be rehabilitated later on in the future. And that Stallone's character (who is a cop) is also sent "up the freezer" for going after Simon Phoenix...(what a name). Any who, he gets thawed and reprogrammed with the knack of knitting as his rehabilitation. What the? Come on. This movie lacked in everything. Story, character, plot, character, and most of all ACTING. Sad to say that this was Sandra Bullock's first rola and she had to play the leading lady to the "Italian Stallion". She must of have felt like Adrian Balboa in Rocky. Well this movie just was bad. Now its not entirely disappointing. I did like Wesley Snipe's character in the film. I like it when a leading star "acts out of the box". Snipes goes to unfamiliar territory playing a baddie that bites it in the end. Of course Snipes has since gone on to do bigger projects (aka Blade and Blade 2). Wouldn't that have been a hoot to see Stallone trying being the "day walker"?? LOL

Anyway, this film could've been so much better if it was done in the premise of an "Escape from New York" or the "Road Warrior". The special effects weren't bad, but just lacked elements.

Its one of those films that should've been at television show first. Probably would've wound up on Fox or USA Networks. Anyway, if there's nothing else on and you have insomnia, then watch it for a laugh. See how the over the hill Stallone pretends to still be a tough guy. The sequel should be..."Demolition Man II: The Geriatric Method"

Review 48

Cryogenically frozen 1996 Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes) is thawed out for parole in the year 2032.

While frozen all inmates get rehab and Simon got ones that make him even more dangerous then before.

He manages to escape and goes back to his murderous ways in what was a crime free society and no one can stop him.

John Spartan(Sylvester Stallone) was the cop that that captured Simon was also cryogenically frozen but for a crime he did not commit.

In desperation the cops unfreeze John Spartan so he can try and put an end to Simon Phoenix

Cast also includes Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Denis Leary, Nigel Hawthorne, Rob Schneider and Jesse Ventura.

Demolition Man has not only great action scenes but some very funny scenes as well.

It's quite obvious Wesley Snipes was having a blast with his role.

This was the first movie i ever saw with Snipes and i have been a fan ever since.

Sly gives another great performance. Some people take shots at his acting ability, but i think he is great.

Sly once again shows there is none better then him in the action genre.

Demolition Man has a great script.

And Director Marco Brambilla does an awesome job Directing

I give Demolition Man 8/10

Review 49

I am not a Sly Stallone fan but I really love this movie. It is very funny and has plenty of action. Sandra Bullock, one my favorite actresses, is at her all time best in this movie. I wonder if anyone else noticed the slight references to "Brave New World"?

Review 50

This is a decent movie. It has some good action scenes, a few funny moments, and the performances were pretty good. Stallone was his usual self in this one, so his performance was nothing special, and Snipes went over the top, but he was still pretty good. There are many familiar faces in this one including Rob Schneider, Bob Gunton, Bill Cobbs, Benjamin Bratt, and Jesse Ventura. There were a few things I didn't like about the film. Sandra Bullock is definitely not my favorite actress, and some parts in the film were pretty dumb, especially some of the futuristic things. But aside from a few faults this film is quite entertaining. 3.5/5

Review 51

The film boasts some incredible action and fights with good acting and some humor!Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes have some really cool characters!Sandra Bullock,Dennis Leary,Glenn Shadix,and Bob Gunton were all good!I was disappointed that Jesse Ventura didn't speak and didn't have a fight Stallone.Its really a different film with much excitement to satisfy the big action fan!If you like Stallone and Snipes then this is one film that you must see!

Review 52

this hilarious parody gets it's funny momentum from permanently delivering vastly overemphasized genre specific standards, leaving you grinning and giggling all the way. watching the two "heroes" doing their ill-mannered stunts within the premises of an all-inhibited, supervised and institutionalized future is one of the funniest crash rides the genre has to offer. you might need a bulk of backdrop cognition to get the most out of it, but a good sense of weird humor will do just fine. a must, if you're into sci-fi, special fx and comedy. or Sandra bullock

Review 53

The actor who made this movie the most fun to watch has to be Snipes. Stallone just isn't as good in this one as he was in Cliffhanger released in the same year. This one has Snipes escaping this future prison where all the inmates are on ice. To catch him they awaken Stallone's character, who was the one who caught him. Stallone is frozen because he may have killed some people accidentally, yet Snipes who killed purposely is getting parole hearings while Stallone's character stays on ice. That is just one of the few flaws in this one. There are some humorous stuff in this as well as the future is a society where the gov't forces you to do everything it deems good for you and penalizes you for doing what it considers bad. Apparently, you can't even cuss in the future. Another problem is the worst incident of product placement ever. Apparently, the only fast food chain to survive in the future is Taco Bell. It is so obvious they paid to get their name in the movie, as it is the last food chain you would guess would survive. All in all a pretty good flick. Good action, and there is some good comedy as well.

Demolition Man is a film that can please just about everyone. The film mixes three genre's successfully and has two great male leads, Stallone and Snipes. Snipes is more fun here because he gives a larger than life performance and Sandra Bullock provides a lot of one liners. Great way to a afternoon.

Review 54

Demolition Man was an 8 out of 10. The special effects and stunts were incredible. Wesley Snipes was incredible as well as Stallone. Sandra Bullock however was awful. Luckily her tasteless acting was covered up usually by Stallone and Snipes. If you ever run across this movie watch it. Mainly due to the stunts and special effects. As well as Snipes incredible acting. He was awesome. So I would definitely check it out if you already haven't.

Review 55

I don't care what anyone else says, I love this film. The humor and futuristic setting is brilliant. I find, that when action/comedy movies are made that don't take themselves too seriously, the result is often a very good entertainment (another example is Hard Target). Here we get to see Sylvester Stallone at his best, playing an action hero while making fun of himself. But at the same time we see great fighting, with Wesley Snipes showing off his kung-fu expertise. The script is very good in the sense that we constantly receive laughable one-liners, especially good when Stallone has to deal with his new skills in knitting and sewing. Of course this is no Oscar winning film, but pure entertainment, and should be viewed with that in mind. If there is anything I could really criticize about it, it is not the movie itself, but the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell advertisement, where they created two versions of couple of scenes in the movie for the pure purpose of advertising fast-food chains (or so I've heard). To close with, in the movie Stallone's character is astonished to find out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was at one point the president. The funny thing being that now Arnold is planning on going into politics, and who knows; maybe one day we will see one more example of parts of futuristic films becoming a reality! 8/10

Review 56

In the future crime and dirt are basically things of the past, that is until super-criminal Wesley Snipes (with the blonde hair-do that changed Dennis Rodman forever) comes out of suspended hibernation to create havoc. So the police decide to unfreeze believed-to-be-crooked cop Sylvester Stallone to fight the crazed Snipes. A really super action film that works due to the bad guys more than the good. Snipes has the one-liners that made him so good in "White Men Can't Jump" and the late Nigel Hawthorne excels as the man in control of the future. Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt are also along for the ride as the naive cops who are assigned to assist Stallone. 4 stars out of 5.

Review 57

This is a great fun little movie. It has well-staged set pieces, actors with loads of charm and personality, and for an alleged dumb-ass popcorn movie it has quite a few creative and imaginative ideas in the plot. This is the way good summer blockbuster movies should be played.

In fact, I would rank this movie as the one which comes closest to living up to the famous Samuel Goldwin quote of "a film that starts with an earthquake and then builds to a climax". Well, it doesn't start with an earthquake exactly, but the pacing is full-on from go to woe, without ever looking forced or hackneyed. And the idea of advertising jingles becoming pop songs in an "utopian" future is very witty, as is the reference to Arnie Schwarzenegger becoming president (maybe prophetic???). And Nigel Hawthorne had a great fun role as the futuristic beaurocrat (even though he was probably totally embarrassed by the role - actors NEVER appreciate the entertainment value of their work [sob, sob!!!]).

Review 58

Sylvester Stallone was really beside himself when he took this film. Instead of trying to be the tough guy, he sort of made fun of his pre-existing persona in his role as John Spartan. Funny, and satirical of a gun-free society, it just proves that peace doesn't necessarily result in the most diverse range of self expression. The humor in the film was exceptional, and Wesley Snipes was great as Simon Phoenix. This also proved to be my favorite film with Sandra Bullock, who subsequently destroyed her career thereafter. This movie will always be good for a laugh, especially for the characters singing all of the commercial jingles.

Review 59

This movie features Sly Stallone at his muscle bound, destructive best. Around the same time he did the excellent Cliffhanger he also did this nifty action flick. What you get with Demolition man is an entertaining and satirical look at the future of Los Angeles where people walk about in robes and are a peace loving society. Anything remotely bad for you, including spicy foods, is illegal and the whole new system is run by Raymond Cochtoe played by the late Nigel Hawthorne. The opening action scene is set in the present day and is a rip roaring sequence with Stallone polishing off bad guys with stylish flair, before he has a face off with the show stealer Wesley Snipes. Snipes plays the baddest of bad guys Simon Phoenix and does so excellently. The films pacing is good and in particular there are three big action sequences that shine, these are the opening and the end as well as a very good action scene set in a museum. The comedy factor is high in this film and the film certainly has tongue fastened firmly in cheek. The two leads are very good and in particular Snipes revels in his nasty role. Sandra Bullock is good as the gratuitous attractive lady you get in practically all action films. All in all this is a great way to spend 90 or so minutes and is certainly how I would like to remember Sly Stallone, in his action prime. 9/10

Review 60

For Stallone, this is quite a good movie. Well OK, half of it is quite a good movie.

The bad part of this movie consists of ultra-violent, over the top action scenes that you can see in nearly every other Stallone or Van Damme movie. This movie even glorifies violence, and has the questionable message that "violence is sometimes right".

But this movie's saving grace is the setting: an ultra-politically correct feature where all unhealthy things have been banned, crime no longer exists and you get fined for swearing. In fact, it's almost a rip-off of the book "Brave New World" (Sandra Bullock's character is even named after the writer, Aldous Huxley). The movie really gets a lot of good jokes out of this setting and this is what makes it stand out above the crowd.

Though by no means a masterpiece, this movie is worth a look.

**1/2 out of **** stars

Review 61

Demolition Man is a very fast paced, action-filled and funny action film. This might be Stallones vehicle, but it is Snipes who steals the show. There is also some good humor parts by Denis Leary, Rob Schneider Sandra Bullock and even Benjamin Bratt. Sure it isn't great drama, but it is a very good action-sci-fi flick. If your wanting dramatic serious then go rent the friggin' overrated The Piano.It would be hell to wake up over 30 years later from a cryogenic sleep to have to put away the worst criminal you ever faced.Stallone pulls it off with his dead pan one liners. To the critic who says this would be like Pat Robertson's world, I think he has it wrong. It would be like waking up in a politically correct hell where there is nothing offensive, or bad behavior like swearing, smoking and drinking. This is one funny action movie. A must for all people who like guy movies. But, come on Taco Bell? You havae to be friggin' kidding me. Why not Pizza Hut? Oh well, this is still a very good action film.

Review 62

I am a huge Stallone and Snipes fan I have every movie they have ever starred in (well almost I don't have Sly's real early stuff) I think Sly for what he is is a very good actor he will never win an Oscar but who cares? My personal fave is Tango & Cash for Stallone & Money Train for Snipes. This movie has kick ass action endless supply of 1 liners & of course the gorgeous Sandra Bullock. I damn near die every time I see Denis Leary's scene about the green jello (you'll know it when you see it) All & all i give it a 8 out of 10.

Review 63

After being frozen for several years, Stallone is thawed out in the 21st century to pursue his arch rival in the form of insanely comical bad guy Snipes. But the future has changed, citizens despise violence and every restaurant is a Taco Bell. The film goes a long way on it's sense of humor, but by the finale you realize that this isn't much smarter than his previous films. 2/4

Review 64

This is one of those films that it is popular to think is rubbish. I'm not quite sure why. Don't take it seriously and it's a fun ride.

Wesley Snipes and Sly Stallone play off each other well as the forces of bad and good -- old foes that have come out of cryo-generic storage hundreds of years into the future.

Sandra Bullock as the nostalgia [for Stallone's time, naturally] struck cop isn't even rubbish and annoying -- a first time for everything!

Watch out for a fun performance by Nigel Hawthorne also.

Review 65

In 2032 San Angeles,its a felony to swear,its bad to eat greasy food,Taco bell is the only fast food restaurant,and the cops are wimps with no guns,only glow-sticks.When super bad guy Snipes escapes from prison,the only cop who can stop him is Stallone,a cop in an ice cube. Its been years since I saw this,so I decided to check it out on Space t.v.The action is pretty good,with a cool fight inside a museum.The whole joke about a crime free & peaceful San Angeles is funny,with Stallone trying to adapt to the new lifestyle.Good one liners are present,example:"You're gonna regret this for the rest of your life.The whole 2 seconds of it! Wesley Snipes is very over the top as a blonde villain.

Rating:**** (out of five)

Review 66

Demolition Man isn't too bad on a no-brainier level. The cast is good, there's plenty of action, plenty of futuristic visual effects, and a surprising sense of humor, but it's also extremely corny at times. Better than a lot of other Stallone flicks though. 2/4

Review 67

Stallone doesn't get much respect for his comedy, but he shines in this movie. A great balance of comedy & action make this one great movie. When set up for a crime he didn't commit, officer John Spartan(Stallone) is imprisoned in a cryogenic frozen state. He is released 36 years later when arch-nemesis Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes) escapes. Spartan has to deal with his new surroundings...a world which is erased of violence, sex, bad language & fast food. Action, comedy & a great cast make this one fun movie.

Review 68

this movie has really bad acting BUT if you want to see a movie with incredible satire, here it is. look for explicit references to The Time Machine, Brave New World, and The Island of Dr. Moreau(I'm sure a lot more too). it's great.

Review 69

Demolition Man is a good, solid action movie with some good action, and even some good humor (the scene where Spartan (Stallone) keeps swearing at the machine on the wall to get some toilet paper), but the plot is average.

Wesley Snipes plays Simon Phoenix, a 20th Century criminal that is arrested by John Spartan (Stallone) for kidnapping and murdering (Spartan doesn't know this) 30 bus passengers. Spartan is put in a cryogenic prison for 70 years, but is thawed out in 2032 because Phoenix has escaped, and is running around in a non violent San Angeles (meat, physical contact and swearing among other things have been banned, and three sea shells are used instead of toilet paper!). Plenty of action scenes follow, with the Demolition Man John Spartan using his violent methods to try and catch Phoenix.

The supporting cast is excellent with a sexy young Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne (Yes, Prime Minister), Benjamin Bratt and Denis Leary.

If you liked Die Hard and Terminator 2, you'll love this. 4/5.

Review 70

Great movie. This is the type of movie that gets more fun to watch as time goes on, like "The Time Machine" that was released back in the fifties. It lets you get an idea of "what did they think the future would be like" and see how close they are. One funny note is how close one thing is. The Taco Bell. No, Taco Bell has NOT become the only fast food franchise, as the movie foretells, nor is it the center of haute cuisine culture. But the blue-purple and hot pink bell of today is certainly present in the movie in an era when the company still used Mexican green, yellow, and red. Life imitating art?

It's the sort of thing you wouldn't notice unless you'd seen the movie when it was released (like I did) and then see it later. [This same sort of thing shows up in Schwarzenegger's Total Recall...remember the girl putting EIGHT quarters in the Coke machine...remember how LUDICROUS that seemed when the movie came out?] Something that made me laugh over and over was the machines which ticket people for bad language by sounding an alarm and printing a ticket. Needless to say, there are lots of sequences of bad language and they nearly wear the joke out. Great movie even the second time around. Very predictable must-see sci-fi fun.

Review 71

Demolition Man is an enjoyable comic action film. The film's view of the future is very funny. Snipes is gleefully over-the-top, Stallone lets the movie come to him, and Bullock is amusing. Plus, an array of other amusing characters, including Denis Leary. Overall, this is an enjoyable, very funny comic action film. *** (out of four)

Review 72

What can I say? This movie is loaded with some fine actors. Sly Stallone, Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt, Dennis Leary, Wesley Snipes, it's all good folks. Demolition Man defines the word "action movie". It even has lot's a laughs! I defiantly recommend this movie, just sit back and enjoy. Trust me on this one.

Review 73

This is easily Stallone's best film. Well thought out, competently acted and a heck of a ride at that. By the year 2036, the liberals have finally gotten their way. Meat, harsh language, guns, action toys, sex, tobacco, loud noises, contact sports, caffeine, childbirth, body contact, spices, un educational toys, chocolate, gasoline and anything else considered "bad" for you has been removed from the lives of the robotized democrats living on the surface. Below ground, we find the remnants of free-thinking, liberty-seeking, pro-living, excitement-loving, book-loving educated republicans scratching out any kind of life they can find. Dr. Cocteau, the ultimate liberal, seeks to further destroy civilization by creating even more programs to take more freedoms away from people. He seeks power for its own sake, and isn't interested in the people having any kind of free will. God forbid if someone should crave a hamburger. They would be re-educated to take away the harmful urge.

Want proof?? Look at the scenes with Bob, the homosexual character. Cocteau and the other liberals tolerate him because of his skills, otherwise he would have been kept out of their sight. The Dennis Leary character, representing the underground conservatives, doesn't care a wit about what his personal life is, as long as he is willing to be of service. Leary is willing to let Bob be himself, whereas Cocteau would rather not even be in the same room with him. Watch Cocteau's face each time he looks at Bob. Contrast that with Leary, who merely thinks he needs a new wardrobe.

This repressive future is well thought out by the 3 different writers. The actors pull off a difficult job of being the ultimate in political correctness. The year 2036 is as repugnant as can be. This film is a warning about the direction we are heading in. Let it also be a lesson on how to change before it's too late.

Review 74

My goodness !!! I have just seen this film for the 8th(!) time and I was still thrilled by this excellent futuristic story . Not to mention that I STILL found new things I didn't ' notice before . If this does not make a successful movie what does ? It is extremely underrated simply because it is an S. Stallone film . Too bad because it should be regarded a classic . Most of the action scenes are nothing special : continuous shooting between the 2 opponents , noisy and sometimes irritating . But the point of Demolition Man is NOT the action but the way it manages to create an entire universe . The story is this : John Spartan (Stallone) is a dynamic cop who finally manages to catch a fiendish criminal called Simon Phoenix ( Wesley Snipes ) in 1996 . However he was considered responsible for the deaths of Phoenix 's hostages. As a result both of them end up in cryonic prison where they are frosted in order to be improved trough synoptic suggestion . In 2032 Phoenix escapes more violent than ever. The society is utopic . Not only crime has been erased totally but all bad habits (smoking , alcohol , unhealthy food etc.) are strictly forbidden . Even profanity is charged . The so called "police" are not trained to deal with such a dangerous criminal . Not knowing what else to do they defrost Spartan with a parole in order to help them . So the chase begins . As I said the success is NOT the action . It is the futuristic imagery. I have read comments saying that basic ideas were stolen from other films . I don't know but if it was a rehash it was a good one. The brilliance of the script gives us everything : the harmonic society , the underground rebellants , the automatisation of domestic functions and car driving , the fines a person pays when says a bad word (one of the most amusing parts in the whole movie!!) even the way these people have sex and children . On top of that it has a slight reference to Orwell 's 1984. The art direction is simply PERFECT . All the gadgets , sets and costumes are totally convincing . The most excellent part is probably the computers . A perfect example of good script and direction . The words of the computers announcing the crimes and the research of the officers about the apprehension of Phoenix in the beginning are extremely witty , combined with the EXCELLENT graphics appearing on the screens . The result is magnificent. The opening sequence when Phoenix escapes is probably the most perfect in the film and one of the most classic ones in every sci-fi . Demolition Man is one of the most technically promoted films in history . The SFX are not used for impressive eye-candy but to SUPPORT A STORY . There is much violence in the film (guns , brutal murders) but fortunately the director managed to obtuse it to a slightly cartoonish approach. Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock act very well . The supporting cast though is very underrated . Each one of them serves perfectly the movie. From Dr Cocteau and associate Bob to the chief police officer and underground leader Edgar Friendly . Even the cameos from Benjamin Bratt , Bill Combs , Rob Schneider as police officers are totally effective and successful . But the best performance is definitely Wesley Snipes as one of the most dangerously violent and psychotically diabolical villains ever seen in big screen ( forget Hannibal Lecter ) If you are a sci-fi fan stop reading and see it NOW .


Review 75

A very exciting movie pitting Stallone Vs. Snipes. Both are frozen and thawed out 30 years later or so, the former to catch the latter. They find the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara have been merged into San Angeles, a community turned so idyllic that if you as little as curse, you get fined!

Needless to say, both the society and the criminal/cop team are a shock for each others' systems, and mayhem results. See it if you like action films!

** 1/2 out of ****

Review 76

This is Stallone's best and last great action movie. He is in top form here, and surrounded by a great cast. Snipes steals the movie though, as the villainous Simon Phoenix. Why he hasn't played more villains since this is a mystery to me. Lots of action and a sense a humor that actually helps the movie make this perfect entertainment for action lovers.

Review 77

Sly Stallone has really put allot of effort into this sci-fi action romp. I think the opening sequence to the film is dead cool where sly Stallone does a bungee jump from the helicopter and bursts into the building and shoots the bad guys. Totally cool I actually found out that Sly Stallone did all his own stunts in the film (that's why I like the film that much.) If you are a really big Sly Stallone fan then you will lap this film up. I am not a big Sly Stallone fan myself but I am into action films and that's why I like this film so much!

Review 78

I first saw this movie in the theater when it came out in 93 and loved it. The cool futuristic toys and Stallone and Sandra Bullock make a great on-screen couple. Snipes delivers as the bad guy, and Stallone is the cop who is frozen but thawed out 36 years later to stop him once again. Plenty of one-liners and action.

Review 79

If you were to think of the best things movie goers like to see in films, and throw them all into one big pot, Demolition Man would be an acceptable end result. It has star drawing power and a very good supporting cast, an almost plausible and fairly original premise, lots of action and good fight scenes, a decent dose of comedy, good effects and a willingness to poke fun at itself once in a while. Stallone and Snipes are well cast as the leads, and Snipes is great as the devious Simon Phoenix. His talents for action combine with a deft often overlooked comedic talent in a role he plays well. Sandra Bullock delivers a typically good performance in yet another naive heroine role, and the rest of the cast, from Benjamin Bratt through Jesse Ventura back up very nicely. The action is quite plentiful, the pyrotechnics are very impressive at times, and the sets as a whole are very appropriate. A little more action might not have gone amiss, but as a movie Demolition Man was great to watch, and a good film. 7 out of 10.

Review 80

This hilarious action/comedy movie is a cross between Woody Allen's Sleeper, 48 Hrs, and Robocop. The wimpy future society represents a ridiculous yet funny extrapolation of the current trends in political correctness, safety at any cost, and commercialism. Everything that's bad for you is illegal. People are ticketed and fined for cursing. No one touches each other. All restaurants are Taco Bell (although I understand it's Pizza Hut in Europe). There are a lot of great lines, many of which are on the quotes page. Bullock is great as a naive and overeager cop, and even Stallone is funny with his wry comments. I give it a solid 8.

Review 81

The three main words to describe this futuristic sci-fi (loosely) comedy. This movie was just good clean, harmless fun, well maybe not for all people, but it tries. OH what am I saying, this is mainly for those action fans, who'll just do anything to see Wesley Snipes and Sly duke it out. It's soo cool. I love this film, in the way it can be funny (particularly the violation machines giving out tickets to people who cuss or curse) have good action sequences, and have characters who u can care about : Sandra Bullock, was hilarious, Wesley Snipes seems right at home as the bad guy, and Sly is pretty hilarious too, I just love those one-liners.

The only thing is that by the end of this film, it seemed to fall apart, but despite that I still love this film. It doesn't rank up there with TOTAL RECALL or TERMINATOR or even STARS SHIP TROOPERS, but still it is enjoyable mindless fun. **1/2 out of ****.

Review 82

Demolition Man is just good, goofy fun. You plop yourself down when nothing else is on and watch Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes blow up everything around them. Snipes plays Simon Phoenix over the top and that's exactly where he's supposed to be. Stallone has some good lines in this film, and he's actually a funny guy when he plays things straight. Of course, no action film would be complete without the prerequisite snappy one liners, outlandish action and bullets flying everywhere. A silly, but fun film to watch.

Review 83

This movie is great! It's so much fun to watch! Its a very exciting look into the future. The sets are very detailed and full of color. The brightest spot in this movie had to be the acting and antics of Wesley Snipes. The low point is Stallones usual performance, very dull. But that's okay Snipes who plays Phoenix saves the day as usual. This is another example of why Snipes is my favorite actor.

Review 84

the film is really good especially when sly Stallone entered his room and fell because he didn't know it was low. Sandra bullock is also great in this pre- speed movie. Nigel Hawthorne ( lord clavington in Madeline )is also nice considering he is a British actor. all in all this is great.

Review 85

DEMOLITION MAN is a sci-fi comedy so hilarious that it compensates for the brain-dead action sequences mandatory in any Stallone movie.

John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) is your stereotypical super-cop who is sent into the burning war zone of 1999 Los Angeles (OK, so the movie got dated a bit quickly), where he must rescue some hostages taken by mad criminal Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Spartan captures Phoenix, but Phoenix manages to frame him for the mass murder of the hostages. Both men are sentenced to life imprisonment frozen forever in suspended animation.

Cut to forty years later. Los Angeles has become a new society (with many a wink and nod to Aldous Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD) in which violent behavior is completely unknown and human relations are strictly controlled to eliminate drugs, alcohol, unhealthy food, swearing, and even sex! (I guess the population is maintained by artificial insemination). Suddenly, by some strange act of sabotage, Simon Phoenix is released. The 21st century police, are, to put it mildly, unprepared to deal with a 20th-century criminal. At the suggestion of policewoman Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) John Spartan is thawed out and sent to catch Phoenix again.

The comic sparks that fly as Spartan butts heads with this completely alien society are magnificent. Every time Spartan curses, a machine issues him a ticket; Spartan's reaction to this problem is hilarious. Bullock doesn't exactly show huge talent as Lenina Huxley, but she doesn't really need it to make this character funny and engaging, in love with her cliched and distorted vision of the 20th century just as some of us are with the Old West or the Age of Chivalry. One of the running jokes is that she has not quite mastered the 20th-century jargon she loves to spout. One of my favorite parts is a 20th-century telecast showing Spartan, who has just rescued a little girl from her kidnappers, being interviewed by a browbeating TV reporter; the response to this reporter is classic. The script wisely does not call for Stallone to stretch his meager acting talents; he's funny just being who he is, so wildly out of place.

Unfortunately, DEMOLITION MAN wants to be an action film, and the action scenes are every bit as bad as you would expect from a Stallone picture. Some repellent violence (i.e. a de-oculation) is jarring and unjustified in this essentially humorous movie. The fighting between Phoenix and Spartan is your usual collection of dumb one-liners and experienced gunmen missing each other constantly at short range with automatic weapons. Snipes is a redeeming feature; he is obviously having the time of his life playing Phoenix, and is generally fun to watch. His malevolent stare is sometimes quite scary. It's a shame he wasn't given a bigger share of the comic material.

DEMOLITION MAN is well worth renting for its brilliant original laughs. The material is not new, of course, but the comic approach to it is. This movie may not be MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, but a laugh is a laugh and you shouldn't be too proud to enjoy the laughs DEMOLITION MAN has to offer. By no means should you see this movie on broadcast TV, as many of the best parts are routinely edited out.

Rating: ***1/2 out of ****.

Review 86

I strolled into "Hollywood Video" one night and kept thinking, "Just what am I gonna rent tonight?" I walked into the sci-fi section, and "Demolition Man" caught my eye. Then I thought, "Oh, why the hell not?" and rented it. So, I popped it in my VCR, and I had no idea what I was gonna see. The perfect action movie!!

"Demolition Man" is an ideal action movie. You got Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes, two of Hollywood's toughest action heroes, ducking out with each other in what has to be one of my favorite movie showdowns! This movie, set in the future where most people are certified weaklings! Even the cops are pathetically wimpy! So you got a madman (Snipes) causing trouble in the peaceful future after 30-some years of suspended animation. What do you do? You get the 20th century's baddest cop to nab the psycho!! As usual, there are a few pests who don't want our hero to mess everything for us, but as usual, Stallone justs pushes them out of the way with his traditional force! The only person to aid Sly is the dependable Sandra Bullock, who has a field day as the kick boxing sidekick. And you got Wesley Snipes as the maniac whose raising hell, but not if Sly could help it!!!!

Review 87

I have seen many Snipes movies ranging from Drop Zone(with Gary Busey) to White Men Can't Jump(with best friend Woody Harrelson) and I have to say that this is the best role he has ever played. His character, Simon Phoenix, is funny, but still remains like someone you don't want to meet.

When captured by tough cop, Sly Stallone, both are frozen. In the year 2032, Phoenix escapes(with a little help) and John Spartan(Sly) is called in to help by Sandra Bullock(speed).

The story is great, and easy to follow. The whole cast put up reasonable performances. Nigel Hawthorne and Denis Leary co star as enemies. Hawthorne coming from a perfect world whilst Leary comes from the opposite. You might even catch a glimpse of Predator tough guy Jesse Ventura. Sandra Bullock puts up another comical turn. Even though some of the material may be unsuitable for younger audiences(check out the fountain pen eye early on), this film is the type of brainless action that under ages sneak into at cinemas. Rating=4/5

Review 88

A great foresight into the future, and I just love those futuristic gizmos. I don't know why some movies work, and some movies don't, since this movie didn't have a perfect story, but I think what did it in this film was attention to detail.

Review 89

This is the best sci-fi action movie ever made alongside "TOTAL RECALL" ;no slapdash,torch wielding "STAR WARS" 'fights' here."DEMOLITION MAN" is a 2 hour running battle between two tough adversaries in a world of wimps. Stallone and Snipes are terrific here and its the sort of movie that just when you think there are no more punches left to throw,another fight comes.Brilliant.Sandra Bullock has never been better,British thesp Nigel Hawthorne is unlikely ever to be in a movie as good as this again and Stallone is a revelation;for once handling comedy as well as action.There is not a wasted moment here,top marks all round.One question though. Just what is it with those seashells?

Review 90

This movie was really good. Stallone is one of the two best action stars in history (the other one being Steven Seagal). The special effects were good, the action was awesome, and it was really funny. Wesley Snipes, one of history's most overlooked action stars, is great as the bad guy.

Review 91

Wesley Snipes best role and Stallone is not bad either.

Really funny and some nice lines Like

I've been dreaming about Killing You for 20 years then keep on dreaming.

A Great Film.

Review 92

I really enjoyed this movie. It is about a tough cop and a tough criminal who are frozen from 1995 to the year 2032 or a similar time-slot. This ultra-violent criminal, Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), escapes into a completely non-violent world and so the cop, John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) is thawed out to catch him. It consists of great chases and occasionally great laughs when things of the future seriously puzzle Spartan, like the three sea-shells. The climax at the end is good, the story line is good, the acting is average, and the effects are good. 8 out of 10.

Review 93

Despite being reasonably fond of his 1991 John Landis directed flop "Oscar", one must say Sly Stallone isn't the greatest at picking humorous vehicles. His "Stop!-Or My Mom Will Shoot" was a lame-brained comedy actioner with an amusing nightmare sequence, the rest of the movie was just a nightmare to watch. His buddy-cop actioner "Tango&Cash" had humor, but even less intelligence than the aforementioned movie. It also had Jack Palance turning in a truly awful performance as a baddie named Yves!

Demolition Man is a delightfully tongue-in-cheek Joel Silver produced sci-fi/actioner (actor Craig Sheffer was EP) about a tough cop from 1998 who is released from cryogenic prison (he's been put to sleepy-bobo's for a while) in order to catch maniac Wesley Snipes, his old foe, because the futuristic police, and I quote "are not trained to handle this sort of violence". Derivative, but Snipes is brilliantly funny, Stallone is in good form, Sandra Bullock has her best role here, and the excellent supporting cast includes Rob Schneider, Denis Leary, Glenn Shadix ("Beetlejuice"), Benjamin Bratt, Jesse Ventura (wrestling), Nigel Hawthorne, Troy Evans ("Ace Ventura"), Bill Cobbs, and Bob Gunton ("The Public Eye"). Lots of fun from start to finish.

Review 94

This is a pretty good Stallone movie and Wesley Snipes (In his rare villian mode)is good as Simon Phoenix.

****SPOILER ALERT!!!****

L.A. is gone (Practically destroyed by a quake). Now called San Angeles (San Diego/Los Angeles, of course), the society is so nice that they deserve some violence. Enter Simon Phoenix, escapee from a cryo-genic prison. His type of violence (And incredibly violent at that) is new to these people, especially cops that handle such "violent" crimes as "graffiti" and fine people for using bad language. The solution? Thaw out John Spartan, the "Demolition Man." Frozen because he was framed in his attempt to capture Phoenix, Spartan is thawed out in a world that's gone vegetarian, free of bad language,sex,even toilet paper! Even worse, Taco Bell is the ONLY fast food chain!All courtesy of Dr. Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne).

The question that the film raises (Believe me, even in this film, it does happen)is: would you prefer a perfect society free of disease and violence and full of happy thoughts, or a society of sex and violence? Edgar Friendly (Played wonderfully by Denis Leary)seems to want to live in the past (Our now) than the rather sedated present (Possible future?). Many similarities to Brave New World (Bullock's character Huxley (After the author)and the reference to John being a savage (Just like the character in the book.).

O.K. Now that you've finished with the draining intellectual part of this comment...

The film is action packed (And pretty graphic)and Stallone and Snipes are great together. Check it out. ****1/2 out of 5 stars.

Review 95

Demolition Man' is a lot of fun to watch. A lot of things in the movie don't make any sense but those things create opportunities for some nice action and some funny moments. I am not sure if all the laughs in the movie were meant to be funny, but if you laugh, what does it actually matter.

In the future in the city San Angeles (the area from San Diego to Los Angeles) after the earthquake people live in a perfect world. For a long time no murder has committed. Then Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes)escapes. Over 40 years ago he was a criminal arrested by John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone). Spartan killed a lot of people during Phoenix' arrest, so he was punished as well. They both were frozen, possible in 1996 in a cryo-prison. Now Phoenix has escaped (how he does this is a secret that will be revealed later in the movie) the police can't handle him because they are not used to his violent behavior. The only thing they can come up with is Spartan. With the help of Lt. Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) he must catch Phoenix and learn to know the new world.

The story above sounds ridiculous which it sometimes is. But you can understand there must be a lot of funny moments. Almost everything Spartan used to do is illegal now and he just can't get used to it. Snipes is a great villain, Stallone is nice as long as he is in this kind of movie and Bullock has some fine lines. I enjoyed it very much.

Review 96

Combine KNIGHT RIDER 2000 and CROCODILE DUNDEE with a tiny bit of BRAVE NEW WORLD, and the result will, for better or worse, be something like Silver Pictures' new action comedy, DEMOLITION MAN. In this case, it manages to be better than several of its components, although the writers have an unfortunate tendency to play it safe a little too often.

The movie opens in 1996 as LAPD sergeant John "Demolition Man" Spartan heads into his final confrontation with Simon Phoenix, a sociopathic criminal he's been trying to collar for two years. Though Phoenix is captured, the warehouse he was using as his headquarters is completely destroyed, and more than twenty hostages are found dead in the wreckage. Both men are sentenced to cryo-prison, where they will be placed in suspended animation, having rehabilitation work fed directly into their minds.

Thirty-six years later, Phoenix escapes when thawed out for a parole hearing. Within two hours he's killed seventeen people; a development for which the San Angeles (much of LA was leveled by "the big one of 2010," LA and several other cities have become the idyllic San Angeles metroplex) Police Department, which hasn't had to deal with a "Murder Death Kill" in twenty years, is woefully unprepared. Luckily, the cop who brought Phoenix in last time is in cold storage....

The producers must be congratulated for going out on a limb here. While people would have paid to see a movie that was little more than a two-hour shootout between Stallone and Snipes, the movie has a satirical bent. It pokes fun at formulaic action movies--someone actually comments on a one-liner thrown out in the middle of a fight, and when Spartan gets angry at being regarded as some sort of action-movie stereotype, the speaker simply switches him from the "macho he-man" stereotype to the "brooding loner" ideal. The dwindling American attention span has been extrapolated to where fifteen-second commercials are the most popular music. The fear of intimacy being created in the AIDS era has extended to the point where nobody ever touches each other, not even to shake hands. What some observers see as a disturbing trend to sacrifice freedom for safety in America today is pervasive. The names "Spartan" and "Phoenix" actually seem to be chosen with something in mind, and an "underground" movement is to be taken literally. Stallone and Snipes look like photographic negatives of each other early on in the movie.

However, many of the interesting questions that could be raised in this movie are given lightweight treatment. Spartan had a wife and daughter, and though his spouse's death is one of the first things he learns when being revived, he doesn't seem to react much. Spartan mentions a nightmare that lasted thirty years, and Phoenix had a similar experience, but little is made out of it. And though at least some explanation is offered for the radical changes in society (better than with most movies of this genre, most recently typified by Fortress), it doesn't quite seem adequate. And is the sterile environment limited to San Angeles, or does it extend to all of California/ the United States/North America/western civilization/the world? Also, it would seem that Spartan has more in common with Phoenix than anyone else in this future, but little is done with this.

The action is well-shot, and the special effects are pretty seemless. They even showed a metric temperature reading that didn't say "degrees Kelvin," although the object in question was a 1 K without any visible insulation. The acting is tolerable. Stallone, though somewhat wooden, has learned a lot about playing the straight man from his brief foray into comedy, and pulls off his lines here without embarrassment, and actually managing to elicit quite a few laughs. Wesley Snipes throws caution to the wind as Simon Phoenix with an over-the-top portrayal of the insane criminal mastermind. Bullock is fairly poor, but it fits with the character she plays. Hawthorne is passable, and half of Denis Leary's four scenes are more or less carried by material straight out of his stand-up routine (he even starts pacing back and forth). Rob Schnieder from Saturday Night Live also shows up as a character who might have escaped from an SNL skit about bureaucrats you want to punch out on sight.

DEMOLITION MAN falls in the 7.0-7.5 range. It's more clever than the average action movie, but missed several opportunities.

Review 97

With the name of Sylvester Stallone attached to an action vehicle, one has rarely come to expect anything other than mindless violence and red-blooded politics that approach the extremes of reactionary libertarianism. Demolition Man is an action film and its politics are arguably reactionary and libertarian, but the surprise for a Stallone film is that it emerges as an action film with intelligence and a sense of humour.

The film offers a wittily satiric vision of the future - one where current fads for Political Correctness have created a society that is so nice it is dystopian. The satire runs wall-to-wall - radio stations and piano bars plays jingles from 20th Century advertising commercials, fast food joints have become the restaurants of the future serving up junk food as though it were gourmet dinners, and perhaps in response to Arnie’s digs at him in Twins (1988) and Last Action Hero (1993), Stallone throws in a sly joke about how the immigration laws were changed to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger (who is in real life an ardent Republican) to become President. Perhaps one of the funniest moments is Stallone’s meeting with revolutionary leader Dennis Leary where Leary suddenly turns around and reveals in perfect straight-face that what he is fighting for is the right to eat red meat, smoke, read Playboy and run naked through the streets if he wants - exactly the opposite of what a revolutionary is supposed to be rebelling in favour of.

The film came at a point where Stallone was trying to gain back charge of his career and turn away from a string of mindless action box-office flops. It even shows Stallone indulging in a little Political Correctness himself and repudiating the very violence his film plays on - in one interesting (if not particularly convincing) scene he tries to delineate a dividing line between violence that is acceptable for enforcing the law against people who are conducting armed robbery for profit and terrorism, and its use against people who are conducting armed robbery to steal the basic necessities of life - “Sometimes it’s good to hurt people - but not people who are stealing food”.

Stallone for the first time in a long while seems to be at remarkable ease in the role, even engaging in self-parody - he gets an enormous amount of mileage out of the jokes about having been hypno-programmed to knit and not being able to work out how the toilets work. He gets fine support from a pre-superstardom Sandra Bullock who gives a sparkling performance of naively happy ebullience.

Where the film is rather uninteresting - oddly enough considering such was its selling point - is in the action scenes which are all rather routine. Also considering his double-billing opposite Stallone, Wesley Snipes is not that well used - he yells his performance in and seems just another street punk that Stallone would have blown away without a second thought. Certainly he never builds to the sense of villainy that the film needs. As an actor Snipes never manages to suggest he is particularly well intellectually endowed. Here he is meant to be the villain, but he is so dull that even the heroine of the piece manages to steal the film out from under him.

The film was not a large success, as has been the case with many of Stallone’s films of the 1990s and 2000s. Marco Brambilla next went onto direct the flop Alicia Silvesrtone kidnapping comedy Excess Baggage (1997) and then returned to the genre with the tv mini-series Dinotopia (2002).

Review 98

Reviews and Comments

A fascinating, moderately original vision of the world of the future and the always-enjoyable Sandra Bullock are the majority of this films' redeeming qualities. Fortunately, they're just barely enough to make it worthwhile for fans of the futuristic action film genre. Wesley Snipes is amusing as the villain, and Sylvester Stallone (for better or worse) is his usual self. But the plot is the primary weak point, being neither realistic nor much more complicated than two guys fighting each other.

Review 99

The Year is 2032. The prison system, not having learnt its lessons from the past century (such as the case involving Alcatraz), now "puts away" people in deep freeze using cryogenic technology. Among those in the deep freeze are John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), a police officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), a ruthless criminal with a list of crimes too numerous to mention.

In Demolition Man, the future of what is now Los Angeles and its surrounding areas (known as San Angeles) appears blissful. It is illegal to swear, smoke, drink alcohol, have any contact with other humans that would lead to the exchange of fluids, and have children without a license. Sounds just like what the Christian Coalition would like, eh?

Unfortunately for the peace-loving people of San Angeles, there exists a band of rebels who wish to make their depraved choices without government intervention. Rebelling against the above Orwellian system, they live underground and are a thorn in the side of the San Angeles administration. In order to eliminate them and gain total power, Raymond Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne), the leader of San Angeles, covertly arranges to have Phoenix "programmed" to kill the leader of the underground rebels, Edgar Friendly (Denis Leary). When Phoenix escapes from prison, the prison officials (who are unaware of plan) lack the skill to combat him and thus release Spartan also, since it was he who brought Phoenix to justice in the 20th century.

As you can guess, there're a lot of explosions, gunfights, and general mayhem. Snipes is reasonably funny as a blonde-haired villain. Stallone actually manages more than three facial expressions. Surprisingly, there is a lot of good humour throughout the movie: There's a priceless moment involving meeting matches and licking asses, which had me rolling over the floor. Sandra Bullock is cute as Spartan's sidekick and love interest.

There's a fair bit of socio-political commentary hidden in the movie, but none of it is new. This is definitely worth renting if you've not seen it before.

Review 100

Kyle's Rating: the greatest role of Sylvester Stallone’s career. Give this man an Oscar!

Kyle's Review: Look, Rocky is good, but it’s a fact of life and game show trivia that Sylvester Stallone isn’t going to be accepted into the pantheon of “distinguished actors” any time soon. Copland aside, most of his stuff (Cobra, Lockout [or something], and that movie about arm wrestling) is forgettable and useful largely in filling up TNT and TBS weekend programming. However, this is not to say that Stallone doesn’t have a lot to offer in the realm of entertainment; like contemporaries Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwartzenegger, Stallone has a charm and screen presence that can make a movie watchable, within reason of course (I think they show Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot in prisons to real dregs of society as ultimate punishment). Tango and Cash is fun, but Stallone really makes his mark in Demolition Man. It’s sounds like the sort of action/sci-fi crap that clogs the “favorites” shelves at the video store, but with wonderful performances, a great blend of humor and action, well-written dialogue and story AND a song by Sting on the soundtrack, Demolition Man towers above the rest and really should have swept the critic’s awards that year, though I’m sure there was some film about a blind amputee learning to play the piano while in a loveless marriage to an overbearing disgraced former-general-turned-arena-gladiator that was more deserving that year thick sarcasm ends.

The story is a standard sci-fi cookie cutter recyclable: good guy (maverick cop) catches bad guy (homicidal genius madman) but gets framed in the process as bad guy’s revenge, and they both get cryogenically frozen to serve their time in stasis. But then when the bad guy mysteriously escapes to run rampant in a far-future crimeless utopia that lacks the resources to deal with the bad guy, the only hope is to also defrost the good guy who caught him in the process so he can have comical reactions to the future setting while doing serious shoot-‘em-up action with the bad guys and tossing around glib witticisms like there was no tomorrow, with a hot female sidekick and angry authority figures breathing down the good guy’s neck the whole way. It’s not very unique, is it? I saw a variation on this story that was made in the 1940’s (called Destruction Man or something), so there you go.

What sets Demolition Man aside is that this is one of those great movies that is just pure fun on film and you can tell a lot of care and effort went into making this one great. Every little cliché (good guy surprised by future, the enlightened future socialites view him as a primitive relic, profanity is outlawed [no!]) is tweaked a little and treated with tongue firmly in cheek. Crappy Los Angeles has been transformed into utopian San Angeles. There’s future technology all about but the normal citizens treat it as second nature, instead of being all high and mighty about it so the audience’s attention is drawn and we loudly exclaim “ooh” and “ahh” in the theater, like certain films I could mention . . .

Did I mention how this movie is made by the performances? Stallone is the man of the hour (and a half, roughly) as John Spartan, the roughest toughest cop around kicking ass and taking names in wartorn Los Angeles. He’s a walking disaster, he’s nobody’s friend, he’s (known as the) Demolition Man. Spartan’s the only cop crazy enough to try to take down the diabolical Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes doing a great job playing his impression of The Joker) and he succeeds, but gets falsely busted in the process. In the future, after Phoenix escapes and Spartan is defrosted, future cop Lenina Huxley (the pure pre-Forces-of-Nature-ick-she-kissed-Ben-Affleck! Sandra Bullock) acts as his enthusiastic partner with a thing for the past and a willingness to try anything, even sex and violence, as least once. And not in that order!

So even if your girlfriend or you have a unspoken rule to never rent a Stallone movie, make an exception for Demolition Man. It’s well worth your trouble, and there’s plenty of humor, comedy, and good old fashioned violence for the entire family, nay, the whole community! And Denis Leary is in here, too, and gets the limelight for a few choice soliloquies on the fallibility of utopia and the benefit of smokes and steaks. What a world! Don’t forget to stay for the credits: any opportunity to hear a Sting song is time well spent. Enjoy one of the few Stallone films you shouldn’t be ashamed for liking!

Review 101

Justin's Rating: It's...
Justin's Review: The first thing that strikes you as funny about Demolition Man is that the opening scene is set in the "near future" of 1997 (the movie came out in 1993). L.A. has become a complete warzone (isn't that always what happens?) and helicopter pilots laugh at how funny it was "way back when" they used to allow commercial flights to land there. This is typical to the skewed vision that the filmmakers have for the future, both near and far. It always slightly bugs me how filmmakers can think that two years in the future is enough time to radically change the landscape of life and technology as we know it.

Demolition Man, yet another homoerotic chase-and-battlefest between two Xtreme macho men, has many laughs to be found, most of which are aimed at the Xtreme stupidity of this film. Well, see, it's not that bad. At first. At first, when John Spartan (Sly Stallone) gets to the "far" future of the mid-21st century, it's easy to chuckle at the naive version of this strange new world. Everyone's basically a dork, singing along to commercial jingles and spouting phrases like "joy joy" and "what's your boggle" with smirking alacrity. The cars look nifty, everything looks clean and neat, swearing is illegal, and for some reason, Rob Sheider has been allowed to live.

Everything is built around the gag at how "our" 20th century man has to put up with this idiotic future. Aha, Taco Bell is the sole restaurant (and gee, isn't that the most blatant product placement you've ever seen?). Aha, there's no more toilet paper, and our guy doesn't know how to clean house after a number two. Demolition Man throws all its creativity and cleverness at you in the first twenty minutes, and hopes you don't mind that they recycle these jokes and ideas for the rest of the film.

What toasts my muffin is that the entire premise for this supposed future falls apart if a mere whiff of examining wind comes anywhere near it. If memory serves, the post-apocalyptic world of 2027 (or 2029) comes about because California has this major earthquake and then people get all nice afterward. Despite only being some 30 years in the future (and less every day), no one in this movie acts like they remember anything from the 20th century. Sandra Bullock collects 90s memorabilia like they're antiques or something. People, 30 years ago isn't the Far Distant Past, it's the oldies station. The cuteness of this pristine future grates further when no one even remembers when the last person was murdered and no one has sex in the flesh either. That's not remotely realistic, even for the usual stretch of believability that Hollywood asks us to partake in for such genre pieces.

Since no one in the future knows how to actually capture bad guys (don't they have archived copies of America's Most Wanted and COPS?), they unfreeze 20th century cop Spartan to catch 20th century bad guy with bad pants Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Now before we go any further in our lives, I think we all need to agree and petition that from this point on, NO GUY NAMED SIMON IN A MOVIE CAN USE THE PHRASE "SIMON SAYS" ANY LONGER. Spartan and Phoenix shoot and hit and run and jump and do the typical "ka-blammo" action routines. I can't think of any interesting action sequences, except for a bit of deep freezing and shattering that predictably occurs.

So we have a choice to either pay attention to the action plotline or the future-in-crisis-for-stupidity plotline, and neither merits more than a quarter of your attention. I found Demolition Man sort of fun the first time around, but it's one of those movies that has just grown increasingly worse as time goes by.

And, what is WITH every futuristic movie having future clothes made of future shiny metal cloth? Please! Explain!

Review 102

PoolMan's Rating: Best pinball game EVER.
PoolMan's Review: College life for me was an interesting time. Sure, I worked hard, and I did relatively well with my classes, but being fresh from high school, it was my first exposure to an education where you were entirely responsible for yourself, and no one really cared whether you showed or not, so long as you paid your tuition. Hence, when I felt I was up and ahead in my studies, I would go hang around the campus arcade with some buddies. It was there that I had my first taste of Mortal Kombat, Magic: The Gathering (in the student hall), and Demolition Man Pinball. Man, that was the life.

The thing that made Demo Man such a great ball game was the fact that nearly every single line in the movie was in it! "Send a maniac to catch a maniac." "Heads up!" "Two for the price of one!" It was like they planned the script around electronic entertainment instead of film. This is all to say that Demo Man is inextricably wound up in this beady little cranium of mine, even if for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, it's also there for the right reasons; I LOVE this movie.

My girlfriend made the repeated comment that Sylvester Stallone can't act. I was about to argue the point before I realized it's pretty true. Sure, he can strap on boxing gloves/machine guns/headbands and go play the tough guy, but how much of that is ever really a stretch? It doesn't really matter though, the guy's just so fun to watch glide from scene to scene, utterly bewildered and yet never off balance. He has a good sense of humour, and can look macho when he needs to. What else do you need?

Between Kyle's cheering (yay!) and Justin's booing (um... boo!), the plot's been pretty well laid out already, no need to rehash. The story is more complicated than Justin makes it out to be, to be fair. Although it takes so long to get to WHY Simon Phoenix is thawed out in the first place, I can see where you might get bored with the story. And yes, it's pretty unrealistic to expect that a mere 30 or 40 years could create such a radical difference in human nature, but then again, Justin saw Back to the Future 2, and he still holds out hope that we'll have hoverboards commercially available by 2015.

Demolition Man falls into my "I'd watch it pretty much any time" category. It full of good action pieces, it's got a remarkably cute Sandra Bullock, and it's funnier than hell. I don't know if it's date movie material, but at the very least, it's worth a viewing to see what's probably one of Sly's best movies ever. And after Driven, I'm sure we'd all rather remember him this way.

Review 103

Blame the cable channel TNT for this next review – Demolition Man, an action packed movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock has grown on me – simply because every time I turn on the TV, it’s there. When I first saw the movie many years ago, I thought it yet another piece of action packed trash with tons of explosions, horrible acting, and a story so thin and cheap – it could be written out and packed into one of those 25 cent egg contraptions you see just as you are heading out of the grocery store.

But still, time as proven, at least to me, that Demolition Man is not that bad. It won’t make any top ten lists – not even if you are making one based on Stallone’s career – but still it’s easy entertainment and not a bad way to unwind from a hard day’s work.

The movie goes something like this. Within the first few minutes of the movie – even before much of the titles – Stallone is a cop. A rugged, buffed cop with sharp instincts and an even sharper right hook. Much of his career has been spent tracking down a really bad guy with blond hair who like the Joker in Batman likes to laugh hysterically even when he knows he is caught and about to spend many years in jail. The movie takes place in a future – it doesn’t say “near future” but it definitely is a future since for one the jail is a place where you get freezed in this clear goo and your mind is fed happy thoughts until your parole.

Anyways – John Spartan/Sylvester Stallone tracks down Simon Phoenix/Wesley Snipes and unknown to Spartan ends up killing a few innocent hostages – thus, he, due to a public relations issue has to end up in jail along with the really guilty guy with blond hair. This allows of course allows us a few minutes to associate with Stallone’s character since we know he is the good guy – who made a small mistake and has to pay for it. And, this allows for us to see Stallone completely naked in all his buffed glory – because when you are freezed in this goo you have to be in your birthday suit.

The movie then flash forwards a few decades where the future has completely changed. Everyone drives really weird looking cars – and is cited a fine if they cuss in public. The 20th century is looked badly upon by everyone – even the old timers – who have traded in self expression – for public politeness. The cops are even completely unaware of harsh crimes – and talk day in and day out about the “big” cases which involve someone spraying paint on a fence.

Now of course we know what happens next – the really bad guy with blond hair gets out of prison by a freak twist in the story – and soon Stallone is released just because he’s the only one left around who is tough enough to capture this guy. Stallone is accompanied by Lenina Huxley/Sandra Bullock, a future cop who loves the history of the 20th century and jumps at the chance to work alongside a living breathing cop of the past.

Much of the movie from this point forward does one of two things. Showcases new technology left and right and/or showcases that technology as a hindrance to apprehend the villain. One interesting aspect that I loved throughout this movie is that whenever someone cusses you always hear the buzzer sound in the background notifying you that you have just been fined for doing so. I can just imagine the sound guy working in post production who’s sole purpose it was, was to mark each cuss word and make sure that the sound effect is heard in the background.

Tossing aside the technology for a second – the movie also highlights Stallone’s fairly bad (but it seems he’s not trying to be bad or better than bad – he’s just bad) acting skills as he says his lines in tough sentences meant of course to be the opposite of Bullock’s sweet sounds her lines her require.

Also, the movie throws into the mix a whole bunch of character actors who add flavor to the movie – but are of course forgotten for the most part since they only exist to move the movie forward. You’ll see Dennis Learey/Edgar Friendly in there, you’ll see Benjamin Bratt/Alfredo Garcia (from Law and Order – ex-Julia Roberts boyfriend, recently married to someone else) in there, and a few others that pop up only to disappear.

The special effects are adequate but more left on the floor replaced by actual explosions that would make a demolition crew salivate. There are also some nice combat scenes – especially the ones where Wesley Snipes and Stallone beat it out. This is pre-Blade era for Snipes, so his build is a little less bulky than Stallone’s, but he is still quick on his feet and able to give John Spartan a run for his money.

Other than that – I don’t really know why Demolition Man has grown on me, enough to warrant three stars. Maybe it is because, action movies these days (2002) are starting to either be Japanese imports where wires are used left and right – or starring some actor who has recently made a big name in Hollywood (is that Lucy Liu in a new action movie?!) Sometimes I long for the old days – but sometimes I do not (aka, Schwarzenegger’s Collateral Damage – read Jack Sommersby’s article to see just how bad one movie can be).

So if you ever find yourself watching cable and catch a glimpse of Demolition Man on TNT, give it a few – if you haven’t already done so. I wouldn’t and will not purchase this movie – maybe a rental whenever it leaves the TNT rotation – but it’s not as bad as I first thought. Then again, it is Friday night – and who knows what goes through the mind of a movie reviewer after a long day at work – and a few beers.

Review 104

If you have seen clips or advertisements for Demolition Man, you may think the film is about a 21st century duel between a cop and a criminal from the 20th century. Although this provides the mediocre plot for the movie, the actual emphasis lies elsewhere. It is the exploration of the futuristic society that dominates the film's screen time. Fortunately, the writers and director are very successful in pulling this off in what turns out to be a very interesting glimpse into the future.

Demolition Man starts out in the year 1996 in a showdown between LAPD Sgt. John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) and psychopathic criminal Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes). Phoenix is holding 30 hostages in a heavily armed building when Spartan, known as the "Demolition Man," captures Phoenix in an attack that destroys the building as well. Phoenix declares that Spartan is responsible for the deaths of the hostages, and Spartan is convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to the CryoPenitentiary, where he (along with Phoenix) is frozen and subjected to a rehabilitation program.

They resurface in the year 2032 when Phoenix escapes from his parole hearing. But the world has changed into a kinder, gentler society where violent crimes are virtually nonexistent. Needless to say, the futuristic police force is ill equipped to deal with apprehending the still masochistic Phoenix. Enter the recently thawed John Spartan, an old fashioned cop brought back to stop an old fashioned criminal.

Although this provides the plot of the film, the actual emphasis of the script is exploring the futuristic society created by writers Peter M. Lenkov and Robert Reneau. They envisage an Orwellian 1984-esque society, complete with a Big Brother figure in Mayor/Govenor Raymond Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne). Cocteau has created a society devoid of social evils including violent crimes on the one hand, but also including drinking, smoking, and foods high in cholesterol. "Exchange of bodily fluids" is also prohibited to keep disease at bay. In its stead is virtual sex, presented in a scene between Spartan and leading lady Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock).

As the plot itself incredibly weak and is not bolstered with any particular finesse, it is relieving that the film devotes much of its time examining the intricacies of the new society. After the escape of Phoenix, the film spends a very long time in the control room of the police station tracking him on their sophisticated monitoring system. Though the emphasis seems odd, the scene is very well done, showing both the new technologies of the new era as well as the new modes of human interaction, devoid of any casual touch and replete with innocuous greetings such as "be well."

The most impressive aspect of the writers' view of the new technology is that it is very feasible for the most part. Everything is grounded in current technologies and merely extrapolated into the future: there is no Jetsons-type silliness with levitating motor cars that fold into briefcases. Quite the contrary, the motor vehicles pictured were provided by General Motors and are actual prototype "concept cars" that GM intends to build in the future, complete with voice-recognition devices used to navigate and steer.

There is a good deal of social satire as well. The "oldies" radio station plays "mini-songs" of the 20th century, known to most of us as commercials. Lines from favorite jingles can be heard in the background of the scene in the fancy night club Taco Bell. A caller to the police department emergency line is instructed by an operator, "If you would prefer an automated response, press 1 now." And (perhaps appropriately for a Sylvester Stallone film) a somewhat demeaning reference is made to the "Shwartzenegger presidency."

Ultimately, however, Demolition Man is unsatisfying. The lame plot combined with the woefully banal dialogue is only partially salvaged by the clever picture of society in the 21st century. Aside from a few interesting twists, the action scenes are also trite with all the guns roaring. (Guns, of course, are illegal in the perfect society: Phoenix and Spartan had to get theirs from a museum.) One plus is that all graphic violence was painstakingly avoided: for all the scenes of people shooting, there are remarkably few of people getting shot. Taken as a whole, Demolition Man is very interesting, but not all that exciting.

Review 105

One of the few Stallone movies I like. He's fun to watch in this one and Sandra Bullock adds her naive sweetness to it. The movie has no depth but allows some entertaining glimpses into the future. Easy entertainment!

Review 106

The movie could have been far better if Sly Stallone had not have played the starring role. Surely there were far better younger actors out there who could have contributed a better performance. Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes rescue the movie and take into the 'average and watch-able' category. If you see the movie look out for the comical part where Sly and Wesley Snipes have a punch-up. I get the impression that the director was trying to make it look like a Rocky Movie!

Review 107

A viewer


Review 108

This movie is nothing but fun. It didn't win any awards and.. I suppose it didn't really deserve any. BUT, the action is great! The one liners are great. Some of the situations this movie brings about are great. The entertainment value of this movie is VERY HIGH. If you like Sly or action movies.... it is a MUST SEE. --

Review 109

Predictable action fare with Stallone playing a super cop from 1996 awakened from an unjust cryogenic jail sentence to capture super psycho Snipes (also frozen in 1996) who has escaped the liberal-totalitarian utopian San Angeles (used to be LA) in 2032.

None of this movie makes any sense, but its running jokes are amusing. The futuristic society is the apotheosis of political correctness and pacifism, and the only weapons are those on display in a museum...and fortunately for Snipes' character, the pacifist nimrods displayed fully functional firearms, with plenty of of ammo. Fortunately, this movie doesn't take itself too seriously. You know how it's all going to end, and there are no real surprises along the way, but the running gags (that every restaurant is Taco Bell--the only one to survive the Franchise Wars--that toilet paper has been replaced by three seashells, that people receive demerits for cursing) and comic-strip action are enough to sustain the movie.

Review 110

This is one of the best action comedies ever produced. It features an all-star cast, with detective John Spartan played by Sylvester Stallone, his arch enemy Simon Phoenix is portrayed by Wesley Snipes, Stallone's love interest (the lovely Lenina Huxley) of course is played by Sandra Bullock, and if you look closely enough you'll even see Jesse "The Body" Ventura running around as a cryocon.

Stallone plays a detective from 1996 known affectionately as the "Demolition Man", who finally puts away Snipes after years of work. Phoenix has the last laugh though, and Spartan is locked away as well for a crime he never committed. 36 years later, Phoenix escapes from cryoprison and John Spartan is thawed out to reluctantly attempt to reapprehend his old foe.

This movie is packed with the great action scenes you expect to see from Stallone and Snipes, but what really sells it is the comedy. The movie never takes itself too seriously, and scenes like Simon Phoenix in the museum or the information booth, and John Spartan putting the moves on Lenina Huxley get laughs that would make Adam Sandler green. "Demolition Man" is just great entertainment as well as an old personal favorite, and it's obvious that the cast had a blast making it.

My Demolition Man review: This is a good movie that I keep watching. I liked the society where they ban smoking cigarettes. I can't stand it when other people are smokers. That would be interesting to have comics on people like Denis Leary's character or any of the cops not shown who pursue Simon Phoenix in a city wide manhunt. I have seen this movie a countless number of times. Especially there it is illegal to crack gum. Now that's rude and annoying. It's even illegal to chew gum in this society. One thing is that they never showed Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse "The Body" Ventura just like we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger take on Jesse Ventura in the Running Man. They should have prequel and sequel books and comics.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

demo man's demise
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Demolition Man: The official review from the M42 Chronicles

What a refreshing change to have a film that explores the emotional depth involved in uniting to disparate groups of people to create a utopian existence.

From the outset, Sylvester Stallone proves himself to be a sensitive, touching character when he shares his pain with a former enemy, Wesley Snipes.

Together they create a touching bond of manly affection, the scene that moved me especially was when Snipes gently cradled Stallone as he wept over the years he lost with his family.

A surprising turn from a notable Shakespearian actor, Denis Leary, who manages to conjure up a humorous performance as a loveable rogue who in the end all he wanted was acceptance from his estranged father played by Nigel Hawthorne.

The grand finale where the gather together in the city centre for a drink and a smoke before holding hands and doing the conga had this reviewer reaching for the kleenex.

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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

That doesn't sound like a normal review to me. I keep track of the good reviews. I had never thought of the idea of a Demolition Man prequel novel about the forming of San Angeles. It's talked about on review 13. The only thing on the 13th review that I had only thought about was a prequel. My prequel fan fiction is on the Demolition Man forum. I agree with this reviewer. Maybe a title for a Demolition Man book would be called A Time For Starting Over. There could be a flashback somewhere in this prequel novel. It's Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse Ventura. Jesse Ventura's character escapes and then later on is with several other thugs and Wesley Snipes's character hanging out somewhere on a beach and Sly Stallone's character with the Sheriff's department goes after Wesley Snipes's character and his several criminal buddies (1 of them played by Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the movie). All thoe villains get away again but soon they all get frozen. This would take place before they all got arrested. Those are my suggestions on the Demolition Man prequel saga. The flash back of Sylvester Stallone's character would be to show Sylvester Stallone and in the book about the forming of San Angeles and he battles with one of the villains and goes after him with several other men. He could find one of them somewhere and battle this villain.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

my talent, ergo my humour, is lost on you..

poor child
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

110 other people and myself who liked Demolition Man had written various reviews. Review 13 I agree with on the books or prequel saga. If you'd like I could e-mail you my Demolition Man fan scripts and time line. Review 47 said something about the Geratric Method. I was disappoiting that we didn't see Sylvester Stallone take on Jesse Ventura like we saw Jesse Ventura take on Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Running Man. This would be collosial.
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My Review:

Well?, what else can be said about this under-appreciated masterpiece, that hasn't already been spewed out over the years?. Yes, i was there with the rest of them, holding back the tears as we left the theatre in the hope that all films could be like this one. An epic bizarre love triangle wrapped with poignant humour and with excellent cinematography by none other than Pat "Fat-Bollocks" McGriff.

yes, yes..see this film, and then drop yourself in some boiling water afterwards, you'll thank me for it.

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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

There's a name reference in the movie. There's a prisoner on parole named Scott Petersen. It's not the man suspected for the murder of his wife or unborn child. There could be lots of men named Scott Petersen. We are only likely to see this Scott Petersen again in a novel on Warden William Smithers. I think that this Scott Petersen character is played by John Enos III. We had some talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger as US president on some reviews and maybe that made him want to run for governor of California.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

I heard that Schwarzenegger went to work in America, Hollywood specifically - apparently this is what made him want to be an utter cunt.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

There is allready a fourm for Demolition Man, Demo18. Please post related topics in that forum...
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)


Close this thread NOW!
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

This is so sad.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

What exactly is your aim, demo18? Do you want the world to be like that in Demolition Man, or just for everyone to like the film as much as you do?
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

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Re: Demolition Man reviews (the good only and only for people that liked the movie)

there's nothing wrong with watching your favourite movie with your pants down!!!

(must wear clothes, must wear clothes, can't afford another situation like last Tuesday, shall lose my day release status)
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