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Spider-Man (2002, 2004) [movie series]

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Old Aug 25, 2006, 10:36 AM   #1
More Than Just Okay
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Spider-Man 4 Talk Starts Here

Nine months to 3
Nine months to 3
Nine months to 3
And yet, already there's talk 4 and beyond.
It's about the franchise came back! Maybe this whole three and out, gotta make a trilogy thing will be done. Some films don't deserve two more (ahem, Matrix) and others deserve more than just 3!

eige Says to Expect More Spider-Man Movies
Source: Advanced Dark
August 23, 2006

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige recently told MTV that he thinks it's almost certain there will be more Spidey films after Spider-Man 3:

Feige directly addressed rumors that it might be the final film for the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

"There will be many more Spider-Man films to come," he promised. "We already have stacks of ideas for the next one because of the wealth of stories in the comics. We could be making Spider-Man movies for the next 20 years, based on the 50 years of Spider-Man history we have."

That doesn't necessarily guarantee, however, that Tobey Maguire will continue as the man under the mask.

"When you're concentrating on one movie at a time, there's a beginning and a middle and an end to that process," Feige reasoned. "We've been topping each one as they go, [and if that happens again], that's the time for those discussions."
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Old Dec 15, 2006, 08:08 AM   #2
More Than Just Okay
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3,854 flights since Jul 2001
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Re: Spider-Man 4 Talk Starts Here

Here's a possible confirmation of a 4th film amongst some spoilers for the third film.

New "Spider-Man 3" Spoilers Revealed Posted: Friday December 15th 2006 2:36am Source: Assorted Sources Author: Garth Franklin After rumors that the symbiote in "Spider-Man 3" was going to be manufactured during a scientific experiment, Tobey Maguire has confirmed that this won't be the case.

When talking about the Venom character in an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Tobey said, "He has the same kind of attributes that Spider-Man has, but he's just stronger, faster and more vicious than Spider-Man. And it comes from this goo that comes from outer space, so first the goo comes and gets hold of me."

Meanwhile in an upcoming article in Premiere Magazine, Harry Osborn is referred to as the "New Goblin" and his glider is called the "Sky Stick". Also director Sam Raimi talked about a potential fourth film, saying "I'm sure they'll keep making Spider-Man pictures. Amy [Pascal, Sony cochairman] told me that she would. I love 'Spider-Man.' And I love working with Kirsten, Tobey, James. I don't know if Thomas and Topher will be around in the next one, but probably Bryce will be".

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