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Star Wars (1977-2005) [movie series]

Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning. | Episode I guide

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Old Dec 31, 2004, 03:30 PM   #1
Amboy Road
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Question Crossover ideas involving Star Wars & other science-fiction & fantasy.

What other sci-fi &|or fantasy can or could Star Wars be crossed over with. If you are against crossovers, thatís not a problem. A crossover between Star Wars & another sci-fi|fantasy venue can involve only one Star Wars time period or more than one perhaps.

Or a Star Wars/ Other venue Crossover could take place in the time of Episodes I-III or Episodes IV-VI, or maybe before Episode I or after Episode VI.. Below I am going to list some other science fiction & fantasy which Star Trek could be crossed over with.

Star Trek
Read my prior post in this here SW series forum entitled Star Trek/Star Wars Crossover Thread.

In order for there to be a Star Wars/ALIEN Crossover, the setup I imagine is that the Space Jockeyís & their Derelict came through a wormhole & way ahead in time & across the vast intergalactic gulfs from the Star Wars Galaxy. In this hypothesis & foundation for an ALIEN/Star Wars Crossover, the ALIENS home planet & the home world of the SJís are worlds in the SW Galaxy. In this scenario the SJís were transporting the creatures from their home planet to an SJ research station & fell into a wormhole & ended up in the Milky Way & marooned on LV-426.

In this scenario/hypothesis, the SJís signal is a warning to non-SJs to stay away & was probably a heedloaded message aimed at where the SJ pilot thought the wormhole was, hoping the message would pierce the wormhole & be picked up back in their home galaxy [aka:the SW Galaxy] & time by other SJís.Would a Star Wars/ALIEN Crossover be an ALIEN story featuring SW characters? Or would an ALIEN/Star Wars Crossover really be a Star Wars tale featuring the ALIENS? Such a story would work better if the Space Jockeys were involved in some way intelligently.

Lord of the Rings
This would be tough or hard to do & do right. A LOTR/SW Crossover would be an oxy*****ic crossover perhaps, to an extent. Star Wars is high-tech & Lord of the Rings is set in a non-technical environment.

Despite that, there are similarities between the two sagas. Wouldnít it be interesting for Gandalf to meet & talk with Obi-Wan? Or Saurimon [or is it Sauron?] meeting Darth Tyrannus [Count Duuku]?

I heard the latest ALIENS & PREDATOR Crossover attempt [aka: avp ] was really bad. I didnít see avp so I canít comment on itís actual quality. How would a PREDATOR/Star Wars Crossover work? Which SW time periods would be best to crossover with PREDATOR?

There are the 2 problems here of immense intergalactic distances & the fact that SW takes place a long time ago. How exactly would this crossover be done & done right & intelligently?

Babylon 5
How would a Babylon 5/Star Wars Crossover work best? Which B5 series & characters would be good to crossover with Star Wars? In regards to Star Wars, which era in the SW Galaxy would crossover best with B5?. The time of Star Wars Episodes IV-VI or Episodes I-III, or after Episode VI? Which direction should such a crossover go in?

Should a Star Wars/ Babylon 5 Crossover involve characters from B5 &|or one of itís spin-offís going back in time & across the universe to the Star Wars Galaxy? Or should a Star Wars/ Babylon 5 Crossover deal with people from the Star Wars Galaxy traveling ahead in time & across the intergalactic gulfs to the time of one or more of the Babylon 5 shows or telefilms?

Crossover City
I canít think right now of any other thing to crossover SW with. If you can think of something to crossover SW with, you can put in your replies. Imagine a Multi-Crossover involving Star Trek, Star Wars, ALIENS, PREDATOR & some other sci-fi/fantasy or other I forgot to mention. Why limit a crossover only to sci-fi? There are other things to crossover SW with which are non-sci-fi|fantasy,yes?

Maybe Iím going overboard to a degree with the crossover stuff, yes?
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Old Mar 27, 2005, 08:25 PM   #2
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Re: Crossover ideas involving Star Wars & other science-fiction & fantasy.

You have a bit to much time on your hands...
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