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Last Starfighter, The (1984)

He's got one extraordinary chance at the dream of a lifetime. | guide

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Old Jan 7, 2000, 11:49 AM   #1
Mike Greene
n/a flights since
Arrow Re: A good cliffhanger!!!!!

Hey the Lsf is a great movie with an excellent cast espeocally with Robert Preston and Lance Guest. The thing is that I dont get why didnt they make a sequal to the movie or the book cause Xur does escape and this time who knows the kodan armada might conduct A large scale assault. This and alex rogan might have a legion of gunstars and starfighters to help him and maybe his son might help them out in the battle and finish xur for good. Also if any one knows if there is a sequal or 2nd book to the lsf letm me know ok or what is the status on the 2nd movie even. Thanks Mike G. [obi1801@aol.com]
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Old Jan 29, 2000, 12:03 PM   #2
n/a flights since

A good friend of mine and I are writing the sequel to the movie. We, too, saw the virtual necessity of the resolution of Xur's escape and the establishment of a new "order" of Starfighters. Therefore, we are looking forward to the (crossing fingers now) eventual publishing of "Lumiscon: the Next Starfighter"
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Old May 9, 2000, 04:44 AM   #3
n/a flights since
Last of the last?

I want to start a letter writing campaign to have the studio that originally made the movie do a sequal.

Anyone interested in helping me?

please email me.... Asland10@aol.com and place in the subject heading : Last Starfighter


Also please help Richard Hatch with his quest for getting Battlestar Galactica made... you can reach his Battlestar site by going to

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Old May 14, 2000, 03:30 AM   #4
James B. Cash
n/a flights since
Arrow Re: A good cliffhanger!!!!!

The Last Starfighter was a great film when it came out and still is now!

The most sad thing is this movie is scraming for a part 2/3 after all some questions where asked at the films end!

What will happen to the Star League now that the forcefiled is down?

When will the Ko-Dan strike back?

What of the guy who got away way before the warship was destroyed?

What about earth and well you see what I mean! Part two is a must!
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Old Dec 3, 2000, 10:04 AM   #5
DEF^DFA^SST's Avatar
85 flights since Nov 2000
Location: Zegema Beach, USA
Thumbs up My Review

It was a good movie and i'll probably rent the DvD version and watch it again.

There maybe scenes not in the vhs version...

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Old Dec 20, 2000, 05:01 AM   #6
1 flights since Dec 2000
Lightbulb Last starfighter rulz

i just wanted to say that i think last starfighter rulz, however unlike some of you i was only 4 when the movie first came out and i have only been able to see it on video or now, on DVD. Anywho, I like everyone else Demand a sequal to the movie...i mean it was as good as star wars, only it wasnt set in a galaxy far far away, it was set right here in 1980's earth...although 1980's earth sometimes feels like it is/was far far away. I'd love to read Aravis' screenplay for a sequal, i would like to suggest to them that they change the name from Lumiscon...i mean hell i dont even know what a Lumiscon is, and i cant pronounce it worth a damn either. How about they just call the sequal, "The Next Starfighter", and it picks up with another kid from earth? And also, what the hell is the ko-dan, it was never really made clear...i think i am gonna start writting my own sequal too!

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Old Jun 27, 2001, 02:30 PM   #7
photoweborama's Avatar
37 flights since Jun 2001
Location: Sacramento, CA
Sequel to LSF

There was suppose to be a sequel. Xur did escape.

The script makes reference to this on the very last line.
I will post the exact wording tomorrow.

I left the script at home....
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Old Jun 28, 2001, 11:10 AM   #8
photoweborama's Avatar
37 flights since Jun 2001
Location: Sacramento, CA
Lightbulb Sequel ot LSF

OK here it is, the last two lines of the the script:

Scene 542


Streaking upwards, towards the indigo oceans of the universe, soon resembling a shooting star, and as we make a wish, we --


*Until the next story where Xur and the fearsome Ko-Dan have their revenge.
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