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Serenity (2005)

Can't stop the signal.

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Old Jun 29, 2006, 07:40 PM   #1
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Serenity Movie - I Feel C H E A T E D

Alright, so calm down the hubbub already - I feel cheated by this movie.

The movie was a cheap imitation of the series, and yes people, I'll go so far as to say that they copped out when they slapped together that raggedy ending.

* the characters were less comfortable: you could tell they were all nervous about being on the big screen, and it showed in the way they talked at the outset, and in the jerky way they ended up interacting with one another. In the series, they come off more polished and the characters are familiar enough with one another to actually gel and have fun with the parts. In the movie, it was almost like they were all so scared at the prospect of actually being in a (gasp) movie, that they had the shakes.

*the characters were poorly written: I blame Joss. We already know he or his writers can do better. It is as though they slapped the plot together or pared it down so far, that in order to "get the story" across to the audience, they sacrificed the easy familiarity of the characters, and almost told the story through determinedly plodding through the plot, regardless of actor/character chemistry. It was painful to watch, like "ouch" painful. I could only think "slow down, Joss, SLOW DOWN!"

* The PLOT STANK. It was like sitting down to a 7-course meal and getting a sloppy hamburger and fries and being sent on your way. Is the man kidding? He completely demystified the entire point of the series, and in a real backwash, rough way - it was all so simple as ....as.....that? How does that explain 2 by 2, hands of blue? How does that explain what the Blue Hands could do?
forget Shepard Book - he was a quickie.
Forget Inara - she was a quickie.
Even River, with all the mystery they built up in the series - became a quickie.
Simon/Kaylee? quickie. Boring, boring quickie.

It just shows the adage is true: haste makes waste.

Am I really the only one who thought this movie fell far short of the mark??
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Old Jun 30, 2006, 08:26 AM   #2
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Re: Serenity Movie - I Feel C H E A T E D

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Old Jun 30, 2006, 08:26 AM   #3
More Than Just Okay
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Re: Serenity Movie - I Feel C H E A T E D

Yeah, the movie was lite compared to the series. After all, Whedon was clearly building the foundation for a 7-8 season run, a little here, a little there. You can clearly sense the desparate need to speed these elements up in the last handful of episodes, when they knew the show was doomed, and, like the movie, they suffered for it.

But the film did what it had to do. I turned a failed TV series into a potential film franchise. Too bad it didn't work.
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Old Jun 30, 2006, 08:35 AM   #4
Psycho Teddy Sausage
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Re: Serenity Movie - I Feel C H E A T E D

Well, as I hater of fast-paced/rushed movies, I enjoyed Serenity and found the pacing to be perfect. I have watched it a second time recently, and (perhaps because I have not watched the TV series in a while) I love it more, and now think it was probably the best way the story could have ended.

I would still have loved more seasons though. We all know how excellently structured Whedon's story arcs and character development is, and it would have been astonishing to see how Firefly would have turned out if it never got cancelled. But oh well.
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Old Jul 3, 2006, 04:55 AM   #5
Sector Marshall
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Re: Serenity Movie - I Feel C H E A T E D

Just seen this on DVD.

I loved the series.

I love the film.

But they are different - and have to be taken as such.

The series was not widely watched - and the film was NOT just for the fans of the series, but for as many people as possible - most of who would not have seen the series.

So in that respect the film worked - it was a damn fine stand-alone film with good writing.

It was NOT meant as a clean-up of the issues.
It was NOT meant as a farewell to the series.
It was NOT meant to answer all the questions that had been raised.

It was meant to be a film - with a start, a middle and an end.
It was meant to introduce you to the characters, to shock, to entertain, to make you laugh, to give you a thrill-ride.

It worked.

Compared to the series, however, it fell short.
It changed the setting from a galaxy to a solar-system - which in itself brought a number of weaknesses to the plot - like how people suddenly forgot that they lost contact with an entire developed planet on the edge of their solar system - like how the Reavers suddenly appeared at the same time - and set up in space NEXT TO THE PLANET!!

It changed the "family" atmostphere that had built up within Serenity (the ship, not the movie) over the course of the series - such that Mal's relationship with the Tam's was strained at the start of the film yet was warm at the end of the series.

There was sufficient banter between the crew to know that there was backstory there, but the film had to be faster paced than the series, and so the characterisation was toned down - afterall, there was the entire series for that.
There was enough characterisation for the film as a stand-alone - but not enough if you just wanted another episode of the series.

My understanding is that there will hopefully be a few more films in the franchise - but my feeling is that they might have limited the possibility with the changes they have made (smaller scale setting etc).

I really liked the series and wish they could have had 3, 4 series out of it.

But they didn't.
And the film is, IMO, a worthy continuance for the ship Serenity.
I hope they make another film!
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