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Demolition Man reviews (with some fan suggestions)

I have a list of a few reviews of Demolition Man. I even have fan fiction to go to the reviews. Maybe Frank Miller could write Demolition Man comics (if he does work for DC too).

1st review

I've seen this movie at least a hundred times and it keeps getting better. While the story line was nothing beyond the usual action film gun totting good guy (Stallone) vs. evil psychotic bad guy (Snipes) the social and technological concepts covered in this film really make a person think what could be accomplished & avoided in creating a more peaceful society.

It would be interesting to see a prequel movie or book based on the forming of San Angeles and characters like Chief Earle, Mayor-Gov Raymond Cocteau and Warden William Smithers, but I don't think this movie did well enough at the box office for this to become a reality.

If you are into Stallone films this may not be his best one, but if you are into Utopian Ideals of future societies then this is the movie for you.

2nd review

I was flipping through the cable channels the other night and what do you think was playing? Yep, that "forgettable' science fiction film "The Demolition Man" starring none other than Sly Stallone. This film was bad from the very start. I remember paying my $5.00 (shows how long ago this was!)at the theatre to see this. Now Stallone was trying to reinvent himself with this film. I believe this was the first or second of his attempts in a field that he had no business. Stallone is the equivalent of Forest Gump in science fiction. First off the premise that criminals are not executed anymore, but permanently frozen to be rehabilitated later on in the future. And that Stallone's character (who is a cop) is also sent "up the freezer" for going after Simon Phoenix...(what a name). Any who, he gets thawed and reprogrammed with the knack of knitting as his rehabilitation. What the? Come on. This movie lacked in everything. Story, character, plot, character, and most of all ACTING. Sad to say that this was Sandra Bullock's first rola and she had to play the leading lady to the "Italian Stallion". She must of have felt like Adrian Balboa in Rocky. Well this movie just was bad. Now its not entirely disappointing. I did like Wesley Snipe's character in the film. I like it when a leading star "acts out of the box". Snipes goes to unfamiliar territory playing a baddie that bites it in the end. Of course Snipes has since gone on to do bigger projects (aka Blade and Blade 2). Wouldn't that have been a hoot to see Stallone trying being the "day walker"?? LOL

Anyway, this film could've been so much better if it was done in the premise of an "Escape from New York" or the "Road Warrior". The special effects weren't bad, but just lacked elements.

Its one of those films that should've been at television show first. Probably would've wound up on Fox or USA Networks. Anyway, if there's nothing else on and you have insomnia, then watch it for a laugh. See how the over the hill Stallone pretends to still be a tough guy. The sequel should be..."Demolition Man II: The Geriatric Method".

3rd review

The film boasts some incredible action and fights with good acting and some humor! Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes have some really cool characters! Sandra Bullock, Dennis Leary, Glenn Shadix, and Bob Gunton were all good! I was disappointed that Jesse Ventura didn't speak and didn't have a fight Stallone. Its really a different film with much excitement to satisfy the big action fan! If you like Stallone and Snipes then this is one film that you must see!

My own review

This is a good movie that I keep watching. I liked the
society where they ban smoking cigarettes. I can't stand it when other people are smokers. That would be interesting to have comics on people like Denis Leary's character or any of the cops not shown who pursue Simon Phoenix in a city wide manhunt. I have seen this movie a countless number of times. Especially there it is illegal to crack gum. Now that's rude and annoying. It's even illegal to chew gum in this society. One thing is that they never showed Sylvester Stallone vs. Jesse "The Body" Ventura just like we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger take on Jesse Ventura in the Running Man. They should have prequel and sequel books and comics.

Some fan fiction relating to the reviews

Demolition Man: A Time for starting over

(Novel about the forming of San Angeles)

Plot/Synopsis: Police officer John Spartan has been frozen since 1996. Dana Crystal Harris had 2 kids and was promoted to captain of the LA PD in 2007 while popular actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was president of The United States. On September 25, 2010 a murder death kill is performed by a pimp named Robert Gonzalez. Captain Burke must find out the killer and arrest him. Also after the quake of 2010 and the beginning of San Angeles life flashes back to the days when John Spartan had gone after Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies (Adam, Elvin, Danzig, Kodo, Beppo, Reggie and Gunther. Each of the 6 cryocons that Simon Phoenix will already thaw out have killed Italian mobsters led by the big boss Dominic Palmenterri. Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke must assign 3 rookie cops Sandra Bullock, Denis Leary and Wesley Snipes undercover work. The female poses as a prostitute. Over in 2011 as San Angeles begins a vicious gang led by a young woman named Christina Slade takes the streets of Los Angeles and now Captain Burke must stop them and Raymond Cocteau (head of behavioral engineering) must use Behavioral Engineering to reform the vicious gang and create San Angeles just as he sees the chance to make things right. Also The mob led by Dominic Palmenterri killed Kodo’s henchmen, Elvin’s henchmen and Danzig’s henchmen. Sheriff Nigel Hawthorne with his officers teams up with John Spartan going after Simon Phoenix and his elite criminals and must stop them. 2 cops Sylvester Stallone and Jesse Ventura were murdered by Reggie. John Spartan must also catch Kodo Zemeto leader of the yakuza. Also Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke discovers the history of John Spartan and a criminal war and maybe Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke has tried to save John Spartan’s wife in the earthquake of 2010.


On September 25, 2010 at a motel in Los Angeles at night. A pimp named Robert Gonzalez (half Mexican, half Dutch and Puerto Rican) is outside the hotel with his goons. He sees 3 hoodlums that have tried to rape prostitutes without paying for sex. The 3 hoodlums have glass bear bottles. Each of the hoodlums are young men. 1 guy has on a Los Angeles raiders hat and LA raiders T-shirt. Another is dressed in cowboy clothes. The 3rd hoodlum is another guy with short hair. These 3 are wanting to beat up on a pimp named Robert Gonzalez. Gonzalez: "You 3 men raped our hookers and you didn't pay us. Now you 3 are going to pay the price for it." Hoodlum #1: "I am going to kick your butt if you put your hands on us." Robert Gonzalez pulls out a revolver and shoots the hoodlums with a bear bottle. Others attack and are shot down and dead. Gonzalez: "We must leave. We might have the police on us." Robert Gonzalez and his goons leave for the beach.

Moments later the LA PD arrive with Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke (an attractive woman 38 years old). Dana Crystal has a silver Porsche. Captain Burke’s officers put yellow tape on the crime scene. Dana Crystal: "I suspect it’s a pimp named Robert Gonzalez. I have 3 officers at the rank of detective who could infiltrate his gang to prove him guilty." A man and woman with their son are talking to Dana Crystal’s officers in the background.

At the beach in Los Angeles the next day. Robert Gonzalez and his goons with some hookers hang out in the pavilion. They gather money from prostitutes. A goon named Sammy who is big fat thug comes in. Sammy: "I think that we have the LA PD on us. The witnesses have only heard gun shots." Gonzalez: "I knew that."

At the Los Angeles police station in the morning. Dana Crystal Harris-Burke is sitting at her desk. 3 police detectives named Sandra Bullock (sexy cop with long dark brown hair), Denis Leary and Wesley Snipes come in. Dana Crystal: "Detective Denis Leary and Detective Wesley Snipes you will be posing as other pimps working with Robert Gonzalez. Detective Bullock you will be a call girl. I need evidence from you. This might be enough for us to put this pimp in cryogenic prison." They leave.

At the motel. 3 undercover cops show up. They go in. Officers Denis Leary and Wesley Snipes dress up in pimp clothes. Officer Sandra Bullock is dressed in a red belly button shirt and blue jeans. They knock on the door and Sammy the tough goon answers the door. Sammy: "Yes." Bullock: "We work for Robert. Is he here?" Sammy: "He'll be right with you."

Over to Robert Gonzalez. Sammy: "Your 3 new people are here to see you." Gonzalez: "Send them in." Sammy goes back to the door. Sammy is back to the 3 undercover cops. Sammy: "Come right in." They go in and see the pimp. Leary: "I'm your new partner in pimpin." Snipes: "I work with this man too." Gonzalez: "Good. We had 3 hoodlums who didn't pay for sex with my prostitutes who have been raped. We wage war against rapists who don't pay." Bullock: "I cost 5 grand. It’s $500.00 to have sex with me. Many people are going to have to work hard for me." Gonzalez: "Sandra. You have a job for me."

At the Los Angeles police station the next day. The 3 undercover cops go into Dana Crystal’s office. Snipes: "We had heard something about 3 hoodlums that didn't pay for sex with the prostitutes." Leary: "They haven't said anything about killing those hoodlums." Dana Crystal: "I will have to ask about it myself. I will investigate more. I remember that a man named Adam killed a couple of mob guys when I was still in police training. Adam had an Italian mobster try to kill him with a gun and Adam brutally grabbed this man by the arm and killed him with his own gun." Adam was a mass murderer and had murdered a dozen innocent people. Adam had at one time fought with several guys in a gymnasium when lifting weights and ripped down a gymnastics sign and a martial arts instructor had fought with Adam. Adam had crushed this man by his skull. Adam was one of the 7 men that Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke had put in the cryo-prison.

Shortly before Dana Crystal joined the LA PD Simon Phoenix fought face to face with Los Angeles mobster Dominic Palmenterri who was the big boss of the Los Angeles mob. Several of Simon Phoenix’s criminal buddies had killed several of Dominic’s men. He had 3 bosses and a countless number of under bosses with over 100 wise guys. It was during riot 3. Kodo slashed 3 mobsters. Kodo’s yakuza was killed by the Italian mob in Los Angeles. The Italians have killed all of Elvin’s henchmen and all of Danzig’s henchmen. Jed who was referred to as Jeffery Dahmer killed 4 wise guys and ate them. A pimp named Howie murdered an under boss who was another rival criminal. Howie was a ruthless pimp taken down by Captain Healy himself. Captain Healy had retired in 2007 just as Dana Crystal came back and was promoted to Captain.

Later on out in the streets of Los Angeles. A helicopter shows up carrying President Arnold Schwarzenegger who was an actor in the violent 1990's. Schwarzenegger was so popular he was elected president of the United States. Captain Burke comes out in her silver Porsche. Dana Crystal: "President Schwarzenegger. It’s me captain Dana Burke LA PD." Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Captain. I hope that you have found out who committed the murder. Soon we should end all this." Dana Crystal:"I know. Raymond Cocteau has no chance of making things right. I will put the murder death killer in the cryo-prison." Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Cryo-prisons are starting around the world now. The death penalty is eliminated everywhere now."

At the motel. The 3 undercover cops are there with Robert Gonzalez and his goons. Gonzalez: "The President Arnold Schwarzenegger is here in Los Angeles." Sammy: "I will kick his butt. Maybe I will kill him." Gonzalez: "Good." Robert Gonzalez with the 3 undercover cops and prostitutes leave the motel room.

Nearby the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles is where Robert Gonzalez is running from the police. He is accompanied by the 3 undercover cops. Bullock: "What did you do with the 3 hoodlums who raped the other hookers?" Gonzalez: "I killed them. All 3 of them with my revolver." The 3 cops have some look on their faces. Gonzalez: "Do you 3 have a problem with it?" Bullock: "No." Gonzalez: "That’s what happens to those who don't pay the hookers. They are killed by the pimps."

At a park in Los Angeles. Many people see President Arnold Schwarzenegger. Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke is there too. Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Someday gum snapping could be banned. It’s rude. I don't like it at all." Dana Crystal: "I couldn't stand it either. Back at my days at UCLA one of my sorority sisters was cracking gum real loud and she blew a huge bubble that covered her whole face. She was sucking the bubble back in her mouth." Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Someday we will also put an end to organized crime. Maybe even prostitution. A Philippine woman and her husband who is also Philippine were cracking gum non stop. I asked them to stop it and I got smacked on the head. That was when I was making Terminator 3." Dana Crystal: "I have seen allot of your movies. My sorority sisters were also fans of you." All of Robert Gonzalez’s goons show up with the head goon Sammy himself. Dana Crystal: "Those men work for a vicious pimp." The pimp’s goons attack. Dana Crystal jump kicks a few goons. A few other of the pimp’s goons attack. Arnold throws them against a fence. Sammy comes in and punches Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dana Crystal lays a high kick on Sammy. Sammy punches back. The crowd leaves the park cocooning in their homes. Captain Burke punches Sammy in the face. Arnold Schwarzenegger joins the battle. Arnold punches Sammy. Sammy pulls out a knife and Dana Crystal quickly draws her gun. Dana Crystal: "Don't do it Sammy or I will kill you." He ignores the cop and tries to slice the US president. Dana Crystal shoots him and the tough goon/bodygaurd. Sammy gets back up and Dana Crystal shoots a few more bullets into him. A few others draw guns and Dana Crystal kills them. The others give up. Dana Crystal: "The rest of you could resign or be put in cryogenic stasis. The choice is your’s." The surviving goons decide to resign. Arnold Schwarzenegger: “You throw good kicks and punches.” Dana Crystal: "While you go back to Washington, DC I will find out more evidence."

The next day at the Los Angeles police station. The 3 under cover cops show up in Dana Crystal’s office. Bullock: "Captain Burke. It was the pimp Robert Gonzalez who committed the murder death kills. I think that we should start going after him." Dana Crystal: "I'll have a warrant on Robert Gonzalez on charges of murder death kill."

A few days later. Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke has been after Robert Gonzalez for a few days. A few customers knew that Sandra Bullock was really a cop posing as a hooker and some men friends with this young female cop were posing as customers so she could have help to get the evidence to take down the pimp on prostitution related charges. She searches the streets of Los Angeles. She is getting closer to catching this pimp. A big earth quake is starting. People are out on the streets just as the big quake of 2010 was predicted. John Spartan’s wife and daughter are out on the streets. People are fleeing the streets of Los Angeles. Captain Burke is in her silver car and gets out as do 3 police officers in their squad cars. She has her hair in a ponytail and is wearing her police uniform. The city is being destroyed by this earth quake. Madeline Spartan runs up to Captain Dana Crystal Harris-Burke. Madeline Spartan: "Mrs. Burke. I hope that John Spartan will be safe in the cryo-prison. I just paid a visit to the cryo-prison recently." Dana Crystal: "He is safe Mrs. Spartan. I will need you to get out of here as soon as you can." Madeline Spartan: "No. I want to stay here to see John Spartan." Dana Crystal: "It’s your choice. You could stay here and die." The streets crack. She changes her mind but she is too late. John Spartan’s wife falls into holes in the streets. Dana Crystal runs to save her and she is dead. Katherine Spartan disappears. Captain Burke sees the pimp Robert Gonzalez. Dana Crystal: "You are under arrest for murder." She pulls out her gun. Dana Crystal: "You 3 officers Leary, Snipes and Bullock send this man to the cryo-prison after the quake. Get him out of here in your custody." Bullock: "Yes captain." They leave with the prisoner arrested by Captain Burke and Captain Burke leaves in her car. Very much of Los Angeles was destroyed by the big quake of 2010.

Back in the summer of 1996 several mobsters went to war with Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies because the mobsters who were African and Italian were related to all this victims of Simon Phoenix’s criminal buddies. Several of Simon Phoenix’s criminal buddies like Elvin and Danzig had robbed banks. Simon Phoenix had robbed mini marts. Simon Phoenix killed some kids getting off school buses because he passed a stopped school bus flashing red lights signaling a stop. Twice Simon Phoenix had done this but also Simon Phoenix killed some kids in school zones going to fast and Simon Phoenix on those days was charged with manslaughter. Many mob guys wanted vengeance on Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies. Some of Simon Phoenix’s career criminals and one of his elite criminals was killed by mob enforcers. Many of his elite criminals killed a few wise guys. Reggie, Adam, Elvin, Francis, Danzig, Beppo (along with being behind 22 known murders), Kodo (head of the yakuza), Jed and Howie with Gunther killed 35 mob enforcers while 4 mob guys found Simon Phoenix’s fortress and were killed at the gates trying to get to Simon Phoenix to kill him. Kodo slashed 3 mob enforcers. Adam shot 1 and Adam murdered a dozen people with a gun. People who were related to mobsters. Jed killed 2 men and ate them. Howie was a pimp in league with Kodo and Howie murdered a mob enforcer. The yukuza wise guys with Elvin’s thugs and Danzig’s thugs were ordered by Elvin, Kodo and Danzig themselves to whack those mobsters and they were all killed. It was a vicious mob war with Kodo’s thugs. John Spartan knew about it but couldn't end the vicious criminal war. Kodo was a ruthless Japanese mob boss. All those on Simon Phoenix’s side were ruthless killers. The mobsters against Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies did care who they killed because they were just into racketeering. The worst side was Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies. Simon Phoenix was a mass murderer. Simon Phoenix killed 2 of the bosses in the mob. The other bosses who were Italian or African were killed by Adam and Beppo. The under bosses were killed by Adam, Gunther and Reggie ruthlessly. Simon Phoenix went into show down with Dominic Palmenterri the big boss himself. Paul had pulled out his gun on Simon Phoenix but Simon Phoenix with his knife killed Dominic Palmenterri. John Spartan wouldn't bother the mob guys as much as he'd bother Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies. It’s like Simon Phoenix owned several elite criminals in Los Angeles. John Spartan had also them recently arrest Francis at McDonalds. John Spartan had arrested Jed at LAX airport just as Captain Healy arrested a pimp named Howie at a hotel and Captain Healy had killed Howie’s goons during this vicious criminal war trying to end it.

At a yacht club in Los Angeles in the afternoon. There are people on boats and jet skis in the background. Adam is sitting a table hanging out. John Spartan shows. Spartan: "Adam. You're under arrest for mass murder." Adam: "John Spartan. Simon Phoenix knifed Dominic Palmenterri behind the back. We won the criminal war. Simon Phoenix owns a bunch of us elite criminals." John Spartan rams into Adam. Adam throws a hard punch on John Spartan. John Spartan punches Adam in the face and almost knocks him down. John Spartan 3 times jabs Adam. Adam throws a hard punch in the stomach on John Spartan. Adam picks up John Spartan and throws him into a table. Luckily John Spartan is wearing body armor. Adam flees. Police squad cars show up as does Captain Healy moments later. Healy: "We lost sighting of Adam." Spartan: "My cop hunch tells me that Adam might be with Phoenix and his other elite criminals on the beach." Healy: "We are not sure of Simon Phoenix hanging out there. Sheriff Hawthorne will assist us. You have been after Simon Phoenix for almost 2 years now." Spartan: "I don't need my back checked out. I have my body armor on Healy."

Later on at a beach in Los Angeles in a pavilion. People are swimming or playing volley ball on the beach. There are also life guards watching the swimming areas. Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies Reggie, Adam, Beppo, Gunther, Danzig, Kodo and Elvin with several other criminals are sitting at a table. Phoenix: "OK my buddies. We have gotten rid of the mobsters who have tried to kill all of us here. We have the LA PD after all of us. I own all you elite criminals. Let’s try to avoid John Spartan. He is a dangerous cop." Reggie: "Also Mr. Phoenix we might have the local law enforcement after us." Phoenix: "Yes. I corrupted the organized crime division agents and had them help us try to kill our rivals. John Spartan took them down before they'd kill any mob hood." Kodo: "All my men are dead. So are all of Danzig’s men and Elvin’s men." Phoenix: "Right. We have destroyed property and sold drugs. Have have looted and stolen things. Now we have the law after us. Let’s all bail out." Simon Phoenix and all his criminal buddies with him leave the beach.

On the streets of Los Angeles. John Spartan is riding with Sheriff Nigel Hawthorne in his car. Spartan: "I just know that Phoenix and his criminal buddies are on the beach. I fought with Adam at a local yacht club. He put me through a table." Sheriff Hawthorne: "I heard that you got some crooked feds fired." Spartan: "Yes. They would just try to kill the mob guys. They are all dead. Reggie killed police officers Jesse Ventura and Sylvester Stallone." Radio dispatcher: "Sheriff. Sgt. Spartan. Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies are on the beach. They were last sited in the pavilion." The Sheriff talks over his CB. Sheriff: "We'll cover that." The Sheriff radios the police units. Sheriff: "All available units. Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies are last sighted on the beach. Let’s head there." The sheriff heads to the beach. John Spartan draws his gun.

At the beach. John Spartan, Sheriff Hawthorne and the Sheriff’s officers present all burst into the pavilion. Guns are aimed everywhere. It’s empty. Spartan: "They got away. Again. I have been after Simon Phoenix for almost 2 years." The cops all leave including John Spartan.

Over this time John Spartan had arrested Kodo at an auto shop in Los Angeles. John Spartan had known that Simon Phoenix had several criminal buddies out there. Not too long after John Spartan had captured Kodo John Spartan was soon going to be teamed up with Dana Crystal Harris. She had graduated from UCLA when John Spartan started going after Simon Phoenix. It was one week after many of Simon Phoenix’s elite criminals with some career criminals friends to Simon Phoenix were arrested that Simon Phoenix hijacked a bus. Dana Crystal had at certain times gone after Simon Phoenix 2 to 3 days after she nailed Adam at an ice cream place. Also over this time various criminals murdered innocent people. There was also a drug dealing ring and spying going on by several criminals that are John Spartan’s arrests along with arrests made by Dana Crystal Harris-Burke and Captain Healy and various LA PD officers and maybe FBI and State Police. The mob guys have even killed some bosses of the members of the pre criminal army that Simon Phoenix will thaw out someday.

Title Card: May 2011

Over the past year a vicious gang led by Christina Slade had been vandalizing Los Angeles. Raymond Cocteau had set his office in the LA Convention Center. The cryo-prison is still there.

In the streets of Los Angeles. The streets of Los Angeles had been destroyed by all those years of violence. The city is being put back together. Gang leader Christina Slade is committing felonies with her gangs. Christina Slade is on the mean streets of Los Angeles with her gang spray painting. Christina Slade is a 24 year old woman with long blonde hair with some purple lining on her hair. She has blue jeans with a belly button shirt and a pierced belly button. She also has a tattoo on her back and a pierced tongue and pierced ears. Several of her thugs have tattoos and body piercings. Slade was attractive. Christina Slade’s thugs were a bunch of men and women (a few black and Latin and most of them are white). Slade: "Let’s trash this Raymond Cocteau. How about we trash behavioral engineering and spray paint. We hate cops." They go out with pierces of wood and baseball bats.

At the Los Angeles police station. Dana Crystal Harris-Burke police captain sees Raymond Cocteau (middle age man with silver hair). Cocteau: "Captain Harris. We will need you to take down the gangs and I will reform them with the behavioral engineering that we used on cryo-prisoners." Dana Crystal: "Christina Slade and many of her thugs have piercings. Tongue piercing and belly button piercing is disgusting just like smoking is. I can't stand to look at those piercings or tattoos." Cocteau: "All that will be banned as I merge San Monica, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles together. They city will then be known as San Angeles." Dana Crystal: "Lt. Zachary Lamb with officers Sandra Bullock, George Earle, Denis Leary and Wesley Snipes are going after them. I also can't stand navel piercings. Hopefully you could ban all that." Cocteau: "Your new head quarters will also be in an old abandoned officer building. I have started the cryo-prison and eliminated the death penalty on those convicted of capital crimes." Raymond Cocteau and Captain Burke leave the office.

On the streets of Los Angeles. A bunch of police cars show up. Zachary Lamb is riding in George Earle’s car. George Earle is a man with a shaved head and a goatee with a mustache. They get out. Also do 3 other cops Denis Leary, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes. Officer Dana Crystal Harris-Burke shows up in her silver car. Raymond Cocteau with Bob who is fat comes out of their limo. The cops go in search of the gang. They all draw stun batons. The gangs show up. Slade: "I'm going to you all on with my gang." A few dash at Dana Crystal and she kicks them. Others attack Captain Burke’s officers. They strike them with stun batons. Dana Crystal sees Slade. Dana Crystal: "Slade. Come and join us in maintaining peace and I won't have to arrest you." Christina Slade attacks with her fists. Dana Crystal lays a round house kick on the female gang leader. They beat each other up. Dana Crystal jump kicks Slade just as she throws a swinging punch at her and knocks down the female gang leader. Dana Crystal: "You have 1 more chance. Under Cocteau behavioral engineering you can help us put together San Angeles. You heard about this from Dr. Cocteau." Slade: "I'll join you. There will be no more crime here. We'll remove our tattoos and piercings. I'll also remove my tongue stud." Dana Crystal: "Good." Lamb: "I am not flying anymore Captain Burke. I work now as a peace officer. I meant to tell you that." George Earle speaks. Earle: "Captain Burke. I guess that our fighting skills are erased by Dr. Cocteau since we have maintained peace here." Dana Crystal: "Yes."

A few days later. At the LA Convention Center in San Angeles. Cameras are there to for the speech of future mayor/gov Raymond Cocteau. Associate Bob is standing next to Raymond Cocteau. Raymond Cocteau gives his speech. Dana Crystal has now forgotten how to fight. Dana Crystal is there in her police uniform. Her husband John Burke with her 2 kids Jenna (4 year old girl) and Jonathan (8 year old boy) are there. So are police officers George Earle, Zachary Lamb, Denis Leary, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock. The whole reformed street gang with the reformed leader Christina Slade are there too. They had their tattoos and piercings removed. They only have their ears pierced. Just as Raymond Cocteau saw the chance to make things right he took it. Taco Bell is also the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars. So all restaurants are Taco Bell. Cocteau: "This place is now San Angeles. I have the idea that all of you people have organic microchips in your hands. We can zero in on anyone at any time. I had also banned contact sex. For creations at labs all fluids are purified an screen by authorized personal only. Sex is only on helmets. Also I banned anything un educational. For moral reasons it’s illegal to use profanity. Any use of profanity will result to a credit by a morality box. Also smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco will result to jail time on drug charges just as drinking alcohol. For health reasons I banned meat, chocolate, fatty foods, salt and sugar. That will result to fines $20.00 to $30.00. I had banned tattoos for health and moral reasons and that results to a fine of $25.00. Piercings such as the tongue, the belly button, the nose, the chin, the lips, the nipples, the eye brow and any other form of body piercing I also banned and that will result to fines up to $25.00 to $30.00." Raymond Cocteau was referring to nipple piercing as navel piercing. That stuff would be banned because it’s also offensive to San Angelenos. Cocteau: "I am now the mayor/gov. There is surveillance everywhere now in San Angeles. The police use strategic apprehension programs to arrest criminals if a crime is ever committed in San Angeles. We don't need to fight. The 3 sea shell thing is used instead of toilet paper." All the people clap. The police officers go out and keep crimes from taking place.


Demolition Man: The Demolition Man with the LA PD rookie

(Prequel graphic novel that focuses on the cryo-prison’s beginning and a bunch of thugs who were arrested that were many of the first prisoners of the cryo-prison)

Plot/Synopsis: John Spartan is working with a sexy young rookie cop named Dana Crystal Harris (former cheerleader and sorority girl). Dana Harris goes up against Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies along side John Spartan. She also goes up against a criminal named Adam who after being thawed out by Simon Phoenix will kill Raymond Cocteau. This leads up to when John Spartan finally nailed Simon Phoenix. Officer Harris has graduated the academy and was put together with John Spartan going after criminals like Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies Reggie, Adam, Elvin and Beppo with many others. John Spartan had arrested Kodo nearby an auto shop and has arrest a criminal named Jed (AKA Jeffery Dahmer) near LAX and arrested Francis nearby McDonalds. In 36 years Simon Phoenix is going to thaw out 6 of those criminals (Adam, Elvin, Francis, Beppo, Kodo and Danzig) and Simon Phoenix puts those criminals together and after most of those 6 will be defeated Simon Phoenix will thaw out more men (Reggie, Gunther, Howie and Jed with many others). This is a time after Captain Healy had arrested a pimp named Howie on charges of murder.


Title Card: The summer of 1996

At a Sports shop sometime in the day. John Spartan (38 year old cop with short black hair, wearing black clothes with his badge and wearing a beret) is driving down in his Pontiac GTO (blue car) parking it. John Spartan gets onto his radio. Spartan: "Captain Healy. This is John Spartan. Alert all units and tell them that Danzig is at the Sporting Goods store." Healy: "Roger that Sgt. Spartan." John Spartan gets out of his car and draws his gun. Danzig is somewhere in the store nearby baseball bats. Danzig takes a baseball bat just as he sees John Spartan. There are customers and store workers in the back ground. John Spartan burst in searching for Danzig. Danzig: "Here comes trouble." Spartan: "Danzig. This is police officer John Spartan. You are under arrest." John Spartan chases Danzig through the shoes department. John Spartan puts his gun away. Danzig swings at John Spartan and misses and knocks down some shoe boxes. Danzig goes after John Spartan trying to hit him with a baseball bat and John Spartan is nearby the basketballs. Danzig swings at John Spartan and John Spartan takes a basketball and bounces it on Danzig’s head and John Spartan shoots a hoop and the ball goes into the basket. John Spartan pulls out his gun on Danzig. Spartan: "You're under arrest for murder, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and for plundering." Danzig: "You'll pay for this John Spartan." Moments later Danzig is being put in a police car in handcuffs. Captain Healy shows up in his Toyota (orange). Healy: "Soon you will be working with an officer Dana Harris. She starts in 2 days. She might help you catch Simon Phoenix." Spartan: "We have now arrested 4 of Phoenix’s elite criminals. You arrested Howie nearby McDonalds just as I arrested Francis and I arrested Kodo at LAX. We have a bunch of Phoenix’s criminal buddies to go and maybe we'll nail that psycho. Agent Shadix of the FBI may’ve hired Simon Phoenix to kill me for getting him and some other agents fired." Healy: "We have a bunch of young rookies who will being working with veteran officers on the SWAT team and they will help you arrest Simon Phoenix and his criminal buddies. Officer Harris was a cheerleader in her teen years and all 4 years in college. She was a sorority girl at UCLA.We know that the FBI has hired several of our fugitives to whack out the Irish mob." The police cars leave the scene. John Spartan gets into his car and so does Captain Healy.

2 days later

Outside the Los Angeles Police Station is John Spartan and sexy rookie cop Dana Harris (British, Russian, German and Italian mix with long light blonde hair, 24 years old, beautiful woman with purple lip stick). John Spartan is by his GTO and Dana Harris is by her jeep (red car). Spartan: "Tomorrow is your first assignment. Are you ready?" Dana Crystal: "I am ready for anything." Spartan: "Simon Phoenix is dangerous. He’s committed various felonies." Dana Crystal: "I am a martial arts black belt. I don't use any alcohol or tobacco. I don't even like swearing." Spartan: "I heard that you were a cheerleader at UCLA and a sorority girl." Dana Harris: "Yes. Most of my sorority sisters didn't smoke or drink. I asked them who were swearing to refrain from using profanity." Spartan: "I swear allot. Allot of us curse. Simon Phoenix is a real foul mouth." Dana Crystal: "My parents are religious people. Now how long have you been after Simon Phoenix?" Spartan: "For 2 years now." They head into their cars. Dana Crystal: "I'll see you tomorrow Sgt. Spartan." They drive off.

In Los Angeles at night. Reggie is at a baseball field outside with his goons, Adam, Elvin, Beppo, Gunther and many other criminals. 3 of those thugs are Russian mob guys. Adam is a look alike of former pro wrestler Jesse "The Body" Ventura (a goatee, mustache and long hair only on the back of his head). Reggie: "Men let’s review. You guys can go to a science fair and pillage the place. It’s at the L A convention center tomorrow after noon. Beppo, Gunther, Elvin and the rest of you guys can destroy science projects. The rest of you men and Adam can hide out with me. We have John Spartan after us and Simon Phoenix. We were hired by crooked feds to whack out our rivals that are men in racketeering. I killed the 2 cops that they corrupted. Those 2 cops killed the Russian mob boss." Adam getting to the point of John Spartan. Adam: "John Spartan will die. He threw a basketball on Danzig at a sports shop and put him behind bars." The criminals attending the science fair chant with baseball bats.

At the Los Angeles police station in the day time later in the morning. Captain Steve Healy is in his office sitting at his desk eating a donut and drinking coffee. John Spartan comes in with the rookie cop Dana Harris. Spartan: "Captain Healy. Officer Harris is here." Healy: "Yes. Our lovely rookie officer who will team up with you ." Spartan: "She’s driving.." Dana Crystal: "I'm the former UCLA student. I even know some martial arts." Captain Healy: "I heard that you were a black belt." Spartan: “Simon Phoenix and several criminals were hired by crooked FBI agents to kill the mob guys. I got the crooked feds fired. A man named Reggie murdered 2 cops corrupted by the mob. All those mob guys are dead. Simon Phoenix killed the godfather that tried to bribe me.” John Spartan and Ranger Dana Crystal with Captain Healy walk to outside the police station. John Spartan and Dana Crystal make the plans of attack at the L A Convention Center. John Spartan is pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Dana Crystal: "You smoke?" Spartan: "Yes." Dana Crystal: "You should stop smoking. It’s bad for you. I never smoked. You can't smoke in my jeep." Spartan: "I plan to quit soon." Healy: "I have the swat team to back us up. I will be working with you on arresting all those criminals at the science fair." Dana Crystal, Healy and Spartan get into Dana Crystal’s jeep. Healy is seated in the middle while Dana Crystal drives her jeep. John Spartan is on the passenger’s side. They depart. Dana Crystal drives by a park. They see cut throat killers that work for Beppo. There are 8 men. Spartan: "Those are Beppo’s men. Let’s take them down." John Spartan, Captain Healy and Dana Harris get out of the truck and draw their guns. Spartan: "LA PD!" Healy: "You are all under arrest for murder." They men draw their guns and fire on Dana Crystal, Healy and Spartan. The 3 men fire back. It’s a vicious gun fight. Dana Crystal shoots one of Beppo’s men in the chest. John Spartan shoots one in the heart. One nearly hits Captain Healy and Healy kills that thug. The vicious gun fight breaks out. Just then John Spartan pulls out a grenade and blows up the rest of the henchmen. Captain Healy gets onto his radio. Healy: "Swat team, this is Captain Healy. Beppo’s henchmen are all dead. We killed them at the park. We are on the way to the LA Convention Center." Swat Team officer #1: "Roger that Captain. We are also headed to the LA convention center ."

A bunch of cars are being parked outside the LA Convention Center. The L A convention center someday becomes the Cocteau Center. Home of Raymond Cocteau’s office. There’s a bunch of people there setting up things that have to do with food, animals and electricity. There are science fair projects on tables. A bunch of kids with parents show up there. Also out side are the Dana Crystal, John Spartan and Captain Healy by the jeep. Healy: "They should be coming any minute. It has just gotten to noon." Dana Crystal: "Let’s do it."

Somewhere on the streets of Los Angeles are a bunch of criminals that are wanted for murder or murder connections along with Elvin, Beppo and Gunther with 35 other thugs. They all have baseball bats. They are heading to the LA convention center.

Back at the LA convention Center. The swat team shows up. In the air a helicopter shows up. Inside the helicopter is the rookie working pilot Zachary Lamb and his co pilot Schmidt. Lamb: "I see those criminals coming. We should get lower." The criminals show up with baseball bats. Elvin: "Let’s have some fun." Dana Crystal, Healy and Spartan get out of the truck. Over to the SWAT truck. The swat team officers draw their guns too. The Demo Man and the sexy rookie cop set pursuit of the criminals at the science fair. There are a bunch of people attending the science fair. They are mothers, fathers, children and teenagers. Spartan: "All you men are under arrest." All those men come up to John Spartan. John Spartan grabs 2 baseball bats and hit those men with them. John Spartan throws punches at some other men. Captain Healy sets pursuit of a thug and runs after him and that thug flees. Captain Healy goes up to that thug in the parking lot and draws his gun and aims it at this guy’s face. Healy: "Don't move. You're under arrest." John Spartan sees a milk shake and takes on just as Elvin makes the move to attack John Spartan and throws it in Elvin’s face and knocks down Elvin. Spartan: "Stay down, Elvin. You're under arrest." Officer Dana Crystal Harris runs after 3 men to the other side of the LA Convention Center. The 3 men throw punches on Dana Crystal. Officer Harris does a karate kick on one of the thugs. Officer Harris round house kicks another thug. Dana Crystal: "You 3 men are under arrest." Back to John Spartan vs. a bunch of thugs. Right at the part where it states something about flying John Spartan throws an airplane and it hits Beppo in the face just as he attacks Spartan and knocks him down. John Spartan sees a banner and a bunch of thugs go after him. John Spartan grabs onto the banner and swings on it and knocks down all those thugs still standing. One of those many thugs that John Spartan knocks over is Gunther. The swat team pops out. Zachary Lamb and Schmidt lower the helicopter and take the men arrested by Dana Harris and Captain Healy. Those men are loaded into the helicopter and then all the men John Spartan arrested are loaded into the helicopter. Other helicopters show up and take away a bunch of criminals.

Later at night at the ball park. Simon Phoenix, Reggie, Adam and Reggie’s men. Reggie: "A bunch of your criminals buddies were arrested at the science fair today. John Spartan arrested most of them there." Phoenix: "I have both John Spartan and the swat team after me. I heard that there’s a rookie cop after us now." Reggie: "You mean Officer Dana Harris?" Phoenix: "Exactly." Adam: "We have a bunch of Los Angeles police officers after us and John Spartan is after all of us."

The next day at a bar. Simon Phoenix is sitting there drinking a beer. Simon Phoenix gets up. The song Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen is playing on a juke box. Simon Phoenix sees SWAT team officers outside.

Out side the bar is the same SWAT truck and the swat team gets out of the truck. It’s the same men who backed up Sgt. John Spartan, Captain Steve Healy and Dana Harris at the science fair when they arrested criminals. Swat Commander: "Simon Phoenix is in that bar al right. Let’s go in on the count of 3 with are guns drawn." They all ready their guns.

Inside the bar Simon Phoenix looks at another door way and exits through that door.

Back to the SWAT team. Swat Commander: "1. 2. 3." The SWAT team bursts into the bar and Simon Phoenix is gone. Swat Team officer #1: "He had to have fled to his kingdom. We can't go down there or we will be killed." Swat Commander: "We will have to figure something out to get in there if this is our best shot at nailing Simon Phoenix. John Spartan and us have been after him for 2 years." The SWAT team leaves the bar.

At the Los Angeles Police Station in the computer room. John Spartan and Dana Crystal Harris are there making the arrest plan of Adam and Reggie. Dana Crystal there has on her with shirt showing her belly button and blue jeans ripped. She also has on eye shadow and lip stick. John Spartan shows what Adam looks like on a computer screen. Spartan: "This is Adam. He is wanted for mass murder. Right now were are also going to figure out a way into Simon Phoenix’s hide out and catch him. Reggie will be near by a clothes store and Adam will be hanging out at an ice cream parlor. It’s just one of my hunches. Dana, you cover Adam while I cover Reggie. This would lead to the arrest of Simon Phoenix." Dana Crystal: "I'll have your helicopter pilots back me up. You have our boss Captain Healy." John Spartan and Dana Harris go out side. Zachary Lamb and his co pilot get into the helicopter. John Spartan gets into his car with Steve Healy. Steve Healy is in the passenger’s side just as John Spartan is in the driver’s seat. John Spartan’s car is a Pontiac GTO. Dana Harris is puts her hair up with a clip. Dana Crystal to her jeep.

At an ice cream parlor. Adam is hanging out. Dana Harris shows up in her jeep. A helicopter is outside. Officer Harris gets out. Dana Harris: "LA PD, Adam. You're under arrest." Adam: "A sexy woman cop is going to take me down and I will crush her." Adam comes up and throws a punch on Officer Harris. Dana Crystal sprints after Adam.

At a clothes store out side in the back. Captain Healy and John Spartan get out of the car. Reggie’s henchmen (12) show up and pull out guns just as Spartan and Healy draw their guns. They open fire on each other. John Spartan kills 2 men. Captain Healy kills one man. John Spartan kills 3 more. The other half of Reggie’s henchmen put down their weapons. Captain Healy points his gun at them. Healy: "John. Go inside and you'll deal with Reggie while I deal with those men." John Spartan goes inside and runs into Reggie. Reggie: "Sgt. Spartan!" Spartan: "Reggie! You're under arrest for murder." Reggie: "We'll see about that." John Spartan puts away his gun and tries to put his hands on Reggie. Reggie hits John Spartan. Back outside Steve Healy has the men held at gun point. Healy: "You guys can resign Reggie or got to prison. You men haven't done anything to become hunted criminals yet. Resign Reggie. Reggie has killed a few people. Now you guys get out of here. " Reggie’s men disappear.

Back to Officer Dana Crystal Harris vs. Pre CryoCon Adam Adam and Dana Crystal are inside the ice cream place. There are people working inside and customers eating ice cream at tables. Dana Crystal chases Adam to the other exit outside. Dana Harris lays a jump kick on Adam. Adam throws hard punches on Dana Crystal. Dana Crystal punches back on Adam. Adam throws some punches on Dana Crystal ’s stomach. Adam rams on Dana Crystal and Dana Crystal lays some kicks on Adam in the chest and knocks the tough criminal down. Dana Crystal gets onto Adam and puts the hand cuffs on him. Dana Crystal throws Adam into the helicopter. Dana Crystal : "Here’s your prisoner. I learned how to kick like that from Chuck Norris. He plays Texas Ranger Walker." Schmidt: "Thank you Officer Harris." Lamb: "I'm going to the clothes store next." The helicopter departs for the clothes store. Dana Crystal gets into her jeep and leaves for the clothes store too.

Back to Officer John Spartan vs. Pre CryoCon Reggie John Spartan throws a punch back at Reggie. The 2 beat each other up in a fist fight. Reggie throws a round house punch on John Spartan and John Spartan throws Reggie into a clothes rack. John Spartan drags Reggie out side. Captain Healy is standing out there waiting. A helicopter then shows up and then the lovely young rookie cop Dana Harris in her jeep. John Spartan throws Reggie into the helicopter just as John Spartan aims his gun at Adam and Reggie and the helicopter leaves for the police station. Spartan: "I am allot closer to catching Simon Phoenix." Dana Crystal: "I'm on patrol and I hope to find Phoenix." Spartan: "I believe that he’s head quartered at an old warehouse. I will catch Simon Phoenix there sooner or later. I’ll be with Sheriff Hawthorne after Agent Shadix and his evil agents that hired Simon Phoenix." John Spartan and Dana Crystal Harris get into their cars and leave.


Demolition Man: The Geriatric Method

(Both novel and comic book/graphic novel)

The description of the holy thugs (there’s 50 or more). 5 of them are females (1 white with
long blonde hair, 1 white with long brown hair, 1 Latin with long black hair, 1 Asian with long black hair, 1 black with long black hair). The others males (Hispanic, Asian, Black, White some are even bald head. there are holy thugs with short hair. some of the male holy thugs have long hair). They can carry knives, crowbars or baseball bats. They come from another state. They have murdered some people in the northern California and have been new criminals in San Angeles. Simon Phoenix and all of his goons are re frozen or killed. One of them can become the deputy mayor as Sabrina Miller becomes the new mayor. The rest of them could take over the entire administration and they kill all those workers for Satanic sacrifice. John Spartan must put them and Sabrina Miller on ice.

Plot/synopsis: It’s the 2040’s San Angeles. Zachary Lambs has thought to have been dead. He survives a gun shot wound from Simon Phoenix. In the society there is freedom with law and order. Cigarette smoking, profanity in public, cracking gum in public have been outlawed. The mayor of San Angeles and the president of the United States have agreed with laws by congress. It’s even illegal to chew tobacco. In race car driving only one car in a lane at a time. That law is for safety reasons. Satanists try to take over the society. All they have to do to dictate the place is kill Mayor Lenny Harris and Deputy Mayor Jack Hensen. The Satanists try to take over San Angeles. Then the devil worshippers plot to kill the president of the United States to take his place. A bunch of criminals will then be cloned. Sabrina Miller plots to become world leader. John Spartan is called in. John Spartan is a veteran officer assigned to work with Lisa Earle. John Spartan had been promoted to captain. His boss is the deputy police chief Derek Hammer. Derek Hammer had gotten promoted when John Spartan had got promoted. Every single cryocon that Simon Phoenix thawed out was re frozen or killed over those past years. Now John Spartan is up against a whole new band of villains. They are against Christmas and anything religious. Former sorority girl Sabrina Miller and her minions have killed people or attempted to kill people in the northern California. Zachary Lamb and Dana Harris-Burke came out of retirement. They are working with John Spartan and Officer Lisa Earle. Lenina Huxley got married to John Spartan over those past years. They had 2 children and Lenina Huxley left the SA PD to raise 2 children. George Earle is the chief of the SA PD still. There are young recruits in their early 20’s assigned with veteran officers. Even a couple of new recruits working with veteran officers. Even one new recruit working with a veteran officers. Zachary Lamb retired after he recovered from a gun shot wound. Now John Spartan, Zachary Lamb, Lisa Earle, Dana Harris-Burke and other SA PD officers must work together to defeat ruthless Satanists. Sabrina Miller and the holy thugs kidnap John Spartan’s granddaughters, Deputy Chief Hammer’s daughter and Christine Earle with the children and 4 scraps are still alive and are also being take for sacrifice. Ruthless occult criminals plot to feed souls of 4 young ladies and children to the devil and spring Satan from his prison. At sometime John Spartan and his allies have fought against the clone thugs. 9 of them were in charge and didn't wear those outfits. Instead they wore future thug outfits. 3 of the 80 and all 6 of the 6 cryocons were cloned. Also cloned was a criminal named Sean "Loco" Sanchez (a Los Angeles gang leader killed in 2001 in a gun fight with Captain Steve Healy). This guy’s whole gang was killed resisting arrest. The real Elvin and Francis who were former Phoenix thugs were also killed by devil worshippers and were in charge of security for the administration of the free San Angeles ever since Edgar Friendly became the new mayor.


San Angeles December 2045. Reggie is the only cryocon still at large in San Angeles. All of the other escaped cryocons are dead or re frozen. Reggie had killed Edgar Friendly. Edgar Friendly had never driven a car or any motor vehicle in his life. Sabrina Miller and her band of devil worshippers have killed all of the scraps except for Jackie, Carl, Ryan and Jason. Most of the scraps have never had a driver’s license just like Edgar Friendly never did. Most of the scraps never had a motor vehicle in their lives. At night nearby a tennis court John Spartan (in short sleeve black T-shirt, long black pants and a beret) with his new partner Lisa Earle(with long blonde hair, purple eye shadow and glitter on the face, front of the hair and neck) discover the rebellion murdered. Spartan: (to Lisa) "This must've been Reggie with the new criminals out there." Derek Hammer and a bunch of squad officers (young rookies and veteran officers) show up. Hammer: "It was Reggie who killed Edgar Friendly. It was a band of devil worshippers who killed Your rebel friends." Lots of the slain scraps have fought against Simon Phoenix and his gang. Spartan: "I am going to find all those who did it and put them on ice." Hammer: "Chief Earle is bringing Zachary Lamb and Dana Burke out of retirement to help you deal with the devil worshippers." Somewhere John Spartan sees Reggie. Reggie gets into a Pontiac Sun fire. Spartan: "It’s Reggie. Lisa you drive. Let’s get in the car." Lisa Earle and John Spartan get into their police car. Lisa Earle is driving. The chase begins. John Spartan has his hand guns drawn.

The cars go down the road to the San Angeles public library. Reggie flees to inside the library. John Spartan and Lisa Earle get out of the car. Lisa Earle draws her gun. They get into the library. Spartan: "Now Lisa, be ready for anything." Lisa: "Yes Captain."

Inside the library Reggie is going to take a book. Reggie: "(singing It’s a small world after all)" A woman librarian hears Reggie. Librarian: "There is silence in the library. No singing." Reggie: "Shut up (bleep)!" The morality box buzzes. Morality Box: "You are fined one credit for the violation of the verbal morality statue." Reggie ignores the box. Reggie goes to a table with a traveling book and plans to thaw out all of the cryocons frozen and take them to Mexico with him.

John Spartan and Lisa Earle enter the library. John Spartan and Lisa Earle are in search of Reggie. Spartan: "Reggie could be anywhere in this library." John Spartan chases Reggie through the library. Lisa Earle is behind John Spartan’s back. John Spartan trying to catch Reggie kicks a book shelf and knocks a bunch of books on Reggie. Lisa: "You are under arrest!" Reggie manages to flee.

John Spartan chases Reggie to an alley outside of the San Angeles library. Lisa Earle is with John Spartan. John Spartan sees Reggie. Reggie: "Spartan! Now you will die." John Spartan and Reggie beat each other up outside in an alley. Reggie tries to grab John Spartan by the neck. John Spartan throws a hard punch on Reggie. Reggie is down and is captured. Spartan: "You're under arrest for murder and resisting arrest. You're going back on ice." Derek Hammer and the police unit working with John Spartan show up. Hammer: (to the other officers) "Escort Reggie to the cryo-prison." John Spartan is talking to Derek Hammer. Spartan: "Have you found out these devil worshippers yet?" Hammer: "No we haven't." Reggie is brought to the cryo-prison.

At the San Angeles Science Center Sabrina Miller has a meeting with her gang the next day. Sabrina Miller has long blonde hair and is a former sorority girl. There are classes going on inside. Young girls and boys on a field trip. Sabrina Miller walks by the teachers and students with parked school buses. Sabrina Miller plots to kidnap a bunch of kids and put them out for the devil. They plot to spring the devil from his prison. They would kill a bunch of people for it. Sabrina Miller has 50 people in her gang. They wear clothes that are all black as does Sabrina Miller. 5 females (1 white with long blonde hair, eye shadow, collar on neck; 1 white with long brown hair; 1 Latin with long black hair; 1 Asian with long black hair; 1 black with long blonde hair). 45 makes (3 black, 3 Hispanic, 2 Asian and most of them are white. A few of the males have long hair and some of the males are bald headed. Most of the males have short hair. Miller: "Children let’s review. We have killed all of the scraps. Reggie is re frozen. We sacrifice souls of people 2 weeks before Christmas Eve. Now we want to dictate San Angeles and then the world. All we have to do is kill the mayor and deputy mayor and San Angeles will be our’s. We also get to kill John Spartan. Now the 3 of you can spy on the church while the rest of us can try to kill the mayor." All Holy Thugs: "Yeah!" Once these 2 are dead then they take over. Edgar Friendly and the scraps have worked for the Mayor of San Angeles. Sabrina Miller will dictate San Angeles if the mayor and deputy mayor are killed.

At the San Angeles police station later in the day John Spartan is on the computer. Chief Earle is talking to Deputy Chief Derek Hammer about the plan of capturing all of the holy thugs. Earle: "Now John Spartan, you and your team check out the church. The leader of the devil worship army is Sabrina Miller." Lisa Earle comes in and they get background and pictures of Sabrina Miller. Spartan: "I have found pictures of Sabrina Miller and her gang. You should all come take a look at them." John Spartan is getting evidence to put these devil worshipers on ice. Earle: "All right everyone let’s get them all."

Sunday Morning at the San Angeles Christian Methodist Church is a Sunday service. John Spartan’s daughter’s ex boyfriend Willie Andrews. (father of 2 girls Dana and Kelly who are John Spartan’s granddaughters) are there sitting in the back with Dana Harris-Burke (73 year old woman with medium blonde hair with a bit of gray and looks a few years younger than she is) and John Burke (Dana Crystal’s husband). Dana Harris is the older half sister of Mayor Harris. Reverend Jake Wallace with Harry Johnson (the associate minister) are at the alter. Rev. Wallace: "We have had murders here in San Angeles by devil worshipers. They sacrifice people any time they want to. Make no mistake. They must be stopped." The kids in the choir are up there. They are Sunday School students. 1 girl is Dana Crystal’s little granddaughter. 1 boy is Dana Crystal’s grandson. Dana Crystal’s daughter’s children. There’s a man playing the piano in the background.

Outside 3 holy thugs (Mic, Rob and Bone) and Sabrina Miller are there. Miller: "You 3 boys go and spy on the Sunday service. The little girls there are John Spartan’s granddaughters. John Spartan’s has been married twice. His second wife was an officer of the San Angeles police. She had 2 kids and left. She’s now a baby-sitter." Mic: "(bleep), this is a (bleep) Sunday service. This is worshiping God." A morality box buzzes outside. Morality Box: "You are fined 1 credit for the violation of the verbal morality statue! You are fined 2 credits for the violation of the verbal morality statue!" The 3 young men go inside.

Inside somewhere are the 3 young men. A janitor in the church sees the 3 young men who look like devil worshipers to him. Janitor: "You 3 men aren't welcomed in here." They punch that janitor. They are in the sanctuary the end of the service. The assistant minister notices the 3 young men in long black pants and short sleeve black T-shirts are trouble just after the service. Harry Johnson: "These 3 young men look like trouble." The minister tries to throw those 3 men out. Rev. Wallace: "This is the house of God. You are un welcomed here." Rob: "(bleep) You!" The morality box buzzes. Morality Box: "You are fined 2 credits for the violation of the verbal morality statue." That thug ignores the box on the wall and leaves the sanctuary. Dana Burke (9 year fully retired San Angeles police officer) gets in to deal with the devil worshipers. Dana Crystal: "You 3 men are under arrest." Bone: "Shut up (bleep)!" The morality box on the wall buzzes. Morality Box: "You are fined one credit for the violation of the verbal morality statue." That thugs ignores getting a violation ticket too.

On the road Lisa Earle and John Spartan are in their car. Zachary Lamb is with them. John Spartan is in the front. Zachary Lamb is in the back. At times John Spartan does drive the car. Lisa: "Captain Spartan, Officer Lamb 3 of our perps are at the church." Lisa Earle drives the car to the church. Lamb: "Then let’s get to the church." The 3 cops get out of the car. John Spartan draws his guns.

Back to Dana Harris-Burke vs. 3 of the Holy Thugs. Dana isn't really too old to fight. Dana does a martial arts kick on a Mic. She punches Rob in the face. She beats up on Bone with her purse. John Spartan shows up. John Spartan is fighting Mic using some boxing methods. Spartan: "I'm putting you on ice for murder and resisting arrest. and striking a police officer." Mic: "You must be John Spartan." John Spartan knocks down a holy thug. Derek Hammer and a the young rookies show up with their veteran officers. Derek Hammer sees that John Spartan with 3 other cops have defeated those 3 holy thugs. Hammer: "You officers escort those 3 young men to the cryo-prison." The police unit takes Mic, Rob and Bone out of the church. John Spartan and everyone else leaves the church.

At the San Angeles Science Center later in the day. Sabrina Miller knows of the rehearsal for the Christmas Eve service and plots to go to the church with her 47 left over thugs. They have a van for the kids. Some of them use the van. Miller: "Tomorrow night we can kidnap the kids. We will sacrifice them 2 weeks before Christmas Eve. 1know this girl is the deputy police chief’s daughter. 1know this girl is the police chief’s daughter and her sister is in the department. 2 of the girls are John Spartan’s granddaughters. The thug who killed Raymond Cocteau is dead and so is the man who ordered that thug to kill this Cocteau guy. We can take their place." They all agree.

At the San Angeles police station the next morning John Spartan is at the computer desk. They make the plan to try to save the people from the devil worshipers. Spartan: "We will catch them soon." John Spartan, Zachary Lamb, Dana Harris-Burke and Lisa Earle make their plan to bag Sabrina Miller and 47 more holy thugs. Lisa: "What we have to do is find out where they are hiding out at. That shouldn't be too hard." Spartan: "Me, Dana Crystal and Zachary Lamb have put men on ice. Dana Crystal: "I made my first arrests at a science fair. I even arrest a criminal named Adam" Lamb: "I pinned Adam under a helicopter when Officer Burke fought him." Spartan: "I killed Adam. I killed Phoenix. All 6 of those men Phoenix had already thawed out are all dead. Most of those men Phoenix thawed out later on are dead. One of them helped Sabrina Miller and her gang into San Angeles. Associate Bob is now a senator. He joined Phoenix’s band and quit. The remaining scraps should be at the church to help us try to catch Sabrina Miller and her gang." John Spartan, Lisa Earle, Zachary Lamb and Dana Harris-Burke leave the police station and get in the car and go to the cryo-prison to see the 3 Holy Thugs frozen being frozen.

At the new cryo-prison (rebuilt shortly after John Spartan’s final fight with Simon Phoenix) during the day. John Spartan with his partner and old friends are at the cryo-prison go to see the freezing of 3 holy thugs. There are prison guards. There is also the warden. The new warden is Eric Lynch. Also the assistant warden is there. It\sect plain ’s Zachary Lamb Jr. who is Zachary Lamb’s son. Zach Jr.: "Dad. We are ready for their sentencing." The assistant warden has the guards escorting the 3 holy thugs to their cryo-pods. There are 8 men frozen in there already. Warden Lynch: "You 3 men Mic, Rob and Bone. You have been convicted of a mass murder conspiracy. You men will do 130 years in the cryo-prison with sub zero rehab. You will be placed in the cryogenic stasis during which your behavior will be altered. You are not eligible for parole." The 3 prisoners are being stripped down and place in pucked shape glasses. They are filled with water and the 3 young men are frozen. Zachary Lamb talks to his son after the sentencing about what is going on with Sabrina Miller and the rest of the holy thugs. Lamb: "We will soon find them and they will all be here."

Later on at night on the streets of San Angeles. Sabrina Miller and her thugs are walking to the church. They A few of the holy thugs are in the van going to the church. Sabrina Miller and her thugs have walked throughout the Wasteland. They get to the church. The van gets to the church.

Inside the San Angeles Christian Methodist Church is a rehearsal for the Christmas Eve show. There are 4 remaining scraps. Ryan, Jason, Jackie and Carl. Carl is a black guy with short hair and is a skinny person. Ryan is a Spanish scrap who wears a bandanna. Jason is a scraps with short hair. Jackie is another scrap with short hair. Christine Earle (one of police chief George Earle’s daughters who has long blonde hair) is singing O Holy Night for her rehearsal. Christine: "(singing O Holy Night)" John Spartan’s granddaughters (Dana and Kelly) with Holly Hammer have their rehearsal for their dance dressed as angels. 3 of the former cryo-prison guards are singing We 3 Kings. The 3 former guards: "(singing We 3 Kings)" There are also kids going onto singing Silent Night. Kids in the choir: "(singing Silent Night)" A man is playing the piano in the background. Holly Hammer sees the devil worshipers. Holly: "A bunch of those people look like trouble." Dana: "I saw others here on Sunday." Kelly: "Your father and my grandfather." Sabrina Miller and her gang invade the church. Reverend Wallace has Harry Johnson standing next to him. Rev. Wallace: "This is the house of God. You people are un welcomed here." Miller: "(bleep) You!" The morality box buzzes. Morality Box: "You are fined 2 credits for the violation of the verbal morality statue." She ignores the morality box. The 4 scraps go over to stop the devil worshipers. Jackie: "Hey you people stop right there." Sabrina Miller sees the scraps. Miller: "You guys can take those rebels with us. We will kill them soon."

On the road in a police cruiser. Lisa Earle is driving the police car. Dana Crystal is in the front. John Spartan and Zachary Lamb are in the back. They are on the look for all these devil worshipers out in San Angeles. Spartan: "I believe that they are in the church. Lisa let’s go to the San Angeles Christian Methodist Church. This is our good change to nail Sabrina Miller and the rest of her thugs." Lisa drives to the church.

Back to the church. Sabrina Miller deals with the minister and assistant minister. She punches them. Sabrina’s thugs hit the Christine Earle, Dana Andrews, Kelly Andrews, Holly Hammer and the kids in the choir with baseball bats and crow bars. A scrap named Jackie hits a thug and it knocked out by another one behind his back. Other scraps are knocked out with crow bars and baseball bats. The other holy thugs take the kids into the van and leave. Miller: "You people stay here. You can trash this church and the rest of you can take the kids away." 14 of the holy thugs stay at the church. Sabrina Miller is somewhere outside.

On the road in San Angeles. There are a bunch of police cars that get to the church. One of the cars has Derek Hammer. John Spartan gets to the church too. Hammer: "Let’s split up. Spartan, Burke, Lamb and Lisa go inside. The rest of us will search outside." Lisa Earle has a stun baton with her. John Spartan, Derek Hammer, Lisa Earle, Zachary Lamb, Dana Harris-Burke and other officers get search the church for Sabrina Miller and her holy thugs. John Spartan with Lisa Earle, Zachary Lamb and Dana Burke get inside the church while Derek Hammer with veteran officers and the young rookies go search the outside.
Inside the church Sabrina Miller’s thugs are spray painting the inside. The holy thugs have baseball bats and crowbars. They are hitting the stained glass or attempting to break the stained glass the notice John Spartan and 3 of his side kicks. John Spartan and his side kicks have guns. Spartan: "You are all under arrest." Holy Thug #1: "Here comes trouble!" The holy thugs go to attack them.

Outside the church Derek Hammer and the police officers see Sabrina Miller. Hammer: "Sabrina Miller. I know who you are. You are under arrest for murder and vandalism." They try to arrest her. Sabrina Miller knows allot of karate. Miller: "You see all this (bleep)ing karate that I know? I will kick all your (bleep)." A morality box buzzes. Morality Box: "You are fined 2 credits for the violation of the verbal morality statue. You are fined 1 credit for the violation of the verbal morality statue." She throws kicks and punches on the SA PD officers. An SA PD officer gets into a martial arts fight with fight with Sabrina Miller. A cop named Bo Bauer gets into the action and fights Sabrina Miller. The cop throws a kick on Sabrina Miller. Officer Bo Bauer learned martial arts moves from Lenina Huxley, John Spartan and Dana Harris-Burke after John Spartan killed Simon Phoenix. Officer Bauer is kicked and knocked down by Sabrina Miller. Deputy Chief Derek Hammer gets into the action and takes on Sabrina Miller. Derek Hammer tries to get his hands on Sabrina Miller. Sabrina Miller does a jump kick on Deputy Chief Hammer.

Back inside the church. A holy thug with a baseball bat attacks John Spartan and John Spartan throws a some thugs into the altar. A female holy thug with long blonde hair and a collar on her neck attacks with a baseball bat. Dana Harris-Burke comes in. She gets struck at with a baseball bat. She does a judo kick on that blonde hair thug. 2 other thugs come up to John Spartan and Spartan bangs the 2 men into each other with his hands.

Back to outside the church. Derek Hammer and Sabrina Miller are in a fist fight. Sabrina Miller throws Derek Hammer into the wall and the knocked down officers with Bo Bauer get back up. Hammer: "Get her!" All those cops go after Sabrina Miller. Sabrina Miller flees.

Back to inside the church. A female holy thug with long brown hair strikes her crowbar at Lisa Earle. Lisa Earle hits that crowbar with her stun baton at the blow and it zaps this thug. Lisa: "You're under arrest." There Lisa Earle lays a kick on that thug and knocks her down. One thug attacks Zachary Lamb. Zach Lamb lays a punch on that male thug and knocks him down. Other thugs with crowbars and baseball bats try to get John Spartan. John Spartan with his hands punches a holy thug and knocks him down into the other holy thugs. They fall down like a bowling ball hitting into bowling pins. Spartan: "We're taking you all in for assaulting police officers, resisting arrest, murder and kidnapping." Derek Hammer and the other cops show up. Hammer: "Let’s escort those men to the cryo-prison." They take those 14 thugs and put them in the cryo-prison. The minister, piano player and the assistant minister get there as those thugs are captured.

At the San Angeles Police Station in the afternoon. John Spartan and Lisa Earle with the 2 retired cops are going over the plan to nail the rest of the devil worshipers in Deputy Chief Hammer’s office. Spartan: "Sabrina and her gang I think want to give souls to the devil and spring him from his prison. We have got to find out we they come from. They plot to spread gasoline on the church and then knock down candles." The cops are on the computer. They find out that the hideout is the San Angeles Science Center. Lisa: "Captain Spartan. Everyone. Sabrina Miller’s hide out is the San Angeles Science Center" Spartan: "Let’s go there." John Spartan with his partner Lisa Earle, Zachary Lamb and Dana Harris-Burke all leave and head to the San Angeles Science Center.

At the San Angeles Science Center at night outside. Sabrina Miller has a bunch of kids with John Spartan’s granddaughters, one of Chief Earle’s daughters, Deputy Chief Hammer’s daughter and the 4 remaining scraps. 8 men with knives have cloaks on with their hoods on their heads. 2 other men have cloaks on with hoods over their heads and are unarmed. Carl: "You won't get away with this." Jackie: "Our friend John Spartan will put you people on ice." The holy thugs have the flames lighten. They have knives. Miller: "Tonight you kids will die. We sacrifice your souls in the name of Satan. Hail Satan!" John Spartan shows up with Lisa Earle, Dana Harris-Burke and Zachary Lamb. Miller: (to the holy thugs) "Now we have trouble coming. Go kill the cops." John Spartan is driving this time. Zach Lamb in the front. The 2 women in the back. They all get out of the car. John Spartan has a grenade. Spartan: "Lisa and I will catch Sabrina’s thugs while you Zachary Lamb and Dana Burke go rescue the kids." Zachary Lamb and Dana Crystal Harris rescue all of the hostages and some holy thugs attack. Dana Crystal deals with the 3 females fighting them judo style as Zachary Lamb deals with 4 of the males. Zach Lamb punches them. Dana Crystal does a judo kick on the 3 women. All the thugs with knives try to kill John Spartan and John Spartan blows 5 of them up with a grenade. 3 more men with knives attack. John Spartan rapidly pulls out his 2 berettas and shoots the thugs. One thug makes the move to throw the knife into Spartan and Spartan shoots that thug. The thugs with the knife makes the move more and John Spartan shoots 2 more and that holy thug falls dead. Other thugs attack John Spartan and Lisa Earle. John Spartan and Lisa Earle kick and punch their attackers. A few men try to lay punches on John Spartan. John Spartan punches the 2 men with cloaks on and hoods from behind his back. John Spartan, Lisa Earle, Dana Harris-Burke and Zachary Lamb all draw their guns. They all round up all of the holy thugs. Spartan: (to all the holy thugs captured) "You are all under arrest! (to the other officers) You people shoot them if they make a wrong move. I'm going to get Sabrina Miller." Lisa Earle with Zachary Lamb and Dana Harris-Burke aim their guns at all of the captured holy thugs. John Spartan goes to deal with Sabrina Miller. John Spartan goes up to Sabrina Miller and tries to arrest her. Spartan: "You are under arrest. I'm putting you on ice for murder, resisting arrest and you lead to vandalism." Miller: "Reggie was right. You are someone to kill. I should enjoy killing you John Spartan." Sabrina Miller throws a punch on John Spartan. John Spartan kicks Sabrina Miller’s fist. The 2 fight. John Spartan by the entrance of the science place gets kicked by Sabrina Miller in the stomach. Spartan gets back up and hard punches Miller. They are punching each other. There John Spartan throws Sabrina Miller into the door and throws her into a pole outside where she is incapacitated for a few seconds. John Spartan pulls out his beretta and aims it at Sabrina Miller. Spartan: "Now don't move." Deputy Chief Derek Hammer, Chief Earle, and other SA PD officers show up. Also Mayor Harris and the deputy mayor named Jack Hensen show up. Mayor Harris: "I want to thank you John Spartan for nailing Sabrina Miller." Jack: "You have saved our lives. We want you to come to the New Years Eve party at the L A convention Center." There are a few prison trucks for Sabrina Miller and 25 left over thugs. Spartan: "Who had the Department of Corrections brought here?" Earle: "I did. I called them on a radio to have them take all these criminals to the cryo-prison." Sabrina Miller turns to John Spartan. Miller: "This isn't over Spartan. Me and my gang will be out for the holy war. We will help Satan defeat God and you will be dead. I will be more powerful." Spartan: "I have trained cops to deal with people like you. They will defeat Satan and you will be reformed when you come out. I have methods of preventing Satan’s minions from thawing out you and your thugs. Satan and his minions will all be defeated when you are thawed out. (to the cops holding all of the prisoners) Take them all away." The cops put the devil worshipers in. All of the villains are being taken to the cryo-prison.

3 weeks later

New Years Eve now. There’s a New Years Eve party going on at the place that was known as the Cocteau Center. There are people at a New Year’s Eve party. The 4 scraps Jackie, Carl, Ryan and Jason are riding their bicycles in the parking lot. Music is playing and there are balloons and streamers outside. The Mayor Harris and Deputy Mayor Hensen are there. There are a bunch of San Angelenos there too. John Spartan is at the party too. Spartan: "Everyone! Can I please have your attention?" Everyone looks at John Spartan. Spartan: (continued) "San Angeles is now officially crime free. When we had crime back here, Raymond Cocteau was murdered in this building by a man named Adam taking an order from Simon Phoenix. I killed Phoenix and Adam that night Raymond Cocteau was killed. All the criminals involved in the Cocteau murder are dead. After that we agreed that only cigarettes and chewing tobacco were banned. Bad language would only be banned in public places. My wife isn't with the SA PD anymore. Now turn your attention to mayor Lenny Harris." Mayor Harris: "If any crime ever is to be committed in San Angeles again we have the police equipped to deal with all kinds of crimes. John Spartan has gotten the SA PD able to deal with anything evil. Now we agreed that it’s illegal to crack gum in public places." John Spartan walks out to go home. The New Years Eve party goes on.


Demolition Man comic books/graphic novels should be done by DC comics and Demolition Man novel I suggest would be done by Signet books. Maybe the writers who work for those companies could put all this above into their writings and get them done. Richard Osborne wrote the Demolition Man novel based on the movie. DC comic book writers wrote the 4 part comic book adaption based on the movie. Maybe they could or people that work for them could write those Demolition Man novels or comics.

Movie sequel or prequel suggestions

Demolition Man sequel ideas

This is the cast that I'd suggest for the roles.

Colin Farrell (American Outlaws, The Recruit, SWAT, Daredevil, Minority Report) as John Spartan (back in the 1980's)

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Replicant, The Quest, Cyborg, Legionnaire, Hard Target) as Jack Jones [corrupt industrialist who uses the local gangs]

French Stewart (Clockstoppers, Inspector Gadget 2) as Lt. Charles Rogers [a cop who is all along a devil worshipper]

Alicia Silverstone (Batman & Robin, Excess Baggage, The Crush) as Jill Patricks [woman who takes charge of the local street gang when the leaders are arrested]

Owen Wilson (I Spy, Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights) as Lt. Steve Healy (this is Captain Healy younger)

Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games) as Captain James Richards [John Spartan’s police captain who assigned him under cover work]

Kate Winslet (Titanic) as Madeline Warren [John Spartan’s girlfriend whom he someday marries and Madeline Warren-Spartan dies in the earth quake of 2010]

Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE) as Adam [pre cryocon and John Spartan’s captain in the US army who someday ends up frozen and thawed out by Simon Phoenix in 2032] (This would be Stone Cold Steve Austin replacing Jesse Ventura for this role)

Sylvester Stallone (Demolition Man, the Rocky movies, the Rambo movies, Judge Dredd, Cobra) as John Spartan (aged)/Narrarator

It should be unknowns as local gang leaders and local gang members and as others who work for the villain that employ the gangs when the leaders are arrested.

There could be more suggested for Demolition Man 2.

The Demolition Man 2 starts out in 2048. John Spartan is gathered together around several teens. He tells his story that goes 60 years back. He also talks about being in the army and the court martials on his superior officer (pre cryocon Adam) and other soldiers (some others who end up in cryo-prison and thawed out by Simon Phoenix in 2032. John Spartan beats up on Adam and the other soldiers. Adam is John Spartan’s captain. John Spartan explains that Adam was also friends with Simon Phoenix. That's what it flashes back to in late 1985 and John Spartan says that he applied for the LA PD as an officer after leaving the army. It could go into 1988. John Spartan is going for his detective promotion. He could talk about his Dana Crystal Harris-Burke putting the cryocon played by Jesse Ventura (John Spartan’s superior officer in the army whom he court martialed) in the cryo-prison and Arnold Schwarzenegger as US president during narration in the background just as he talks about taking down several gang leaders at a local bar and investigate for evidence to take down all those street gangs. John Spartan does undercover work investigation gang connections. The scene with the several gang leaders taken down by Healy and Rogers and the captain Jake Richards could be cut out to shorten the running time. John Spartan is working at a high school posing as a teacher in an English arts class for very shortly. A young blonde hair girl is chewing gum and blowing pink bubbles and sucking them back in loud. Some young men who threaten to beat this girl up for cracking the gum or popping the bubbles loud could be connected to the gangs. John Spartan breaks up the fight and finds the young men connected to the gangs and reports them to Lt. Healy and Lt. Rogers and Captain Richards. Also John Spartan tells that girl to get rid of the gum when she goes to class. John Spartan later on in English catches a few girls chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles. He tells them that they are not allowed to chew gum in school. This is at a high school. We also introduce Jack Jones an evil industrialist. He owns the gang leaders. He has Jill Patrick with 6 other men who are involved in his scheme to bring LA in terror. The Satanic cop Rogers is going for a promotion to Captain as Richards is retiring. Later on John Spartan is fighting the gang members in a gun fight. There's also a drive by shooting near by John Spartan with Madeline Warren (his girl friend) and John Spartan with his rocket launcher blows up the car with the gang members and they are dead. Healy, Rogers and Richards in a gun fight with 4 of the people in charge and Jack Jones. In that gun fight Captain Richards is killed by Jack Jones and Jones tosses his gun aside just as 4 of his men try to finish off Healy and Rogers. Rogers and Healy fire back on them and they are killed. Later on some other gang members attack John Spartan with bats and chains and clubs. John Spartan throws those thugs around. Healy, Rogers and the various police officers show up with guns drawn and arrest those gang members. John Spartan fights to head members of Jones's staff. John Spartan arrests them. Jill Patrick is somewhere around the cops and Healy and Rogers have their guns aimed at her and she is arrested with 2 other men. John Spartan takes on Jack Jones. They beat each other up. Jones uses some martial arts on Spartan. John Spartan throws Jack Jones through a door and he is arrested. Rogers has been promoted to Captain shortly after these arrests. John Spartan also talks about Rogers being a devil worshiper (leader of the devil worship group) and that he killed Captain Rogers and Healy became captain and mentions that CryoCon Adam has been dead since shortly after he killed Raymond Cocteau and that anyone thawed out by Simon Phoenix still alive is frozen and that all 6 of the 6 cryocons already thawed out are dead and Simon Phoenix is dead. Also dark princess Sabrina Miller and her minions are frozen in a rebuilt cryo-prison and that 8 of them are dead. This is John Spartan's explanation of ridding San Angeles of crime. The movie ends with everyone walking out. This is half sequel half prequel. This is an industrialist and 7 of his employees who are in charge of the gang leaders in the movie.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (with some fan suggestions)

Suggestion could a moderator plz do something about demo18
Problem now he posting this crap here.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (with some fan suggestions)

Dem18 - this thread is for suggestions and problems relating to the actual site, not the movies within. Please keep all your posts in the suitable forums - there's no point telling you to stop or go away, you obviously won't. But if you must post these, can you please keep them where they're relevant?
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (with some fan suggestions)

to reiterate what Broken Tusk said..

please do something about D18, i'm beginning to find his WAAAY, WAAAY TOO LONG posts both an inconvenience and an offense. many a time i've tried to open a thread only for his crap to crash my server.
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Re: Demolition Man reviews (with some fan suggestions)

Try using the ignore list...

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