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Predator (1987, 1990) [movie series]

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Old Mar 24, 2007, 08:03 AM   #1
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Predator Cloaked Scenes

Hi there, I am a huge fan of predator -watched the movie a hundred times and still love it.

One thing that has really got me is there are scenes at the begining of the film like where dutch is walking through the jungle and looks up at a tree and appears to focus in on a cloaked predator.

I just cant see it though, did they really put in cloaked predators at the beginning in the backgrounds and where? I have been all over the internet to try and find out but no luck yet.

There are a few scenes, another is where billy stops in the clearing and stands with dutch - Is the predator really there? Did the directors bother to super impose a cloaked graphic or is there nothing there?

Please reply!
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Old Jun 11, 2007, 09:22 AM   #2
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Re: Predator Cloaked Scenes

I have always pondered those questions myself and have yet to have come to any meaningful conclusion.

Probably because I myself still can't see the Predator in either of the scenes you are referencing--even after seeing 'Predator' hundreds of times.

I would probably, however, lean towards saying it isn't imposed on the scenes though it is obviously implied that the Predator is there (thus the infra-red Predator vision in those scenes)
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