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Mission to Mars (2000)

Let There Be Life. | guide

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Old May 4, 2000, 04:08 PM   #1
n/a flights since
Re: Excellent - More Please!

What this film has:

- A sense of being on Mars, with dramatic landscapes
- Consideration of social issues in space
- Reasonably believable space vehicles, including interior design (almost the first film to offer this since 2001)
- Reasonably believable space suits
- Sort of believable space walk sequences

What this film doesn't have:

- A flashy new fairy tale in space
- Pointless and irrelevant special effects (like spaceships you can hear from the outside)
- A clever plot that's difficult to predict (sorry guys - it's the face thing)
- Pointless gratuitous sex scenes (thank goodness)
- Pointless gratuitous violence (again, thank goodness)
- A convincing portrayal of life on Mars either (but I liked the alien a lot more than the silly 'greys' of most contemporary sci-fi).

I liked this film a lot. It's true I was to some extent disappointed that it had to explore the so-called face on Cydonia. I guess so many people are fixated that the face is a sign of life. The Viking face picture took my breath away too, when I first saw it, but now... and check out the latest NASA images - it's just a hill I'm afraid. Sorry.

Gary Sinise is a tremendously watchable actor, because he makes me believe that his character is real. The cast in general also makes me believe the plot is really happening. The "Dance the Night Away" scene is great because it observes that space travel can be tedious, and you need some diversion. Woody's 'sacrifice' sequence is haunting, and I think well played. It also gets across how normally minor issues can be magnified in space.

One small contra though - I really would have liked to see a landing sequence... but I guess it wouldn't have fitted the presentation of the story.

I didn't mind the plagiarism, since most of it was from the sci-fi colossus film 2001, and Arthur C. Clarke's book 'Cradle', which he based on well observed and visionary predictions about space travel. I can forgive the 'Abyss' worm thing.

I enjoyed the M2M film immensely, - the most I have enjoyed a sci-fi film since 2001 (my all time great). I would like to say a big thank you to the cast and production crew for a great movie. I can't wait to get the DVD.

PS. Please put some extras on the DVD and not just different languages
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Old Jul 9, 2000, 08:56 PM   #2
Amalia Blasco
n/a flights since
Exclamation An underrated film

I'm almost shocked at all the negative reviews and criticism this movie has gotten. It shows the mindset of the majority of the population: simply uninterested in really seeing an original, emotionally stimulating, and intelligent sci-fi story line. And other, deeper underlying issues... which are inherently, indelibly self explanatory. The story line was plausible (what do you want, with science fiction?), as was the acting, contrary to alot of opinions; the special effects, and alien sequences, were far more realistic and meaningful than alot of other sci-fi flicks on the market today- and a heck of alot more engaging and life evoking than let's say, Star Trek. And who wouldn't give Star Trek up?

The reason why I could never call Mission To Mars 'corny' is because, again, the issues: is there life other than our own in the universe; where did we come from; and why? That was what this movie was about, and it's script, which was evidently, not digestible to the non-understanding crowd. And Brian DePalma is the best! He has the credits and mind, including actors, to prove it (Mission Impossible, The Untouchables, the list too long) The ending was the best part of the film and the most emotionally moving- it really kept my thoughts aspiring and questioning...I won't forget it. A lot others won't, either.

More films like Mission To Mars!
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