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Closed Thread

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Old Oct 15, 2002, 01:49 PM   #61
Darth Bob
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Here's one I made of mummies alive
same legal stuff as in La lune's but Lyris's is LA_lune's, im just borrowing her, but Scion/Richard Allan Foster are mine so enjoy plz let me know what you guy's think,

Mummies Alive: The Scion and the Scarab
Mummies Alive: Test of time

“I need a way to get past those damn Mummies!” Scarab screeched as escaping from another defeat at the hands of the mummies, “what if” Heka Ventured “Yes?” Scarab questioned his Serpent “what if you could turn one of those mummies into your servant?” Heka questioned Scarab, “Fool the mummies would never betray the prince!” Scarab spat the word prince and seemed angrier than before. They landed back in their Headquarters,
Heka slithered off “At times like this its best to leave him alone” she thought to herself.

Next morning:
“ Mom I going out now” shouted Presley as he ran out the door, Rath wouldn’t be happy if Presley was late again, neither would Ja-kal for that matter, nothing for it he was going to have to run and so he ran, straight into Armon and the rest of the Mummies who were waiting outside “oof!?” Presley certainly didn’t sound pleased to see the Mummies, “sorry my Prince” said Armon as he picked him up with his one arm, and put Presley back on his feet, “are you all right?” questioned Nefer-Tina
“Yeah I guess” Presley answered removing some of Armon’s bandages from his mouth, “what are you guys doing here?”
“Rath was worried you’d be late again” came Lyris’s answer, “I wasn’t worried merely concerned that the Prince may be in Danger” Came a voice from the Hot-Ra,
There was no mistaking Rath’s voice “lets get going we wouldn’t want the prince to fall behind in his studies” To Presley this all sounded like another Saturday morning in San Francisco.

“YES” Scarab’s Voice woke up Heka, “what now Master?” she said as she slithered towards him “your idea last night with a few minor changes it could work”
“What would need to be changed?” Heka wasn’t all too happy she was having a great dream about destroying the Mummies and ruling the world before being awoken by Scarab’s shouting “all we need to change is the who, not one of those Mummies, oh no there all too loyal, We need someone else, we need HIM” pointing to a scroll hanging on the wall, it was a new scroll Heka was sure of it, “who is he?”

“You don’t recognise him? Shame on you Heka, He is the only one to have achieved Immortality, but he didn’t need anyone else’s soul that’s for sure, no one knows how he did it, but it is said that he was a guardian to a Prince back when Egypt was young and the Nile was nothing more than a trickle, The greatest Guardian who ever lived,
The one ALL Guardians have strived to be like! Even those damn Mummies want to be as great as him” Scarab seemed pleased with himself “if he’s so great how come I’ve never heard of him, and what’s his name?” As Heka Spoke she realised who ‘HE’ was “oh no not him no way it would never work why would he help you get the boy” As Heka spoke a slight tremble in her voice was very apparent
“He would help me because I will make him believe the Mummies are the enemies, and have tricked the boy into believing that they are his guardians and that I’m the boy’s true guardian” Scarab spoke as if this was something he’d been working on for years “But if we should fail and the truth become known he will destroy us”
Heka was wishing she’d never mentioned her plan it was all going too far

“We shall not fail and by the time he realises the truth I shall be immortal!”
Scarab sounded so sure of him self “now I shall summon him to ‘protect’ the Prince
Mists of time,
Come forth
Bring to me
The Guardian
To the prince
The one who”
As Scarab chanted the invocation Heka watched the mists rising from the floor
Shall never be destroyed”
The one who will protect all
Royalty when the chosen Guardians
Have failed
Bring forth
The one known
Only as
Lightning raced, fire burnt all in one area of the floor after the invocation Scarab fell, exhausted from the use of a powerful magic spell on the floor in red blood were the words HE COMES

Just outside the city, A stranger was approaching, this was nothing new, strangers always came and went from the city, this was only noteworthy because A) the stranger was seven foot tall and B) walking, A giant among men as it were, around him along cloak billowed, his face looked as though it were only 20 years old if that,
There was no beard or growing hairs on his chin or face, his eyes however where too different colours one dark brown the other grey, his eyes looked as though they had seen too much suffering and hate, his face had the look of innocent’s, his eyes had the look of experience of one who has travelled forever and a day, people moved to get out the way, it wasn’t the fact they were polite it was the fact his eyes had a piercing stare it was as if he were looking into your very soul and reading it to see your innermost secrets and darkest thoughts, the man moved with propose, a gang of muggers never knew what hit them when they had tried to relive him of his money,
He left the muggers wrapped up in bandages in such a way, only one who knew the art of Egyptian embalming could have done it as so well.
This was no ordinary man. This was Scion.

Presley was bored, Rath was trying to teach him a spell which could deflect harm from him for a short while, it was a difficult spell and so far he’d been hit by two tennis balls a ping pong ball and a piece of chicken, Nefer-Tina and Armon were pitching the items which explained why a chicken wing had been thrown at him,
“You’ve nearly got it but you must remember not to break concentration until it flashes white” Rath explained “Armon throw a table at me” Armon did so, only afterwards did Rath realise he should have told Armon not to throw it until he had finished talking to the prince about what he was doing wrong, “whoops sorry Rath”
Armon helped Rath up Nefer-Tina and Lyris were laughing at the scene in front, not only had Armon thrown the table but everything on it as well this included a pizza box a bucket of chicken and soup which had ended up on top of Rath, the only one who was clean out of the trio was Presley who had seen Armon and ducked out the way in time, just then Ja-kal burst in “Come quickly the magic box it, no time to explain just come on” they ran to the magic box so far only Lyris had actual started to call it a TV but the others were coming around slowly, they’d get it eventually Presley knew that but until then it would be known as the magic box,
“And in other news a gang of youths were today found bound and gagged in an alley way, the police seem to think it was the work of a Egyptian cult as they were bound in bandages in a manner so they looked like mummies, the only description we have of the attacker or attackers is that he or she had one Brown eye and one Grey, more on this story as it develops” The news reader put shuffled his papers and the news ended,
Presley turned the TV off, “Scarab?” he asked “no not Scarab someone else” came Lyris’s reply “someone from long ago” her voice was distant and lonely “the one they speak of he was I mean he is…” her voice trailed off, Presley shouted “someone tell me what’s going on!” for the first time the mummies seemed distant and oddly cold towards him “this Presley… this my prince does not directly concern you” Armon spoke slowly and deliberately even his voice was distant and cold “yes it does I order you to tell me what’s going on” Presley shouted “we cannot, I’m sorry my prince” replied Rath this seemed so solemn so serious that the previous humour was gone.

Presley left “what’s going on” he thought to himself “who is this Person with a brown eye and a grey eye what’s going on? Why won’t they tell me?” Presley was so indulged in his own thoughts that he didn’t realise that a man with one brown eye and one grey was following him.

“We should have told him” Nefer-Tina broke the silence “How can we?” questioned Rath “ he wouldn’t have understood”, “we’ll never know now will we” came Armon’s sullen voice “we should have tried!” Armon didn’t like having to keep things from Presley “Lyris” Ja-kal spoke slowly “it sounded like you know him”
“Yes I know him, I know what he is, I know who he is, I know why he is, oh yes I know him as well as I know my own shadow” Lyris’s voice was now more distant and lonely than ever, the others had never seen her like this it was as if Lyris was holding something back and she’d never held he history back before “how did you know him” Rath asked her and then added “if you don’t mind me asking” Lyris looked close to tears “she looked at Rath then at the others and spoke quietly “we were close him and I, we were intimate , we were a couple for a while, he said he would give up his immortality to be with me” the others saw her pain “you don’t have to” Nefer-Tina spoke “but I do, I must tell you I must” came Lyris’s tear-filled reply “but then …then the news Rapses had died and the.. The princess had died too; I gave him up so I may join her to guard her in death, it was the hardest choice I ever had to make he tried to stop me but I couldn’t live knowing I had failed to protect the princess I knew I would never be happy because of that, he told me that we would find each other again when the time was right” as she ended her story, Nefer-Tina went to comfort her “I’m so sorry you had to endure that pain” As Nefer-Tina comforted Lyris, she realised she had never felt what it was to love someone enough to let them go, Nefer-Tina had always been so busy protecting the prince that she’d never had time for herself, unlike Ja-kal who had had a wife and child and knew what it was to lose a loved one, Nefer-Tina had been alone always alone no-one to confide her secret in no-one to be with, to help her, no one “ it is said it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” Nefer-Tina said trying to comfort Lyris, “it is hard to let go of the past ” Ja-kal spoke slowly “even now I think of my wife and my son and what I lost, I will not forget them, but I can’t let the past cloud my future and stop me in my duty” “yes but your past is not part of your future, mine is, you don’t have to face someone you thought you’d lost forever” Lyris tear-filled eyes looked at Ja-kal and then said “we must find the prince and tell him the truth”. The mummies left the room Lyris’s tale had stunned them for now it was better to think about the safety of the prince.

The hot-Ra pulled up next to Presley as he reached his house door “Prince we have decided that” came Armon’s Voice “I don’t want to hear it leave me alone!” Presley
Shouted at the mummies, just then the shabites attacked, “with the strength of Ra” came the unanimous voice of the mummies, as they changed they leapt from the Hot-Ra to the ground, Presley watched them as they smashed shabti after shabti but still they came, more and more, faster and faster, then back to just a few then from on top of the house across the road a seven foot tall shadow fell across the road, the figure cloak billowing jumped off the roof to the street it knocked away the shabti out of its way, Armon charged at the figure it didn’t even blink as it picked Armon up by his Gold replacement arm, which he gained when he changed into his Armour ,and tossed Armon like a rag doll, then Ja-kal attacked the giant with less success than Armon, Ja-kal was thrown down the road and he crashed into the side of a car , Rath tried to use a wind spell to blow the giant away but to no avail, the giant turned the wind back on Rath, Nefer-Tina and Lyris looked at each other through the masks and charged the giant together, this time the giant jumped up and landed behind them and promptly kicked them both to the ground , then all five mummies got up and ran at the giant weapons ready , the giant being jumped up again Ja-kal rose to the challenge but as he grew level with giant , the giant being did a sweeping kick right into Ja-Kal’s mask,
The armour shattered, Presley looked on he couldn’t believe his eyes nothing had shattered the armour before it was impossible yet he knew that is was true, next the giant landed on Rath’s mask shattering it with his fist as he jumped to the ground,
Next came Armon the Nefer-Tina then Lyris after shattering Lyris’s Armour the giant stopped he starred at Lyris for a while, she like all the mummies was unconscious, her body was against a wall, lying still, the giant kneeled down next to her Body.

“Yes finish her” Scarab shouted at the giant he was watching the fight from high above “ I command you finish them all off so I may take the boy it to my care”
The giant looked up at Scarab then it stood up and shouted “YOU LIED TO ME! DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS?” he went to lift up Lyris’s body but Presley shouted “Leave her alone or I’ll” “you’ll do what Prince Rapses, endanger your life to protect your guardian?” the voice was gentle and not at all what Presley had imagined it was difficult to explain what Presley thought he’d sound like but this defiantly wasn’t it,
“I.I.I” stuttered Presley “calm down I won’t hurt you prince Rapses” all Presley could do was obey there was something to the voice, it seemed to reach into his very heart and soul “Prince Rapses, Presley do not be afraid for I am the Scion, I cannot hurt anyone of Royal lineage or one who houses the soul of royalty, I was the first guardian of the First Prince of Egypt now as I am yours, for now” Scion leapt towards Scarab , but Scarab had been ready for this and chucked a smoke bomb at Scion “Your services are no longer needed Scion” Screeched Scarab as an Army of shabti appeared in the rapidly disappearing smoke , another battle began this one was thick, fast and furious it was over in a matter of seconds “Damn Scarab has got away, I should never have trusted him, I beg your forgiveness Prince Rapses” Scion spoke quietly “I’m so sorry for all the trouble I have caused” “help me get them back to their sarcophaguses so they can recharge and get better then I may forgive you, one thing will there armour return?” Presley demanded “Yes , I will help you, lets get them into the car then I will drive you to were there tombs are, all I need is directions” Scion spoke slowly “and it’s not really your forgiveness I desire its hers ” he pointed at Lyris “firstly do you have a driving license? And secondly why do you want Lyris’s forgiveness?” Asked Presley curiously “firstly then yes I do have a driving license”
Scion answered readily “here have a look” Scion handed Presley his wallet and the returned to placing the mummies in the Hot-Ra “and secondly I want her forgiveness because I let her slip through my hands” then with all the mummies in the Hot-Ra
He leapt into the driving seat , Presley blinked it seemed as though Scion was now only a couple of feet tall “did you just change size?” shock and excitement at another new guardian was taking a back seat to curiosity “yes I did, not many people catch on as quickly as you do now my I have my wallet back”

Presley Handed Scion back his wallet “it says your name is Richard Allan Foster are you the Richard Allan Foster?”
Scion smiled “yes I am Richard Allan Foster but I’m also Scion we are one and the same” Presley was shocked at this “but you’re a multi-billionaire, I don’t understand how come you’re a Guardian!” “Yes that’s correct I am a Multi-billionaire and I’m a guardian , you see when I was a young I was the first Guardian and as a reward for my years of faithful service the pharaoh , granted me eternal life and eternal youth, I never asked for it and to be honest I never wanted it, but I accepted because it was treasonable to refuse the pharaoh’s gift”
They pulled up by the museum “come on young prince we shall have to hurry or your mother will be worried about you its nearly morning, I will have to talk to your mother so she isn’t too hard on you, but I’m making no promises, even multi billionaires can’t defend against a mothers anger”

Next morning:
Presley awoke late in the afternoon he dressed quickly and ran down stairs, “mom about last night” he began “don’t worry Presley Mr. Foster explained everything about having to help him with a top secret project he’s working on”

“Lyris it has been so long” Scion began “shhh don’t speak let me enjoy the moment”
and so for the next hour they stood watching the boats in the harbour coming or going.
“I must go for now my love, but I will return when the Prince needs me, or you need me here take this Amulet as a symbol of our love I will take this half and you shall have this half” tears filled Lyris’s eyes “please don’t go I love you”
“I must go Lyris, I will be back” Scion turned and walked way “But I need you, Presley needs you” Lyris cried out “No the prince doesn’t need me he has you and the others, as for you needing me I will be back when the time is right , this isn’t the end this is just the beginning” and so Scion left Lyris , but she knew he’d be back, their love had survived even her death there were no problems that they couldn’t over come, there love was an eternal love one that would never end.

The End
For Now
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Originally posted by Darth Bob
i have an idea

its about a robot driving instructor who has to go back in time for some reason and make a choice wether or not his best friend lives or dies,
Did i mention his friends a talking pie!

But La lune one question i have and idea for a Mummies alive story just one favour can i use Lyris in it???

Seems you already have... I don't mind! It's a great story that you've written! Keep it up!
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Darth Bob
The Eld
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

another great story la_lune
hm what can i say that won't give you another idea
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction




But yet I find it cool!
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Lightbulb Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Hey all... I've been writing for a few years now, and never really shared my fan fiction with anyone.... I am a little hesistant to do so, but here goes....

Well, OK, I can't post this entire story here, because it's 170 pages... but here's the teaser I wrote for it...
Please let me know what you think, and let me know if you do want to see excerpts from it... (Did I spell that right?)

The title of this story (I actually titled this one!!) is Star Trekeep Space Nine - In The Face Of Death

WHOA!? Star Trek?!

Wait! It's a DS9/Alien/Predator crossover, with a few little twists and turns in it, that I like to think are....unexpected... although, if you're one of those people who know me best, maybe those turns aren't unexpected afterall...

Well, without further ado...
Here's the little teaser!!! :

Seventeen years ago, Cassandra Reynolds
disappeared when her home colony on Darvis VIII
was destroyed.

Now, with a war against the Dominion at hand,
the Federation will do all they can to stop
the Founders before
they claim victory over all the Alpha Quadrant.

Cassandra’s mysterious arrival on Deep Space
Nine opens the door to a deadly conspiracy
unlike anything the crew could have imagined before!

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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Okay, my first ever "published" short (comments accepted):

Title: Is There Anybody There?
Author: Jove

Lodd opened the door, pushing it away from him, and stepped through. He squinted in the bright sunlight before shading his eyes with a hand. Carnage. Nothing but carnage everywhere he looked. He dusted down his grey dinner jacket until it more closely resembled the black it was supposed to be. He closed the door behind him causing the remnants of the wall in which the door stood to topple down to join the rest of what was his house. Lodd shook his head slowly. All around him was a scene of total destruction. What was once a proud city was now nothing more than ruins. The ground was hugged by a thin layer of dust that permeated the landscape. There were no sounds other than that of a gentle breeze. No animals stirred. More importantly no humans stirred. With his jacket and trousers now mostly restored to their black he rubbed his black brogues on the backs of his legs until there was the hint of a shine. He straightened his bow tie and stepped slowly away from the rubble of his home. He had lived there for more years than he cared to remember. And now it was gone. All of it. Nothing remained. Except him.
He wandered the dead, destroyed city for what seemed only a decade short of eternity before finally accepting what had happened. He again shook his head and then took a deep breath. He climbed a large pile of rubble; he didn't know if it was once the Waldorf Hotel or the Sienna Commercial Centre - as rubble they all looked much the same just as all men look the same in death, given a few years to decompose properly.
Lodd climbed all the way to the top, careful not to cut himself or his rather expensive dinner suit. Amazing, he thought, how it was possible to think of things like that at this time. At the top he had a far better view of the total destruction through which he alone seemed to have survived. On this summit of debris he searched through the looser items, finding a fragile wooden chair that had somehow survived. He turned it upright and made it more stable. At least he now had a place to sit. Another quick search and he found a mobile phone. It still had power. Finally Lodd sat down and stretched out his legs. He carefully placed the phone on a concrete block to his side. He took out a pair of sunglasses and put them on, casually. He put his hands behind his back and closed his eyes. There was little else to do.

Lodd had no idea how long he had slept. It was still light. He picked up the phone and examined it; the battery had died. C'est la vie, he thought. He placed it back down. Again he closed his eyes and slept.
The ringtone deafened him. It was the only sound forever in all directions. Lodd picked up the phone and pressed the button with the little green phone. He held it to his ear.
"Er.... Hello.... Is that 555-3472?" It was a squeaky, uncertain voice on the other end.
"Hold on," said Lodd. He looked at the phone again and pressed a few buttons. He sighed. "Hello? No, this is 555-3427. That's alright. Anytime. Bye." He put the phone down and relaxed again.
A shadow loomed across his son, rousing him into consciousness. "Mr. Lodd, I presume?" It was a man in a white black Armani suit, white shirt and sunglasses.
Lodd smiled. "I didn't do so good, did I?"
The other man looked around at the scene of utter desolation and shrugged. "I've seen worse." He paused and then grinned. "Although I think the 100% casualty rate is a first."
Lodd let out a small chuckle as he stood up. "Yeah, I guess this will go down as a textbook case," he said, the more than hint of sarcasm certainly not lost on the other.
"Shall we?" asked the other before they began heading down the mountain of rubble. The two figures slowly descended into the fog of dust, gradually disappearing from view. The other man looked at his clothes. "Nicely designed life-forms, though. You're bound to get extra credit for them. How on earth did you manage to get them to dominate, though?" The conversation trailed off into silence as the two descended fully into the fog and out of existence.
The silent wind swept unobserved through the mounds of carnage. Everything and anything took their chance and happened at once and also never happened at all. And then the lights went out.

Well, that's my little story. Hope you enjoyed it. There are plenty more where that came from
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Post Aryian Ressurection

Thud thud. Thud thud. Thud thud. Iambic pantemeter.
Ah! I know where I am! I know WHO I am. It worked! But I did not realize that I would be aware so soon... Let me see... Ah... the time of my remergence from the womb draws close. My features are quite fully formed... But how did I get here? Who am I? I was warned this might happen! I must remember now or I shall forget everything. Think, Adolf, think! Ja... my name is Adolf... Adolf Shickelgruber! Ja, but they called me something else then? Adolf the Fat Drunk! Ja! But no... what did they call me later? It does not matter. But who am- Adolf Shickelgruber! And how did I- who am...


I am Adolf Shickelgruber! But how did I get here? There was an underground place, ja? and there was the thud! thud! thud! thud! THUD! thud! THUD! THUD! THUD! but it was as all encompassing as it is in this place- Ja! the womb! -but here it is life, there it was death. Death. Death. Death! Ja! "Die the three deaths and live life anew/ In one hundred suns reborn shall be you!" Ja! "Die by fire, poison, lead/ and not long shall ye stay dead" Ja! I shall be reborn, I died and i shall be reborn... It was a war and my people betrayed me... Not worthy to be the Master Race. Now! Ja! rememer what they called me then! Hitler!

the pain! the light! the noise! Its tearing me apart! the Devil is toying with me! I am in HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL!


"Why did I do it, sam?"
"It couldn't be helped, nancy. We just couldn't afford to keep it."
"But we could have put it up for adoption, Sam! That was a baby boy Sam! OUR baby boy! He could have been a doctor, a lawyer, a GREAT ARTIST! Even the President of the United States-"
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Us kids know.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Jimbo popped the top off another beer. It was the goddammed heat, was what it was. He looked around the workshop. This place was a little cooler than most. It was the big ass metal doors and walls. They kept the place cool. What kinda cuffwit decided to found a town here? It was the 'hawks of course. Named after a Professor Stephen Hawking. Some smartass scientist from the Twentieth. The stuff allowed Ships' engines to be built for incredible speeds. Jimbo didn't understand how. He didn't care. He was a miner. As long as the stuff got him where he needed to go he didn't mind. His prospector friends didn't give a cuff either. It paid the bills. So what if it was found on a desert planet? Gotta go with the flow, right? That was the beauty of it. It was a sweet vein in the a.ss end a' nowhere. "All the 'hawk you could wish for just below the surface, and no conservationists yammerin' on at the damage you're doin' to the goddamned enviro-ment." They couldn't keep track of every planet. Heck, this one wasn't even charted as inhabited. It was just denoted by a number, but when he had a few beers, he called it home. of course he'd had to give up the smokes. The thinner atmosphere made it tough on you, (To be Cont.
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Us kids know.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

Cont.) And all that sunshine. Jeezus. Jimbo had never been anywhere without a night before. Even in his beloved workshop sanctuary it crept in like a disease. True, it wasn't really his workshop. It was kind of a community thing. But the others knew enough to leave him be when he was in there. Those suns. Three of them! Sometimes you could see it through your eyelids. Some of the prissier guys would sit out in it for a while. Tanning! Can you believe that? Jimbo looked at his black hands, calloused from grinding work. Tanning. He smiled. All that sun got to your head. Got ta Rourkes, didn' it? His smile faded. Rourke had gone a few weeks ago. He was meant to be scoping out the Vein, so he said. He didn't come back.

It happened. The desert got into your head as sure as all that cuffin sand infected everything. He'd seen a coupla guys a few standard years ago who'd come back from some of the trips out. They were out potholing for veins and water. Their Rover had broken down quite a few clicks from home. Rambling and sunblind, they were brought in. It seemed to Jimbo they'd left something behind. Whatever else they'd left behind, less guys came home than went out. The guys were deranged. They screamed if they were brought into shade. Even blind they knew the difference. They had been, after all, intimately aquainted with three suns for a number of days. Despite their burns, and their grilled skin, they would not be brought into the dark. Six went out. Three came back. One died. Some guys found the Rover lately, though the missing guys weren't accounted for. It wasn't looked into too deeply. There were quite a few guys that didn't want Proxy Law out here. Besides, everyone here knew,stuff like that happens.

But Rourke was different. He wasn't some half assed prospector who baked a little too long. He had been a Techie once. He'd looked after himself. Stayed out of the suns, mostly. Always brought spares. He did go out for a trip in the Rover from time to time, but he's (had been) a Techie. Any problems he could fix. Any problems with the Rover. Which got Jimbo thinking. What if the problem was the sand. Or the Sun. Maybe they got into his head like they got into everything else. Maybe....just maybe.....
Maybe something else got him?

Jimbo frowned. He looked at his now empty bottle, and looked at the other bottles he didn't remember emptying. He sighed, his breath beer stained. He looked at the model. The model was old. It had been left in the work shop since before Jimbo came here. He liked to look at it. It's three suns and it's moon which had been made by someone , probably long dead. The thing made him feel a little awed. He wasn't a religious man, but sometimes he was spiritual. Thats why he came here. It was a kind of meditation. None of this he would ever have told the guys, even Rourke. they would have laughed. But in a way they knew. Thats why they left him alone here. Everyone had their own way of hiding from the desert. If you didn't, pretty soon it would find you and claim its prize. And whatever was in that desert got to share. He hadn't heard voices all the time he was here. Thats how peaceful it was.He looked at the vast metal desert of the model. The metal had kept well. All that sun kept the water, hence the rust away. The sand though, had seemingly taken it's toll. When you spun the model clockwise, the gears must av caught up or something. all the suns gathered and lined up, and then the moon did too. He spun it around for a few rotations. He was used to it, but still it brought him a kind of satisfaction. He spun it backwards just enough til the gears freed up and the suns moved and danced around the planet. The damndest thing. Rourke could av fixed it. But Jimbo never asked him. Now he never would.

He popped another beer. And then....It took him a second to figure out what was wrong, so fundamentally wrong. It was dark. He dropped his beer, which shattered all over the floor. He sprinted to the bigass metal doors, and saw the light die. Like an appalling swarm, the dark ate up the bright sky to make a lazy twilight. A couple of miners ran to the street, and gazed up, making exactly the expression Jimbo had, if he knew. Judgement day? Almost as an answer, from the dark, came a cry. A shrieking hell cry that echoed around the workshop and back to him. The miners on the street stood transfixed. Shapes in the dark, so fast they were like one monstrous hydra, dragging itself out from the clay stacks that crumbled as they came. Swooping and wheeling. Birdlike, Jimbo would have said, but he had never seen a bird move. The guys on the street started running as those....demons?...... came. The things reeled towards the town. The miners screamed and ran in lunatic directions. Jimbo saw them come, and saw the things come after them, knocking some guys, throwing up others into the air. He closed his eyes. And closed the door. He wheeled the heavy bolt home. And opened his eyes. It made no difference. Even if he was outside the dark had consumed the light utterly. "JIMBO?!?! YOU IN THERE??!?!JIMBO! JIMBO 'F YER IN THERE YA GOTTA LET ME IN! JIMBO" He pretended he did not hear the mans hands against the thick metal. No longer heard his pleas. If he had thought about it, he had known the mans name. He chose not to. He threw his body flat against the door, as if to bar it further against what ever might be out there. Seconds later, he heard some tremendous force pound those great doors. He felt those massive doors warp. He chose not to hear the screams, which lasted forever. He turned away from the doors. The Well!
The old dry well was in a room behind another set of massive doors. The well itself was long blocked up underground. These outer doors would not last long should the thing outside want in. He crawled desperately in the direction of the well doors . Finally, he felt the already cold metal with his blind groping. He stood up and felt for the wheel. He reeled the bolt away and heaved the great door open. He did not see them come, the younger generation of the things outside. He felt them slam into him, tearing away his skins in mouthfuls and slicing away at arms and legs. He also heard them shriek, even when he no longer could. Hearing is the last to go.

A long time later, some people who had crashed came here, looking for water or people. They looked down that well, and might have seen whatever couldn't have been or wasn't eaten of ol' Jimbo

Were it not for the Pitch Black.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

see, this is rather interesting. You used your disguise fairly well, though a trained investigator could see right through your code. Simply substitute "Sausages" with "Donuts" and you've got, what's quite clearly a fic by none-other than nex himself.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

So what did you think of "Aryian Ressurection"?
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

I think it should be used in ads for planned parenthood centers --

It's certainly made me not want to ever have children
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

I've never been obssessed with sausages!

But yeah, well done.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

God that's twisted. I like it though. I can see some commercials like that. Hmm maye this is the reason I never liked small childeren.
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Re: Fan/Original Fiction

*bows to Autechre The Great*


I think it was two weeks ago. Yes, that's what it had to be. It was a warm and sunny day, people were smiling again to each other. They had no reason for that. Stupid people. That's what he was thinking too. The man with dark hair and racoon eyes. Deep black eyes. Hands in his pockets. Whose hands? - He didn't care much about that before those hands took a cigarette out of his mouth. Oh, those were mine. The cigarette fell on the ground. It was cold. He rubbed his hands against each other.

There was a woman in the corner of the market place. She sold apples and pies. Somebody said that it could be easier for her if she would be selling apple pies. Ha, ha. That wasn't funny. She's freezing. The lady warmed her hands with hot water that she had in a jug beside her. Her hands were gnarled. I wonder if she has ever held a baby with them.

The racoon eyed man turned his head. There was a police officier approaching him. Young boys and girls were running over the market place. She should not run with those heels. She'll break her ankle. One of the girls stumbled down. Her long brownish hair fell on her face. One of the boys had a woman's purse in his hand. He didn't look back. Another boy stopped to check out if Maria needed help. Yes, that must be her name. That blond chick. She looks alike Maria. She tried to help the fallen angel up. It was slippery. Am I smiling? Maria left her friend. She ran surprisingly fast. The police went after the gang.

A hand rised to move the hair. The racoon's eyes followed every movement. One green eye glanced at him. Her lips opened to reveal a cunning smile. She must be only seventeen. The eye jumped up and ran away.

The ground was hard. Every step made people's feet hurt. All those nice people who hate each other. There was a orange man among them. He carried a man's torso. It's made of white marble! How long is that since I've last time seen something like that? He looked around suspiciosly. Souveniers from an art gallery behind the orange one. Only the racoon saw his leaving. Maybe that was the only being who answered to his questions.

The racoon decieded to start walking with his left foot instead of his right. Everything else he had tried before but that. It was so fun that he never tried it again. It was indeed a sunny day.
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